The Play Coach Zorn Did Not Call

Honestly, Coach Zorn’s press conference was a little disappointing.

Not from a news perspective — he covered all of that perfectly well. He confirmed that Jason Campbell was his starting quarterback, that Shaun Suisham is still the kicker, and reiterated his “execution” points. He characterized Jason Campbell’s performance as “very average,” but hastened to clarify that he meant that there were a number of highs as well as some lows, and he honestly appeared to still have confidence in Campbell. He seemed at times frustrated, at times optimistic. From that point of view, it was about what you’ve come to expect from a post-loss Jim Zorn press conference.

But it was slightly disappointing from the whole quirky-descriptions-and-unique-verbiage perspective that I’ve come to enjoy this season. In that regard, I think the high point of the press conference came when Zorn was trying to explain that he calls plays that he expects to succeed — something he explained in his characteristically colorful style.

“I don’t say that I want you to run ‘Green Right Two Jet FAILURE’. We don’t have that play in our playbook.”

Which was good to hear, for two reasons: first, because it was legitimately funny, and second, because I’m very glad that he’s not deliberately calling FAILURE plays.

(Edited for clarity 8:45 a.m., December 2.)


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  1. A change is due, becuase this offense is not working. Opposing defenses all play 1 yard off our recievers, not scared of our deep threat. JC had time against the Giants, either no one could get open or he can’t make the quick read and deliver. Its time for coaches to play players who can play. The Skins are near the bottom in points scored, other than the 20 against the Seahawks they are lucky to get a touchdown.

  2. When you only have 2 formations, your not going to win. We look like a bunch of rainbow refugees out there. Nobody knew we would run it on 4th down. HA! The Giants dominated out offensive line with young guys, which is what we need. I don’t care if we suck for the next 2 years, we need to build through the draft and get rid of the guys that are just there to collect a paycheck.

  3. I think we’re all victims of a fantastic start. To be where we are is great, but it’s a surprise. At the beginning of the year I would say we all expected the west coast offense to take a few years before we scored a lot of points. Plus, for Years we have had problems with our small receivers because they cannot physically command the ball.

    This offense will be good, it will take more than this year. The fact that we’re doing good at all says great things about our players and coaches.

    If you change things just to change them you’re not helping anybody. The teams that are really good stick with it through thick and thin. We as fans need to stick too, and look forward to this offense growing after the first year in it.

    JC did not have a lot of time against the Giants, only on play-action on first down. Our offensive line is horrible pass protecting, and I think that’s Jim Zorn’s first move this offseason. We’ve got a lot of highly-paid players there not playing up to their contracts.

  4. Coach zorn you need to get on the defensive line. Come on how many 3rd and longs are you going to give up. We give the qb to much time to pick us apart. The only was we get presure is by putting 8 and 9 in the box and thats sad. We need to invest in a young de in the offseason, maybe go after peppers, or use that first round pick to get one.

  5. Am I the only one that’s getting tired of Jim Zorn not taking any blame for this slump? It seems defense’s have adjusted to our offensive scheme’s and Zorn can’t readjust his offenese to counter act. Man up!

  6. the skins always finish weak, when yall were winning, and we have been on a bad streak with injuries to romo and the rest of our crew, we lost a couple and yall were already crowning yourselves nfc champions, skins fans over on our site talking cr@p but i knew the tables would turn on yall, cambell would start to make his stupid mistakes and yall would see the true side to him, he isnt a good qb, yall nearly lost to the seahawks who were aweful against us, and yall produced NO offense against the gayants, but like ive said dont give up, yall can finish 11-5 still which is a great record, but yall will have to play the ravens and eagles which are going to be 2 hard games, and the eagles just blew out the cards when before the ravens blew out the eagles, u lose to the ravens next week and its pretty much over, glad we are 8-4 instead of 7-5 but we have the hardest schedule these last 4 and we will see what we are made of GO COWBOYS!!!

