Coach Zorn Shuffles The O-Line Deck


The highlight from Coach Zorn’s press conference today is the reshuffling of the offensive line, a move born more of necessity than of any particular desire on Zorn’s part. (To judge by the comments, though, there are plenty of fans who will be pleased to see some change — ANY change — along the lines, so … here you go!)

Here’s how it breaks down (no pun intended):

Chris Samuels has a 50% tear in his tricep, so he’s going to be getting surgery and is done for the year. Jon Jansen is waiting for news on his MCL, and even substitute tackle and backup center Justin Geisinger suffered a potential knee sprain last night and has an MRI scheduled. So both tackles and the backup center are likely gone.

Assuming that both Samuels and Jansen are out, Stephon Heyer becomes the starting left tackle and the frequently-inactive Jason Fabini becomes the starting right tackle. Devin Clark will be activated off the practice squad, and both he and fellow rookie Chad Rinehart will start receiving work at both tackle and guard. Meanwhile, Pete Kendall becomes the backup center.

In other injury news:

  • Chris Horton is “in the tube getting an MRI,” according to Coach Zorn, trying to see if there’s a labrum tear. That would be classified as “not good,” according to me.
  • Cornelius Griffin‘s shoulder is coming around, but he’s having an abdomen strain checked for a hernia. Also “not good”.
  • It’s all wait-and-see on Marcus Washington‘s high ankle sprain, and Shawn Springs is continuing to build up his calf, with, Zorn says, “the idea of being able to explode.”
  • Todd Yoder has a minor knee sprain and should be fine, and Andre Carter and London Fletcher made it out of the game healthy. Also, Zorn expects Kedric Golston back by next week, which is good to hear.
  • Oh, and it’s not an injury, but (bizarrely) Zorn reports that Devin Aromashodu is likely to be signed to the Bears practice squad, which means that the team will have two practice squad spots to fill: Clark’s and Aromashodu’s.

Other than that, it was a continued message of optimism and learning. Contrary to some of the conventional wisdom, Zorn claimed to be pleased with Jason Campbell yesterday.

    “I thought he did pretty good,” Zorn said. “He stood strong and was in the face of tremendous pressure…. I was very proud of how he took the punishment. He missed on a couple of things; he wasn’t perfect, but he stood strong. We got him into a couple things where he had to make the right audible, and he did.”

As far as criticism of the defensive line’s rush, Zorn noted, “Even ‘without pressure’ on their young QB, he had [just] 135 yards passing. Without pressure.”

“Everybody’s down right now,” Zorn said, summing up the general mood of frustration and lingering hope. “This was a hard blow, and it’s not fun. But — and this is such an easy thing to say — we can’t flinch.”

(Edit to add: if you’re wondering how Zorn intends to “stay medium” in this situation, DC Sports Bog has you covered.)


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  1. What’s the situation on Devin Thomas, he looked like he got a little banged up.

    Also, what was the deal towards the end of the game when they got that incerception, slid, holding the ball up in the air, and Randle El came over and took the ball, basically before touching him. Why would that not count? Shouldn’t celebrate too early….

  2. And everything is hunkedoree in Redskins land. Staying medium is something that is a thorn in the side right now. That is why there hasn’t been any fire or sense of urgancy. There’s a time and a place for everything, and now is the time to rev up and let loose the dogs. “Stay Medium” in the early season, NOT IN DECEMBER!!!!!!

  3. The point, though, is to get PRESSURE to the QB via the D-Line. Flacco could have had under 100 yards, easily, WITH pressure.

    And another point is, Campbell does not want to be under pressure every fricking time. That’s the point of being a QB. Campbell needs time to stand in the pocket and make these long passes, any kind of passes.

    I don’t understand why the coaches understand these things. Zorn is a former QB, and a QB coach! He should know that the QB cannot be under pressure every time. The same can be said for the Defense coaches.

  4. Zorn noted, “Even ‘without pressure’ on their young QB, he had [just] 135 yards passing. Without pressure.”

    WHAT??!! typical “medium” answer. he’s making it sound like, “Hey even if we didn’t put pressure on a rookie QB, we did good for having him only throw 135 yards” ………….. what a joke. that last play, he did, he had about 5-6 seconds to throw a bad pass and make it a touchdown.

