On the Field for Practice – 12/10

A strangely warm, damp winter’s day on the practice fields. The fields themselves were in good shape — they were presumably covered during the actual rain — but it was wet enough out that the spaces between the fields were a soggy mess.


  • Hey, look! It’s Clinton Portis at practice. He told the media he had a great practice, and Coach Zorn reiterated the sentiment after practice. Portis seemed to be hitting the holes well, caught the ball well out of the backfield, and generally seemed happy to be a full participant back on the practice field. That said, Ladell Betts was also running well today, and got a few impressed cheers from teammates for some of his efforts, so maybe it was just a good day for running backs.
  • Everyone actually seemed relieved to be out of the open locker room, away from the microphones, and outside getting their actual work going, even when things weren’t necessarily going perfectly. At one point, Horace Gant got ahead of Justin Tryon streaking down the sidelines. Jason Campbell‘s pass was perfect … and went straight through Gant’s hands. Gant and Tryon were chatting about it afterward — Gant explaining how his focus had shifted, Tryon why he was a step behind — and the one thing they could both agree on was that the pass had been placed perfectly. It wasn’t the only time Campbell had that happen today; Betts and Devin Thomas also lost the handle of well-placed throws.


  • Thanks to injuries, the offensive line has been completely reshuffled. Chris Samuels is out, obviously, and Pete Kendall had his usual Wednesday off, and both Jon Jansen and Randy Thomas were out of today’s practice with injuries. So when I jotted down the offensive line (it shifted some as practice continued), it was Stephon Heyer, Chad Rinehart, Casey Rabach, Devin Clark, and Jason Fabini. The good news is, four of those guys are used to practicing together; the bad news is, it’s because all four are backups. Fabini seemed optimistic, though: “The two young guys have been here since training camp,” he pointed out. Rabach expressed similar feelings. “We won a lot of football games with Stephon Heyer and Jason Fabini in the lineup last year,” he pointed out. “And Jon [Jansen] … who knows? I don’t think he’s gonna play this week with that injury, but he’s done crazier stuff before. We’ll be all right.”
  • Chris Wilson made at least one nice play, getting outside of the tackle to knock down a wide receiver screen pass. “I’m feeling good,” he said, “just trying to get in the game.”


  • Fred Davis had a heck of a practice, with Todd Yoder‘s knee ailing, and Davis found himself on the receiving end of compliments from Zorn. “I tip my hat to him,” Zorn said, after expressing confidence in the rookie tight end. Davis was active with the first team and the scout team today, so he got double work and may have actually made an impression with it.
  • Other injuries of note: Shawn Springs, Chris Horton, Kedric Golston, Cornelius Griffin, Marcus Washington, and London Fletcher all did not practice (although Golston did get a little bit of stretching in, I think). And Carlos Rogers was out with a stomach flu. So the number of players practicing was a little on the light side.
  • DeAngelo Hall continues to look terrific, ending practice with an interception off of a tipped ball. Since Hall arrived, the team has six interceptions; they had only one in the five games before signing him.


  • And one amusing quote from Coach Zorn, after being asked if he’s worried about his future here: “I’m ready to be here for a LONG time, and I want to build… we’re trying to build a foundation here. We’re trying to build something with substance here. Not just a little toothpick house, or little glass walls. We want something solid here, so that’s what I’m all about, and that’s where I’m trying to go. I feel very comfortable.”

69 Responses

  1. hail!

  2. Matt,
    Thanks for not telling us how great JC looked. But i’m sure more than a few of us would like to know how Colt looked. If you would be so kind. HTTR!

  3. Hey Matt,

    Do you know if we get back the conditional pick we sent Minnesota for Erasmus James? I would hope so since he barely played for us!

  4. Why is it that Campbell always seems to look good in practice (per Matt) yet when we all see him in game conditions he looks awful?

    Hey Matt, by any chance, are you on the Redskins’ payroll?

