Finally, The Video: Jim Zorn on Austrian TV

A couple of weeks ago, a friendly TV crew from the Austrian TV network ORF stopped by the locker room to get interviews to use during their broadcast of the Redskins/Cowboys game. I was entranced by the possibilities represented by Coach Zorn’s interview with the network, and especially by his greeting to the people of Austria.

As you can probably guess, I was envisioning something that would simultaneously be clever and deeply quirky. At the time, Barry Svrluga joked that Zorn was explaining his experiences working in a (totally hypothetical, I think) schnitzel-making plant, and I was sure that he would deliver his greeting to the Austrian people in flawless Hochdeutsch.

Well, the folks at ORF were kind enough to send the video over and … I’ll admit to being a little underwhelmed. It’s good, sure — Zorn’s explanation of the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry is entertaining, and his description of the problem with playing NFL games in Europe is actually informative — but there’s no schnitzel to be found.

Many thanks to ORF for the video, and let me hasten to say that the copy they sent me was flawless and clear; any degradation of video quality is because of my uploading it.


3 Responses

  1. What an unreal guy Zorn is. I’m always blown away when I listen to him, and his overly genuine nature makes it impossible not to like him.

    It’s a great video, and it’s nice to know we’ve got a guy like Zorn, who will take the time to do this and actually care about it, leading the team.

    He’s genuine, simple, passionate, and smart; there really wasn’t a better person to come in after Gibbs stepped down. Hopefully Zorn is just as strong when dealing with all the obstacles the NFL can throw his way(harmful players, selfish agents, sneaky front offices, biased media, etc.)

  2. Pay attention to the game Zorn….Don’t play with the fans by throwing them a game ball while we’re down two score’s with time left to come back. It seems to me like I paid more attention to the game then zorn. Pay attention and show urgency…… can our players play with urgency if Zorn isn’t promoting it. I want to see an aggresive JC on Sunday. I want to see JC rip apart the Raven’s D.

  3. Jason… I hear you. But this blog was not about the game from last Sunday… How can you not like the man?

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