Coach Zorn a Prophet in the Realm of 3-D Football

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Chargers Coach Norv Turner - Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I’ve only found a few reviews so far of the live 3-D broadcast of last night’s Chargers annihilation of the Raiders, and they’re generally favorable as long as you disregard a few glitches (and words like “cross-eyed”).

One relatively uninvolved person who comes out looking fairly insightful in all of this is our own head coach Jim Zorn. When I asked him yesterday what he expected from the broadcast, he said “It’ll probably be the replays that are unique and clever, because when you’re watching the game, you’re probably really just watching them play.”

So what does L.A. Daily News media columnist Tom Hoffarth write today, in his review of the experience?

The most compelling action was best seen on slow-motion replays when the ball came directly at the cameras, such as an end-zone shot of the interceptions by San Diego’s Stephen Cooper from the Raiders’ JaMarcus Russell in the second quarter.

Hoffarth also makes clear that the glasses required are NOT, in fact, the old-school red-and-blue anaglyphics that were depicted in the diagram accompanying yesterday’s post, which is a good thing.

“Comparing 3D today to the past is like comparing the Wright Brothers to the Space Shuttle,” said Michael Lewis, the RealD co-founder and CEO whose company is responsible for delivering the product.

Understanding the technology involved in doing the game may help – Thursday’s contest was shot from standard TV positions with special side-by-side 3D cameras to replicate the left and right eye, aligned with pixel-by-pixel manipulation, compressed into 2 D as it’s beamed up to a satellite, and decompressed through a filter that converts it to the 3D digital images that are projected. The glasses are needed with clear frames that look closer to something in an IMAX theatre or an amusement park experience.

Also in Hoffarth’s article is Lewis’s response to the experiment’s skeptics, presumably including Mike Sellers.

“I’ve read some of the press and heard some ESPN people talking about it, those who really haven’t seen the new 3D, and it seems a number of them were kind of dismissive,” said Lewis. “That’s about to change.”

None of the reports indicate how adequately the 3-D cameras captured the increased police presence at the game.


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  1. “those who really haven’t seen the new 3D, and it seems a number of them were kind of dismissive,”

    Why is it that people who have never seen something are among the first to diss! (mumblemumble like mumble people mumble who mumble diss mumble cb5 mumblemumble…)

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