  5. nope, I think the condition was whether or not he made the team, not how many plays he had…. so say goodbye to a 6th or 7th round pick…. not that we know how to pick in the draft anyway. Quick, name as many drafts picks as you can that played in at least ten games….. anyone?

  6. Matt reports what he sees at practice. He has said multiple times that there is something to be said about not having a pass rush during practice. Makes a pretty big difference. I love that he posts what he sees so that we can all get an idea of what happened at practice. As for Colt, I’m all for hearing how he’s doing, but please don’t say you want him to play this season. Campbell is our qb, lets get the o-line figured out before we bail on him.

  7. Horton, Kelly & Thomas.

    Anyhow, amazing how Clinton can now practice and do what he has to. Maybe JZ is a genius!

  8. UHH maybe because in the game he IS GETTING HIT BY 297 ibs DEs’, & 257 lbs LBs’.

  9. We don’t know how to pick a draft because we pick the SAME positions EVERY YEAR, LBs’, DBs’, WR’s’, & a QB because you fake fans run the QBs out of town after they lose ONE game.

  10. Matt any chance you can sucker punch Vinny and report what THAT looked like? I bet it would be your best blog yet…Heck, all of us fans want to do that..The guys has crushed our team

  11. We need to sign DeAngelo Hall before the asking price get to high. Get it done Vinny!

  12. good english Paul u ****ing retard dont comment if ur going to hate on Vinny, i want to see u draft a 7th round starting safety.

  13. DH sure has been great playing for the Skins, the Raiders just ruined him. They should sign him now becuase the offers could start rolling in if he keeps on the pace he is on.

  14. I’m glad the rookie’s first year is almost over. Maybe we’ll see more out of the first three picks next year. I’m actually hoping we go for LB, OL, and DL in the draft this offseason, or…..should I say it….go after Jordan Gross, T with Carolina. That guy is a monster, super solid at either T spot and young enough to take over for Samuels when he retires.

  15. I love it when guys get to come off the bench to make a statement. Especially the backup o-line who are used to playing together as a unit. They have everything to gain by being in the game on Sunday!

    Portis’ focus on the work at hand and “moving on” approach is a relief too.

    For the other Colt-lovers- I just keep watching Coach Zorn. We know what a potential ace in the pocket he is holding. Patience and a killer receiving corps are needed. (more dreds!)

  16. How did Snyder look at practice today? Did he get any snaps at LT or did he just have a day off to rest and hang with his boy CP?

  17. suisham just missed another feild goal. matt please tell me he doesnt make everyone of them in practice

  18. I believe we should start the lineman that were at practice today. That’s way the Redskins play so soft during the real game on Sunday. THEY NEVER PRACTICE. How can you expect pass protection to change if the only person that practice is Casey Rabach? If I was Casey ‘ll being asking for a new contract. PLease please please somebody tell the traine to hold Jansen out for the rest of the season.

  19. I sure hope the Redskins can lay a serious butt whooping Sunday, a great game is a great cure all. 35+ points and an offense explosion. Kick them while they are down.

  20. Since Vinny dosent earmn his paycheck as a GM, perhaps he can be the holder for field goals..He has experience having to hold for the Danny…Please quit Vinny..Please…You are sooooooooooooooooooo bad at your job

  21. Lets just all hope Jansen doesn’t try and play on that ankle. He has been horrible when he is healthy. I can’t imagine what he will look like with a bad knee.

    To an earlier question, yes we lost the pick for Erasmus James.

  22. If you all are too dense to realize it, during practice there is no rush. This means our lack of pass protection and ineffective PA pass game do not combine to give JC less than 2 seconds to set and read the defense. The ignorance of the commenters calling for CB5 is really running my patience thin…


  24. ErikB…wheres Rahkim? you are pretty ignant yo dam self cause u jus proved dat Campbell sucks. No pass rush during practice = all the time in the world to throw. No wondah he sucks during da game, he cannot set up with a pass rush coming at him on his backside. COLT!!!!!! COLT!!!!!COLT!!!! COLT45!!!!!! PULL DAT TRIGGAH!!!!

