Clinton Portis On Clinton Portis On Jim Zorn

Clinton Portis talked to the media after practice today, and it was the low-key, football-focused affair that I’m sure you would expect.


The questions came from various members of the local media, and it’s impossible to determine from my recording who asked what. So all the questions are reduced to the “On…” format. It’s popular among professional sports teams anyhow, near as I can tell — it’s what they use when they hand out quote sheets to the media — so it’s appropriate enough here. These do represent, however, the entire text of Portis’ side of the conversation.

On his meeting with Head Coach Jim Zorn:

“It was a meeting between me and Coach Zorn. I had my best day of practice today, my brother.”

On if he feels today like he felt yesterday on the radio:

“I feel like we’ve gotta find a way to go and beat the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s what we’re gonna do.”

On if he felt the need to apologize to Coach Zorn:

“What me and Coach Zorn talked about was between me and Coach Zorn, so…”

On if he’s cool with how it is right now:

“I’m cool with everything.”

On Shawn Springs suddenly jumping on him from behind, saying, “You’re my favorite teammate!”:

“You’re my boy, Blue!”

On if his comments caused a distraction:

“A distraction for what? We lost four out of our last five games. If it’s a distraction, what else can we do? We can’t do anything but win now.”

On what he was hoping to accomplish with his comments:

“I wasn’t hoping to accomplish nothing. It was something on my chest that I needed to get off and I did. Now, that was yesterday. Today I’m at work. We’re getting ready to play the Cincinnati Bengals.”

On if he feels Coach Zorn is not accountable:

“I think he’s accountable. At that moment, I had some stuff built up, so I released it and I had it out. After we talked, we’re on the same page.”

On if his teammates feel Coach Zorn is not accountable:

“I can’t speak for other guys. I know how I felt. I spoke on how I was feeling. I didn’t speak for nobody else. I’m not the voice of the team. I’m not the voice of reason. I spoke for myself.”

On if Coach Zorn should have spoken with him on Monday morning:

“Yeah, then I wouldn’t be up here answering this to you all. At the same time, he said what he had to say and I understand his point and where he was coming from. And I tried to get him to understand. I’ve been calling him a genius all year, and all of a sudden it makes headlines. ‘Our Coach is a genius.’ I’ve been telling you all he was smart.”

On possibly severing ties with the team:

“We’re not going to sever ties. I’m a Washington Redskin. Love Mr. Snyder, Mr. Snyder loves me. That’s my man. He kept me around, him and Vinny (Cerrato). Coach got appreciation from me. I think yesterday it was just aggravation, losing four games, everybody wanted to win. We’ve both got egos.”

On if Redskins Owner Daniel M. Snyder said anything to him:

“No, he hasn’t. I’m just saying, I’m a Washington Redskin. I’m not going anywhere. Before this turns into a whole ‘nother, ‘Clinton Portis wants out of Washington,’ I love the Washington, DC area. I love this DMV or whatever you want to call it. Me and Obama have big plans for the next four years, so I’ll be here.”

On if he regrets what he said:

“I spoke my piece on that. It is only a big deal because you all still want to talk about it. That was yesterday. I don’t know what happened yesterday.”

On his relationship with Coach Zorn versus his with Coach Gibbs:

“Me and Coach Zorn have a pretty good relationship. We’re going to continue to have one. We’re gonna have to work together. He isn’t going anywhere, and I don’t think I’m going anywhere. Our relationship will be fine. As far as Coach Gibbs, I just speak my mind, bro. Everybody around here, don’t make it like it’s a big thing. ‘Oh, Clinton, just….’ Yeah, I’m going to speak my mind. So, it is going to cause trouble every now and then.”

On if he needed Coach Zorn to say that he appreciates him and he should not have been benched:

“I didn’t need him to say that. We talked about what our conversation should’ve been. We realized it was a situation that we let go too far. So, it’s over with.”

On the upcoming game:

“I can’t predict what will happen next game. Anything can happen. It doesn’t matter, man. No matter what I’ve gotta do, no matter what the situation is, what the circumstance is, if I’m not in the game, find a way to motivate my teammates to go out and get it done. We gotta win.”

