On the Field for Practice – 12/4

One of those days today, overcast enough to make you bundle up before you go out, but not actually cold. I have very little formal knowledge of meteorology, but it sure seems to me that whenever this happens, it’s pouring rain or sleeting within 24 hours. I look forward to tomorrow’s practice.


  • Another day of watching Jason Campbell, another day impressed. If I wasn’t watching whichever drill the QB was in, every single time I noticed a pass out of the corner of my eye it was one of Campbell’s. With one exception (a Colt Brennan to Fred Davis connection), every time I heard people on the field get excited about an offensive pass play, it was one of Campbell’s. And Zorn seemed pleased with what he was seeing. At this point, it’s just about what he can do in the game.


  • Per a reader suggestion, I tried to focus in on the offensive linemen for a while, but — like the pass rushers — they largely don’t actually get to perform their roles in practice. “For guys like that,” Colt Brennan told me afterward, “practice is mainly about putting in the scheme, not about execution, so there’s not too much to watch.”
  • I saw Malcolm Kelly go up high and make a spectacular catch over Justin Tryon, and I noticed Devin Thomas running hard and make a couple of nice catches, but I thought I might’ve just been overinflating their performances in my head. Then I asked Chris Cooley what stood out for him at practice, and he said, “The rookie receivers both had really good practices today,” so I felt pretty good.


  • Practice ended today with a two-minute drill, which Cooley had some thoughts about. “There’s a weekly Thursday mystery as to whether or not we will end practice with a two-minute drill,” he told me afterward. “And two-minute drill is hell for everyone involved. It’s basically a sprint the whole time. It’s like a conditioning drill. Every Thursday they bring the clock out, but sometimes they bring the clock out and don’t do the drill. So half the time it’s just to mess with you, and and half the time it’s for real.

    “So we have to decide. And, I mean, it looms throughout practice, weighing on everybody whether we’re doing it or not. It gets to a point where they either call everyone together or say ‘Two-minute drill,’ and Zorn yells out, ‘TWO-MINUTE DRILL!’

    “Usually, the two-minute drill is the first offense against the first defense. So we get to two minute drill today, and Blache sends out the practice squad defense, but the first offense still has to go out.”

    Jason Taylor, sitting at his locker near Cooley, noted, “That’s why he’s sweaty and I’m not,” which was very true.

    Cooley continued, “I ran the first six or seven plays, but then I came off and tried to convince Blache that I could play defensive end for the last of the drive, but he said he didn’t want to unveil his secret weapon yet. I would’ve had at least two sacks.”


  • One defensive lineman who stood out today was Lorenzo Alexander, who was consistently in good position on runs and screen passes, including one where he stood up Rock Cartwright.
  • And, yet again, the starting safeties made their presence felt. LaRon Landry broke up a couple of passes and generally made a nuisance of himself, and Chris Horton put himself in position for another interception.


  • Injury update!
    • Clinton Portis, Shawn Springs, Marcus Washington, London Fletcher, Kedric Golston, Andre Carter, and Chris Samuels did not practice.
    • Fred Smoot was absent for personal reasons.
    • Cornelius Griffin and Randy Thomas were limited in practice.
    • And, noted Coach Zorn dryly, “everybody else was great.”



62 Responses

  1. Hey campbell,

    prove us all wrong

    cause you freaking suck dude

    come on


  2. Jason Campbell is gonna end up like Patrick Ramsey if we do get some young offensive lineman

  3. if we dont****

  4. Hey you whoever wrote that about Campbell–

    Get a life hater!!

    Go Campbell!!!

    Go Skins!!!!

  5. Practice hero… gameday zero.

  6. can someone explain to me how to register for extremeskins?!??!

    i wanna post there but its like a paid email account…

    who really gets paid emails??

    almost everyone has free.

  7. no–if we don’t get an oline he will end up like david Carr; scattershooting–hope we don’t see marcus mason (think I got that right) activated by Bravens so we wonder why we didnt keep him; mkelly is due for some legit PT and if his karma is good will explode onto national scene Sunday night–think you can find him JC?; like to see more of Cooley and less of DThomas Sunday night but might have to go with Yoder to block—–HEY TERI–any insight on pro bowl voting or has the redskin rush fallen off?

  8. Jason Campbell is gonna be one of the smartest QB’ s to ever play the game. After being in so many different systems how could he not be. I can see him one day being an offense coord. in the NFL. A successful off. coord.!!

