Redskins @ Ravens – Inactives

Here are the guys who won’t be hitting each other in the cold tonight. (Informal count of people who have come into the press box and said, very earnestly, some variation on “Yeah, it’s legitimately cold out there,” is standing around 38.)

Redskins inactives:

  • 5 Colt Brennan – emergency third QB
  • 24 Shawn Springs – CB
  • 53 Marcus Washington – LB
  • 64 Kedric Golston – DE
  • 69 Jason Fabini – OL
  • 75 Chad Rinehart – OL
  • 86 Fred Davis – TE
  • 78 Erasmus James – DE

Baltimore inactives:

  • 2 Todd Bouman – emergency third QB
  • 15 Terrance Copper – WR
  • 17 Marcus Maxwell – WR
  • 25 Evan Oglesby – CB
  • 64 Oniel Cousions – T
  • 76 David Hale – G/T
  • 84 Edgar Jones – TE
  • 96 Lamar Divens – DT

8 Responses

  1. Steelers go ahead of Dallas by 7 with a minute and a half left to play!!!!!!!

  2. Cowboys are losers!

  3. Cowboys lost. So we need to win this game tonight! Atlanta also lost.

    So if we win, we can get a game up. So let’s go!!!! Get the offense rolling! Let’s get this win!

  4. The Steelers are Cheaters because on that last drive by them for a touchdown there was an “Incomplete Pass” on that Drive that was ruled “Complete” but not reviewed because they quickly ran another play…The Cowboys should have thrown a Challenge Flag, but I guess were afraid of possibly losing a timeout…which just goes to show you that you need to play in the moment, and PlayToWin…


  6. Game time!! LETS GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I dunno, it seemed like an offensive emergency to me… ok…won’t say that again…

    BTW- flew my new Redskins car flag yesterday and wore my Cooley47 jersey to a tea party

  8. Skins are on a nasty path they need large dose of colt brennan

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