On the Field for Practice – 12/5

The rain that I predicted yesterday wore itself out last night, leaving today clear, windy, and cold for a Friday practice.


  • I think if I had to pick the person who stood out most at practice today, it would be Rocky McIntosh. He was all over the place, covering the running back coming out of the backfield, spotting a screen before it developed, and tipping down a pass in the end zone.
  • As Ryan O’Halloran recently noted in the Washington Times, wide receivers develop notoriously slowly in the NFL, and it’s hard to argue. Slowly though it may be, Devin Thomas is definitely improving. I asked him after today’s practice why that was. “I’m just trying to fly around and do everything fast. I’ve been reading my books so I know what I’m doing out there, and Jason knows I’ll be there when he looks my way. He’s starting to see me working and going harder out there, and he’s starting to trust that I’m going to be there.”


  • Injury update: London Fletcher, Shawn Springs, and LaRon Landry did not practice today. (Landry was kicked in the calf yesterday and was held out as a precaution.) Zorn is optimistic about Fletcher and Springs, and seemed confident that Landry would play.
  • Kedric Golston, Andre Carter, Clinton Portis, and Cornelius Griffin were back, but doing limited in what they could do.


  • And Jason Campbell looked solid if unremarkable today, checking down a few times and completing a nice pass to Chris Cooley in the end zone. Cooley said afterward, “Jason comes to work and works hard everyday. He’s not a guy that just shows up because he has to show up. He comes here and he works hard, and he’s very, very dependable.”

36 Responses

  1. Nice comment about Devin Thomas. He has game breaking potential and needs to be on the field much more (and to have more passes thrown his way). If so, the potential improvement to the offense is significant – not only with his perfomance, but in opening up things more for Moss, Cooley, and Portis.

  2. Any chance Fred Davis is in the lineup this weekend? What is his situation? Does he still not know the playbook? He seems athletic enough to play some special teams…

  3. I think Mac got his motivation from the Caps game last night! He and Smooty-smoot had glass front seats! Hope Smoot took notes on the hard hits!

  4. Right whats up with fred davis. I mean we took im in the second round when i thought we should of taken a defensive end and hes not been on the field. I really dont wanta hear about how good he was at usc. What can he do in the pros. Come on is he not up to speed. I see yoder on the field when we go 2 te. We have all this young talent and not getting the full reward from it. Lets use kelly and thomas more and davis needs to see the field at least on special teams or something.

  5. What about the offensive line? None of them sat out today or were limited? And is Washington back on the field practicing?

  6. As much as we give the defense the thumbs up whats up with a pass rush. Anybody can look good when you give them as much time as we do. If we cant get to the ravens rookie qb its going to be a long day. Im really not scared of the running attack from the ravens its the plays when we give the qb time to look down field is what im worried about in this weekends game. Please front 4 make flacco look like a rookie.

  7. Ben: Yes, the offensive line was back to full strength today. And Marcus Washington was not back on the field; he’s been declared officially Out for Sunday. Sorry for the oversight.

  8. See Matt

    I look forward to reading your blogs on the Skins everyday, keeps me updated down here in FL on whats happening in the practices and all and I dont want this to sound disrespectful but almost every week (and not just in your blogs but in all Skins blog sites) say how good Campbell looks in practice and how he is passing and setting up plays nicely, well see you guys can all say that but when it comes to sundays that is the day that counts. The problem is that our QB is not or anywhere near being an ELITE QB he doesnt have the Caliber in my eyes he is really disrespecting Doug Williams # in my eyes and from the looks of it most of the True Skins Fans. Anyways enjoyed reading the blog as always.


  9. Hey Matt,

    Those sweatpants they wear on the practice field with their numbers just below the pocket – are those available for purchase anywhere? I had no luck on nflshop.com

  10. Pass2Coooooley –

    it was actually Rock Cartwright at the Capitals game with Smoot last night. they got interviewed on CSN during one of the timeouts, seemed to be enjoying themselves.

  11. Matt-

    When do the Pro Bowl results come out?

  12. Its easy to look good in practice because he probably is not getting pressured. Our D-line is so inept at getting after the QB that the only time Jason probably sees real pressure is in the game.

    I wonder if the skins do any drills where they release a free man to pressure Jason just to test his quickness in delivering the pass while under fire.
    Does Zorny have a bag drill for that?

  13. Hey matt,

    Great Blog. I was just wondering how Campbell’s stats these few years stack up against other quarterback’s in the league when they were in their first few seasons. Campbell is still very young and I think people neglect to see that he has better stats than for example, Eli Manning when he was just starting out.

  14. how many times are people going to get kicked in the calf this year in practice?!?!

  15. Richard, i agree. Let’s get this young talent on the field and try to spread things out. It seems like this team has been “playing not to lose” instead of “playing to win.” Let’s get aggressive on offense. Throw the ball down the field. The ravens use a community running back system just like the giants. There’s no reason why the skins can’t do the same thing. McGahee/McClain/Rice is nothing compared to Portis/Betts/Sellers/Cartwright. Spread the carries and keep these guys fresh. I love Portis, but dont run the poor guy into the ground.