    Oh, also Zorn: FYI, im not sure which QB you’re evaluating but Jason Campbell DID NOT PLAY GOOD, THE WHOLE TEAM DID NOT PLAY GOOD!!!!

  5. Can you please, just, please, take these fan reactions to Zorn, Matt?

    Because it is clear that Jim Zorn is staying medium, and it’s getting old, to be honest. Where’s the fire? the urgency? the yelling to the rookies and high-paid players?

    I just couldn’t believe how they performed so miserably in the game. For the sake of stupidity, I am very interested in how the Redskins can top this performance.

  6. players with 10-14 years in the league

    Jansen: 10
    R.Thomas: 10
    Fabini: 11
    Springs: 12
    J.Taylor: 12
    Thrash: 12
    Kendall: 13
    Collins: 14

    All must be serious considerations to be replaced in the up coming years! (with exception to Fletcher and Albright)

    Everyone knows, injuries take a little loner to heal when you get older.

  7. Don’t forget Samuels, Brian! Almost everybody we have are major veterans. We really need to focus on getting bigger, faster, younger, and stronger.

  8. 1st …..Zorn and Blatche Suck…I hope we bring back Gregg Williams and maybe even Cowher.
    2nd….Our O-line sucked last year…Why didn’t we go out and get depth over the off-season. Samuel’s get’s burned every game for the past 4 seasons…are we scared to realize it because he’s a probowl tackle? I saw we find a young LT and move samuels to RT or LG.
    3rd….It seems that cooley is a blocking tightend now under zorn’s offense. I would much rather have Saunders complicated system than zorn’s horrible 1 page playbook.
    4th…Baltimore’s DB’s covered well on Moss. Can’t blame him for not getting those long ones….DB’s were right on him. Campbell could of led him a little further. But that didn’t happen.
    5th…We just need to get out there and play Redskins football. We have diverted away from Redskins smashmouth football.

  9. Ben,

    I hear ya bro. i just went by years played. Everyone knows the “cut list” is bigger.

  10. Matt,
    Any bad news on Portis? Why was he used on such a limited basis yesterday?? He seemed fine when he was in there…hope he’s alright.




  12. suisham just missed another feild goal

  13. Too bad Crummey is gone, bet we could def use him right about now.

  14. Matt,
    Can you elaborate on Portis being sidelined. I briefly read on another website that he was quoted as saying “he was benched”.

  15. CLP5150: Zorn essentially said that they used Betts for one series and thought he did well enough (especially in passing downs) to keep him in. He said that if they had been running the ball and not trailing by 14, it would’ve been Clinton, and he expects Clinton to practice this week and still be the “bell cow” for the running game.

  16. we need colt brennan to start!

  17. Jason Veda, on December 8th, 2008 at 2:01 pm Said:
    1st …..Zorn and Blatche Suck…

    The defense is keeping the Redskins in the games. Blatche is doing a great job. Its just they are out there too long ang get tired.

  18. I’m very disappointed in the play at QB. Jason Campbell’s reluctance to take chances is one of the major reasons behind the dismal performance of the passing offense. Sure, he’s getting sacked a lot, but some of those sacks are his fault. Most of the time, he won’t throw the ball unless the receiver is wide open. He is also falling into some bad habits like staring down receivers, which is leading to batted-down balls and better reads by opposing safeties. As a fan, I would much rather see the quarterback who takes his chances, which leads to more interceptions but also greatly increases the probability of big plays. Rarely are receivers wide open in the NFL; sometimes the ball has to be thrown into coverage to allow the receiver to make a play on it. Does Campbell have what it takes to be an elite quarterback? I don’t think anybody knows at this point. But if he doesn’t start showing signs of more instinctiveness in his decision-making, I think Colt Brennan should be given a chance to compete for the spot next year.

  19. I’m going to re-post this because it is worth another look. *denotes an update.

    To become a legit contender within the next few years we need to cut/trade/release the following players for as many draft picks as possible:

    1) Shawn Springs – he’s always injured (*still injured)

    2) Jason Taylor – it was a mistake bringing him in (*still a waste)

    3) Marcus Washington – he’s always injured and has dropped off (*still injured)

    1) James Thrash – not enough production (*still the same)

    2) Antwaan Randle El – great guy, not enough production. Rarely even thinks about returning a punt as a first option. (*did he return any punts yesterday?)

    3) Pete Kendall – old (*now he’s the back-up center?)

