On the Field for Practice – 12/3

The first December day of practice, crisp and cool. If there was a mood or tenor to practice today, I’d have to characterize it as relief. One of the nice things about the weekly routine of football is that it offers a clear definition of when to stop thinking about last week and start thinking about next week, and the first practice is as good a marker as any.


  • Just because the week is fresh, though, doesn’t mean the team is. On the offensive line alone, Pete Kendall, Randy Thomas, and Chris Samuels were all either rested or limited in practice. This isn’t all that unusual — Kendall has been rested during Wednesday practices going back at least to last year — but it’s certainly not something that increases the cohesion along the offensive line.
  • The main thing I was watching, in light of the all the recent chatter and the two articles in today’s Washington Post, was the quarterback position. And yet again Jason Campbell looked good. Remember, there’s no pass rush to speak of in practice, and even if the guys are going “full speed,” it’s not to going to be the same as game speed. It’s a totally different environment, and apparently that’s just the way it is. But yet again, Campbell in practice looks decisive and seems to be getting rid of the ball quickly — and, to judge by what I can overhear people saying on the field, to the correct receivers. When you watch all three QBs take reps, it seems reasonably clear why Campbell is the starter, and why Zorn claims that he’s not even considered a switch. I’ll keep an eye on it throughout the week, but that’s how it looked today.


  • Clinton Portis again didn’t practice — Zorn said that his neck is sore, although his knee is improving. Zorn did add, though, that Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright “are going to have to help us, and Mike [Sellers] has been stepping in on third down and doing a great job.” Potential bad news for people hoping to start Portis in their fantasy league playoffs, but good news for the contingent that thinks taking some of the load off will help Portis out in the long run.
  • In one of those practice plays that’s probably not significant in the immediate future, but could be promising in the long run, Kareem Moore showed some excellent ball awareness and took a great angle coming across the field to make a tricky-looking interception along the far sideline. He’s unlikely to have much opportunity to do that in games just yet, but it’s good to know that he can if he has to.


  • Also not practicing? Shawn Springs. Zorn thinks he’s going to be okay, but calls him an “extreme player,” by which he seemed to mean someone who needs to feel like his body is correct before he can show what he’s capable of.
  • Jason Taylor was joking with me before practice about feeling out of it, but he looked fine in the defensive line drills that I saw. He’s another one, like Campbell, who has consistently looked sharper in practice than in the games, for whatever reason. Something else to keep an eye on.


  • Other players who were limited or out of practice: Marcus Washington, London Fletcher, Kedric Golston, Cornelius Griffin, London Fletcher, and Andre Carter. Oh, and Alfred Fincher was not there due to some personal business in New Orleans. So not exactly a huge crowd on the practice field today.

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  1. Thanks Matt,

    Any word on getting Thomas (especially), Kelly, or Davis some more action for the stretch run??


    if only we would let our rookies get the rocK!

    ARE needs to be released after this year

  2. So Jason Campbell looked good today.

    I’m taking that with a grain of salt. I think Zorn needs to implement a pass rush. Just make the D-Line try to rush him but introduce a rule: DO NOT TOUCH JASON CAMPBELL. ONLY RUSH AT HIM WITH YOUR ARMS UP.

    That way we will be able to simulate a pass rush and help Jason make these decisions in a game environment.’

    Perhaps something to pass along to Zorn?

    On another topic, how did the pass protection look to you, Matt, today?

  3. hey matt how did fincher look last week when he took more reps

  4. appreciate it the updates Matt, awesome as usual

    they’d look sharp in practice, but do you see if there’s some sort of urgency now creeping in? did you notice any change in attitude?

    again, the O-Line’s banged up, spells TROUBLE this Sunday (not to mention it’s primetime). On top of that unlike the G-men, Ravens has a freakin monster of a safety in Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis can probably read Campbell like an open book.

    as always, rush the QB, he’s a rookie, watch the Indy game you’ll know he will make mistakes under extreme duress, but neither D-Line and especially Jason Taylor can be relied upon fulfilling this responsibility. Chris Horton, it’s up to you!!! he should be allowed to rush the passer!!

    go REDSKINS!!!