  7. Why we took a te so early in the draft when cooley is the truth i dont understand but we did so why isnt fred davis the number 2 te. 3rd and long no sacks. If we play like that against the ravens flacco is going to look like a pro bowler. Jason taylor makes me sick watching espn and they keep showing the 3rd and longs and to see how close he got to eli just makes me sick. I would understand if he was a rookie or a no name guy, but when you give up a second round and almost 10 million dollars, he just makes me sick

  8. Every team that makes its Fans sit in “Horrendous” weather (Rain, Snow, etc), to watch a game, needs to realize that this is not acceptable. I am not talking about the “Fairness” to the teams, but to the Fans. The Redskins, Giants, Jets, Patriots, Packers, Steelers, and any other team that doesn’t have a “Dome”, needs to “Correct” this. Because of the “Time of Year” Football is played, Football should be played in a “Dome” ON GRASS…(Or a completely different “Time of Year”, which is not possible, because Baseball is already played in the summer)…The Owners can afford it…

  9. Im a fan for 28 years and Im convinced that the Redskins are the worst team with a winning record. The Redskins will be very fortunate to get one more win this season. What a waste of draft picks with all of the quality lineman that were in the draft. We didnt need a tight end or two recievers(maybe one)? The Redskins should send cut their losses now with Jason Campbell if they are not going to get some people to protect him. The Redskins should take some advice from what the Giants did by getting Manning(whom to me is far from being great no matter how many Super Bowls they win!) some quality lineman. Where is the safety that needs to TRY to replace Sean Taylor? He is starting for the Giants(Kenny Phillips) in case you are wondering. Im not blaming it all on Campbell, but he will never win a big game because he is mentally scarred. Something only a very few people overcome. This is what some people call “A DEER IN HEADLIGHTS!” or “THE THOUSAND YARD STARE!”

  10. Hey Matt, can you ban that Cowgirl fan from OUR! blog site. Thanks

  11. Food for thought…you see where we now find ourselves….our expections have been lowered when we think 7-5 is still acceptable while the New England Patriots are having a down year at 7-5……???
    This team did not take care of business after it went on a roll at the beginning of the year by sealing the deal. They should be 9-3…easy. No lose to Rams, win 2nd Cowboys game. Both very doable……now the team will pay for those failures.
    But I will continue to hold out hope that something will happen and our offense will come back from the dead………

  12. or the fans just don’t go…. its the fans choice to go or not. and the owners cant control weather. we don’t need a dome we need a qb who can move the ball down the field and a d-line who cause havoc. a new stadium should be the last thing on their minds.

  13. Kbrown, on December 1st, 2008 at 3:09 pm Said:
    Hey Matt, can you ban that Cowgirl fan from OUR! blog site. Thanks

    you should tell your fans who come over to our site to fcuk off as well, its funny how yall act like a big baby and trow your dummies out of your pram, yall should be lucky your team aint the lions lol, dont worry u will get your revenge on us cowboys when u face us again, oh wait a minute, yall wont face us again because yall lost lol HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!



  15. but thats not fair to say, because u didnt bearly lose to dallas, your team got dominated, we both were exchanging the ball and dallas WANTED THAT GAME MORE THAN YOU DID, we went up 14-10 then the last 6:47 minutes we got the ball back and never gave it back to you, its up to your defense to take the ball away from our offense and yall couldnt stop it, that game wasnt close, if dallas were bad sportsmen, we would have scored to make it 21-10 again, not close at all as it seemed,

    on our first loss to yall, we were a onside recovery away from winning that game, we lost by 2 and could have won by a field goal, sam hurd doesnt let that ball slip through his hands we win hands down, but last year we had the luck this year we havent had game go our way and we have had LOADS of injuries but we are STILL in the race for the playoffs !!


  16. im sick and tired of watching Campbell hold the ball like he’s about to run it. for crying out loud you’re a QB! I’ve never been a big fan of Campbell.

    JASON TAYLOR – YOU SUCK!!! go back to tippy toeing at the dance floor because you lost all your heart in playing football! what a waste of money!

    SHAWN SPRINGS – YOU SUCK!! retire, you just totally blew a possible interception by DeAngelo Hall!

    O-LINE – YOU SUCK! O means OLD!!!