    4) Randy Thomas – old

    5) Jon Jansen – dumb and old (*add “hurt” to the list)

    Special Teams
    1) Suisham – need I say more? (*another blown opportunity)

    On the bubble
    1) Santana Moss – maybe he would do better if there were a legit #1 receiver on the team. NO, Santana is not a legit #1.(*Still not a #1)

    2) Clinton Portis – RB’s are a dime a dozen. Clinton is great, but his trade value (and physical abilities) are at their peak.(*Time for the IR?)

    3) Andre Carter – vanishes from games.(*Did he even play yesterday?)

    4) Chris Samuels – is this knee injury serious? (*IR)

    5) Jason Campbell – I love Campbell, but he’s got 2 more years. If he can’t get it together in the next 2 years it’s time to move on. Other QB’s have done more with less.

    1) A legit #1 receiver. Kelly & Thomas – can you be #1’s?
    2) A legit pass rusher. The Giants have several. Dallas has several. The Eagles have several.
    3) Safety help for Landry
    4) Fresh linebackers
    5) Both the O and D line need overhauls.

  20. Not me! I would die behind that line.

  21. Switching out Campbell for Brennan might be fun, but it’s like changing the toppings on a pizza made of dog crap.

    Most of the problems are on the lines, both O and D, and the injuries just make it worse.

    The team has spent too much time looking for the splashy addition, at the expense of building and bolstering the all-important lines. I know it’s boring to look at O-line footage, but maybe that is what a general manager, or someone, should be doing.

    Without strong lines, how do we “play physical,” as Snyder put it? It would be a shame not to see him in the locker room again, trying for chest bumps and bouncing off the players’ buttocks.


    duh….. The only redskins player that’s deserving to go to the pro-bowl would be FLETCHER, PORTIS, SELLERS maybe LANDRY and HORTON, I was hoping DeAngelo HALL but he’s not on the list. no more voting from me and pals for any redskins player
    everybody else is a joke!!!


  23. Question? What happened to this team? I don’t know them? Somebody please give me some counseling!

  24. Yes the offensive line is a problem. Although they did pave a good path for Clinton early on in the season. But to everyone that thinks that’s the reason for Campbell’s lack of production is that simple, I will ask you to remember David Carr. Yep, he got pressured alot, but that is the game, you have to be able to adjust and compensate. The only qb’s who can go a whole game without any pressure on them are the ones lucky enough to be on our schedule. Campbell has got to make desicions fast, and he just can’t do it.

  25. Dude, whats your point? I got sacked beyond belief …its not like im tearing up the league now or something.

  26. Yea I did say that Steven…Thanks for quoting me on it….They threw away all the chemistry that Gibbs put together. Zorn has not once taken the blame for anything this season….he’s over his head. Throwing charts and footballs on the sidelines…having tempertantrums. He sets the tone…unfortunatley he’s set a medium tone in the lockeroom. Now on Blatche….he’s an idiot that has the worst defensive schemes ever. Why in the hell are we going 6 DB’s and 1 LB when we know our D-line can’t tackle worth anything. Jason Taylor is doing spin moves that takes him 5 yards further away from the qb…Dancing came in handy…cause he looks like he’s moonwalking out there away from the QB. Our blitz is horrible…did we get a single sack yesterday? Andre Carter is better from the left side…our blitz hasn’t worked all season…it’s December and we havent’ shaken things up yet to find the right combination to attack with. As we can see our secondary and Fletcher is what’s carrying us…thank goodness we got Deangalo, Landry gave us numerous opportunities, I think Rocky is solid. But other than Fletch and Landry we don’t have any intemidating players on D…and that’s where the Coach comes in….He’s supposed to be there and rally us together as a group. Get us going….but we’re too mild. Gregg Williams would have been up someone’s ass…if they missed an assignment. We have no discipline and no heart. That’s where coachin plays its hand….Those two need to step up and be leaders.

    So yes Steven I am sticking to MY Opinion like everyone else and saying Zorn and Blatche SUCK. Zorn is a hell of a qb coach….but then again I don’t think Hasselback is that good. We beat ourselves in those two playoff games in Seattle.