  25. COLT 45!!! lol

  26. To HTSKINS and CB5isdafutureforus, I’m just curious if you agree we have no offensive line, what makes you think switching to Colt Brennan will change anything. I guess this guy can block, read the D, and get the ball off all at the same time. Get a freakin clue, if you give Campbell time he will find the open man 9 times out of ten. Its not a coincidence that Portis’s production is down at the same time that JC is getting sacked every down and not playing well. The common denominator is the O-line. Fix that, and we return to the early season form with JC at QB.

  27. I get the feeling springs won’t be here next year but hall will. He gets beat every once in awhile but he always seems to be around the ball.

  28. Thank you CB5isdafutureforus for so pointedly making my point resonate…

    As I was saying, the success of JC during practice illustrates the basic fact that he is an elite QB when given the time and opportunity to make the throws (e.g. when we have an effective run game to prevent teams from solely rushing the QB, during practice when there is no rush).

    Putting in CB5 has absolutely no effect on that basic problem with the offense. It would just buy you one week before everyone started clamoring what an idiotic move it was to put in a 3rd string emergency QB from HI who fell flat on his face during the only big game he’s ever played in…

  29. D, Suitland, Md, Campbell has been having problems in his passing game all season long. It is more noticable now that the Oline is injured and tired. Colt can read the defense quicker and adjust better than Campbell can. Colt has a better feel on the position than Campbell does. Just look around, he makes believers out of many and has the uncanny ability to succeed when many doubt him. All I am saying is to give him some play time and you might be a believer too.

    Eric B, give campbell time? he has had time to adjust and he is in no way an ELITE QB. He may become one in the future with Minnesota or Oakland but not now and here. An Elite QB in the NFL can read the D, make adjustments, go through his progressions and feel the pressure and see recievers…something Campbell can not do. The O-line is battered and tired for trying to buy time for Campbell, they are paying for it with their bodies.

    First and foremost we need to get the ball to Portis and establish the run. Than the Play Action Pass will open up for some big plays. This will keep the defenses honest. Right now the oppossing D is shutting down our run and they are not afraid of Campbells passing ability, so they are bringing in a Linebacker and a Safety at the same time to blitz.

    Lets be honest…Campbell has not led the team, yet he is the only Offensive Captain out there now. The O-line will not block for someone they do not trust and right now it shows. Campbell has no hunger or fire or drive or Killer intstincts. Things that Colt has in bunches. All I am saying is watch the crowd and watch the players light up when Colt is in there.

  30. Eric B,
    You need to educate yourself about Colt before you post. Calling people ignorant makes you look exactly that. I don’t know what your watching, but JC is anything but elite. Mediocre is more like it. Youtube has all the education you so desperately need. Colt beat ASU, Purdue, Boise State, Washington and Fresno State and had close losses with Alabama and Wisconsin. UH’s O-line was over matched physically against Georgia’s Blitz. They publicly stated their goal was to get Colt. Brady suffered the same fate against the Giant’s last year. CHOKE ON THIS HATERS!!!
    131 TDS
    14,193 YDS
    70% COMP PCT
    28-7 AS A STARTER
    Don’t make me post JC’s stats! Watch the videos then come back and we can talk football! HTTR!!!!!!!!!!

  31. JC holds the ball way to long and lacks the ability to see the whole field. Mobility in and out of the pocket is not quite his strong suit either. JC throws the ball beautifully, yet is unable to make the throws that keep NFL defenses honest. He lack’s Killer instinct and his eyes tell the whole Story. His reaction time is far to slow to ever be “elite” in this league. It may look as though he has no time, but his lack of pocket awareness and quick decision making cause him to to take those needless sacks! HtTR!!