  5. Can Suisham kick a field over 30 yards in practce?
    If so is it a deal where the pressure of the game is to great for him to perform well?
    He’s just got to MAKE those.

  6. Ben W: Judging the pass protection is tricky for the same reason that judging the pass rush is tricky. I’ll see if I can’t get some insight on that tomorrow from one of the guys.

    eriahn: Fincher looked fine, but didn’t impress me nearly the way he did in that preseason game. Maybe he’s one of those guys who turns it on in-game differently from in practice.

    Brian C.: The attitude is almost always strong in practice — I tend to make note of it more when it isn’t than when it is, actually — and today was no different. The guys definitely know what’s at stake, though.

    mack: I’ll try to focus on the kicking a little bit tomorrow; didn’t pay much attention to it today.

  7. everyone needs to chill on JC. TC is not the answer and niether is CB5. Campbell is our guy. so everyone stop crying and rally behind our QB.

  8. To become a legit contender within the next few years we need to cut/trade/release the following players for as many draft picks as possible:

    1) Shawn Springs – he’s always injured
    2) Jason Taylor – it was a mistake bringing him in
    3) Marcus Washington – he’s always injured and has dropped off

    1) James Thrash – not enough production
    2) Antwaan Randle El – great guy, not enough production. Rarely even thinks about returning a punt as a first option.
    3) Pete Kendall – old
    4) Randy Thomas – old
    5) Jon Jansen – dumb and old

    Special Teams
    1) Suisham – need I say more?

    On the bubble
    1) Santana Moss – maybe he would do better if there were a legit #1 receiver on the team. NO, Santana is not a legit #1.
    2) Clinton Portis – RB’s are a dime a dozen. Clinton is great, but his trade value (and physical abilities) are at their peak.
    3) Andre Carter – vanishes from games.
    4) Chris Samuels – is this knee injury serious?
    5) Jason Campbell – I love Campbell, but he’s got 2 more years. If he can’t get it together in the next 2 years it’s time to move on. Other QB’s have done more with less.

    1) A legit #1 receiver. Kelly & Thomas – can you be #1’s?
    2) A legit pass rusher. The Giants have several. Dallas has several. The Eagles have several.
    3) Safety help for Landry
    4) Fresh linebackers
    5) Both the O and D line need overhauls.

  9. Not that I think a switch should be made, but Collins never looked all that good in practice last year either. Turned it out when it counted though.

  10. we need to kelly and thomas on the same field together.not has-beens like randle el and thrash.well only bring in randle el on trick plays.but thrash is trah

  11. shawn spring is a sissy i wish we would cut him he is costing us money for nothing at all he is a waste of space and air and needs to retire or go to another team

  12. Hey Matt, i was wondering if the redskins run any wild cat because Randle El would be the perfect weapon for that, agreed?

  13. Safety help for Landry? Who is this Horton kid that keeps flashing, anyway?

  14. In the above picture of Jason Taylor: What is “That” in the Sky? In the upper right Sky. It looks like a U.F.O. Any explanation?

  15. It’s something on the lens of my camera, I think. It shows up now and again.

  16. Did you ever see the movie “Shutter”?…”Spooky”

  17. Is Jansen still starting? If so – I’m CONFUSED!!!


  18. Jason Taylor said he feels out of it, well hes not lieing. Maybe you should sit the next four games and let someone who wants to win and play hard play. Im sick of watchin jason taylor not get close to the qb. I dont wanta see any player hurt, so jason taylor can you fake like your hurt so someone else can play

  19. Ooh that thing in the picture with jason taylor, i think its his game lol cause he lost it somewhere

  20. I still think shawn springs is a good corner when healthy. He just needs to get healthy and play corner not saftey. Hes not a saftey, plus hes not the best tackling corner so why put him at saftey, he can stop the run like a saftey should.