On what his teammates said to him about his comments:

“A lot of them think I’m crazy, so nothing really. A lot of guys laughed about the situation and were like, ‘Boy, you’re crazy.’ That was it.”

On if he feels less stressed and frustrated about the situation:

“Any time you get something off of your chest that you need to get off your chest — any man right here can vouch for it. When you get it off your chest, you feel less stressed. I feel less stressed, I feel good, I’m smiling.”


44 Responses

  1. lol @ “you’re my boy blue”

  2. Man, I love Portis. He tells it like it is, nothing wrong with that at all. Now lets go beat them Bengals.

  3. The whole thing was worth it for the Shawn Springs bit. LOL

  4. Matt-

    I dont mean to change the subject but when do Pro Bowl results come out?

  5. Player and coach votes are due at the end of this week, I believe, so sometime after that.

  6. And thats that! Leave CP alone, let’s move on and think about this weekend and the Bengals

  7. So, basically it was just the media blowing things out of proportion…don’t see how we can blame Portis for being frustrated. Any member of the team, or for that matter any of us fans, are frustrated!! We watched this same team start off this year like they had something to prove, and since that Pittsburg game we’ve transformed into another team. I just want to see them turn things around and start playing good football again. We’ve all seen what they’re capable of, time to make that play off push. If it means Clinton getting some things off his chest than so be it!! He’s a major part of the Redskins, and we all want to see them finish off this season like they started it!!


  8. This is Clinton Being Clinton, nothing new to me, just the media want’s it to be, i bet Clinton goes out and has a 150+ yard game this sunday, and im sure no one will remember this.

  9. That “you’re my boy blue!” bit was priceless. That made my day. Now that we know that the Redskins and Portis are set on winning the last three games, let’s go win them!

    Break the ten-point barrier! Score with no mercy!

  10. By the way, Matt…

    Are we gonna be seeing a “Practice on 12/10” post?

  11. Working on it now.

  12. Lets skins some cats this Sunday. Rumors can rest now, JZ and Clinton both will be around for a while!

  13. portis pockets is straight dog!!

  14. Like Tony said, and that’s that. Moving on…bring on the Bengals!

  15. i just relized something a much as i want to say this is an important game lets go get a win it doesnt work because the skins didnt do anything against the ravens and that was an important win.

  16. That shouldn’t be that. A player that airs the teams dirty laundry or his own frustration on coaching decision should be fined and benched for a game. Players like that are selfish and a huge distraction to the team. This guy was made the face of the team and since then has publicly bashed his coaches and other teams twice. Matt, I don;t see how you think it’s not that big of a deal? He hasn’t been playing very good against the better defences, and his lack of practice is showing. I’m not saying Betts is a better back but at least he practices, and if giving a chance to start I guarantee he would pull himself out of the game for a breather as much a Portis does. Clinton show us every game just how out of shape he is. Brian Mitchel has pointed it out before and it is still happening. Look at the last Dallas game, he pulled himself out on the last drive and Betts came in ran three times and fumbled the ball. If he’s suppose to be the man, the starting running back shouldn’t he have been in the game? Winners always want the ball when the game is on the line. Clinton only wants it when it affects his stats. It’s time to let the last two player from the U go and get a quality back that wants to play every snap not just enough to get a bonus check.

  17. Mark my words people, big week coming for Portis…

  18. Getting back on Shawn Springs, if he can jump on Clinton’s back, how about him getting his butt on the field, and jumping on a receivers back.

  19. Yeah, Portis will have a good game, but but the offensive line just might have a good game too. The only lineman that is injuried playing is Pete Kendall because of his knees. The other fresh new backups should be able to block somebody and IF NOT CUT THEM NOW!

  20. skinsfan4life: you have to be kidding. They guy had more carries before his injury than any back in the league. Should he have mouthed off on the radio? No, but that doesn’t mean we should turn our back on a guy who is the THIRD LEADING RUSHER IN THE NFL. And that includes a bad week against the Giants and the Ravens. He’s back at practice, lets give him a chance

  21. So, ah, I guess Matt’s approach to yesterday’s “antics” just shows he’s on board with “medium” (and the many meanings of that word). Grin and Hail!

    Knuckle-bump, Matt!

