Cooley, Colt, Yoder, and the Crossbar

Based on this morning’s SportsCenter and the dramatic layout of the Post’s Sports section, I’m still one of about five people on the planet Earth who didn’t think Clinton Portis‘s comments yesterday were the single worst thing ever to occur. We’re at that point in the season where tensions run high anyhow, and this seems to have pushed Redskins fans even closer to the edge.

So it feels like an optimal time to look back at something completely lighthearted and unrelated to the current drama.

Before every game, before the official pregame warmups, Chris Cooley, Todd Yoder, and Colt Brennan get together and try to hit the crossbar of the goalpost with the ball. (This video doesn’t cover the whole contest, but it does give a large chunk of the matchup before the Sunday Night Dallas game.)

“We’ve done it on and off in the past,” Yoder said, “but this year when Colt came we set up a specific little game to play and started doing it every week.”

“It’s a popular game,” Cooley said. “Quarterbacks, kickers and punters have been doing it forever. We started the competition series this preseason with the three of us.”

Competition series rules are as follows, according to Brennan: “Five attempts from the five yard line, four from the ten, three from the 15, two from the 20, one from the 25. All three of us play the first round, then the two winners go to the second round, so it’s like a playoff for the championship.”

Opinions differ as to what the championship actually is. “There is no prize,” Cooley said.

Yoder disagreed slightly. “The prize is just pride. The pride of knowing that you won that week. It’s for manhood. Who is the biggest man that day.”

“It’s to see who’s the coolest,” Brennan offered. “For that day, I mean. Until the next Sunday.”

And that week’s winner?

Colt Brennan. “I won the first round and then went to the second round,” he said. “Even more dramatic, Cooley was beating me in the second round after I had crushed him in the first round. I hit two in a row from 20 yards to win it.”

“He did,” Yoder confirmed. “He hit two from the 20 back-to-back, which is like unheard of from that distance. It is a 30 yard throw, the goal post is six feet high, and you’re hitting a beam this big. It is pretty impressive.”

“Two in a row,” Cooley said, shaking his head. “That is ridiculous. Those two alternate, but beat me every time. Yoder beat me two weeks ago. Colt beat me three weeks ago. Yoder beat me four weeks ago.”

But Colt is a quarterback. Shouldn’t he naturally excel at this sort of thing? “It’s not like we all don’t throw the ball around a lot,” Cooley said. “I mean it’s not like I can’t throw the football.”

Do you think his position gives him any advantage at all, though? “Probably. I don’t know. It’s not like the target is moving. It’s a thin bar. Once you practice it a couple of times, it’s not that hard to make that throw.”

31 Responses

  1. Haha! That’s awesome! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes.

  2. CB5 :-)
    Hail to the Redskins!!!

  3. Matt. The proverbial sky is falling on Redskins park and all you can post is this crap. Get your hands dirty for christs sake. Give us answers. I can appreciate the fact that your on the payroll, but your blogs are more like a never ending infomercial. Quit the tony little act and give us the real story.

  4. Gosh, Matt, I think Portis’ comments are bad. About an 8 out of 10 on the ‘sky is falling’ scale. Fixable if Zorn and Portis can talk it out, but not a good sign.

  5. DMV,
    The sky is not falling just because Portis’ ego has been shot. Zorn is doing things the way they should be done…coaches control the game plan, not the players. I’m all for Matt giving us this side crap ’cause it shows what we don’t see normally.

    I really doubt the entire locker room is against Zorn just because one player disagrees with the way he handles things. Sometimes you need to understand that no one is ever above another. At one point in time in your life you will have to be under someone else.

    On the other hand, If I were you Matt, I’d be outside Zorn’s office this morning to see the outcome of his meeting with CP! In the meantime, bring on the infomercials.

  6. The sky is not falling. However, is this really the best story to be running right now? I mean, how long have you been shelving this story, saving it for a rainy day? You post it today??

    Come on. Give us some insight here. Go interview people about offensive line injuries. About putting the best personnel on the field.

    Try to pretend at least that you’re objective.

  7. WJFK’s Sports Junkies reported this morning that an inside Redskin’s source told them that Daniel Snyder is contemplating on fireing Zorn if they don’t win out.

    Total rumor i’m sure, but it makes you wonder what the front office is thinking

  8. cool…

  9. That would be an epic failure. Not giving a head coach time to unravel his plan and at least a couple of years to develop chemistry with a team is stupid.

    We haven’t even had a losing record this season thus far.

  10. Good point Burgundy.

  11. Ease up on Matt, He’s the last guy that needs to stir the pot. HTTR!

  12. Nice to see these guys getting pumped up for the biggest game of the year.

  13. I’m down on Zorn right now, but I don’t want him fired. He just needs to get his head out of his a$$. Time to step up Zorn – YOU CAN DO IT!!

