Redskins @ Ravens – A Familiar Sign, For A Different Reason

They’re handing out signs at M&T Bank Stadium tonight. One side reads “Whacko 4 Flacco,” which is cute enough, I suppose. (I’m not sure what the Redskins equivalent would be. “Ramble for Campbell,” maybe?)

The reverse of the signs, though, is grimly familiar to any Redskins fan even if the colors are wrong.


That’s right: just when the the Hall of Fame voting committee no longer has to listen to Redskins fans insist that Art Monk is worthy of Hall consideration, the Ravens fans are kicking their pro-Art-Modell campaign into high gear.

If it weren’t for Artie Donovan, I’d think that the Hall of Fame had a grudge against people named Art. Anyhow, if any of you have leftover “Art for the Hall” gear that could be dyed purple, you could consider recycling it by sending it north.


5 Responses

  1. Where is cowboys 4 life?? i bet he’s hiding like a little girl. you come on here and talk all this trash and how the cowboys are so great and then when cowgirls lose you hide, LOSER! just like the cowgirls are! :)

  2. The Steelers are Cheaters because on that last Touchdown Drive there was an “Incomplete Pass” that was Incorrectly ruled “Complete”, but not allowed to be reviewed, because The Steelers quickly ran another play…The Cowboys should have quickly, without reservation, thrown the Challenge Flag, but I guess were afraid of losing a Timeout, which just goes to show you that you have to play in the moment, not in the future, and PlayToWin…

  3. WTF has happened to the Skins? They are blowing it = NO POSSIBILITY FOR PLAYOFFS FOR US !!! NOT PLAYING LIKE THIS

  4. Wtflip is goiin on with us tonite ! Are you kidding me !!! Were playiin to secure a playoff spot and were playin like its our first game come on man!!!!!!!
    Let’s go skiins !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Here’s what’s going on esther:

    Zorn is killing us. There is no game plan here. He’s calling a scared game. He had all week to come up with a plan to block a rush – and we can’t. It’s that simple. He’s not mixing it up at all…..the Ravens are not confused at all.
    Blache had all week to figure out a way to pressure a ROOKIE QB….and we can’t do that either. It’s nuts. Rooting for this team is PAINFUL!!!!

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