  27. We got spoiled when we went 6-2 at the midway point. We will probably finish 9-7 and out of playoffs. That’s not bad considering having a new coach. It would have been worse had we changed defensive schemes. The reality is:

    On offense:

    QB: Jason is indecisive, holds the ball too long, telegraphs his throws, is afraid to make a mistake, is non-emotional (need a leader) how many throws inti the ground against Ravens were there..give Colt a shot- Collins will go and Hasselbeck may be back up 3rd string Campbell backing up Brennan (hes a winner)

    OL: The line is battered and old and we re not picking up the blitz schemes (that is coaching)

    WR: Antwaan is an average receiver, Moss is fast but undersized…….Cooley not used to his potential…

    RB: Portis is good but is not as fast..he’s more of a power runner now..he has a year or two at best…Betts disappoints ..seems like hes afraid of getting hurt since he came back from injury..we wil need a full back in future

    Special Teams

    We need a kicker and punter


    We have no pass rush from line (Taylor is a bust)
    Linebackers are okay but need youth (Fletcher getting up there) but McIntosh and Blades are okay…need some depth

    The bright spot is the secondary and safety


    Overall Zorn and staff need more time to work on things…in a year they will have accomplished more than one would think.

    Continue to build through draft and we as fans need to be more patient…but the things we see need to be addressed (figure a way to beat 3-4 defensive schemes)

  28. Also I THINK Plackenmier is too long for a punter….he’s more acceptive to be blocked because of his longer stride when kicking.

  29. We lost! Cut! Bench! Fire!

    We Won! Superbowl Bound!

  30. Why not place Shawn Springs on IR? He’s never healthy and if he does happen to get healthy again, my guess is it will be for one game. At least open up a spot for someone who is healthy and ready…

    I still think the decision to bring in Jason Taylor was a good one. The guy had an injury this season that probably would have been season-ending for anybody else. He got his hands up last night on a ball that should have been intercepted and he makes teams double team or at least consider it. Who is better that we could have brought in? Seriously.

  31. this is very embarrassing. We just need to stop playing on national slot times….we are horrible.

  32. AND the O-line under any other coach in my opinion would be 10x worse. Buges is not the problem people.

  33. Wheres the love for the O-line?

  34. Keep
    1 Jason Taylor
    2 Clinton
    3 Santana

    1 Randle (can’t return a punt) EL
    2 Shawn Springs (my leg hurts)
    3 Shaun Suisham (to left feet)
    4 JASON (my feet are in mud) CAMPBELL
    5 Chris Samuels (always hurt)

    To Do
    DRAFT BETTER (don’t give the picks away)
    LOOK AT HORTON. awsome

  35. just makes me want to puke!

  36. Tony D just stay medium. We played a violent team last night but there are a lot of positives to take from that game.

  37. Classic JZ

  38. The Redskins are who we thought they were

  39. I live in North Carolina (charlotte area), so I got the Sunday Ticket this year. Just to see my team ($300+). Jim Zorn will you refund me my MONEY.

  40. Zorn pockets straight!

  41. he needs to straighten my pockets back out.

  42. Listen you went to heroics to get Sunday Ticket and support your team. Im sure you can go to heroics and straighten your own pockets.

  43. Zorn, you are not going to heroics to support your fans.
    Just WIN baby!!


    (Coach Zorn): Im sorry for staying medium, Im just hoping that Campbell loses one more game so that I can justify why I’ve secretly molding Colt Brennan. patience my redskins nation, its coming….. Colt time!

    (JC): Coach Z!! i think they’re on to me! I mean I try to be like Tony Romo, Im a starting qb for an elite team, im dating MS DC. I started out good, but I just don’t understand playing this “football” what do i do????!!

    (JASON TAYLOR): i don’t care about everybody, im still rich and im going to Hollywood, did you see my Clean & Clear commercial, I look fabulous!!! i do suck in playing football now.

    (OLINE) I need to go buy meds for my arthritis, all the opposing teams figured we were too old for this game

    (DLINE) im coming too, we can’t keep up with these young kinds. They’re too scary for us!!! BIG & FAST!!! we look like panzies

    (SPRINGS) im not injured, i was watching the game in my big a$$ house and wating popcorn! yey!