  22. I think the Shawn Springs injury is just him saving face from being removed from the skins plans.

  23. yeah portis om pissed too. maybe you can kick feild goals, i mean it cant be any worse. missing all those feild goals i mean DFL cmon

  24. I agree Shawn Springs is just milking it. He don’t want to play anymore.

  25. He may be third in rushing yards but he’s tenth in yards per carry. This isn’t the first time this year he has shot his mouth off to the media. If he’s the face of the team as Dan and Vinny have made him, he needs to act like it. Team captains don’t acted like that. And to be perfectly honest he has never been the back that Gibbs thought he would be. Both him and Moss need to go. They are both more concerned with themselves then the team. Portis pulls himself out of the game way to much and Moss short arm a lot of pass that should be caught. Both were called out by other player at the end of last season and not much has changed.

  26. every team has a conflict but nothin like ours.

  27. we are banged up on offense banged up on defense we are in some serious trouble.

  28. Why does Moss charge 65 bucks for an autograph at the Dulles Mall?? A small portion goes to The sean Taylor fund?? When I saw the sign at the mall for that I felt disgusted all day and it made me ashamed of our team. Other guys charge 45, 25 bucks. Shouldn’t they give the kids autographs for free. It makes me want to curse

  29. Shawn Springs jumped on his back? Well, well. I hope Miss Shawn didn’t hurt his ovaries again.

  30. suisham just missed another feild goal

  31. You know skins4life it appears that you have not watched any of the games this year. We have a definite problem with our O-line. The yards per carry is 4.7 and that is good. You need to put the blame where it belongs. Oh by the way , a head coach that throws his best player under the bus by dogging his work habits in the media is gonna get what he gets sometimes. If you don’t like CP that is okay but don’t downplay his importance to the team and what he has done for the team.

  32. Also CP is not a team captain. Those happen to JC, CS for offense, CG, LF for defense and RC and KC for Special Teams.

  33. hmmm… the last time clinton mouthed off to the media he complained about his linemen and proceeded to run 5 straight games with at least 125 yards…

    i think this whole ordeal was a blessing in disguise and may have even been a calculated risk on zorn’s part to rest clinton for one game, no matter the consequences.

    clinton said it himself he’s back healthy and 100% after sitting against the ravens.. now we have a healthy portis with 3 big games left.

    we have SOME hope.. httr

  34. this whole portis thing reminds me all the bs that went on with riggins years ago. that turned out ok and so will this. clinton is clinton just like riggins was riggins. runningbacks are a different breed.

  35. 4.7 is good and this is by far his best season as a Redskin. But you can’t tell me that he hasn’t cost us some drives, points or games by pulling himself because he’s winded. Riggins, Riggs, Allen, or even Mitchell when give the chance to place never pulled themselves out of a game in critical drives or in the fourth quarter when all they needed to do was run the clock. There’s no disputing he’s having a Pro Bowl year by his stats but when the team has needed him to step up he hasn’t. It was the same problem the last few years.

  36. As for Zorn, I have no problem with a coach calling out a player. If that’s what it takes to get them motivated to do what he need to do the god bless’ em.

  37. Most of the comments I have read revolve around Clinton, Santana and Jason. Here is the deal, no offense can function without a solid O-line. They are responsible for containment blocks, creating rushing lanes, and lead blocking…to name a few. We will see a fresh O-line on sunday. I’m sure Buges doing everything he can to get them ready. The problem is a line needs time to gel as a unit. Look for a limited playbook on Sunday and a close game.

  38. the line has pretty good this year overall. Jason has held the ball to long on numerous occasions and he has also miss read the defence resulting in the wrong audible. They have blocked well enough for Portis to be the third leading rusher. Zorn had pointed out several time that Jason made the wrong read and is hesitating before throwing the ball. If he would just let the ball go the passing game would be fine.

  39. I some-what agree with you skinsfan4life, however one has only to look back at the 91 season to see what I am talking about. Mark (11) had an average of 11 seconds in the pocket. Jason has an average of 2.5 to 3 seconds in the pocket.

