Redskins @ Ravens – Third Quarter Thoughts


  • The largest announced crowd in the history of M&T Bank Stadium was treated at halftime to … the Baltimore Ravens band playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Just surreal.
  • Credit where credit’s due, though: this is a very nice stadium, and a gorgeous press box. AND they not only offer the apparently-traditional hot dogs at halftime, but a full meal including crabcakes and green beans, which is nice.
  • The defense holds after the Ravens take the opening kickoff, but the offense can’t return the favor, going three and out and punting the ball. The miracle halftime adjustments I was hoping for don’t seem to be taking effect yet.
  • On third and 1, the Ravens run a fake QB dive that turns into a throwback to Willis McGahee, which he takes over the left side of the line. It’s a successful play, earning the first down, but it brings two things to mind. First, I absolutely hate the play call; it’s the kind of thing that would infuriate me if the Redskins ran it, even if it worked. And, second, I honestly think that if Chris Horton had been in on that play, he sheds the block (that took out Michael Green) and makes the stop. It’s an impossible thing to prove, of course, but I think they’re missing him out there.
  • Well, the defense is getting tired, and understandably so. After going to heroics (to use a Zorn-ism) to keep the score this close, they give up a 19 yard pass to the tight end on fourth and one and let the Ravens drive all the way to their 14 yards line. And even then, even as wiped out as they must be, they hold the Ravens to a field goal. The offense absolutely has to get on the board this drive, if for no other reason than to keep the defense off the field and let them get some rest. Redskins 0, Ravens 17.
  • Mike Sellers has been the best weapon the Redskins have this game, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. He’s a talented player, a big guy with quicker feet than you’d expect and a metric ton of heart, but when he’s driving your offense, it probably means something has gone awry.
  • And after the offense goes three and out — the exact opposite of what the defense would’ve liked to see — it’s Sellers who makes the tackle on the punt. That guy is really a complete player.
  • The Ravens inexplicably stop running the ball and LaRon Landry makes his first interception off anyone other than Matt Hasselbeck. This absolutely must turn into a touchdown, really. (And nice work by Landry, making my criticism of last quarter look absolutely wrong. I’d like to be wrong about things like that more often, please.)

47 Responses

  1. Samuels goes out, obviously you have to bring in the last option you have for offensive line, but at least switch Heyer to left tackle and not expose Reinhart to Terrel Suggs as his welcome to the NFL, and try to get campbell killed

  2. The fact that we have to bring in an offensive line “newbie” is not a good sign, not to take anything away from Gies, but we absolutely need evaluate our depth at o-line.

  3. yeah Geisenger not Rinehart, sorry, and he had a hell of a block at Right Tackle in his second try

  4. Did anyone else see Zorn ask what down it was after that 3rd and Goal screen pass. Not a good sign.

  5. 4th and goal from the 5. This is where Zorn needs to step up. We shall see……………….HTTR!

  6. JDog. Nice catch. Just rewound and saw that. Here we go on 4th!! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  9. I was starting to wonder why even have wide receivers..let’s see!

  10. 11:27 to go. Let’s go D!!!

  11. defense looks tired

  12. So is Portis hurt or just not playing second half?!?

  13. Agreeing with Madden, why is Zorn challenging?

  14. The D is getting a breather during this challenge. Hopefully we don’t lose a time out – but the runner was down. So I agree with the call.

  15. Reversed, but I forgot that we lost a challenge. Oh well

  16. Portis is hurting from previous injuries. He only played first quarter

  17. BLITZ!!

  18. D is getting manhandled right now. they need to strip the ball. this is bullsh!t

  19. Very interesting Challenge…Dallas made a Vital mistake today by not Challenging that “Incomplete Pass” that was Incorrectly ruled “Complete” on The Steelers last Touchdown Drive…The Steelers are Cheaters because they quickly ran another play not allowing the play to be reviewed…

  20. Sorry Game is finished

    Bye Bye Playoffs

    Redskins look deflated and a team with no drive

  21. Put a fork in us. It’s OVER. GREG BLACHE doesn’t know what pressure is. EVERY team can pressure us but we CAN’T pressure them. It’s just a SAD, SAD fact. Add that to having a scared, over-cerebral head coach who out thinks himself…..ya get the Redskins.

    I will always be a SKINS fan, but man, this sucks.

  22. Heartbroken…Upset….Frustrated……

  23. I live in NY. never lived in DC. If there’s no improvement next year I’ll have to rethink things.


  25. Ok then, on to college basketball to get thru the winter. LET’s go UCONN Huskies!!!

  26. Campbell has sucked his entire career.. he needs to go away quickly and now.

    Play The Coltster and lets see what he can do.

    Why is it in football when the QB sucks they don’t change? All other sports replace struggling players, i don’t get it.


  28. PROPS to Laron Landry for trying to make this a game though. He played a great game.

  29. Should I (or do I want) even listen to the post-game interview?

  30. The defense is ok.. but when Campbell gets the ball, he can’t do anything with it.. maybe the def should play offense too.

    We need to start a lets get rid of 17 campaign..


  32. WTF is Zorn doing right now??? Other than making a FOOL of himself!

  33. Billy Kilmer needs to rescind his permission to use his number.. !! :)


  35. I have never been so embarrassed by redskins coaches/Team ….I have been a redskins fan since kinder…man it sucks living in the middle of Cowboy country with my favortie team being sooo f %#$-in pittiful.
    I’ll maybay look at another redskin game in ’09…maybe.

  36. Nisee – ya Gotta listen to the post game – that’s the only silver lining in this pitiful night. What kind of BS will Jimmy sling this time??

  37. pathetic. play calling is awful. where is the protection for campbell? i feel sick

  38. hey.. the danny got zorn.. no one else wanted to work for him. every top level head coach turned down the job.. so we got a trainee.. what do you expect?

    one mediocre qb training a terrible qb.. good combo.

  39. Can we trade owners?

  40. Are
    the skins mathematically in the hunt?

  41. newbee nope.. don’t think so

  42. this is very embarrassing. We just need to stop playing on national slot times….we are horrible.

  43. even if the skins were in the playoff hunt, they would have to win some games and thats’ not going to happen..

  44. goodbye campbell.. please.. go away..

  45. Our D-line, and O-line are TERRIBLE! Maybe we should switch them around, because the D-line keep the QB clean, and the O-line kills the QB.

  46. This game was terrible to watch……playoffs?! playoffs?!! Jason Campbell could show a little emotion, seems like no one on the team cares…

  47. If The Redskins are out of the Playoffs, there is no point now in playing Brennan, and risk him getting injured for no reason…

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