    (ROGERS) i knew i should have ran after the ball, i look like a panzy too

    (SUISHAM) i forgot my contacts, that’s why i missed…….. ok ok i just suck

    (CERRATO) i wonder how i can spend Snyders money again..hmmmmm…. draft 6th and 7th rounders and the rest of the budget… vacation in Cabo

  45. The marketing for “PRO-BOWL BALLOTING ENDS DEC. 9, VOTE THE REDSKINS TICKET” has got to
    one of the biggest blunders of Redskins Management
    to date. Whom was the brain trust behind this
    promotion? Here’s kudos to you.

  46. The Skins are a Top 5 most valuable NFL franchise,
    but in “public opinion” least respected. Whoever (scout) that recommended in drafting Chris Horton,
    should be the one running the Redskins Draft
    next spring. Vinny Cerrato needs to keep making
    those radio talk shows & marketing campaigns
    (aka Vote the Redskin Ticket!) OOOO Yeah, that
    will make us more Legit!

  47. My my; aren’t we a postive bunch today! We have lost 4 of the last 5 games to Pittsburgh, Dallas (ouch), NY Giants and Baltimore—–what are they –4 of the top 6 defenses in football? Grab a reality bar—we aren’t as good as them talent wise. You can make up for that with passion and the “right play at the right time”—which we haven’t shown the capacity to do since week 4. I can take losing to a better team, but not going all out to rush PATs, not having 4-5 people tackling the ball, half hearted blocking on passing downs—that is what should be eaten at all of us HTTRers! The play calling needs to be jazzed up against aggressive D’s—where was the misdirection plays? We play a team simialr to us in talent next week—-the Bengals—why do you think we just barely got by Detroit, Seattle, etc etc. One more THOUGHT—DRAFT BETTER!!!!!!!!


  49. DaTruth,

    you basically dissed the WHOLE defense that kept the skins in the game for most the night. Seems to me that you arent speaking DA TRUTH. Um those 6th and 7th rounders are probably the best so far, CHRIS HORTON..all i have to say.. i hate reading posts that are just horrible fans that are so pissed off they are discussing releasing the WHOLE team, like Santana Clinton and others that are probably the ones who bust their butts off every game. Yea we were 6-2 and now were 7-6 but hey, SHUT UP and keep the decisions for the coaches. like they would want hear what you think of jason campbell or how we should release clinton portis or get rid of sick defense…hopefully no one is actually going to take Da Truth seriously by reading his post

  50. see Tony D @4:22pm

  51. Everyone here rippin’ on the ‘Skins is totally in the right. The OLine cannot block to save anyone, the DLine for the umpteenth year sux, and now even I am wondering if we should change QBs. Over all though, I think the 2 major things that need to be changed are the OLine and the DLine. The playmakers on both sides have been trying, but it takes a team effort and that just is not happening. I said the ‘Skins would go 2-2 the rest of the season; now I am thinking 1-3. We still need a D.Ware/S.Marriman/R.Lewis type of player on D and a better QB and WRs on O. The ‘Skins are too conservative and predictable and they need to get nasty and score a TON of points every game. It is time to stop being passive and just kill the other team no matter how good or bad. Being a huge Redskins fan, I say they have no business being in the playoffs. After all, the worse they do now means a better draft choice next year. Here’s hoping.

  52. I think I heard something about Derrick Frost being released, if true, I say we get him back. We should never have let him go.

  53. I can not believe that no one is harping on the fact that Coach Zorn is not playing our 2 rookie WRs’ and mainly sticking with Randle El and Thrash…..poor protection, play calling and personnel grouping seems to be HUGE problems on offense and the very obvious lack of a pass rush is killing our defense.

    Yes; I am so tired of hearing about Thomas and Kelly not being ready. Can we please give J. Campbell some larger targets to catch the ball? When taking shots down the field, that would at least give our WRs a better chance at making a play on the ball. That play action stuff when we are down in the red zone takes too long to develop. I am so frustrated with what is going on. I say that next year Coach Zorn needs to hire someone else to call the plays, and he should concentrate on other things because his current way is not working!

  54. Everything will be ok in time. The Redskins will not make the playoffs this year. Zorn is a rookie head coach who is still learning, give the man some time. He can only do so much with the talent they have, most of it old and injured. They need to get younger and better on the both lines. They need a LB or two. They need a new punter, punt returner and perhaps kicker. The rookie players will have a bigger impact next season and if the Redskins can improve their pass protection then JC will be able to get it to them.
    Bottom line is this team needs a lot more talent, which over the next year or two will happen.

