Redskins @ Ravens – First Quarter Thoughts


  • Standing on the sidelines for the anthem and player introductions, I’m impressed by the number of Redskins fans here. They’re not making up quite the percentage of the crowd that they were in Pittsburgh, but in terms of sheer numbers it looks fairly impressive.
  • The cold on the sidelines isn’t as brutal as it was earlier. It’s the insidious kind of cold that gets through the shoes, but it’s not the shrieking-wind, oh-my-god-this-is-painful kind of cold that was tearing through the tailgate.
  • Jason Campbell completes a pass to Chris Cooley, and based on the resulting “Coooooooooooley” cheer, there are even more Redskins fans here than I thought.
  • There was a lot of talk this week about the importance of keeping the ball out of Ed Reed’s hands, so it’s doubly frustrating that he’s the one to intercept Campbell’s pass. At least they kept him from returning it for any substantial yardage.
  • Not that it matters. I missed the Baltimore scoring drive as I was making my way back up to the press box, but the descriptions I got when I got here involved phrases like “walked downfield” and “ran the ball down our throats”. Not exactly the heartening beginning one might’ve hoped for. Redskins 0, Ravens 7.
  • Ryan Plackemeier has a punt partially blocked that wobbles for 21 yards. That’s really not going to cut it this evening, I don’t think.
  • After a great hit by London Fletcher stops Joe Flacco a yard short of the first down and forces the Ravens to punt, the whole “keeping-the-ball-out-of-Ed-Reed’s-hands” thing completely falls apart as he forces a Clinton Portis fumble, recovers it, and runs it in for a Ravens touchdown. The Redskins came back from 14 down against the Eagles this year, but that seems like a looooong time ago. Redskins 0, Ravens 14.
  • After impressing me all week in practice, Devin Thomas comes through with a crucial third down catch and some nifty effort afterward. Maybe he’s coming out the other side of the rookie receiver rough patch.
  • The Redskins offense follows a delay of game penalty with a timeout, which seems like exactly the sort of thing you do not want to be doing, especially not when you’re on the road, trailing by 14, and on national television. It seems almost predictable when the drive ends with a huge sack of Campbell. A nice roll on the punt, though, which might be the best thing that’s happened for the Redskins this quarter.



238 Responses

  1. Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly difficult to throw short passes between the tackles? It seems like every pass gets deflected at the line. Are DE’s and DT’s just getting that much better at putting their hands up?

  2. I don’t know what to say……..trying to decide if I should cry now or later

  3. i think zorn should forget about campbell and put in brennam or collins because campbell cant do anything. he looked good in the being of the season because portis was healthy but now portis has every injury you can think of and the offence is terrible.

  4. I agree Clint. We’re done! Give the ball to Brennan or Colt. Campbell gets worse every week. There is no pass game. It’s sad… things started so well and we have consistently gotten worse. Wonder who we’ll get rid of??? coaches, players… what do you think?

  5. im just hoping the campbell will get hurt or zorn will just take him out or there no hope for the playoffs

  6. Cry later Nisee……be like me and hold on to some false hope thinking Zorn can get his head out of his a$$ and actually make SOME ADJUSTMENTS that work. HTTR always…I’m just not sure why.

    C’MON SKINS – LET’s GO!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yea it’s time to dump Campbell he sucks and it’s also time to find a new kicker…Campbell looked good in the beginning of the season because of Clinton Portis,now teams are shutting down the run game and making us pass and we are pathetic in the pass game.

  8. for really i cant stand to watch a game when campbell misses very 5 or 10 yard pass he makes

  9. Here we go again…No O for the Skins. Those 3rd down and longs hurt us every week. Lets go Skins!!

  10. jason campbell is a joke, the campbell experiment is over. its time for colt. i’d rather have collins starting. campbell absolutely sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i just hope in the off season we drop campbell and get the offence back in order

  12. ARE is the worst punt returner in the world

  13. I would say we should just punt on 1st Down, to prevent the Ravens D from scoring againt. But a punt is no better than a turnover on downs with Plackenmeir punting.

  14. Campbells better off as a back up QB,he is not starting material and it’s time to give Brennan a shot.

  15. MR.FairCatch is right the only reason we got plackermeir is cause zorn felt all a lone so he had to get someone for seatle

  16. Is it just me or does each player take turns making a crappy play? I mean this is pathetic…

  17. This is rediculous!!!!!!! Another false start

  18. we suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!nice false starts. dump campbell at half time

  19. Now a holding call…Just sad.

  20. Wow – 2 false starts in a row – followed by a holding call – from 3rd and 1 to 3rd and 15……..can you say INTRAMURAL team??!!!

