Redskins Distribute Jackets

The reason I was in my car to hear Clinton Portis‘s pointed thoughts on Jim Zorn was because of Antwaan Randle El. Randle El, along with many of his teammates, and with the help of his El Foundation, the Redskins Charitable Foundation, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, spent today distributing winter coats to underserved children at two area schools — one in D.C., and one in Maryland.


“This is something that we started in Pittsburgh,” Randle El said. “It’s cold in Pittsburgh, and coats seemed like an important thing. I think this is the third one we’ve done here. I’ve been so blessed by God, and I try to do what I can to be a blessing.”


Randle El was accompanied by a number of his Redskins teammates, including Ladell Betts, Andre Carter, Horace Gant, Rob Jackson, and Chris Wilson. All of them distributed bags and jackets to the kids, helped make sure the kids knew how to use the various zippers and fasteners, and posed for the occasional picture.

And Fred Smoot was there as well, although he was running a bit late, and arrived without his appearance jersey in a jacket-and-jeans combo.


I asked where his jersey was, thinking there might be a funny story there, but Smoot shrugged. “I gave it away to someone at the last event I did, and they haven’t made up a new one for me yet.” I suggested that he might be able to get a free winter coat to wear instead, but he didn’t go for it. They were probably all too small anyway.



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  1. Good to hear that the Skins are continuing to work positively in the community. ARE and Smoot both seem very committed to doing what is right.

  2. nice to see some coverage of what is really important in life. i love the Redskins and winning games … but to see our players out doing wonderful deeds like this puts things in perspective. this week we may not have won on the football field, but we sure as heck are winning off the football field. and that is what matters. thank you redskins players and staff for making a difference that a lot of us wish we could make as well.

  3. Love the insight of what these guys do for the areas. Awesome to hear about the players giving back. While the NFL doesn’t really cover this stuff unless it through their sponsors like the Home Depot, it’d be cool to get the NFL network or such involved showing more of these charities. Yeah yeah, NFL network supposed to be bout football, but a lil 30 min show a week featuring different teams doing a charity is something i enjoy…specially this time of year. Was anything aired on Cooley’s breast cancer event? Loved the coverage here though matt so kudos. Of course on the flip side of it, what makes it all the more special is the lack of coverage. So it is a catch 22. For me personally though I think it’d be a cool thing to see some of my fave players giving back…makes even bit more endearing.

  4. Hey Matt,

    Do you know if we still owe Minnesota a 6th round pick for Erasmus James? I know it was a conditional pick, and I would assume that we don’t need to send it since he barely played for us…but I wanted to check.


  5. lol I love how people ask random unrelated questions in these things….

    captain ron – I believe the conditional “7th” round pick was if Erasmus didn’t land on our 53 man roster spot in the beg of the year….so we don’t get it~

  6. Hail El and buddies!

  7. Hey Matt,

    How does the redskins PR guys handle these charitity events? For instance, Randle el said he did this back in Pittsburgh….so whatever charity he works for I assume what, his agent contacts the charity and Redskins PR? Or like Cooleys breast cancer one, did cooley basically pick up the ball and kinda run with it? What are your thoughts on possibly giving NFL network a ring a lil in advance of next big charity event and getting some good coverage outta it? Even if it only gets cut for a one minute blurb on total access. Always negative stuff going on with Plaxico or pacman or something. With X-mas here, it’d be awesome to hear about the good things these players do. While I know each team I’m sure has their good players that help community at our core, it seems like a great portion of ours do. Anyway, if you new any of the guys that had anything planned maybe you could light a fire under Redskins PR guys and get some coverage out there. Tis the season and all that!!! Thanks matt.

  8. By suggesting that, i mean no disrespect in the coverage you have provided us fans. Just meant on a more national televised scale. Lol, so no slight intended…keep up the good work.

  9. I just want to point out something I wrote when this blog first appeared because I believe the plan is actually in place now.

    I thought the hiring of Zorn was basically a placeholder type deal as the Redskins real target is Bill Cowher. Then when the Redskins got off to such a good start it took everyone by surprise and actually put the Skins management in an awkward position, but the collapse of this team and now the tension between Portis and Zorn is actually making the original plan easier to implement. I believe Zorn was given the job and told that if he did great, he could keep it but if the team didn’t play well, he would come back under a new coach as at the very least, a QB coach or Offensive Coordinator.

    We shall see…..

  10. Please don’t hijack comment threads for topics unrelated to the post.

    It is always nice to read about the charity that these players perform. Between practicing, playing the game, studying the plays, and the charity work they do, its no wonder they get paid as much as they do! These guys are absolutely amazing. I have a 9-5 job that is probably far less demanding than this and I still grumble about doing extra stuff outside of work.

    way to go guys, and keep up the good work.

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