  32. Every Wednesday I forget how PISSED OFF I was the wek before. LET’s GO SKINS!!!! **** everybody else!! HAIL!!!!

  33. Those are nice COLLEGIATE stat, but sorry this is the NFL. Where the BIG BOYS play like the Georgia Bulldogs. I think JC beat those Bulldogs.

  34. I thought savants were usually gifted, but quiet with a few quirks. You’ve got your hands full with the other two, so I thought I’d just poke some good natured fun. :P

  35. Without a QB controversy, Skins’ fans would need CPR.

  36. haahahahha i think its funny HTSKINS67 posted colts stats from hawaii.. DUDE THIS ISNT COLLEGE ANYMORE… and he played in the WAC, i like colt and im not hating on him but my god you saw what happaned when hawaii played Georgia, Would you like me to post colts stats from that game??? Let me guess your going to say his O-line couldnt compare to a SEC’s O-line… Well im telling you right now the way the skins O-line is playing it will be like the georgia game all over again..
    Im not saying none of the offensive problems are because of campbell but most of them are cuz of the O-line not giving him time.. If he had time and we still sucked then ok i can put it on campbell.
    Also does anyone ever realize that campbell hasnt had the same offensive system for more then a season, GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. hey HTSKINS67,

    you are retarded. Colt is awesome, I agree, but JC is anything but mediocre. You think that ASU, Purdue, Boise State, Washington and Fresno State are elite football teams??????!?!?!!?! AHAHAHAHA Take a look at the schools that Jason Campbell dominated while playing at Auburn. I know one I can start with… GEORGIA. Yeah. Wait, I’ve got more. Honestly I don’t even have to name all the teams he beat b/c in ’04 Auburn went 14-0. the only team “better” than JC’s was USC, and we woulda beat em. Hail. the end

  38. i’m lookn for honest fans….any one who says JC is elite is a blind loyalist(see my other posts) and anyone who thinks colt is great is living in the past. I WATCHED hawaii, yes they HAD a great offense but they lived off teams traveling to hawaii to play. when the big game came COLT was a no-show. and watchn that game sunday night it kinda looked like georgi/hawaii, didnt it. Colt may be the future but to put him in there now would be stupid, he’d get killed..

    Now i’m pissed too…i personally would not wish injury on anyone but i see these o-tackle injuries as an oppurtunity for someone to step up. Jansen/samuels have been bad this year and maybe someone else can help.
    I dont care what anyone says but the single biggest problem i’ve seen over the last two-three weeks is a lack of urgency by the skins. We’ve played teams in the exact same position as us but they are the ones dictating the game tempo to us. can anyone name the last big play made by a redskin?off or def?i can tell you who its not, campbell, moss, el(returner), d line or landry. Someone please for the love of god step up and make a play..

    Matt-lookn forward to your blogs about, well you know what i mean…i want to hear about people getting hurt in practice, i mean hitting. maybe a few fights between o and d. some finger pointing…anything that would leave me to believe that someone on that team actually gives a ****…..

    im also lookn forward to getting attacked by the loyalists, you know who you are..

  39. “Since Vinny dosent earmn his paycheck as a GM, perhaps he can be the holder for field goals..He has experience having to hold for the Danny”

    Thats funny as hell.

    Seriously tho Matt, you might be on the team’s payroll and you might be obliged to provide a slight bias, (I don’t know if its the case) but I still trust your word over most of the other writers in this town and their so-called sources. This blog is my first stop for skins news and stories every hour and a half when i am killing time all day long.

    Keep up the good work dude.

  40. Matt, great reporting as always…..

    Why do these clowns keep talking about Colt B. He is a third string QB…. Right?? All they have to do is protect Jason and everything will be alright. Give JC 5 or 6 seconds like tony **** gets and see what happens.

    Go Skins!!!!!

  41. Skins are making the best; with the players they have…BOTTOM LINE

    Zorn has only been around for 1 draft. He picked the best weapons for an anticipated weak offence…BOTTOM LINE

    This was a building year with an unexpected early success; Zorn is trying to make the best of it…BOTTOM LINE.

