Friday, December 5: Zorn’s Necklace in Brief

ra-ku-wa1At the start of this week, the DC Sports Bog ran a picture of Coach Jim Zorn wearing a “necklace of unknown provenance”. Well, after a grueling week of intense research, I can happily report that the provenance is now 100% known.

The necklace is the Rakuwa Titanium Necklace X30 Aqua Titan (or some combination of those words, depending on which label you believe), produced by Phi-Ten.

It was popular with players in Seattle when Zorn was there — one of Phi-Ten’s corporate stores is located in downtown Seattle — and Zorn became somewhat friendly with the employees at the store. When he came to D.C., Zorn got in touch with the Phi-Ten people and acquired a necklace in (more or less) Redskins colors. Now you know.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! Amazing -what sticks in your mind, Matt!

  2. I recognized it instantly…it’s very popular in baseball, actually…especially with the Japanese players.

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