Isaiah Ross Has a Plan to Make Some Extra Cash


There are certain guys who the media counts on — guys who will stand and own up when things get tough, sure, but also just guys who consistently show up for media availability and answer questions on a day when nothing in particular is going on.

Pete Kendall fits both descriptions. As a result, just about every day during open locker room, Kendall is surrounded by one of those enormous media hordes, and he’ll stand and answer questions until everyone’s done. Almost everyone loves this about him … except practice squad player Isaiah Ross.

Ross sits at the next locker over from Kendall, but — as a practice squad guy — he’s not of much interest to the media. This means that he’s more or less unceremoniously shoved out of the way so the cameras and mics can get closer to Kendall. After this happened yesterday, Ross said that he was going to do something about it.

I assumed he was kidding, but then I went in to open locker room today and saw this.


“Five dollars a head,” Ross said whenever someone got close. Using stools, laundry bins, and fellow practice squadder Devin Clark, Ross had restricted access to Kendall’s locker. He and Clark sat, bouncer-like, at the entrance, and loudly insisted that anyone who wanted to get in would be forced to pony up.

Sadly, today was a day that Kendall did not show up, so the situation never got put to the test, but Ross seemed very serious. Really, it’s the obvious evolution of what Cornelius Griffin and LaRon Landry were doing with Chris Horton, and I look forward to seeing if he can get the scheme to work.

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