  21. awful just awful

  22. the only reason campbell looked good at being of season was cause of portis and all to the WR

  23. moss bailed campbell out again

  24. campbell has no emotion, some leader

  25. lets to the zorn thing and get only 3 at the half

  26. is it just me or does madden just LOVE ray lewis

  27. oh he loves mr. lewis from the U

  28. Please put Devin Thomas & Malcom Kelly in the game and sit Randle El & James Thrash!!!!

  29. he changes the play and makes another awful throw

  30. At least we are throwing the ball downfield today

  31. With all the problems the Redskins have its time to put the blame where it belongs. This is a horibly coached team. They find a different way to screw up every week.

  32. and portis was taken down by his former teammate from the U you know I just LOVE how Ray lewis plays the game he just loves to play football

  33. randle el sux likes capbell. he drops everything and fair catches every punt

  34. Bring back Mike Nelms!!

  35. randle el a better QB then Campbell line him up as QB and Campbell as a WR

  36. punt??? punt???? ZORN is a P!!!

  37. tired of this pathetic offense. it reminds me of the heath shuler and gus frerotte days

  38. Need to go: Campbell, Smoot, Kicker for starters. How can we go downhill so bad?


    How long do we continue to allow this type of play before we make changes?

  40. zorn and campbell should both be fired at half

  41. 14-0 at half……..looks like the Ravens will cover the spread

  42. with how much we punt u would thnk we should have the special teams in the league

  43. We’ll Jim Zorn was brought in to make the offense better and we look worse then the Al Saunders offense…Don’t be surprised if Danny boy gives him the boot after this season.

  44. who is the special teams coach for the skins?

  45. Dan Snyder is the reason why this franchise is where it is

  46. danny smith is steams

  47. campbell better be benched when they come out of the locker room for the third quarter

  48. Mick:Well said.

  49. punt punt punt punt punt int fumble punt false start false start holding punt………..we suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. we have no hope for playoffs at all

  51. scottb – YOU READ MY MIND!!! Well stated!

  52. y does zorn like campbell so much

  53. i’m pondering if i should turn this game off. my blood pressure is rising every time campbell droped back

  54. campbell must have pictures of zorn

  55. ur blood pressuer must be deadly high than

  56. This team needs a good swift kick in the @ss to get it going. Time to hit the bench JC, sorry 4 years and its time to go. You’re not a rookie any more. Time to see how CB does. Jim save your coaching career make the damn change!!!!!!!!!!

  57. skins hold their own destiny if they could freakin win. light a fire under that emotion-less campbell. does he ever get excited? come on …this is the NFL. keep playing that way and it wil be NOT FOR LONG (NFL) for you campbell.

  58. I cant believe we are all up still watching this. You know there going to be worse in the second half. Man we must be stupid.

  59. skins hold their own destiny if they could win. light a fire under that emotion-less campbell. does he ever get excited? come on …this is the NFL. keep playing that way and it wil be NOT FOR LONG (NFL) for you campbell.

  60. Ya’ll are all dumb if u think that it is jason, the whole offensive line sucks. They are so over rated. JC has no time to throw, and is getting hit every single play. ITs not JC its the line

  61. alright….whos in…campbell is still the starter. guarentee. zorn blows

  62. My phone is ringing off of the hook with Ravens fans on the other end…going to be a long day at work tomorrow listening to to how good they are…start the 2nd half off with an on-side it me or do the Skins have little emotion tonight

  63. willb what are you talking about the oline will hold them off all day and campbell will throw a 5 yard pass and under throw it

  64. jc should maybe call a differnet scheme at the line. heck Eli M does it for cyin outloud

  65. zorn calm. if campbell cant hear him call your own play. they suck anyways

  66. excuses excuses excuses

  67. yeah were all dumb right. and campbell is going to the probowl.

  68. Good job D!!

  69. scottb are you for real he go to the pro bowl

  70. no i was kiding, he sucks

  71. ok

  72. here we go

  73. oh no madden talking about lewis again

  74. Can you imagine how good the defense could be if they had any hope

  75. what do yu know. lets run run then get 3rd and 8 and have campbell blow it

  76. we would be good if the offence played half as good as the defence

  77. 3rd and 12 wow

  78. 3 and out……………………..again

  79. throw it past the sticks you idiot

  80. they never do

  81. i hear ya, campbell has the best rating for a qb throwing 2 yard passes. anything over that , the ball sails.

  82. Is it me or do the WR just around and hope they get a flag, play the damn game. Catch the ball and run, not too difficult.

  83. Hard to throw past the sticks with no time or no open WR’s to throw to past the sticks

  84. tired of hearing , oh hes been in 6 differnet offenses in 6 years, that should make him brilliant in offenses.

  85. maybe he should use his legs to create time??????every other qb does it. he did it at auburn.

