Sunday, December 7: Gameday – Redskins @ Ravens

A word to anyone planning to make the road trip up here to the Quarrel For Laurel: it is windy and cold. Seriously windy. Like, weather advisory windy.

I dropped by the ExtremeSkins tailgate a bit earlier — while it was still light out, in fact — and the wind is whipping through the concrete stanchions underneath I-395.


The tents are constantly threatening to blow away in the wind, and at least one tabletop grill nearly toppled in a gust. A pot of oil took more than an hour to heat up to a suitable temperature for the fish fry (whole spot, which looked excellent), and TastesLikeChicken’s legendary tailgating “crack-on-a-stick” was cooling almost as soon as it came off of the toolbox grill. (It was still just just as addictive as advertised, though.)


Anyway, the point of all of this is to say two things:

  1. If you’re coming out here, whether to tailgate or just to watch the game, dress warmly and in layers. And,
  2. Be sure to factor the wind and cold in to your expectations for this evening. The flags on the goalposts are flying around pretty strongly right now, and the flags atop the stadium are even livelier, so a lot may depend on the running game tonight. Hopefully Clinton Portis is feeling better.



11 Responses

  1. Hey I have a Redskins fleece blanket just like that :)


  3. Atlanta lost, Cowboys are getting all banged up in Pittsburgh………LET’s GO SKINS!!!!! The table is set for a BIG WIN!!!

  4. Reminds me of last year’s game in the Meadowlands in Dec…….GO SKINS!!!

  5. Dallas just went up…..Pitt is tryin to kill Pacman. They know he can’t do anything back. Man we need a W tonight…..last week hurt. Zorn get our team together….be a leader.

  6. Pittsburgh ties it up with 2:04 to go.

  7. Pittsburgh locks it up! F Da Boys and “cowboys 4 life”!!! GO SKINS!!!

  8. do or die tonight Dallas and Atlanta lost big oppurtunity to shut up jimmie johnson.

  9. Letsss gooo skiins !!!! We gota handle our stuff tonite. Jason better step it up and were good to go!! Whooooo!!!!! :)

  10. Look out Ravens ….here we come!! Defense will step up big tonight for the Skins. Cooley will be involved in the offense which will also contribute to the victory. Hail to the Redskins !! Skins 4 Life !!

  11. where oh where is that knothead4life and his stupid s#!t now!!! HTTR!!!!!!!

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