    Die hard fans, understand and trust the decisions of the PROFECIONALS…BOTTOM LINE!

    Things are looking UP for the future of this Organization….BOTTOM LINE

    Have faith in the skins!

  42. Colt did the exact same in the pre season with third stringers. JC also had Cadillac Williams and a massive SEC line, RB and tight end’s to block when he had to pass. Passing is not a premium in the SEC. Colt put it up 50+ times a game. He’s a pure passer, exactly what you have to be to play in the NFL. The only RETARDS ON THIS SITE are the ones that insist on sticking with 4Th YR 4 million a YR bust that is scared to death with a football in hands. I don’t care where he went to College, the numbers don’t lie. This team is not a contender. Put the kid in and let him PROVE ME WRONG! I will gladly eat humble pie. FYI mediocre means average And I never said those Teams were elite. All a team can do is beat their competition. Brady had his A## handed to him in the SB, is he discounted? Colt pre season :
    36-53 411 YDS 3TDs 0 INT’S
    67% COMP PCT
    110.0 QB RATING
    59.9 COMP PCT
    6775 YDS
    80.5 QB RATING
    33TDs 23 INT’S
    I got preseason on JC and it’s even worse! Like I said, very mediocre or average for those of you without a vocabulary. Actually less than average.
    The only stat I can’t post is the the size of Colt’s Heart and his desire to win. Just to get here was a monumental task. We have a great QB on the roster and his name is COLT BRENNAN!! HTTR!

  43. Colt Brennan needs to start the last three games and all will see the future of out team. Portis needs to be benched, Betts needs to start, he might not have the numbers CP has but he sure looks stronger. Hail to the GREAT Redskins……..

  44. HTSKINS67,

    Those pre season stats were against guys that are bagging groceries now! Colt is not the answer, JC can play and has shown huge imporvements. Everyone was on the bandwagon when he wasn’t turning the ball over! Give him a better o-line, and he gives you better numbers!

  45. HTSKINS, you argument would be a lot more compelling if 1) UH was playing against NFL level talent. (the option doesn’t work real well in the NFL, either) and 2)Eli Manning didn’t have worse career numbers than JC up until the playoff run last year.

    If you were running an NFL team, the Giants would be starting Jared Lorenzen…great talent scout. Maybe I spoke too soon by saying JC is an elite QB, but what I meant to articulate was that he has the potential to be an elite QB, much in the same way Eli Manning transformed from throwing 4 INTs in 1 game to winning the super bowl. It takes a running game and solid pass blocking, but JC has that same potential!

  46. Redryan,
    Jc has had all the time he deserves. JC’s pre season stats are worse than his regular season stats. And I was never on the JC bandwagon. Colt did it “with” guys that are bagging groceries. Time to let someone else take the reigns and end the JC experiment. HTTR!

  47. Eric B,
    Your points are well taken. The hefty lefty never showed anything. But I strongly disagree with JC having any upside. We all want the same thing, a Superbowl. I believe Colt will take us there eventually! Hurling insults from behind a keyboard is pretty childish. Watch those youtube video’s and we’ll talk. I’m all about validation to back up my point. All Colt showed in preseason is all he has ever shown. He’s a winner! HTTR!

  48. Dannybeast, on December 10th, 2008 at 6:18 pm Said:
    good english Paul u ****ing retard dont comment if ur going to hate on Vinny, i want to see u draft a 7th round starting safety.

    Hold on here Dannybeast..Would that same English apply to you? With the “ur” comment..you tool..As for Vinny..Yes, he picked a starting saftey with the God Damn 7th round pick!! but wait..didnt he have 9 other picks as well but wad..where are they? The blind squirlle will find an acrn once in awhile… Are you kidding me defending Vinny..You either must be Vinny, or his wife..I’ll bet the latter..Unbelievable..Backing up Vinny…Go away tool

  49. HTS67, Good points. I wish more people would watch his video of games, not just highlights. Maybe than they might get truly excited.