    D-LINE – YOU SUCK! D means DREADFUL!! my 7th grade students can pass protect againts you all day! BRING IT!!!

    you’re my man CP!! MVP candidate. too bad he won’t get it now, he shouldered everything to the point of injury! We miss you SEAN TAYLOR!! GOD BLESS! sorry you had to watch an embarrassing performance

  17. Hey cowboys 4 life I bet you don’t even live in Texas your just wanna be and not true to your home team where ever that maybe and if you are from Texas then your just whack! I would never spend my time on you guy’s digusting website commenting on your blog. Get a life dude!

  18. For those of you that wnat Colt or Todd, in place of Jason:

  19. cowboys 4 life—How can you say the redskins always finish weak? What was last year’s 4 game win streak to get into the playoffs? What about when we won 5 in a row to get in the playoffs a couple years ago?

    If you’re including finishing in the playoffs, how have the cowboys finished in the playoffs lately?

    GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Matt, you sure know how to throw a party!!

    It seems to me that Jason Campbell needs to relax and just play. That said, it would be helpful if he had some time to throw. But even when he did have time, he was off the mark at times. He needs to relax and just play. People are going to talk. There will always be a contingent of fans that want the ‘other guy’ no matter who that other guy is. What Campbell needs to understand is that it doesn’t matter who the other guy is, or what the other fans are saying. If he would just go and play “ballz out” and let it just happen, he has the physical talent to be really good.

    But now, we’re talking about the mental aspect of the game. And, I submit to you, that if Jason Campbell doesn’t make it, it will be entirely because he didn’t harness the mental toughness for the game.

    He just needs to play the dang game! The best example I can think of at the moment is Santana Moss. When the Redskins drafted two WR’s and a TE with the first three picks of the draft last year, Moss could easily have started to wonder if he was going to be eventually pushed out of the rotation. But, he responds with an attitude that says, “this is my side…and my performance is my security.”

    Campbell needs to develop that same attitude right now. He also needs a right offensive tackle.

    Ya know.

  21. Campbell would be a better QB if his receivers would catch passes they are paid to catch.
    I’m not a huge Campbell fan, but he needs to be fairly evaluated.
    Many talk about the O not getting in a rhythm. It’s really tough to get anything going when the receivers are dropping catchable balls.

  22. Cowboys 4 life has no life because all he does is go on Redskins blogs and write about how the Redskins stink and the Cowboys are so good…seriously, do you have that much time on your hands?? why don’t you spend your time doing something more productive??

  23. hey we are done for the season Zorn doesn’t want to say it out loud but he knows it

  24. i thought sean taylors ceremony would pump the redsknins up but they came out with no since of urgency they looked down we need a motivational speaker like ray lewis..and jason campell needs to man up and the throw the ball down the field we got 2 many good recievers and weapons not to put up more than 20 points a game. oh yea i love how we still put james thrash in thier still and he drop a ball..need to get malcom kelly and devin thomas the ball!!!!!!

  25. Chad, I think the team would pay good money to put up 20 points a game! I think they will come out swinging for the fence Sunday night. 5 Wide outs and spread the field!

  26. Well Zorn still wants to lose with campbell in there and Shawn Springs costs us and INT and then gets hurt again can any coach on our team not see that he is a waste of space and money just like campbell is please shawn springs quit being a bitch and just retire BECUZ U SUCK





  28. 8-8 and they will be happy to get that at this level of play.

  29. Isn’t part of Taylor and how good he is how, no matter how good he is playing, the other team needs to put a couple blockers on him? Even though he isn’t getting sacks and tackles, the other team has to think about where he is on every play and that is how he is contributing. (That isn’t to say he is having a pro bowl year)

  30. Some very angry (and stupid) fans here today. JC can’t do it by himself, PERIOD. JC is suffering from thinking too much, and from being too concerned with making mistakes. He doesn’t seem to trust his receivers, and his receivers can’t get separation on their routes. It’s not rocket science here, the WRs, the QB, the O-Line, they all need to play better in order for the offense to move forward.

    Zorn is doing fine, it’s not time to bench anybody(maybe Jansen), but it IS time to push the rookies WRs more and harder, they are needed NOW.

