Redskins @ Ravens – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • I really question the idea of letting Shaun Suisham attempt a 48 yard field goal. Whatever the reason, he’s been having trouble from beyond 40, and it seems like it would’ve been more prudent to play the field position game there. Either way, the score remains Redskins 0, Ravens 14.
  • It doesn’t matter, in the end, as the Ravens do nothing with the field position. There’s something frustrating about LaRon Landry‘s performance lately, though. He seems to consistently be just a step or two late, or focusing on the receiver when he should be watching the ball and vice versa … it’s nothing I can put my finger on, precisely, but something just isn’t working quite right there. Like Jason Campbell, he consistently looks much more precise in practice than he has on gamedays.
  • Late in the quarter, the Redskins have been hit with penalties on three straight plays — two false starts and one holding — that have moved them from a third and one to a third and fifteen. This seems like a complete and unmitigated disaster, except that the team actually seems to do better with their backs against the wall. This time is no exception, as Santana Moss gets loose on a screen for 27 yards.
  • I thought I knew what Coach Zorn was doing there, letting the clock run down to prevent the Ravens from having time to march down the field. It’s something he explained enough times early in the season. But following it with a punt, rather than going for it, makes NO sense at all, and it’s a surprisingly conservative call for a coach who was noted early in the season for his gutsy decisions. I really don’t understand that whole sequence at all.
  • The yardage totals at the end of the half really don’t reflect the final score — the Redskins have moved the ball well, with 49 more yards total than the Ravens, but they trail by 14. It’s like the first few games of the season, the team moving fairly well between the 30s, but not able to score. Very frustrating to watch.

46 Responses

  1. Jason Campbell is the problem…he has gone down hill. When was the last time you saw a TD pass? I really can’t remember?

  2. Matt, agreed. Very frustrating indeed.

  3. The D stuffs ’em 3 and out to start the 3rd. Zorn has to STEP UP and call some plays that work! We need 7 NOW!!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!

  4. Jesus are you guys blind. How do you expect a TD pass when he has no time to throw a TD or OPEN WR’s to throw to or a running game to take him out of 3rd and long so the ravens don’t send the house. Its called football 101.

  5. Im not upset with campbell as much as i am with zorn’s conservative play calling. he has pulled a 180 from the first half of the season. i am still impressed with the defense. least they are keeping us in the game.

  6. Nope – 3 and out….AGAIN!!!! Great job Jimmy.

  7. Hey DC – did you see that roll out play when Sellers was WIDE OPEN and ready to rumble for 30 yards but JC threw the ball into the ground instead?? I did. I must not be blind.

  8. Please are we watching the same game? You have to have time to throw the ball. It wouldn’t hurt if a WR would get OPEN too.

  9. Valid comment Savant, I’ll give ya that

  10. Tick, tick, tick… if Skins don’t score soon its over, OVER

  11. 17 – ZIP. We gotta cut it to 10 by the end of the 3rd and then hope for a miracle

  12. Somebody has to step up and make a play. We need to get on the board.

  13. Is anyone else tired of supporting a team that just seems to take a dive whenever they have a chance to move forward. The offense has just been horrible lately. Not one person but the offense as a whole. I am a die-hard but i am frustrated with the teams performance.

  14. I’m tired too Marty – but unfortunately we have no choice. What are we gonna do, route for another team?? That would suck worse, but yes, this sucks pretty badly.

  15. No one is open. Last week when they did get open they dropped 3 third down passes. Another thing is their seems to be no passion on the team.

  16. What do you guys think about the Offensive Coaching staff? Or is this simply Campbell’s inability to THINK?

  17. Rebuild the offensive line. Find a motivational factor somewhere. Find a way to SCORE IN THE SECOND HALF.

  18. I think its a mixture of the line and inconsistent play by JC. Even when JC has time, he throws into coverage or is just a bit off. The Ravens have a decent defense, but 0 points is ridiculous. Remind me again how the skins won 7 games? Madden just said that the Skins have no variety.

  19. 3 and out again – wow. I’m no football guru, but Zorn is just not getting it done. Ya gotta call plays that your guys can execute……..that’s just NOT happening, OVER and OVER and OVER again.

  20. Campbell is not to blame. He’s obviously following the play calling. The problem lies in the stiff play calling and the weak offensive line.

  21. looks like another L for us :/ we didnt step it up…we dont wanna make it to the playoffs….timee to hear crap from my coworkers all week!!


    Hopefully, we can capitalize…………..

  23. get the first down!!!!!!!!!

  24. How many points have we scored in the fourth quarter this season? Not many…

  25. I am sorry the Redskins need to do some serious soul searching especially on offense. Every player on that side of the ball needs to be evaluated.

  26. I’m one of those idiots that holds out hope to the bittter end…….let’s punch it in!! Ya never know…..( to be continued)

  27. any news why CP isnt playing? did i miss something

  28. Defense has been solid and done their thing this game could easily be 3-0 right now…I wonder how the offense will manage to screw up and not score points this time.

  29. Remember when Randle El was a play maker?

  30. no



  33. Ray im with you on that one i hope hope and hope till the clock runs out then i let it sink in…. it gets so frustrating to keep rootin for em but im wih th em till the end win or lose… a field goal wow about timeeee……

  34. 3 pts.

    Not exactly what I was hoping for, but…….

  35. hehehehe

  36. What a surprise the Redskins gotta kick a field goal…Man this play calling is pathetic.

  37. brutal to say the least

  38. Shouldn’t they be more motivated with the Cowboys lost? There is no one ever on the sideline firing up the team. no one.

  39. oh my!

  40. I cant take it anymore. do we just always play great defenses or is it the offense?

  41. Its lack of offense

  42. statement retracted



  45. It is COLT BRENNAN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. anyone thinks colt brennan should see some action??? especially if we are out of playoff contention??

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