  21. Ooh and im glad to hear that zorn is going to use cartwright at runnig back some, great job zorn, give him a shot to back up portis.

  22. Mike,

    You named 14 of 22 starters on both sides of the ball in your complaining post. Are you seriously suggesting that the team gut the entire roster? Trade Moss, who “isn’t a legit #1”? Trade Portis coming off the best year of his career? Are you retarded?

    Then I read this, which I just can’t possibly comprehend:

    “3) Safety help for Landry”

    uhm…what? Do you watch the Redskins? Have you seen a single game this season? Does the name Chris Horton mean anything to you? The guy is all over the field at SS, providing great help against the run AND leads the team in INTs at 3. Perhaps you’re suggesting we regularly run 3 safety sets? I have no idea, but please, lay off the pipe.

    The team isn’t perfect, but your post is just…wow.

  23. His point about the safety position isn’t as far off base as you would like to think. Horton has a lot of heart, but the problem is he’s just a less talented Laron Landry. We drafted Landry to be in the box, help the run and blitz as a SS. All of these things are strengths of his, but he can’t d these things playing centerfield. I love Horton, but he’ll never be as good as Landry could be playing the SS position. So having a true ball-hawking FS would be beneficial…not necessarily a glaring need by any means, but would definitely help get the most out of Landry.

  24. Youth is needed on both lines, linebackers could be freshened up as well. I’m still with CP, had the skins passing offense come together, Clinton would be a lot healthier right now, he provided one half of a superbowl offense this year, yes I said that, Portis ran like a mad man until the punishment took its toll due to defenses stacking the box.

  25. wait for kareem moore he will develop into a legit FS so we can move Landry back to his natural position of SS


  27. So Mike,
    Basically you want a whole new team?

  28. Mike maybe you should change teams.or move on buddy. Fans aren’t supposed to try and manage the team. Even when the GM isn’t doing a great job. You had one thing right though, Moss would do better with another receiver who could open up the secondary a little more. But he is a legit #1! He just needs the other receivers to catch the ball.

  29. I still think Shawn Springs is a Must Have. Just gotta get healthier. A calf injury ain’t serious but at the same time you don’t have your speed.
    Once up to speed, he’s gonna be back to the Difference Maker.

  30. Ok folks, Landry was drafted as a compliment to Sean Taylor (RIP). Reason being, both Landry and Taylor have the athletic ability to play sideline to sideline as either FS or SS. Against most teams, a QB looks right to the SS to see what kind of approach the D may be taking, he would audible accordingly. With Taylor and Landry, you never knew who may be blitzing and who may be playing back because they didnt get into their position until right before the snap.

    Chris Horton, though he probably will never be able to play to the level of Sean Taylor, is a sideline to sideline player with great closing speed and has the ability to grab passes. As he progresses, I am sure that he will be brought up to speed so that he and Landry are interchangable, and again we will have the effectiveness of the QB having to guess.

  31. J.D.

    I doubt your comments about Chris Horton. Against the Saints he was running from sideline to sideline. He ran to the ball to catch it, it didnt just fall into his lap. I think he is a great sub for doughty and needs more experience. I like the chemistry between him and Fletcher.

  32. J.D., on December 4th, 2008 at 8:50 am Said:

    As he progresses, I am sure that he will be brought up to speed so that he and Landry are interchangable

    Oops. Totally forgot you wrote that.

  33. wow do yall remember horton was a 7th round pick this year. Hes a rookie and is playing this well are yall for real. Can yall name a better rookie on defense this year, i mean in the nfl that has had a impact like horton. Horton stays hes a great saftey, he has more ints than landry had in his rookie year. I argree on getting rid of jason taylor, shawn springs, and maybe marcus washington. Portis stays but we need to draft someone to back him up. So i agree on some but we did do an ok job for the future in draft i just didnt get drafting fred davis when cooley is young and nice. The first pick in the draft needs to be a defensive lineman. The secondary is good, maybe a new linebacker to replace marcus washington, truly we all agree that the d-line needs alot of help, pick up some youth in the draft for the line, yea the line is old but they was holding it down in the run game, well the left side at least, if campbell cant get it right in 2 years we have colt brennan and yea we need to draft a young back to back-up portis and kelly and thomas will come on, maybe not this year but they will.