  9. can we just keep him the pocket long enough to be a “good” QB first? he has to stop those 7 – 9 step dropbacks and take a chance long—never know when a catch or yellow flag will occur

  10. Cooley=defensive end… hmmm… something to think about. ;-)

    Glad to hear JC is looking good. Look forward to seeing that accuracy in the game!
    No matter what WE think, it’s what Coach Zorn thinks that matters most. He makes the calls and says the hip hips.


  11. what I meant was Cooley in successful passing patterns instead of DThomas on sideline and out routes—-the thought on Yoder instead of Cooley was that we may need all the blocking help we can put in there; either way Zorn IS a breath of fresh air and makes this longtime Skin fan in TX listen to each days recap and looking forward to a long tenure as everyone develops

  12. I’m coming.

  13. i suck.



    he is not that good, seriously

    very slow, has good hands, runs very mediocre routes.

    Davis is so much better. i know i sound like a fool, but here me out. i’ve had season tickets to USC for four years.

    He is really good. Just hasn’t gotten the playbook down or the style of an NFL player


  14. Bring it Ray Lewis, I will stuff you like a turkey!

  15. Matt Leinart and Mike Williams looked good at USC as well!

  16. David Carr was not ruined because of a bad line — that’s a myth. The truth is he made his line look bad because he couldn’t process info fast enough on the field and held onto the ball forever. When he got hurt, Rosenfels went in and the much maligned Texans line suddenly didn’t look bad at all.

    Ramsey had the same problem. Timmy Hasslebeck, one week off the street, came in and saw things quicker than Ramsey ever did and the line suddenly didn’t look nearly as bad. Kim Helton actually went on the record about this after Spurrier quit — said the blocking scheme may have been risky, but Ramsey’s slow decision making was the bigger problem.

    I fear JC may have some of the same problems.

  17. Good points Chris, however you must admit its hard to have a clear head to make decisions when you’re on your back 4 out of the first 8 snaps of every game. Saw alot of Texans ball living here in Austin—the guy got ambushed quite a bit. I want to see JC have another full offseason with Zorn after he has a year of games to review–then we’ll see whats up.

  18. Definitely. Sticking with Campbell is clearly the best option now. I don’t think Collins gets nearly enough credit for how well he played last year (he was not just a product of a system — he was awesome at times) but going to him makes no sense because he’s 37. And Colt is a complete mystery. Better to ride things out and see how JC looks early next year. But if he’s still not seeing the field like a NFL QB then… well I think you gotta give up on him.

  19. I think if the Skins D can keep from getting fooled by the Ravens trick plays they will handle them pretty easily. Odds are that the Skins offense is due for a good game. You can’t shoot craps on every roll! The Skins have lost all their primetime games, that streak can’t continue either, THE REDSKINS ARE DUE!!!!!

  20. Funny how they pump JC after 70% of the Redskin nation is calling for his head. As far as JC being smart, You ever hear the guy talk? Hail!!

  21. Kirkoman: Good question. Haven’t seen any new Pro Bowl numbers — I’ll ask around tomorrow.

  22. bunch of fools postn here u watch the games n u think u know all the answers get a life noone likes watchn them lose everythng pisses me off on losin sundays but i dont go postn sum stupid **** hatin on the startn QB startn TE wantn rookies to replace them please dont call urself fans “trade cooley” “bench campbell” gotta be the dumbest things ever said ever do everyone a favor n shut ur **** mouth

  23. good post matt i like the pics and info but was wondering on if were going to sign hall to a contract at the end of the year cuz hes frying right now and shawn springs is old with smoot.

  24. sorry for the language matt

  25. Gary Clark: Please call Santana and tell him to get it together like you did last year. For that matter, call El, Devin and Malcolm if you have a few minutes. Thanks!

  26. brian santana is jus fine.we cant get him the ball becuz our o-line sucks and teams are doulbling him

  27. doubleing*

  28. Malcolm Kelly catches a ball over Justin Tryon… that shouldn’t be too hard. I’m not trying to be a jerk and I support all the Skins but why did we keep Tryon again?? He was beat over and over again in preseason and I don’t see what the coaches or front office sees in him. Hopefully he improves and I can say I was wrong about him. Hail

  29. I want to see more of all the receivers on Sunday, I’m projecting a big game for Moss and would like to see Devin Thomas more than Randle El because he has a feel for the offense now and can make big plays. I’ll be at the game so the Skins better win!