  14. Burgundy I respectfully disagree with you. And you are flat out retarted if you believe what you just wrote. Portis had no business on the bench. He’s our only offensive threat. He blocks, runs, catches, and plays hurt. Something the rest of our beloved skins fail to comprehend.
    Not to mention Zorn almost got Campbell killed by allowing a JV caliber offensive lineman (Geisinger) to go one on one with a premier pass rusher like suggs. Portis was spot on with everything he said.
    Matt give up on the sunshine articles detailing Randel El’s coat donations and the cross bar game. Tell me more about our injuries, find out why J. Taylor is a bust. Ask Vinny why he can’t seem to draft a lineman ever. How about Fred Davis? Does he still show up to the park? Don’t follow the skins off the clif. Let’s keep this blog informative and controversial.

  15. I think that the Skins should run a play where Malcom Kelly runs a route underneath the goal post and he snags it out of the air, that is of course, they get into the redzone…

  16. You know what, maybe we should get JC out there. Maybe then we’d see some red zone TDs. But probably not, he’d just hit the goal post then too, it’s his 5th checkdown.

  17. Hey DMV,
    He’s retarted? Is that like becoming a pastry for the second time?

    And I know CP is a great player, but a team that is run by the players is doomed to fail. Do you remember when Tiki fought coughlin in the media and then he left… he WAS their offense and they were screwed without him.

    Oh wait… they won the Super Bowl.

  18. DMV,
    Sure Portis is our workhorse and plays through injury. It’s even worse when Geisinger shows up for half a game and ends up being on IR afterwards. That doesn’t take away the fact from wither two that they are still subject to the direction of their head coach.

    Just because he manages to suck up the pain and play does not mean he is entitled to decide his own fate in the game. I completely disagree with the fact that Zorn took him out but I stand by his decision to do so. He is the head honcho and people need to learn to respect authority….including million dollar athletes.

    One last thing too….Matt clearly states in his ‘General Info’ that “This is not a news blog. This blog will not be exclusively devoted to on-the-field activity, nor exclusively to practice, injuries or anything like that. Our staff at do an excellent job covering the news, and there are plenty of other outlets for that as well.


  19. Burgandy,

    I think your missing the point. As a fan and consumer we have a right to disagree with the end product production. That fall in line mentality seems to be the achilies heal of washington sports. If we continue to accept this bogus organizational structure then we are doomed to loose for the next 20 years.
    THE staff at does a marginal job. The only thing they seem to excell at is marketing and selling.
    While this is not a news blog, matt has access to the facilities/players beyond anyone’s imagination. With great power comes great responsibilitiy.
    Zorn is the head coach. But we as fan’s don’t need to “respect his authority” Portis has been around here a lot longer then Zorn. Zorny needs to learn how to communicate with his players and get the most out of the marginal talent that we are stuck with this year.
    Burgandy if you want to fall in line with the rest of the peons at extremeskins then be my guest. But that Third Reich mentality will get you no where fast my friend.

  20. I’m not missing it at all. I don’t think we as fans need to respect Zorn at all. He’s nothing to us. The PLAYERS need to respect his authority. They are paid employees of an organization and are subject to their terms.

    I could personally care less who has been around longer. Head coaches are higher up on the food chain than players are and should learn to respect their bosses, just as Zorn has to respect Danny Boy (even though he’s a chump).

    How about this…we’ll just end this little quarrel here. sucks at reporting….Matt is a fan-blogger, not a news reporter….and Portis needs to quit griping and do what he’s been doing all year – play his a$$ off.

  21. “Based on this morning’s SportsCenter and the dramatic layout of the Post’s Sports section, I’m still one of about five people on the planet Earth who didn’t think Clinton Portis’s comments yesterday were the single worst thing ever to occur.”

    The fact that the Skins sign your paychecks has nothing to do with your opinion on the matter, right?

    Certainly his comments were the worst thing ever to occur. I could think of plenty others — hiring Vinny Cerrato to run the team, for example. But his comments definitely weren’t a positive, and certainly not what this team needed right now.

  22. Sorry, meant: his comments WEREN’T the worst thing …

  23. With the pressure of the game comes ways of relieving that pressure… it’s called having a little fun. As he said, Matt chose to look back on something completely lighthearted and stay away from the drama which no doubt is what’s being talked about just about everywhere else right now. Why can’t those of you who feel the need to assert YOUR fact that the “sky is falling” take that assertion elsewhere?


  25. Colt rocks. That should be some serious ESPN footage.

  26. Rachel they now sell a blow up Colt Doll for female fans like yourself. LIFESIZE!! LOL!

  27. Colt must have great touch on the ball to do that 3 times in a row from 30 yards out.

  28. Watched the vid again and even while eyes closed? Damn!

  29. Rock on. Great video

  30. If we start losing to the Bengals maybe we can see a little bit of Colt 45? It just seems like Collins is invisible right?

  31. What a bunch of clowns. I love it. Maybe they could get a double pass option wiht those 3 one game

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