  34. when i say d-line i mean defensive ends the defensive tackles are good.

  35. I did say get rid of springs but i do think hes a great corner when healthy. Hes not a saftey. Plus hes getting old and we have 3 great corners in hall, smoot, and rogers. Cap reasons is why i think we should cut springs. Jason taylor needs to go for all reason lol.

  36. i agree richard

    I think we have a solid secondary, which they need to resign Hall because he can make some int, Rogers and Smoot can be those shut down corners, and with Landry, Horton as an emerging legit safety, plus Kareem Moore which has the potential as well, we should be good. Springs just doesn’t do anymore, He did a phenomenal job againts TO back then but for the last 2 1/2 years his injuries just became a nagging factor. they have to release him to get some potential drafts. Jason Taylor needs to be released, i saw a cooley blog about him saying he just need a ring and then can retire, what a joke he’s been! Washington too, too many injuries. O-Line needs to rejuvenated by a younger group as well as the D-Line, Montgomery is gonna be a good run stopper by next year. Campbell still has a chance up to next year, that’s why they drafted Brennan,to see if he can be molded into a starter. a back for CP in next year’s draft ain’t bad and also, we need a strong receiver corps. Moss & Cooley have been and still are the only weapons we have. Kelly & Thomas need to step up.

  37. “His point about the safety position isn’t as far off base as you would like to think. Horton has a lot of heart, but the problem is he’s just a less talented Laron Landry. We drafted Landry to be in the box, help the run and blitz as a SS. All of these things are strengths of his, but he can’t d these things playing centerfield. I love Horton, but he’ll never be as good as Landry could be playing the SS position. So having a true ball-hawking FS would be beneficial…not necessarily a glaring need by any means, but would definitely help get the most out of Landry.”

    Thank you. Finally – someone that doesn’t have the blinders on and understands football.

    Look guys, I’ve been a Skins fan for my entire life. I was born in D.C. (not kidding) I’ve watched this team rise and fall.

    I stand by my post. Those guys need to go.

    Why do you think the Steelers are in the playoffs EVERY SINGLE YEAR? They don’t give a **** about what your name is or what you’ve done in the past.

    If you ask for more money, don’t play up to par, or are injured for too long, Steelers Ownership shows you the front door. (see Joey Porter, Plaxico Buress, Antwaan Randle El, Alan Faneca etc. etc. etc.)

    WE ARE A SOFT TEAM. Not just on the field. Ownership and Management is SOFT.

    Anyone that can’t see that should follow some other sport.

  38. Kelly has been hurt while thomas just scored his first td last week but i was a rushing td. Campbell needs to trust his wrs and put the ball in spots instead of waiting for them to get wide open. The screen doesnt work now cause we dont throw the ball down field enouph. Zorn tell campbell to throw it deep more even if its incomplete, it will let the defenses know that we will take shots so you better back up so the screens and the slants will work to perfection, i like zorns plays but someone needs to tell campbell to go deep. So all in all step up rookie wrs we are tryin to get to the playoffs

  39. do the skins practice unusual situations in practice? such as, hurring up to the line to take a quick snap before the other team can challenge a questionable catch? I watch other teams and some know to hurry up to the line when they’ve benefited from a questionable play. The skins never seem to hurry to do anything.

  40. Hey Matt
    I saw some blogs about Patrick Crayton? is that for real?

    he might be interested in joining the skins for next year. can blame him for the role he has now, Cowboys don’t know quality good players, they wanna buy a SuperBowl team not build one. that’s why they’re gonna fold again in the next couple of games. Steelers are gonna eat Romo alive, let’s see if he can scramble like he use to.