    Go REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. All of the second round picks need to see the field, kelly, thomas, davis all need to see the field. So far the wrs grade is a c and thats only cause the end a round worked. Fred davis was a wasted draft pick. Jason taylor was a waste of a second round pick and need to do his contract over now for cap room. True the o line gave up 4 sacks but campbell held on to the ball to long on 2 or 3 of those sacks. 12 carries from the running backs is what lost us the game. Yea we missed the field goal that could of cut it to 3 points, but we were only down 6 points and 4 plays later got the ball back. Since campbell is not comfortable yet then we need to run the ball more. Get betts some more touches, portis is banged up and still wants to fight but other people have to step up. Cartwright would be the best back up to portis being that they have the same running style. My biggest problem with the redskins is the pass rush. Come on front 4. No jason taylor makes as much as the other 3 starters on the d line all together and only has 1 sack. Hes a joke.

  32. Is any redskins fans mad at the special teams for not rushing the extra point on the giants first touchdown. Is that bad coaching or are players giving up

  33. The Redskins have not had an impressive win this season. Jason Campbell needs to be benched, he is not ready for prime time. Colt Brennan in my opinion is a better quarterback and gets rid of the ball much quicker then Jason. If the Redskins are going to have a playoff chance, they are going to have to change quarterbacks. The hardest working players like Portis, Fletcher, Horton, and Sellers need help. And whats with Suisam he has missed 3 field goals in 4 weeks. Zorn your QB is not ready, bench him for the teams good.

  34. HAIL TO ALL THE REDSKINS FANS!! we supported our team like no other in terms of PRO BOWL voting! but I think the only people deserving to go to the pro bowl is Portis, Fletcher, Horton, Sellers and DeAngelo Hall (alhtough I can’t fingd him in the list).
    We got no pass rush, which brings up the dumb move to sign JASON TAYLOR, what a useless waste of roster space. Parcells knew that he has nothing left in his tank! SPRINGS is just and has in the last two seasons INJURY PRONE and should be released.

  35. why cant we find a good punter and field goal kicker and someone that can kick the ball at least to the goal line?

  36. I agree you can’t win if your kicker doesn’t make 40 yard field goals and can’t even kick the ball off pass the freaking 15 yard line.

  37. The kicker and jason taylor need to go. Every starting de in the nfl has more sacks then jason taylor. Im sick of people saying what taylor has done in the past. Well if they and him are stuck in the past it means the game has past them. Yes the d is playing ok but the pass rush is bad, real bad. There is only 4 or 5 teams with less sacks then the redskins. There are 10 rookie de with more sacks then jason taylor and all the rookies didnt even start.

  38. kick the kicker out he caves under pressure!! have Jason Taylor dance his way out of Redskins park permanently!! Springs should just freakin call it quits! the only good signing we have this year is Chris Horton and DeAngelo Hall (two games two picks, which should’ve been three, thanks to Springs)
    It’s Colt Brennan time!

  39. lol its funny how yall are too sad to start bashing another fan from another team clearly better than yours because the truth hurts, yall suck period, you all think you have a good team but yall know deep down your going to embarrase yourselves or dissapoint yourselves, get over it, lower your expectations because your never going to get into the playoffs, i would be inclined to lose on purpose to get a better draft pick lol, but knowing your team, you will LOSE anyways, I AM FROM TEXAS, I HAVE A LIFE, its annoying yall for comming to our site and dissing our fans, it looks like yall have too much time on your hands to reply back to me, now whos the one whos sad???? THATS RIGHT THE SKINS FANS CAUSE THEIR QB AND THEIR WHOLE TEAM SUXS LOL







  40. I got Time Cb4life. I’m gonna use your team to make a real good point about JC and his sickening play. Remember how good the cowgirls looked before Romo hurt his little pinkie? Then, they looked like cellar dwellers without him. Then when he comes back, they look great. Well guess what, I saw Romo in college and Colt’s pathetic predecessor Timmy Chang beat his a## in Aloha stadium. Like cb4life said, he’d rather play against JC than Colt any day. Youtube has all the highlights. What you saw in preseason with and against 3rd stringers, is what we will see with Colt. Colt has a far quicker release,is more accurate, throws TD’s and he sees the whole field. He provides a threat JC doesn’t. This keeps defense’s honest. In turn this opens up the run, controls TOP and keeps our defense off the field. This is what TR does for the girls. AS long as JC is the starter we will suffer and the girls will go places we won’t! Wake up JC supporters, he needs to go!!