  50. I’m thankful that none of us are or will ever run the Redskins. Football is a Team sport. This season is not any ones fault but the TEAMs

  51. HawaiianTime,
    Thanks my bruddah. For those of us that know first hand what Colt is It’s a no brainer.HTTR!

  52. i dont know if some of these “fans” on here are serious or not, but i sure hope they aren’t. Colt Brennan? Seriously? Yea, lets post his stats from college IN THE WAC and then his amazing PRESEASON stats. who the F*** cares?? you can’t honestly think CB would be leading us to the playoffs with the way our offensive line and our WRs are playing. do you all even watch the games?

    and to the brainiac (Brian B.) who says Ladell Betts should be starting over CP…WOW. You should have your fan card revoked and never be allowed anywhere near a TV when the Skins are on. Betts had what, 6 carries for 6 yards on Sunday? CP is a top 5 running back in the game right now, is a warrior when it comes to playing hurt, and is the best blocking RB in football. All Betts does is fumble the ball at the most inopportune moment possible, ALL THE TIME.

    you guys are amazing. really, thank you for giving me a few good laughs at work today.

  53. Finally someone with some sense (Ben)! Portis would be up there with Sweetness or Sanders if he had our line from ’91.

  54. Ben
    JC’s NFL stat’s are there as well. Here they are again. Hey,Weren’t you accused of being JC earlier in the year?
    JC: !5W-19L
    80.5 QB rating
    59.9 comp pct
    6775 yds
    33TD’s- 23INT’s
    0 playoffs wins
    5 YR 20 million$ contract
    JC= NFL bust
    Clinton Portis is the real deal, and that makes my point. Why is it that he can run wild behind this 0-line and JC is just flat behind it? Because he lack’s the ability to think and react quick enough to the defense to make the WCO go! Time to give the Kid a chance! HTTR!

  55. to all the Colt haters out there…THE KID CAN PLAY! He is one of the best quarterbacks in the country at every level he played at. Colt is a scrapper because alot of people discredited him. Read up about him, utube him, research him and you will see why all of Hawaii has adopted him. He could’ve gone pro in his junior year with unbelieveable stats but he wanted to give back to Hawaii, an undefeated season and to go to a major bowl game. Wether you like him or not, he is a Redskin. I can see Zorn making campbell his project and letting Colt go to another team. It would suck if that happens because we are known for doing that and it coming back to bite us in the behind.

  56. You guys need to rally behind JC because I’m not close to being ready to start at this level.

  57. I love the controversy on here its crazy how some people still think Campbell is the answer please spare me you nonsense talks yeah most of you were on that bandwagon when we were 6-1 but ima tell you something I wasnt the wins were wins dont get me wrong but o please the little point wins were just not cutting it matter of a fact they were showing that this teams potential wasnt at all that high.

    Now alot of you guys are throwing stats around well I got something for you ignorant “wannabe fans” :

    Our Defense has always stayed on top of there game I mean damn ever since Hall has been here we have had more ints than offensive tds lets get serious campbell has thrown so many stupid ints these past 6 weeks every time I see him out in the pocket I know who he is throwing to I mean lets be serious this guy doesnt have what it takes to ever be an ELITE QB he has NO HEART!

    If you think your a true fan A TRUE FAN you will know the issues in this team and the huggest issue we have is our QB!!!! Yet Zorns ignorant being said “Campbell did pretty well I think he is getting the hang of it” are you freaking kidding me? dude its his 4th year here he did west coast offenses thru out all of college! It ridiculous on how most think including COACHES PLAYERS AND OF COURSE THE BIGGEST IDIOTS OF ALL SOME FANS think this guy is our QB please he is totally disrespecting D.Williams # take it off and put some brunell # on you soft excuse of a QB!

    Lets get truth out guys our QB SUCKS our O-LINE SUCKS our WR are PATHETIC are RB is PATHETIC AND SAD!!!!!! The sooner you guys get thru you thick heads you will understand football alot better!