  40. Yes, but that was before the salary cap when we could spend the money to keep the good players at every position. The loss of Dockery hurt the line and Kernall is half the player he was. The rest of the line is old and always banged up. I also believe the average pocket time for a quarterback is 3 seconds so again this falls onto the QB to get rid of the ball. If Campbell would stop worrying about making a mistake and just throw the ball the passing game would be fine. And in the west coast offence just about every pass play is a quick short pass. He was doing that earlier in the season ever since he threw his first pick that has change. I would rather see colt play, he is a much better QB all around. He’s more emotional and is willing to take a chance to make a play, something Campbell hasn’t done but a few times this year.

  41. Steve I disagree with what you said back then the only threatening D players were small now you have Defenses that are dominant in this league you need to play quick its not AFL or EFL so get it straight he is even lucky he gets 3.5 secs to get rid of the ball! Look at the teams that learn how to wear down a defense (Steeler, Giants, Titans, Panthers, Ravens, Falcons, etc.) You know why they win because they know how to wear down a Defense running and passing!

    My point once again this team has become one dimensional! RUN RUN RUN! Joe Gibbs style pitty! why do you think the Vikings havent gotten into the playoffs this year or the past or lets say the Falcons who have always had a running game dont win super bowls or anything……because they are one dimensional! LETS SEE THAT “WEST COAST OFFENSE” show me whats good.




  42. I’m glad this has happened. I think it shows that something isn’t right at Redskin park. I’m a Jim Zorn fan. At his hiring, I thought…cool, he’s a good guy, and at last no coaching retreads. But…and this is always the worry with coaches:

    Will the Coach customize HIS SYSTEM to fit his personnel or will he stubbornly try to make his players fit HIS SYSTEM??

    It seems to me that Zorn is unfortunately doing the latter.

    Campbell is great from the shotgun, but we barely use it. Campbell is great when he rolls out, but we barely do that. Campbell has a long throwing motion, but we still have him drop back 7 steps.

    We draft another great pass catching TE in Fred Davis, but where is he? I was envisioning a two tight end set with Cooley and Davis on either side, looking very much run, but then, Play Action, pass. Have we seen it? Nope.

    We have a beastly back named Mike Sellers, so why don’t we let him run? Especially on short yardage? Sellers would knock some guys into next Tuesday.

    Portis is the perfect back for a two-headed monster attack, not a bludgeon the defense everydown back, and what do we do, we run him into the ground.

    I’m not supporting Portis getting on the coach in public. Not at all. But I think the Redskins need to use the players in a system that highlights their strengths.

  43. You have got to be kidding with all the Portis bashing…
    this guy is a smaller back, but plays all-out, all of the time. I mean in a preseason game he nailed a defender(separated his shoulder) making a tackle on an INT return. He could have pulled up and let him score.. Brian Urlacher says the hardest hit he ever took was from CP… he has buckled.. Kiwanuka,Z.Thomas,A. Pierce, Brooks, and most other linebackers during pass protection…
    As if that wasn’t enough,CP ran between the tackles 30+ times a game Gibbs offense… while raking up 1 yard a carry when we had Brunell and Campbell during his learning curve. And most games I see, CP is always out there in the fourth churning it up. If he gets winded.. so be it… thats why we have betts.
    Most teams run 2+ backs all game long… and rarely do you see a back lay it on the line like CP does with his body.
    Portis will has nad will never quit on Washington.
    His pockets are straight.. But so is his head when it comes to football.

  44. I believe in telling it like it is but I also believe in not coming out of the house and airing your dirty laundry. Portis to me is nothing more than a big cry baby. If he was feeling this way he should have tlaked to the coach and the GM instead of airing it out for everyone to hear. This kind of crap does not help a team whatsoever, case in point the Dallas cowboys.

    The entire offense an dthe coach should take blame for the slide. Early in the season they kept dismissing losses and said they were just even, well now they are three games from elimination from the playoffs. They had a chance to be one or two games out of the division lead and blew it. They make weaker teams look like contenders.

    Clinton Portis should shut up and play football. Besides it took Brett Farve and The Greenbay Packer, The SF 49ers, and the Eagles 3 to 5 to master the west coast offense. This i sthe Redskins first year in the system. They need an offenssive and defensive line. Vinny should not have wasted draft choices on two wideouts, a tight end and a punter none of them are helping the team

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