  41. Seriously, the day the cowboys lose we will never hear from cowboys 4 life again, i mean i didn’t see him comment earlier when the cowboys were losing so much, yet when they start winning he thinks he’s so cool and can talk all this trash.

    Same, kbrown, i would never go on a cowboys blog and comment, that’s just stupid.

  42. Once Colt starts all he will see is Colt Brennan for life in his nightmares!!

  43. lol can i hear me some jelousy lol, your foreskins suck period, they should be fighting for the 1st round pick with the lions, cause yall can sure use all the help you get, again its funny how yall were comming over to our site to talk all your cr@p how its funny that dallas are all hurt and losing these games even though yall lost to the rams as well, we lost to them because we were hurt, your foreskins lost to them because they are a bunch of losers, and then to brag about a 2 point win over our boys for not recovering that onside kick that would have swept yalls asses again but i knew we would show yall up in your own place, it was funny how when we got all those penalties in that game, your announcers kept on playing “hey you suck” well i swear that i could hear that same song playing when barber picked up that first down easily on 4th and 2 to shove that BIG FAT FREAKIN LLLLL DOWN YOUR THROATS AND PUT THAT FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR YOUR SEASON, AND THE RAVENS WILL DO THAT THIS WEEKEND AS WELL

    though it was funny seeing all yalls pig fans crying at your own stadium when the barbarian ran yall over lol jason taylor, what a BIG FLOP lol, i hear the water boy is looking for an nfl team to play with lol hahahahaha

    and the scary thing for yalls fans is you better get ready for next season, because when all our guys return from injury, you will be basement dwellers in the nfc east for a LONG LONG TIME!!!!


  44. To HT Skins67

    Romo is the man, period, he gets the job done, even without him we beat the 9-3 bucs, which are a very good team as they are a playoff team, our defense anchored it down to help us win, against the giants, at half time after all the mistakes we made with our back up qb, we were still down only 14-10, that to me is still a great chance, we have tony romo in that game we win easily, thats the difference between romo and cambell, that when push comes to shove, romo has a chance to get it done against great teams, cambell has flopped both times hes gone against the giants, this next game yall are playing are against the ravens, if yall dont play a decent game against them your going to be watching the playoffs from home lol

    And for the record im rooting for the ravens, that way you will have gone from second place to the bottom of the nfc east by the end of this week GO COWBOYS!!!

  45. and heres to point all the foreskins fans the difference between the truth and fiction…

    fiction= skins are the best team in the nfl and are going to win the superbowl

    fact= skins are an average team that can win but theres always a question if they can win this week, week after week

    fiction= dallas suck, skins are the best

    fact= dallas loses by 2 on first meeting which is winnable if the onside is held onto and recovered.

    dallas wins easily by 14-10 and because of good sportsmanship run the clock out instead of going up 21-10 to save the skins embarrasement

    fiction= jason cambell is a great qb of this great team

    fact= jason cambell is a average qb who needs to study the game and stop making stupid mistakes that cost his team the win week in and out

    until this is addressed, your skins are going to lose the workhorses on this team ie chris cooley and clinton portis, both good football players on this team

    fact= the more time they waste on this failure, the less time those two mentioned above have to play for the skins

    fiction= 3 teams will make the playoffs in the nfc east

    fact= 1 team might just come out of that division, so dallas has its work cut out for them, and with a loss more than dallas, yours are all “must win situations”

    fiction= redskins fans never go to other nfc east rivals to talk cr@p

    fact= your boy queer james hasnt been on our site SINCE dallas handed his ass back to him on the crushing, crushing defeat!!!