  58. Coach says If I don’t step up Colt’s gonna take my Job cause he’s better than me and I suck!!! But hey sucking pays real Good. Maybe I can do that for a living after I get cut!

  59. If he was the best QB in the country he would have been taken b4 matt ryan, but he didn’t because he is a project QB. Do you think Tim Tebow is going to be great at a pro level? College QB’s skill sets don’t always translate to the NFL, and Colt is no different. He might be great someday who knows but I promise it wont be this year or even next.

  60. Portis’ career with the skins can be sumed up by his ability to make something out of nothing. You want to know why Jason can’t do much with the passing game…just look at the O-lines feet they stop moving while the play is still developing.

  61. Jason might not be elite but he’s the best that the team has so suck it up. I don’t know what else to say. Todd F***** Collins is better than Colt thats why he’s second on the depth chart. like wtf is everyone retarded on this blog.

  62. Steve thank you. I’d like to see what any QB could do with a clean pocket on this team. Jansen blows Kendal is old and feeble Heyer isn’t what he’s cracked up to be and Rabach is average.

  63. Danny,
    I’m the only one throwing stats around. Some of our fellow fans refuse to be educated and ignorance for them is truly bliss!! Our defense is indeed on top of it and they need a little, I mean a lot of help from the O. We are 29Th in PTS, 1 PT ahead of the Lions! How Sad and embarrassing is that!! JC is the on field General and the responsibility is on him to lead. He has failed to deliver. JZ needs to take more responsibility as well, his excuses are getting old! HTTR!

  64. I love what Clinton did this week, at least it got everyone fired up. Every time he does this, it makes everyone play harder.


  65. Yea seriously, I’ve been crackin up readin some of these posts.

    Colt Brennan doin well at HAWAII, let me say that again, HAWAII, would have nothing to do with him playing in the NFL right now. He’s got potential, and I look forward to seein him in the future. And another thing, you can’t compare Colts preseason to Campbells, it really makes you look like an idiot to be honest. Campbell plays for a drive or 2 in each game, as the team plays together for the first time in the season. I don’t even wanna waste any more time talking about pre season cause you just can’t compare. Throwing Campbell out and putting Colt in is the most simplistic, naiive answer to our problems right now. Can we all just agree on a few things:

    -Let’s get some talent on the O-Line
    -Let’s get some consistency for the team, which includes letting Zorn coach for more than 1 year, and letting Campbell play under the same system for more than one year. Let’s just take it from there. We got some talented receivers who are only gonna be better next year so that’s a plus too. But it all starts with the offensive line, if Campbell has the time in the pocket, and the time to learn the system, I can see him becoming one of the better active QB’s to play in the league.

  66. Redskins upper managment should trade Colt to Detroit, for their first round draft pick since they will finish last in the league. That way he can have a chance to play and be appreciated by some fans. It makes me sick to see fans that are looking at only one dimension as why the Redskins are struggling. First an foremost…there is no on field leadership which translates to players that do not want to give their all for their fellow team mates. This happens to fall on our QB. The O-line played great up until recently because they were not tired and banged up like they are now. They had to come up with an extra second or two or three, earlier in the season, but now they cannot…reason because our QB cannot read the defense and go through his progressions quickly. Earlier they could hold off the rush, right now they cannot because they are banged up and hurt, resulting in our QB getting drilled alot. We need to run the ball so that defenses will put an extra man in the box to defend, then we can throw to the slot or a slant. All of this equals to a slow QB that is not feeling his offense, not feeling the defensive pressure and not seeing his recievers because he is just not good. COMMON PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! Campbell should be BENCHED and let Collins start and if he cannot win the next game, start Colt!! Plain and Simple.

  67. I have had a heck of a week on Bleacher report. I hope you guys check it. But I hope Brennan and Davis see playing time this week

  68. Trade Portis for picks – we need the picks!

    Running backs are a dime a dozen!


  69. Nice Travis!

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