  86. when he has time he either over throws the wr’s or make an awful throw

  87. Funny how you all call for Jasons head. He has no running game, no threat at WR’s aside from Moss, no pass protection but yeah its all his fault. A preseason game(s) against UPS drivers for Colt is not a reg. season game against the ravens

  88. hey dchoggs77, keep makn excuses for jc, last time i checked htey had a great running game. just check the nfl stats on cp.

  89. How about calling for Chris Samuels head one of the most overrated LT’s in the game, or Randle El who my grandmother can return a punt farther or these draft picks who are inactive or show up deaf dumb and stupid and out of shape. Or players who get flagged all the time to put us in third and long

  90. you tell me that cp is not a strong running game? the west coast offense is supposed to open up the running game, remember????

  91. Yeah CP is the man and a strong running game but has it been a strong running game tonight, last week or against the cowboys. It has not been a strong running game since Detroit.

  92. i agree randle el sucks but come on, jc is not a starting qb in the nfl. we would have never gotten to the playoffs last year if he had not got hurt

  93. Nice hit Hall!!!

  94. What have been CP’s stats the last 4 wks and then tell me if that is a strong running game or not?

  95. DCHogs77 before you talk when was the last time JC had a good game

  96. hey blame joe buggel, he supposed to coach the line up.

  97. Here we go again our offense has worn out our defense

  98. last time i checked cp had around 1300 yards????? sounds pretty good to me, yeah hes struggled over the last 3 games but jc cant even mae a 5 yard out

  99. like i said DCHogs77 before you talk when was the last time JC had a good game

  100. wow nice 4th down play, i beat thats our running games fault , right?

  101. Look i am just as frustrated as you and have been a skins fan for almost 40 yrs, travel to see them play, live and die with them. All I am saying is it is not all JC’s fault. I just don’t get how b/c Brennan plays well against future UPS drivers all of a sudden he is going to come in against the steelers, ravens, giants, cowboys and do any better.

  102. no heart, typical.

  103. Lets look at the coaching staff and the play calls

  104. well at lest let him try he did better than JC in preseason

  105. 3 games left…all now are must wins

  106. who cares ho colt does he cant do any worse, ive been watching this team for 29 years and have never been more frustrated with a qb with all the potential in the world

  107. its simple we need more weapons period. It is no coincidence that after being 6-2 Portis started hurting and running game has not been same. Since portis has been hurting moss, cooley, jc … have no where been where they were when 6-2. NBC showed it since Oct. we have had one pass of 25yrds or longer before Oct. we had six.

  108. maybe if jc got excited and got in the lines face as well as the wr’s when they drop ball and show a little emotion maybe that would rub off and we’d get excited to play

  109. Come on guys the skins have a lot more problems than just one player. All the penalties,dropped passes and just plan stupid calls

  110. How about calling for Cerrato. Lets draft a PUNTER when we need lineman on both sides

  111. ummm..look at that crab cake…that was the best highlight of the night

  112. dchogs77 how many time have jc missed the open receiver,,, ALOT. he cant make the throws under pressure its in his head. hes not a leader

  113. good point DCHogs77 what has happened to cooley he went from pro bowl to never geting the ball

  114. I agree with you scot on the jc getting excited. That is 100 percent true!!!!!

  115. sorry for sounding off but its frustrating for all of us to watch a team with talent waste away like this

  116. I miss Theismann…he loved the game

  117. Zorn does not use cooley the right way. I noticed that right from wk I honestly don’t think we will be a powerhouse again until we get rid of Cerrato and that won’t happen b/c danny sleeps with him and sonnie

  118. i was in detroit a few weeks back watching them and couldnt believe how they struggled. its crazy how this team is struggling like this

  119. i agree 100% with DCHogs77

  120. i agrre with the cooley comment

  121. ok lets all watch the game and get into it.

  122. Time for bed……………enjoy the rest of this shutout

  123. ughhhh sorry, again he had time and made an awful throw

  124. at the being of the season would you have ever thought we would have been loseing to the ravens

  125. nope 6-2 looking good just had to win 4 out of 8 and make playoffs.

  126. that was some good D fence a 10 yard lost

  127. It is totally frustating men. 4 home losses, losing to the rams…

  128. awful cant take anymore good night!

  129. yeah i was at the rams game, nice ending

  130. Nice not do something

  131. yes landry, lets go skins

  132. now that was a great interception

  133. see JC can run

  134. 25 yard line i bet they go backwards

  135. Scott Id buy you a beer anytime but at sametime you can’t tell me you have seen him hit WR’s in the chest and they drop it. Jez I saw that at least 5 times in Giants game that ended drives

  136. why did he slow down, get the first down jc

  137. yep they drop passes all the time, well said hogs77

  138. #82 has a case of the drops

  139. very ture DC but half the time JC cant get it to the WR

  140. I will agree to this and I think we all would WE HAVE NOBODY ON THE OFFENSIVE SIDE WHO GETS IN ANYBODY’s FACE OR HOLDS SOMEBODY ACCOUTABLE. Haven’t for years. We had that in the 80’s and early 90’s. Nobody!!!!