  46. k brown

    i hear your pain, but remember u have to take the good with the bad, he made that critical fieldgoal against us to beat us by 2,

    we got rid of him cause he wasnt reliable and no good, and in this day and age, u need a reliable f/g kicker to make the difference in a W and a L,

    weve got a pro bowl kicker in folk, that guy has a nick name of mr clutch cause the kid just nails them straight down the middle, see buffalo game last year and the cards game this year,

    both games important because who put him there to make those kicks possible, thats right TONY ROMO,

    nick folk needs to be put into possition to make those kicks yall need, so dont blame him that much if its cambell taking a sack and losing yards instead of gaining some to make the kick easier lol


  47. if this Colt yall talk about is soo good, why not try him out this week against the ravens, yall might as well use him to see what the kid has, look at matt ryan and the guy yall are going to play against this week flacco, these two guys are in their first year and are kickin some butt, give the kid a chance, if hes no good, then address that position in the offseason, make cambell earn his position in the offseason, when u lose the will to compete to keep your starting job, then u just go through the motions and play for a “paycheck” but if u bench him like they did with mcnabb, look what he did, he fought harder, stronger, and smarter to make the decision andy reid made look stupid and he torched the cards pretty good, just some food for thought…


  48. Lol cb4life, I coluldn’t agree more!! except, THERE WERE NO INJIN’S IN BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN, ONLY COWBOYS!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

  49. hey cowgirls 4 life

    you have “some” facts that can be justified however
    you cowboys fan are all the same that try to overlook the simple REAL FACT!!! COWGIRLS HAVEN’T WON A PLAYOFF GAME. Sports Writers, Deion Sanders any NFL ANALYSTS are not on your bandwagon for this simple TRUTH. This Sunday, PIT will embarass your team sooooooooooooo bad!!!!


  50. this cowboys 4 life guy is funny. I gots 2 things to say to you bout the last 2 meets we had this year against the cowboys.

    1st game we won just face facts you lost you lost stop using excuses on this or that you lost get over it. your defense and offense were playing horrible and obviously the cardinals showed you how much your beloved QB is plz dont come saying crap a team we won you guys lost to. All teams this year have losts they wished to get back for instance cowboys and REDSKINS both lost to one of the worst teams in the NFL yup the rams so dont bring me that crap my dude.

    2nd game I give it to you guys you won by 4 omg what a beat down 1st off TO sux the ints in that game were on hime from talkin so much garbage thru that week he was just getting smashed hard! D. Hall took the 1st right out his hands and then C.Rogers just popped your biggest cry baby TO in the chest and he lost the ball. My point is that our Defense was never the problem now our offense my dude so dont try and say all this garbage bout our Defense if you knew that if they actually played like they did in the 1st half of the season we would be with 8-4 and you guys would be 7-5 but its not so im not gonna stress what you say my dude.


    If any of you actually think our offense is productive hahahahahahahahaha your as dumb as our coach is believing in a QB that is the worst there is Eli, Ben, and Brady in there 1st 4yrs in the NFL have won superbowl(s) so I dont wanna hear any of the crap of JC being a young QB plz if your a true REDSKINS FAN you will automatically tell he is no DOUG WILLIAMS the tru #17 JC dont even desserve that # take it off and put Tony Banks #11 cuz you play like he did here.

    As for romo he isnt a big deal either been in the league for years no SUPERBOWL(S) you can win all you want and talk all you want but witout that trophy and rings you QB is just as bad as ours is!

  51. Goskins:

    I agree with you no1 believes in that team anymore, besides this weekend the Steelers Defense will dominate romo and his soft ass receiving core as well!


  52. I’ll be honest…I’m not a fan of JC…never have been. However, I have to also be honest that it isn’t ALL HIS FAULT.

    When you have zero pass protection, receivers dropping balls and the same play being called over and over again until the defense KNOWS what you are doing, then it becomes a team problem and not simply a QB problem.

  53. You blame a QB JEFF because the QB is the leader the general of the team. Look at Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Eli Manning (even tho I hate him) all know when a blitz is coming or anything really thrown at them by the defense is coming. But JC is a sissy a sorry excuse of a QB. A true QB will see the Defensive Scheme before it even comes and hit them. He under threw the TD pass for Randle El by 6yds how in the blue hell do you under throw a pass especially a TD pass. So JEFF my fellow Redskins Fan it his fault for not adjusting his line his WR his TE or anything as a leader you yell at your line did you see how many times Eli was getting at his line because he got hit a couple times? well if you see a true LEADING QB will make it clear that this needs to work but JC is a pure NEVER-IS or NEVER-WILL-BE.

