A Slightly Confusing Jersey

This jersey was spotted outside last night’s game.


On first glance, this isn’t too unusual: it’s the Redskins 70th anniversary throwback jersey modeled on the uniforms worn from 1965 to 1969 and worn during the 2002 season. Number 11 doesn’t look too strange, as it belonged to then-rookie first-round pick Patrick Ramsey.

But the Devin Thomas nameplate confuses things. Thomas was sixteen years old that season, in his last year at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The rookie has been unremarkable thus far, and seemed like a strange choice for a customized throwback.

“I got it for fifty bucks,” the fan wearing it said. “I got it from a guy, but it’s completely authentic. And Thomas ran for a touchdown last week!” That’s true, and the 70th anniversary unis were definitely stylish. It still seems like an odd pairing, though.


11 Responses

  1. Its probably a personalized jersey from somebody who’s last name is Thomas. I have the same limited edition jersey with my name on it. (I got tired of buying jerseys of some of my favorite players only to see them traded or crap out of the skins org).

  2. Matt, I think you have an excellent must-read blog but sometimes you seem to post things (like this irrelevant throwback Thomas jersey post) out of sheer boredom. Stay on target! :) You didn’t mention Thomas in your injury report but he hobbled off pretty badly at the end of the game. Any info about that? I’ve been pleased with his (admittedly slow) progress and I really hope he didn’t aggravate his prior injury.

  3. No its probably a knock-off from Ebay and the owner wasn’t bright enough to realize what he was buying didn’t make any sense.

  4. GoodCop2000: Thomas was walking around fine after the game and in the facility today, and he wasn’t mentioned in any injury report that I’ve seen or heard, so I presume he’s fine. We’ll find out for sure at practice Wednesday.

  5. Korean Knockoff. Come on Matt your better then that.

  6. This is the jersey they should be wearing, period.

  7. THe ower of the jersey last name my be thomas

  8. wasn’t Detroit Piston’s Isiah Thomas #11? ;)

  9. The NFL store was selling that jersey last year and allowed people to put whatever they wanted on it. I got one with MONK and 81 on it, even though I’m pretty sure Art never wore that particular jersey.

    I love the jersey and I love the player, so they two seemed to fit just fine. Don’t hate on peeps wearing the burgundy and gold. We’re all Redskins nation. :-)

  10. I agree wearing a 2002 jersey with a 2007 rookie name and number is weird. But, then again, I’m a jersey snob.

  11. These jerseys are still sold on the NFL.com shopping website as the Redskins 3rd jersey. That’s probabaly where he got it. I too like the jersey, but these haven’t been worn since 2002.

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