Tuesday, December 9: Start With Some Links

Experiencing some technical difficulties today, so here are some links to peruse while I try to get things sorted out at my end.

  • Yes, the Redskins are still alive for the playoffs, and no, the scenarios aren’t that complex yet. Rich Tandler has the detailed version, and Mister Irrelevant lays it out a bit more simply. (Even shorter version: root FOR the Redskins and AGAINST Dallas and Atlanta until doing that isn’t possible anymore.)
  • Brian Murphy at Homer McFanboy takes a look at the Redskins home record over the last five years, which is pretty grim, and tries to figure out why.
  • And just in case it takes longer than I expect to regain normal service, ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback is characteristically verbose today, and should take a good while to fully read and digest. And I’ll be back soon, hopefully.

11 Responses

  1. Hey Matt, what self-respecting Skins fan would ever root FOR Dallas? Even if them winning a game would guarantee us a spot in the playoffs, I don’t think I could bring myself to root for them.

  2. Redskins reporter John Keim revealed some very interesting things today when asked about Todd Collins. Apparently, he was ready to give up on JC.

    “I know that Gibbs was thinking about benching Campbell a week before he got hurt. And he would have definitely had an open competition had he returned.”

  3. I don’t think Collins is doing very well with this new offense. Matt, any way to get some info on this?

  4. Do yall think J Campbell will struggle against the Eagles D to the point where he’ll get benched?

  5. I don’t think he’ll get benched this season. Whether something happens over the off-season I’m not sure. Yes, he seems lost a lot of times but if I were him I’d have lost faith in my O-line by now and it is a new offense for him…again.

  6. I agree with Julz any QB would struggle with our line. They actually did better when samuels and jansen went out but it was too late by then.

  7. Julz said
    “I don’t think Collins is doing very well with this new offense.”

    What is this based on?

  8. Just things I’ve read, which is why I’ve asked Matt to see if we can get more information.

  9. Other tidbits.

    Both Gregg Williams and Jim Fassel wanted an open competition at QB. Williams loved Collins. It’s why he tried to get the Jags to sign him.

    Fassel desperately wanted a job, but wasn’t sure if he could win with Campbell and therefore wouldn’t guarantee that he would be the starter.

  10. Julz, I would love to read those articles. Any chance you could share a link or give us the source?

  11. see in my eyes fellas is that our O-Line is just as bad as our QB is for the past 6 games I have been saying we are out the play-off hunt this team will not win. If you guys look at the replay of the Skins and Ravens game you can tell that these guys dont want to protect JC especially in the 2nd quarter they would let suggs dominate little by little these guys are letting JC get hit yea he can take a hit but you cant blame the O-Line all the time JC has alot of the issue of our Offense no being productive and that is because he follows his target thru-out the whole route the guy never had me in the band-wagon unlike some of you fans have been on and off of……He might be a great guy Zorn but if you cant see that he is not or most likely be an Elite QB than maybe you might just not be Coaching Material.

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