  41. Below are the players the future needs to be built around. Not all of them should be starters, but they are all still “hungry” to play hard.

    1) Lorenzo Alexander
    2) H.B. Blades
    3) Ryan Boschetti
    4) Chris Cooley
    5) Fred Davis
    6) Alfred Fincher
    7) Kedric Golston
    8) DeAngelo Hall
    9) Stephon Heyer
    10) Chris Horton
    11) Rob Jackson
    12) Malcolm Kelly
    13) LaRon Landry
    14) Rocky McIntosh
    15) Anthony Montgomery
    16) Kareem Moore
    17) Chad Rinehart
    18) Mike Sellers
    19) Fred Smoot
    20) Devin Thomas
    21) Justin Tryon
    22) Chris Wilson
    23) Horace Gant
    24) Byron Westbrook

  42. Enough of the SS FS talk! Here is the bottom line:

    Redskins this season w/ Reed Doughty = 4-1
    Redskins this season w/o Reed Doughty = 3-4

    End of discussion.

  43. if u cultivate your young talent and be hasty in free agent spending(i.e,Pittsburgh,Indy,Giants! tennesee, Carolina, Tampa). you will be compettitive on a more consistent basis. Vinnie Cerrato, ARE u LISTENING. the way were going Im waiting for the uncapped year when our method of management will be beneficial!HTTR! P.s. Dont go spending even on our own free agents. Let them go for the money, because no one player on THIS team is irreplaceable. yes even portis. l-e-a-d-i-n-g r-u-s-h-e-r does not spell Super Bowl!

  44. “Enough of the SS FS talk! Here is the bottom line:

    Redskins this season w/ Reed Doughty = 4-1
    Redskins this season w/o Reed Doughty = 3-4

    End of discussion.”

    Uh – no. Reed has a ton of heart, but he’s not an NFL starter. He gets burned time and time again.

  45. Blache play some 2man under! And quit showing the blitz so early. Im not an nfl coach but i know cover 1 when I c it. I could take a step back and throw it to the fade route on this defense. Our corners are truly the best in the game because they play naked meaning the Q.B. usually knows our coverage before the play starts. And dirty 30 is extremely bored in this system and if we dont do something i can c him leaving in free agency just so he can play closer to the line of scrimmage and make the type of plays troy Polamalu makes at pittsburgh. mix it up Blache! please

  46. For 4vrskins, maybe I’m crazy here, but I don’t see Smoot as a shut down corner. He certainly didn’t shut down Toomer on that 40YD touchdown pass Sunday.

  47. okay guys proplem with the skins i agree def off line suck i dont believe in campel put we need too gave him another year moss is not a 1 reciever portis if we like it or not is too injury prone last 5 years he was injured playoff games he was too hurt too play he needs to go we need a bruising back like jacobs this is what the running game was set up for. just watch some of kelly games in college he has the potenial to be great and elite like monk was.and we need to gave zorn at least 5 years.anyone agree

  48. why not give the punt return duties to Devin Thomas, if they don’t want to install him 100% on the offense yet, see if he can get us some nice yards on punt returns,he is really fast and big. our special teams unit are one of the worst in the league this year, jeez “Sushi” can’t even handle the importance kicking for 3 pts. about Springs and Jason Taylor, I think most of what was written about is not discrediting the fact they are PRO BOWL football players, yes they “were” great then, age comes hand in hand with injuries and its either they missed games or has not been contributing.plus they’re salaries are too much that the org. can use to sign younger players and potential draft picks. The Redskins are not a rebuilding team, they only needed a few more pieces to have them be a strong contender for years to come. Plus JC should be given a chance for his job, he knows it too, he doesn’t perform until his contract expires, Snyder wouldn’t sign his next paycheck.