  55. Why is reality such a hard pill to swallow. I’m a diehard fan, but not delusional. We really are just avg. Didn’t address O or D line (major mistake). A real GM would’ve traded Portis for a team desperate for tickets sales and landed multiple picks/players. Why? I love him to death, but he’s too valuable to keep. Running back is one of the few spots where a rookie can immediately contribute.

    The fixation on WR’s in the draft didn’t make sense then and it’s panning out now. Two receivers and a TE?

    As for our rookie coach/playcaller? I support him, but understand the growing pains associated with the gig. He’s been outcoached, and hasn’t yet figured out how to win in the NFC East. Leaving a newbie at tackle (unassisted I might add) against one of the leagues most formidible pass rushes was just plain dumb.

    If there was one move to make – one move to request of Santa, what would it be fellas?


  56. I am a die hard redskins fan. The way we have played in the big game the last few weeks has been terrible and that is an understatement. Jason Campbell is our Quarterback. To much blame is going to him. The O-line is good at spurts. The defense is nasty, but our end of the game isssues is a direct reflection off being on the field majority of the game. The redskins win when we dominate the Time of Possession. The future is bright and through all the bad we still have a chance to get into the playoffs.

  57. Playoo picture. The teams we are chasing.

    Tampa Bay- Plays ATL, SD, Oak. If they lose two out of of the 3 we win the tiebreaker over them.

    ATL: Plays TB, MIN, &STL If they lose one we own the tiebreaker with them.

    PHI is taken care of it we beat them.

    Dallas- NY, BAL, PHI. If they lose one we own the tie breaker.

    So as a real redskin fan take everything in perspective and realize as bad as well have played and lost 4 out of our last 5 we control our destiny for the playoffs, because everybody in front of us plays each other.

  58. This is suppose to be a west coast offense. When will we see it. If it wasnt for the running game that zorn didnt change how bad would the redskins be. We were down by 14 early and zorn ran the ball and not with portis. I dont understand it. If campbell cant read before the snap then he must be replaced. The only good pass he had was a screen to moss. What a joke the touchdown pass was to high and randle el gets all the credit for the catch. What up with only having one back up offensive tackle. Jasen has been hurt and so has samuels. Y didnt we have a back up for both of them. I just want say jason taylor is a joke he best play of the game was knocking a ball down cause he couldnt get to the qb. Isnt that the reason why we traded for him for the third down and long. ONE sack on the season. 10 million against the cap. Miami is in first place now without him. 1-15 with him. Only the chiefs, browns, and bengals have less sacks then the redskins. Wait the 0-13 lions have more sacks the redskins how sad is that.

  59. To say the redskins will win in the future sounds like what the packers are saying about rodgers. You should of kept farve and the redskins need to play the best players we have. If campbell cant get it done then let him wait til next year. Put the best players on the field

  60. All Campbell needs to do is make the defense back off by completing consecutive passes downfield under pressure. We all know that this is a hard fete to accomplish. However, if Jason wants to be the best he needs to do it. All of the greats can and did. Big Ben was under immense pressure against the Cowboys and still brought them back. Jason needs to become that kind of QB. We can’t ride on a bashed up Portis and injury plagued defense. We did a solid pass game. Sorry for being redundant. But last nights loss is still hurting. I can’t imagine how the players feel… although they still make their money; win or lose.

  61. Matt, anyway to ask Coach Z if JCamp can throw the ball out of bounds instead of getting sacked for so many yds(back peddling behind the Oline)? that way we wont have to keep going 3rd and 16, etc…. it seems unnecessary fouls on Offense and the back peddling for big loss of yds hurt us a LOT when trying to score(also give the punter VERY bad position to push the ball forward > a 40yd punt from our 30 will travel farther than a 40yd punt from the 10…)

  62. I heard Al Michaels say the other night that the redskins blitzed 6 guys more than any other team in the league I think it was 99 times and they only had 8 sacks out of those 99 times, that is a horrible stat!!! But with a young QB in last night we biltzed less than 5 times. I like the exotic style blitzes that Baltimore and Philly use, when they send more than one guy off of one side which basically says you can only chip or block one, is there any reason we cannot do that?? We have a decent secondary that can play man so why not blitz especially with a young QB. I know it seems that when we do blitz though our guys take wrong gaps or do not do anything to avoid the blocker and it gets stopped immediately. Carter is a bum, Taylor is too small to play end in the NFC East, I think Philip Daniels was a better run stopper for an end than what we have now, I think our biggest weakness is our soft D Line.