  30. Ever heard of practice players & game players. That’s JC’s problem. For some reason he has a hard time playing under game pressure situations. He also never gives me that feeling of confidence when I watch him. Colt on the other hand is a mystery, but I believe a good mystery & plays with the confidence you need to be in the NFL. He just needs an opportunity & I hope he gets it next year or maybe the Skins can trade him to a team that can use him.

  31. jc will be good..he accurate smart and has a strong arm..lately he’s only been throwing hot passes..he’s not getting time in the pocket to get a second or third read…we have trouble stopping a basic 4-3 alignment, theres no way the o-line will handle the ravens 3-4 defense..sure hope im wrong..to beat us just stop cp and force us to pass to win…we dont give teams a reason to take 8 out of the box when we only throw screens and 3yd checkdowns..go downfield PLEASE!!!!!

  32. I love Campbell’s talent, and I’ll say it again, HE DOES HAVE TALENT, he has an arm most QB’s wish they had and can see over the line. I just want to see him comfortable in the game. Even when he had good games, his play was not very….. fluid, natural, on, what ever adjective you want to use. I just want to see him play the game REACTING instead of thinking, being ahead of the play, ya know.

  33. Fred Smoot was absent for personal reasons.

    Could those personal reasons be to go the Caps game? They interviewed him at the game on Comcast.

  34. u gotta stop hating on JC. He is legit. He never talks trash or gets up in any1s face. he goes out and plays the game like a champ. a few bad games and you want his head. show some loyalty GO SKINSSSS

  35. Maybe what JC need’s to do is talk some trash and get in someones face. If he doesn’ t start to play with some fire, he’ll be Colt’s backup. Hail!

  36. See, Colt’s a nice guy, giving Matt info on the O-Line. Wait, a 3rd stinger QB that knows something about his O-Line…. Very interesting, I wonder what else he might know??? Give it time Matt, Colt will win you over. He won the hearts of an entire state for a reason. You’ll all see.


    U SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. The problem with Jason Campbell is his lack of diversity and his decisions. What I mean is that Jason can only rocket the ball to the receiver. HE HAS NO TOUCH. All of his passes are to routes that require a bullet: slants, hooks and outs. These are the only throws he makes in a game, which explains why were missing out on big plays. Throws that require some touch or air up under the ball: Fly, Flag, Post, Fade, He cant make. This spells disaster in the west coast offense because this offense is made off of short passes. But, when defenses try to creep up and play close to the line of scrimmage you half to may them pay! Unfortunately, Campell can’t make them pay and our offense looks like crap.

  39. “As far as JC being smart, You ever hear the guy talk?”

    Just because someone talks slow doesn’t mean they are slow. Judging someone’s intelligence from an accent makes you the idiot.

  40. Come on jason taylor all redskins fans want you gone after this year and they have a very good reason to, i also want you gone, but you can start to change that right now by getting 2 sacks per game for the rest of the season. Carter, last year you came on strong at the end of the season, well its the end of the season, you 2 need to get 2 sacks per game. Campbell i have faith in you, you just have to have faith in your wrs. KEelly, thomas, and davis come on rookies step up. They dont even mention yall when it comes to rookie wrs.

  41. Jason campbells biggest problem is he dont trust his wrs. He waits for them to get wide open instead of trusting that they will be open. Lets go skins

  42. Okay trade Cooley?!! Are you out of your mind! Season tickets to USC is nice and everything but it’s a big difference between mediocre PAC 10 football and the NFL. Davis may end up being pretty good but right now he doesn’t even know what route to run and when. Plus he was never known as a blocker. Our problems are not with Campbell or any particular player. It’s a group problem. We are old and our problems started 8 years ago when we traded away draft picks for high priced washed up players so Snyder could sell more jerseys. No offensive line depth and no defensive line depth. Thanks VINNY. That’s who we need to get rid of.

  43. That first pic has Heyer in at left tackle for Samuels. Is that an indicator of things to come? Maybe that’s the reason Jansen has kept his job for so long… thoughts?

  44. Samuels was held out of yesterday’s afternoon session with his knee injury (although he did participate in the morning it’s-not-a-walkthrough) which is why Heyer was in at that position. I don’t think there’s much to read into it beyond that.

  45. Last time I checked calling people idiots doesn’t make you very smart either. Like they say, ” takes on to know one!” Slow off the field translates into slow on the field. JC is so slow in his reads and progressions that obviously things don’t happen real quick upstairs.