  49. Landry is a prototype free safety with his speed. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but he’s not a big hitter and seems to miss a lot of tackles, so he is way better suited for free safety.

  50. that pass on smoot was a perfect throw there’s just nothing you can do about that

  51. thank you for watching the game nick

    for sizzle, we are one of only 5 teams in the league that do not give up a lot of big plays. 40+ yards or more this year. with that stat, yeah i consider the Redskins to have shutdown corners!

    GO SKINS!!!

  52. “Landry is a prototype free safety with his speed. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but he’s not a big hitter and seems to miss a lot of tackles, so he is way better suited for free safety”

    You obviously didn’t watch this guy in college. He makes plays around the line of scrimmage and is an excellent blitzer. He’s more like a Polomalu or Bob Sanders than an Ed Reed. He definitely has the speed to play FS, but his strengths are playing around the line of scrimmage.

  53. “Landry is a prototype free safety with his speed. I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but he’s not a big hitter and seems to miss a lot of tackles, so he is way better suited for free safety”

    You obviously didn’t watch this guy in college. He makes plays around the line of scrimmage and is an excellent blitzer. He’s more like a Polomalu or Bob Sanders than an Ed Reed. He definitely has the speed to play FS, but his strengths are playing around the line of scrimmage.

  54. That’s college not the pro’s and troy and ed are also both FS’s. He is great at blitzing but to play him around the box is taking away from his strengths and that’s his speed not his tackling.

  55. remember ryan clark he plays SS for pitt

  56. they do move troy around a lot but he is a tackling machine. Landry isn’t even close to as talented around the box as him. Sean was

  57. Hey Guys can you let Vinnie Cerato Know that Fred Davis, is supose to be Calais Campbell (DE) pic in the draft that passed. We missed out on him for Davis.. Where is Davis at!!

    This year the best Safety in the Draft is going to be ERIC BERRY from Tennesee, lock it up scouts…He reminds me of 21..

  58. Ok….. Reach around into your back pocket, pull out your wallet. look into it. see the money thats there. do you think it nearly the money that anyone on the redskins coaching staff/ players have in theirs….

    No, i dont think so. this team is damn close to putting it all together. the guys that get paid to do what they do are on top of the things that need to be done i am sure. i am also sure that they have greater perspective than anyone including myself on what theTEAM needs. stand behind these guys. Tired of seeing post that are saying what this team needs. blah blah blah. we need to win and we have the players to do that. face it.

  59. hahaha, Polomalu is a SS dude (and I said he’s nothing like Ed Reed, who is a FS). Go look at the Steelers roster on their website if you don’t believe me. And you wouldn’t know how good Landry is in the box because they never put him there. Dude can blitz with the best of them and can tackle in the box. Your conceptions of him are as a FS running up from 20 yards down field (probably against Jacobs too, which I admit was terrible, but he makes a lot of guys look like that). Just because he’s fast doesn’t mean he’s better suited to play the FS position. He’s forced into that role because there is no other safety on our team that can run with him.

  60. In pittsburgh defense safeties are interchangeable. they dont put him 30 yds. behind the line of scrimmage like we do Landry. The talk that he is a free safety obviously shows how un/ill-informed most fans are.if gregg williams were her the 1st thing he would’ve done after S-dot’s(sean Taylor) death is find a free safety. Darren Sharper would fit, he’s a deep throw ball hawk. I love the skins and I reserve the right to compliment and criticize when and where i see fit.we have a Noahs Ark of position players. moss and A.R.E.= same player. portis,betts=same player.j taylor/#99 same player. Horton/ landry=same player.Davis/cooley same F’n player. by same player i mean the same skill set. we need players that compliment each other not mimick eachother.

  61. who do u think is winning this game this week, the ravens or your skins??

    ravens got a chance to win their division if pittsburg loses to the cowboys, which if we beat them and the ravens win, they are tied for 1st place in their division, yall need to win just to keep that life support lead plugged in, and not only that u still have the eagles to face as well, not an easy 4 games left for yall and neither for us but were still a game ahead of yall


  62. also crayton isnt going anywhere, hes our 3rd wr and a good one at that, he will stay with us as he knows our system and fits it pretty well GO COWBOYS!!

