Monday, December 8: An Unfortunate (But Sadly Accurate) Tailgating Omen

(As players trickle in to Redskins Park this morning and we wait to hear what Coach Zorn is going to say after an evening reviewing the horror-show tapes from the loss, here’s one pregame omen that got me a bit worried. Justifiably, as it turns out.)

It was one of the most remarkable things about the advance description of the ExtremeSkins tailgate in Baltimore: Mark The Homer was bringing one 72 pound roasted pig. I can see the appeal of a whole roasted animal to serve to a mass of hungry tailgaters, but the whole thing still seemed potentially grim and media-unfriendly to me.


Roasting a whole hog? At a Redskins tailgate? What would the Hogettes say? Heck, what would the Hogs say?

I had visions of the classic pig on a spit, rotating quietly in the cold air and being jeered at by enraged Ravens fans. So I was relieved to see the La Caja China roasting box, which I had previously only seen on TV and read about online. The box kept the pig covered during most of the cooking, and the pig was quartered, so it looked less hog-like.


There wasn’t even a head, which further avoided potentially bad photo opportunities. (“I forgot it in my refrigerator at home,” Mark said, sadly.)

Was I the only one who found this a little unsettling?

“Well,” someone said, “it’s The Dirtbags now, so it should be okay.” I still felt leery of the symbolism of the whole thing, but as people dug in and the cold air filled with the smell of roasted meat, my superstitious neuroses seemed sillier and sillier.

Three hours later, though, I had to wonder. “Dirtbag number 1” Jon Jansen, left knee sprain. Left tackle Chris Samuels, triceps injury. Young Justin Geisinger pressed into service at tackle.

Obviously, fans enjoying a well-cooked pig didn’t cause any of this — an attacking Ravens defense and sputtering Redskins offense did, at the most basic level. Still and all, though, if we go back to Baltimore again, maybe we should try making black bird pie instead.



22 Responses

  1. That hog look way better than the Redskins offense

  2. We played offense? I must have fell asleep.

  3. Another fabulous game by Jason Cambell……Please Mr.Zorn, can we have Colt Brennan for Christmas???

  4. I want Colt for Christmas too!! Please mr. Zorn. We promise not to call for your head anymore!!!!!

  5. Why not? I’ll call for Mr. Colt Brennan too. We need some kind of change.

    Whether it’s the O-Line or QB or WR, we need change, and lots of it. Because the current offensive scheme is not working at all. I cannot even understand it because we were decently putting up points in the first few weeks of the season.

    Anybody remember the Saints game? or the Cardinals game? Whatever happened to these plays? I don’t get running on first down, then passing on second, running on third down. All that does is to create third down and long all the time. Mix the plays up! Go for 15 yards passes on first down, run, then pass, or whatever.

    I mean, it’s not that difficult. Hold the line. Scan the field. Throw the ball. Catch the ball. Run.

    Maybe we should make a book for the Redskins, all words in big easy fonts, and make pictures too.

  6. Offense?? last night? The Ravens made it look like practice preparing for the Steelers game.

    the OLine were used as dirtbags
    the DLine were used as pushing carts
    Rogers was used as a dog running after a car with the ball
    the kicker was used as the example of WHAT NOT A FIELD GOAL KICK SHOULD BE IF YOU’RE A PRO
    Campbell was used as a sack bag


  7. All I know is Zorn needs to grow some and get mad, show somekind of emotion and make a change to spark his players. This feel good, low tone teacher crap isnt going to get it done. Colt would be a great start but not the entire answer.

  8. colt are you serious this guy is a rookie and we have no line. and thats the bottom line. moss needs to be the 3rd string wr thomas and kelly need to be number one. now kelly did miss a big pass thrown to him at the end of the game
    but that pass to moss down the side line thats number 6 thats six passes he has drop and they have all be over 30 + yards. facts are facts. plus last week number 82 went for a deep pass last week that was picked. a bigger wideout gives you a better chance to catch the pass.

  9. What a bunch of reactionary whiners. Let’s keep in mind that Joe Gibbs 1 went 8-8 in his first season, then turned around and won a Superbowl in season #2.