  46. I can’t believe all the hate that Jason Campbell. He is the best QB that we have, he is young and developing and might finally have a chance to learn an entire offense. Todd Collins was great last year….IN AN OFFENSE HE WAS IN FOR 10 YEARS! Let Jason get half that time with Zorn. Think back to Hasselback’s first years in seattle, he was average at best. As far as Colt, nice looking rookie with some promise. But who here would really start a rookie QB while your team is still in contention for a playoff spot. A lot of you “fans” need to really look at the offense. We can’t take shots down the field because there isn’t time for those plays to develop. Next time you are at a game, watch the routes that are being run, there are plays down the field to be made, but there isn’t enough time.

    Campbell’s worst game this year were against some of the best defenses in the NFL, PIttsburgh, Dallas and New York. Name one QB that has had good games against them. All the viral hate for Campbell is just laughable by all these so called fans. Support your QB, we have been through enough that you would think “fans” could recognize that we have a pretty good one.


  47. I am almost ashamed to call myself a Redskins fan when I read some of these comments. Vinny does need to go. Cooley and JC have nothing but my support and confidence. If you think we should trade Cooley why don’t you start rooting for the team you want him to go to and leave bull**** comments on their blog.

  48. I’m not giving up on Campbell yet but the best quarterbacks in this league come through when you need them the most and that’s against the many tough defenses in the league. Campbell has failed in this category, he just needs to get a balls out edge to him at this point. Play football Campbell! don’t be such a robot.

  49. Hey Matt, when Cooley said “I would have had at least two sacks”, doesn’t that mean we have a problem with our OLine? and I like to know how come Cooley didnt go to Zorn and tell him ” You know Coach, if I was a DE, I would do this get at least two sacks”. Did you ever notice low communication (its not miscommunication but not enough talk) between the players and the coaches Matt? and I mean from the players to the coaches.

  50. I’m pretty sure Cooley was just joking around, honestly. Haven’t noticed any communication problems — the players talk with their position coaches almost constantly.

  51. I agree completely agree with you Rich!! We need to Support our team, support our QB!! Let’s go skiinsssss!!



  53. Yeah I was at the Caps game and saw Smoot, they had him and Cartwright up on the big screen. I wonder if Smooth drank a little to much sauce last night and couldn’t make it into work today. Hmmmm….

  54. Smooth = Smoot.. Ooops.

  55. Last Sunday I was PISSED! Skins played like crap and Zorn called a horrible game (in my opinion). But it’s Friday again, my blood is still burgundy and gold and it’s time to kick some Raven A$$!!!

    JANSEN – let’s BLOCK so JC can THROW!!! and Blache – Figure something out to get just a LITTLE pressure on Flacco…..he is a ROOKIE………I don’t wanna be pissed agian this week fielding calls from all my friends telling me that the team I live and breath for sucks!!!

    LET’S GO SKINS!!!! HAIL!!!

  56. **again** not agian….my bad

  57. I used to like posting here. All of these “so and so sucks” made by numerous frustrated coaches in waiting, that don’t view coaching film, is very irritating.

  58. if someone sucks, they would not have made it to the NFL.

  59. I am sitting here watching the game, this is bullsh$t. We need a new coach and a new QB. I have been a Skins fan since the age of 5, and this is BOOTY! I am tired of my team making me look bad around my sorry Cowboy fans. I bleed burgundy and gold all day every day. Deck my freaking house every time I get to see them on tv. And all I get now is interceptions, useless penalties, and stupid plays. Whether you Skin fan like it or not , we need a QB with some balls. Give the Ex-con (Vick) all day long. At least he got balls. Say what you want to say, I AM A TRUE FOOTBALL FAN! Holla back.

  60. This game was total bullsh$t. Get Colt ready to drive this team next season. Daniel, please get us a winning season. At least get us to the playoffs. At least Joe Gibbs did that. Scared _ss QB. Defense too da–soft. Giving up too much cushion on WR.

  61. They need to seriously consider throwing the towel in on campbell. Colt Brennan needs a chance this summer to compete for the starting gig. He is from what I’ve seen more accurate with all the throws compared to the other two qb’s. He is hella confident and shouldn’t have trouble makin them quick reads day in and day out. And I really don’t think the players trust Jason. It’s Mr. Hawaii’s turn hopefully he can make Mel Kiper choke on his filthy words.

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