  63. Mike, Before Doughty was placed on IR he was 4th on the team in tackles behind Fletcher, Horton, and Rogers…and he didn’t even play against New Orleans.

    You are off base on so many levels bro.

  64. “In pittsburgh defense safeties are interchangeable. they dont put him 30 yds. behind the line of scrimmage like we do Landry”

    Polomalu seems to make a lot more plays in the box than Clark, but I was more or less trying to compare Landry’s and Polomalu’s skill sets. Polomalu is a stud and can do pretty much everything, but he’s at his best wreaking havoc at the line. Which is how Landry would be used if we had a true FS on the roster. Defense has done a solid job though, so this isn’t even a real concern. Just a point. I know they aren’t the sexy picks, but the Skins need some big bodies on both lines. It all starts up front.

  65. But it goes back to a front office of YES men. And as FAns we are too nice to the players when they make dumb mistakes. being a family member to a unnamed player I get to see 1st hand how gullible redskins fans are compared to others. If complaining lights a fire under my team’s A$# I will be the 1st to do it. If u research suucessful franchises the formula isn’t that hard. Its when we try to re-invent the wheel that we run into problems.on my last post, I forgot #99’s name and wont bother to remember it until he shows me something to remember him by.

  66. Andre Carter is 99 , and he’s been pathetic

  67. we need to start a signed petition and get Cerrato Canned. Not exactly computer savvy so if someone would start 1 I’d be most appreciative! And IF U disagree with any of my cooments id love a response.

  68. Taylor and carter are OLB’s. we have a3-4 d.line and a 4-6 secondary. those guys will get put on their BIG numbers(back) continuously against our DIV. OPPONENTS. COUGHLIN LOOKS AT THESE GUYS ANd laughs. Why do we keep 8 on the line of scriimage and blitz anyway knowing it exposes us on defense u ask? because these guys could not get a sack in Amsterdam,Oakland, or Jamaica!

  69. Cerrato needs to be fired like how Mcmillen was kicked out of Detroit. one of the few things to rememdy personnel management. Look at the dumb things he did this year, after a smart move on taking a receiver for the draft, everyone was hoping he’d draft an O-Line, D-Line or Linebacker, we got Fred Davis. which i do think he’s a good tight end, but we haven’t used him at all. we passed on Curtis Lofton (ATL), he’s been a monster of a linebacker like Jon Beason. the Calais Campbell (from … the U!!!) he’s progressing every game. sucks we did it again passing a potential player like him, like back in 2005 when we had the chance to get SHAWN MERRIMAN Im still pissed about taking Rogers first! and he wanted to be a redskins too!
    Look at what happened this year, Springs is still with us, he barely played a full game this year, Jason Taylor has done nothing and the O-Line are just so dang old

  70. Just like whem bruce smith came to town weighing in at a stringy 235lbs . It would be 3rd and 2 and there was bruce with that pass rush! our ends are too light in the A&#! This is my last post today. But if u have the game from last sunday watch JAnsen get mauled by every one he faced. Its sickening. And not once did JasonCampbell get on hIs @$$. u have to do that sometimes to be successful. Hell, even Kurt Warner does it. Snapon’em JAson He’ll understand. i Complained alot today. Had to vent somewhere. Punching the wall a little too costly. But, all and still, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

  71. ERIC BERRY (S) out of Tennesee guys i’m trying to tell you something good about this kid.. has talent.

  72. Hey matt,, uou know what i think about campbells crisp practice. I’ll be first on here when he has a decent game..personallly think Landry is a little overrated but that might be because i compare him to taylor. taylor was going to be a HOF. landry just doesnt seem to have the BIG play skills and like one of the guys mentioned earlier he does seem to miss tackles.

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