    And let’s hammer Flacco. Our secondary is athletic enough to handle the ravens receivers. Send everybody!

  16. I’m sure they practice having Jason throw under pressure, they coaches aren’t stupid. Obviously the pressure isnt the same as the game but if you look at some of the biggest plays this season they have been made by Jason avoiding pressure, its not like he can’t handle it. Jason will keep improving under Zorn, he has all the physical skills he just needs to get more comfortable with the offense and the players he has around him. I’m not surprised that he locks in on certain guys when all the others either cant beat their man or drop key balls. We can’t expect the line to block all the pressure this weekend, Baltimore is too good, but we can expect the WRs to actually make plays and help the offense to develop some rhythm. If theyre open, Jason will find them.

    Lets go SKINS, beat them Ratbirds. Lets stop bitchin as fans and get PUMPED!

  17. Brian, I thought the same thing about our secondary last week and I was talking to trash to all my Giants fan friends about there being no way Eli could beat us through the air. Needless to say, I felt like an idiot.

  18. Hey Ben, my bad! Thanks for clearing that up! :)

  19. as a redskin fan,

    cooley sucks

    trade him while value is high, maybe for a 2nd and 3rd or 2nd and 4th, idk


  20. What the f is with all our players getting kicked in the calf this year? Do we need to implement some kind of reverse shin guard for them to wear in practice?

  21. Yeah cooley sucks. I cant wait to shut him down.

  22. Im gonna shut down cooley and portis…he better not play

  23. I hope Redskins can get fired up.

    i know the Ravens don’t have to worry about getting fired up. Ray Lewis is gonna make sure the intensity level is extreme.

    Skins …..Get some ENERGY! Get Hungry!

  24. dude if we trade our passing game would be worser than it alraedy is

  25. trade cooley***

  26. Over the years it seems like our true fan base is getting infiltrated by some losers. The sit campbell and start Colt “cult”. The stupid remarks on here about trading Cooley. I dont know if its because younger fans are entering becoming the base and dont know the tradition of the redskins or know nothing about football. But over there years its getting worse and worse. I thought Dallas fans were morons. But now some of our fans are getting on the same level. To the true fans. Hail!!! To the fake hater-based and uneducated about football – mornic – negative fans..Go to anotehr team. I am a die hard redskins and all this negativity and stupidity about our QB is ridiculous. Some of us act liek spoiled brats. Grow up and be patient. We are building towards good things. HTTR!!

  27. to Blazer: Trade Cooley? did you hit your head or something! i don’t think you’re watching any redskins football at all this year. SO STOP BLOGGING! stupidity is creeping in your posts.

    To Ray Lewis: when we beat your so-called “2nd ranked defense” which was run over by the Giants post somewhere else!!


  28. trade cooley are yall crazy. Thats the only person campbell trust. Fred davis hasnt seen the field so no way do you trade cooley maybe randle el but not cooley. trade marcus washington cause you might think he gets hurt to much but not cooley. Trade jason taylor cause he sucks now but not cooley. Trade shawn springs cause he getts hurt to much but not cooley. Ray lewis get ready to rumble.

    TRADE ALL THE D-LINE: except Montgomery

    But TRADE COOLEY? To all those that posted this idea, YOU’RE ALL NUTS!! WATCH PING PONG or Something, sports that doesn’t require REAL STATS!!


  30. whats going on With Malcolm Kelly?? i think he is a way better Wr. than Thomas and i cant wait till he gets 100% healthy.

  31. Kelly is definitely a better wideout right now than Thomas, but Thomas is a project and has way bigger potential

  32. What is with all these morons talking about trading Cooley. Don’t they realize that Cooley is regarded as one of the elite TE’s in the NFL. Cooley is not the Skins problem, the problem starts up front. If we can’t give JC time to throw the ball then thats where we have to start making changes. You can’t win when you can’t protect the QB.

  33. I havent seen anything yet from kelly to say that hes better then thomas. True kelly hasnt been healthy but thats not thomas fault. They both have drop a pass but thomas has a rushing td and should of had a recieving one but it was a person foul on the play that had nothing to do with thomas. So kelly needs to get healthy and prove that he is better. Whats up with fred davis is what i dont get. We take a te in the second round when we have cooley. Yea dallas did the same with witten but bennet touches the field. Come on davis learn the play book or can he block at all. Whos going to start at rt is another question i have. Has jansen lost it or what. Come on redskins it hurts to watch us lose games we can and should win.

  34. Y do people intend on leaving comments with using NFL players names ? Get a life.

  35. I cant blame the o-line like everyone else. Weeks 1-9 the o-line was great, we was running the ball great. The protection was great. Campbell has time he just has to know when to throw it away. The d-line is the problem and not the entire d-line just the ends. Jason taylor is a joke and carter hasnt done much either. If we cant get to the qb then its going to be a long day every sunday. The only time we get to the qb is by blitzing. Can the front 4 win a game once this year.

  36. Our de rank last in sacks and tackles. They need to step up

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