  141. yes sir get on their asses

  142. DC right they dont blame any one

  143. wow

  144. did you see that Randle didnt even try for the ball

  145. hey look whos hurt

  146. 3 points would help

  147. 3rd and 7 huh go figure

  148. out of field goal range, suishan sucks . i miss lohmiller and mosley

  149. and nothing on 3rd no suprize

  150. he actually made one, hail to the redskins hail victory braves on a warpath fight for ole dc

  151. suisham made it big suprize

  152. good news the cowboys lost

  153. yeah cowgirls lost and we would jump them in the standings (we hold the tiebreaker right now) but the way this thing is going were gona lose tonight

  154. NO HEART LEFT. The players have given up. I think London Fletcher needs to grab the offense by the nuts and wake their butts up!

  155. dennis how true you are

  156. dennis is right

  157. no HEART

  158. another thing, im not a bid carlos rogers fan, his nickname is toast

  159. Hall a BEAST

  160. hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. we will get screwed on the call, watch

  162. no lucky breaks this season, seems we get screwed all year

  163. If they overturn this call it is a joke

  164. FOR REAL they will say his knee was down and throw a flag for unnessasier roughness

  165. they will watch and see

  166. here we go cp didnt get a break, they will though

  167. Speaking of Rogers lets cut ties with Springs. Tired of his 5 games a year he plays

  168. we really won

  169. wow lets go we need 7

  170. the call

  171. come on jc i believe

  172. that boy can run

  173. betts….

  174. not that time

  175. forget the run today

  176. no time quick slants or screens

  177. hear we go with another 3 points

  178. Looks like another Redskins field goal…Pathetic offense.

  179. i’ll take 3. this sucks

  180. is it just me or is your only good players on our offence is the FB and RB

  181. zorns gonna blow this, take the points there is 13min left

  182. Just go for it 3 points isn’t gonna get us anywhere with the Ravens 14 point lead.

  183. no we have a great wr hes just to fast for jc, he cant make the throws to him

  184. we still have a chance

  185. turnover on downs

  186. wow great throw jc

  187. we made it

  188. that boy can jump

  189. ok lets go. hail to the redskins hail victory braves on a warpath fight for ole dc

  190. An early Xmas miracle, now can they do it one more time!!!!

  191. I can’t believe they scored a touchdown.

  192. they need 7 plu a fg to win baby, we can do it!!!!!!!!!!! yes we can

  193. who do u think will win panthers or bucks

  194. bucs

  195. i hoping the bucks

  196. tackle him for cryin outloud

  197. come on they stop playn, they watch the fumble

  198. we should have gotn that fumble

  199. what?????????whats he doing

  200. hes gonna lose a time out

  201. he is so stupid

  202. zorns lost it, he has never won a challenge this year

  203. hes down

  204. whe won the challenge what

  205. wtf zorn

  206. we need the ball back, NOW

  207. saw that one comn

  208. ravens fumble so much bbut we cant recover the ball

  209. man handling or d now

  210. we need to stop playing zone and play man

  211. Their running all over us…Come up with some dame stops and make Flacco throw it.

  212. if they get the first its the game

  213. game over

  214. great d boys, soft very soft

  215. Now the defense is wore out and they will give up a score and the game is over. The offense kills our defense.

  216. jc looks o confused stting there on the bench

  217. dennis is right that has been our problem ever scine JC took over

  218. give me a break put 8 men in the box

  219. Come up with a stop now and make em kick the dame field goal.

  220. we lost game

  221. what i say about carlos????????TOAST he sucks

  222. Game over.

  223. predictable play

  224. what they see in carlos i’ll never know,

  225. a rookie qb made rogers look like the rookie

  226. it took the who team to take Caright down

  227. game over boys, time to turn this heart break off. time to watch comcast and listen to b mitch go off on the skins

  228. false start

  229. again false start wow go figure

  230. good night boys call it a game

  231. well get the bengles next week

  232. thomas hurt ……again, nice soft rookies in kelly and thomas . oh and dont forget about that crappy punter we had.

  233. bengals will beat us.

  234. just put us out of our missery, stop makn junk yards

  235. good night boys!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. 1-11 bengals, will get number 2. Look what the winless rams did to us. Season is now officially over.

  237. It’s time to unload Colt Brennan next week…A one win team is the perfect fit.

  238. I have said from day 1 that Campbell is not starting material. Portis and his blockers made our early season. It seems to me we come in with a game plan and we will stick with it to the end, even when it is proven from the opening whistle that it will not work. Isn’t there anyone in the organization that can adjust?
    Why don’t we at least start with replacing Campbell….we can do no worse. We might even have a little success.

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