The Excellent WKYS Sean Taylor Tribute

This is the 93.9 WKYS tribute to Sean Taylor. After all the 21 tributes that I saw and linked to last week, I really have no idea how I missed this one (hat tip to Mr. Irrelevant for bringing it to my attention), but better late than never.

From the WKYS description of the tribute:

EZ Street, 93.9 WKYS afternoon drive personality along with Grammy nominated artists Raheem Devaugh, Anwan Glover aka Big G, the HBO’s hit series The Wire and NBC’s Law and Order and founding member of the Backyard Band, Miss Kim, lead female vocalist of Rare Essence, DC rap sensation Wale and Jamil “Face” Johnson have come together to create this lyrical masterpiece of dedication to the late Sean Taylor.

“The idea for doing this song is simple. To honor # 21 Sean and to send a message that to the community that we must never forget that there is still much work to do stop the violence in our community. Sean’s tragic death acts a reminder”, says EZ Street.

And, yes, that is Chris Samuels who appears for a few seconds in the video, and his girlfriend Hazel is one of the performers on the track. “I do a radio show on 93.9 every Tuesday with EZ Street. He’s the one who put everything together, he’s the one who knew all the artists, made sure everything got done,” Samuels told me.

And the finished product? “It’s strong,” he said, nodding. “Not just a strong track, but meaningful as well. It has a lot of heart.”


5 Responses

  1. Man that was a great tribute!!!! I hope the skins players see how we love our team, and would put forth the effort to bring a championship back home!!!!!!!! We get excited, jump up and down, and cry for our team!!!! Way to represent DC

  2. Beautiful.
    It wasn’t missed, Matt. It was saved for last.


  3. I know why it was missed. It’s lowbudget terrible rap song. Sounds like they made this with a Casio key board and a dictionary. The tribute they played at the stadium vs. Buffalo was excellent. These amature rap videos need to go.

  4. stop hatin DMVsports …
    this is a great tribute …and i cant say enough about it…
    R.i.P #21
    we love and miss ya

  5. this is a quality sample of the redskins theme remixed into a meaningful song about Sean Taylor with all local artists. Thanks Matt for the post.

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