  63. I like how people questin the D-Line, yes they dont have a lot of sacks but I do believe that they are 10th in the leauge at stopping the run.

  64. It’s not the D-Line, they are on the field for the entire Game. When the offense goes 3 and out, the D-Line can’t maintain like that. We play every game tight until the 3rd quarter, by then the D-Line is tired. THE PROBLEM IS THE O-LINE, AND JASON CAMPBELL.

  65. Guys I hear you. It’s suddenly “Wake Up Time” for the Skins! The way they are playing and being coached, I seriously doubt they will win another game this season-and that includes an upset by Cincinnati this week by 3 points. We’ll see if they are up to the challenge.

  66. I put this lost to the Ravens on the coaches starting from the head coach all the way to the offensive line coach. Come on man!!!… this was a poor game plan from coach Zorn and who ever the offensive line coach is. You guys played my STEELERS on a Mondaynight game and see wat the Steelers Defence did to Jason Campbell. Coach Zorn should’ve watch the Steelers film and fixed the problems cause I know for a fact dat the Ravens watched dat game against the Redskins and Steelers and found out the way to beat the Redskins. The Ravens game plan was to stop the run and blitz Jason Campbell like the same way Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Redskins on Monday-Night game….. So I believe dat coach Zorn and his staff lost the game not the players….. ALOHA!!!!!….

  67. I’m just glad we have played Detroit. I’d hate to be the team they win against. It’s going to be ugly against the Bengals. :(

  68. 10th in the league at stopping the run is just a statistic. We are 28th in the league in sacks. 10th means you can still rush on us effectively like the Ravens did. 28th means that a good QB will kill you.

    The D-Line is not the problem. We have to Draft and aquire a new offensive line and build from the ground up.


  69. I tired of reading “This team has problems that need fixing” every week. Im glad the OLine has injuries to the ppl that need changing. Now the rookies have a chance to come in and do things right.

    Jim Zorn looked like a rookie coach for the last couple of games. After the Giants game he banged his head in the wall and changed things around for the next 4 games. But after the last game, Jim is not bangin his head. Any fan that watched this last game should blame Zorn for not taking chances by calling plays that work and the players for not standing up to him. The play calling was way too obvious. You run twice and fail, then u pass for third downs. So defense had a read on us every play. I cant believe non of our veteran players looked at Zorn and said “NO”. We should have went for lots of fourth downs but we didnt. At the end of the second quarter it looked like Zorn just wanted our players to waste time and head inside instead of scoring.

  70. Greg Blache can’t send anyone to sack the QB, because we are always playing from behind. We have to play tight on defence, because we can’t afford to give up not one big play. THE OFFENSE IS KILLING THE DEFENSE.

  71. Here’s the thing. Defenses are stacking the box regardless of whether we run or not. They are sending 6 most of the time which means that they can cover the run. This is the perfect opportunity for a quick route throw to a receiver. A few of these and defnses have to back off. So what do we need for a quick route receiver? A big one! Moss and Randle EL get held up because they are small receivers. Come on man, get frickin Kelly in there. I don’t give a crap if his knee has a pimple on it. This is pro football and we have to have a large receiver to go to ALL THE TIME!!! Watch the Cincy game. It will b ehte same BS over again. If we can’t throw quick and short, we can’t run! We can’t get any breathing room. Thomas is coming along, but if you can’t play Kelly, he serves no purpose!

  72. These posters on here make so many ridiculous statements. I will bet they had the same stupid comments last year and 3 years ago when it seemed like we didn’t have a chance. The Redskins have come through in the past they can do it again.

    I will be the one laughing when all you naysayers are eating your words……..

    Go Skins!!!!

  73. WAYNE, we bleed burgandy and gold like you. But the truth is the truth. They are not playing for Shawn Taylor this year, and Todd Collins is not qb.

  74. There is a big difference between this year and last year in terms of our abitlity to own our future and get into the playoffs. Two words “JOE GIBBS”. I expect my beloved Skins to play harder than they have all season to get into the playoffs, but fact is that there is an equation to make it happen. Part of that equation is coaching experience to handle and identify the changes that need to take place. Does anyone here think that we can make it into the playoffs given no changes? I think that posters here anre not naysayers, but fans that are trying to help identify the changes that need to take place in order to win. For sake of the blog, I will not identify by name a particulkar division team that found a winning equation ironically last year in beginning in the second quarter of the first game against us at FedEX. They have not changed anything since.