    As far as jumping ship to Colt, I’ll pass on that notion. With no O-line he’d make far more poor decisions than Campbell has. I do however support the notion of more bootlegs and rollouts for Campbell to open things up in front of him so he doesn’t have to worry about having his passes deflected at the line.

    Only one way to find out and now is the perfect time!

  11. Yes, bootlegs and rollouts.

  12. Oh, and uh….Colt? It ain’t gonna happend. End of story.

  13. Yes great! Colt and most def fix our problems. PUH-LEEZE!!!! You guys never want to give anybody a chance. It’s not all Jason’s fault. How about we start with the o’ld’ line. Maybe if Jason has some protection up front he can have more time to throw the ball down the field. We need our rookie WR’s to know their routes and actually catch the balls that are being thrown their way. What happened to that 2 headed backfield we were supposed to have? The money that they are paying Betts…Portis shouldn’t be as banged up as he is. USE BETTS!!! Samuels is out for the season…great because he gets beat and Jason gets sacked. Are we leading with our QB getting sacked? Jansen needs to go as well and it needs to trickle on down the line 1 by 1 with replacements.

    On the bright side…we are 7-6, who’d thought with a rookie head coach right? We were expected to win that many games.

    Aight, i’m done!

  14. jASON TAYLOR does not look good…is he still injured?

  15. and another thing i love rogers but come on ur playing man coverage and maybe landry was suppose to help him over the top but why would you bit on that weak ass move and let him run by you its not like you were going to pic the ball off. but our defense didnt lose the game for us. they didnt help us win.

    the x factor is kelly for when we get to the 45 or 30 on the fade also in the redzone this works.
    you need to line thomas and moss on one side and kelly on the other.
    that would leave kelly in one on ones because everyone plays on the line against us.
    honestly people talk about personel we have a team. minus our aged line.
    cooley is one of the best tight ends. kelly and thomas are by far the best rookies. (overall ) look at your rookie wideouts that were creating such a buzz at the begining they have faded.
    moss is a great wo but just not a number one.
    el is a great wo just not a starter.
    portis who is the best overall rb in the league right now.and if you have watched the skins i can only think of one player who has won games for us and thats sean taylor.
    sellers who is a great fullback.
    who would you pick over these guys.
    and or defense landry is in his second year it to 21 4 years to be the guy he was last season the best safety in football.
    you have hall and rogers springs and smoot
    fletcher and rocky
    carter montgomery taylor gols.
    the personel is there we just dont execute. and its coming from the offense. wideouts are why we 7-6 and not 9-4.

    i watched a patriot game the other day and when they got to the redzone they only threw to moss. 3 times and do you know on that 3 rd time he caught it. for seven instead of 3.

  16. what betts is so slow right now that fumble against seatle proves he doesnt need to be playing we need to keep alexander cause we have no healty rbs.

    a few more bad decisions we made in the offseason we should of kept marcus mason. got rid of thrash and cartright and let kelly and mason return kicks. all carthright is good for is 25 yards. nothing more. def no touchdowns. frost for the rookie. thats really a big team cause or special teams use to be something you didnt have to worry about. with that brooks pic we could of gotten a lineman or a linebacker.

  17. Colt Brennan? Are you guys serious? Yes, let’s put in a rookie QB, with 0 experience against a starting NFL defense, 0 experience with the redskins starting offense, and an offensive line that is, or already has fallen apart. That will solve our problems.

    I also have trouble reading posts from Redskins fans who can’t even spell Campbell’s name correctly.

  18. Forget trying to get used to a new system. Jason Campbell has had well enough time to learn nfl defenses and make adjustments especially when he knows he doesnt have enough time from the O-line to protect him. With that said Jason’s time should be up because he is not progressing at all and I bet money that he will play the same way next week. Redskins fans lets get ready for another frustrating game by J Campbell. Get ready Colt I feel like your time is coming

  19. By the way, a 75 lb pig is a pig. It only becomes a hog when it hits 120 lbs, which this one never did. So we were safe. :-)

  20. suisham just missed another feild goal

  21. mack, despite your spelling, I LOVED your post.

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