  75. yea we are good at stopping the run in the first 3 quarters, after that the redskins are not that good. Come on the number 10 ranked team against the run let 2 teams just run the clock out at the end. Cowboys did it and now the ravens did it. The d-line is suspect. Our starting de have a combined 4 sacks. Just 4 sacks all season combined from our starting de. Do i need to say how many players have more sacks the our de. Hell joey porter almost has more sacks then our team. 19 sacks on the year for the redskins. That sucks no matter how you put it. Carter has only 3 sacks and taylor has 1. Do i need to say anything else

  76. take a look at see how well we drafted…..

    Thomas….minimal impact
    Kelly…..finally on the field with no impact
    Davis…i think he is on a milk carton…no impact
    Rhinehart…no impact
    Tryon….another one on a milk carton …no impact
    Brooks…what a joke this was
    Moore….minimal impact
    Brennan…would like to see more sooner rather than later
    Horton…….diamond in the ruff, hopefully with this year expericence he can come back and help alot more next year

    Jason Taylor has been a joke this year, he should give the money back that we paid him.

    Overall the first time i remember in a long while we drafted and as an overall grade i see it as a D-. The 2 biggest issues on this team is no pass rush and no pass protection and we didnt address this at all. Vinny is a joke to this organization.

  77. Your right bud this draft was a god damn joke. My only hope is that these receivers grow into the system. Not always but most of the time it takes receivers a year to develop on a pro level. In college the get by most of the time with sheer athletic ability, and at a pro level that doesn’t work because everyone is extremely athletic (except for James Thrash). They need to learn how to run routes. Brandon Marshall is a good example. His first season he didn’t make to big of a splash, 20 catches for about 300 yards. Next season he added another thousand on that 300. Lets hope we can get something like this out of Kelly. As for Fred Davis he must just be dumber than a stump because he has all the potential in the world to be an outstanding tight end in the NFL.

  78. wow i’m really pissed that these people call themselves skins fans….
    For all those people tearing down campbell, get a clue, the season has been pressing down on everyone, they just dont have the stamina for a full season yet, you wonder why we always have to fall on dec???
    REMEMBER CAMPBELL WENT 13-0 and WON his bowl game, in college
    COLT WENT 13-0 and got PRESSURED!!!! in his bowl game AND LOST
    DON’T OVER REACT, you guys think you have the answers, well right now noone does, just deal with the loss and quit whining, or you stupid fair-weather fans just sell your jerseys like you did your tickets and never talk about the skins again.
    i love colt, but trust me he’s not brett farve or anything like that, i would love to see him play too, but get over it! CAMPBELL IS OUR QB, and if you really are a fan you would be supportive of OUR team and not try to be jim zorn when, you most definetly do not understand the ins and outs of the business and athletic sides of the game, YOUR NOT MEL KIPER, AND YOU”LL NEVER BE SEEN ON ESPN….so deal with the fact we are in a rough stretch be cause all that really counts is that your there cheer your butts off for the team you SAY you love, with no retractions or reservation about players who are in fact good.

    how about i go to your job and tell you what you SHOULD do and HOW to do it, or how about i tell you your TOO OLD and need to get the hell out?


    I’m a WASHINGTON REDSKINS FAN, and as long as the REDSKINS are playing football I WILL BE THERE CHEERING THEM ON, because i am part of the 12th man and i am right there behind the 21st man giving them the loudest most enthusiastic cheer i can give.


  79. and plackenmaier only has one punt blocked IN HIS CAREER, stop hating on a good punter..

  80. I think that some people that post here dont even watch the game. How is it campbells fault when he gets hit every time he drops back? Someone please answer that.

  81. So does Ben Roffelsengbuger (??SPELLING)
    He needs to move his feet, instead of looking like a deer on side of the road.

  82. Jason Campbell has had plenty of time to throw. He is just to indecisive and plays like he has lead feet. He can not lead or motivate a team. His poor play even brings the defense and special teams down. They give him turnovers and good field position and he constantly blows it. At this stage it can’t hurt to play our backups….then you will see what I am talking about.

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