  54. Danny, I couldn’t agree with you more on that.

    some people say that it’s not all Campbell’s fault, TRUE to a certain degree. but he’s been here in this league of 4 yrs now, he should’ve at least learned how to read defenses by now and make the ncessary adjustments. He’s clueless for crying out loud. and the o-line is just horrible in pass protection, d-line doesn’t get any QB pressure, Eli has all the time in the world to find wide open receivers. I don’t know what’s in the mind of Cerrato when we signed Jason Taylor, he’s useless, Bill Parcells knew that so well, in turn we lose a 2nd round pick for him???!! what a joke! Springs, he should’ve been cut last year,
    he is D-O-N-E. we have no legitimate weapon to compliment Santana Moss, like last year. play Thomas & Kelly more, bring Fred Davis along too, he was pretty good at USC in making people miss tackles. insert younger o-line players. we drafted some young DE’s as well, let them play, what do we have to lose, Carter & Taylor has a total combine 3 sacks. embarassing. sorry to say, the TIME IS NOW. I think we, THE REDSKINS NATION AND ALL MY FELLOW DIE HARD FANS, WE DESERVE TO SEE A WINNING FOOTBALL TEAM!!! we spent $$$$$$ too!!!

  55. Why is everyone throwing Springs under the bus? Do you remember the game in Dallas? He is old and gets hurt, but he is still a shut-down corner when healthy.

    Campbell is further ahead of even Eli through 32 starts in his career…anyone who thinks he should be benched is absolutely ignorant of the QB position. JC is a solid QB (12 in efficiency…20 other teams would prefer to have him then their starter) and still coming into his own.

    This team is good…they’re just old and worn down at this point in the season…they folded halfway. They can’t win the individual battles to let the stars win the game, hence, the team is losing and you are trying to blame it on the easiest targets instead of having the team address the real problems.
    In the NFL continuity is the essence of success. See Bill Cowher, Bill Behlichick, Tony Dungy, Tom Coughlin, and all of the teams under them (which have also been relatively static during those coaches’ tenures, specifically at QB)

  56. well finally a skins fan who isnt blinded by a poor skins team….

    well if the skins had a great defense, they would have stopped the barbarian those last 6:43 seconds of the 4th quarter, i agree, the first game, no body wanted it, the skins were running hard like portis does alot, but we STILL had a chance to win,

    the second game we dominated yall after both team AGAIN didnt want the game, but dallas took over, it was a case of who wanted it more, and dallas did, and like i said because we were good sportsmans we didnt run up the score on yall, if we were the new england patriots we would have scored 31 points just to be rude, we ran out the clock to make the game more respectful for yalls team,

    Romo hasnt won a playoff game, i know that and i dont fake that he hasnt, but the saying u have to be in it to win it is better than not making it to the party in the first place, the first one he botch the snap, but then he shouldnt have been the qb and holder, it should have gone to the back up qb which they have learnt from that, he holds on to the ball and kicks the fieldgoal, dallas beats the seahawks and we go on and possibly win the superbowl, last year, we lost to the giants,

    but the truth is, it was 4th down and dallas STILL had a chance to win, last year we won alot of close games, if we lose some of them we are a 10-6 team, not a 13-3, but we won about 3-4 games we should have lost, romo got picked on that last play because he HAD to throw it into the endzone, its no good throwing it away, it was 4th down, in most of those close games we won, we did it in the same fashion, romo throws a td and we win in the last seconds of the game, it was just luck against us again that fails us for the second time, but there can only be soo many dissapointments by bad luck that you get over that hurdle,

    look at steve young when he was with the niners, he had to wait 3 yrs to get the “monkey” off his back and beat us in the nfc championship game, i feel like dallas offense even with all its injuries is one of the best in the nfl, u cant stop all of them as they will kill u one by one, the same thing cant be said about the skins,

    the skins have portis and chris cooley and santana moss, but thats it, the rest are just there not working together and with cambell as your qb, its not going to happen, it will for a couple of games, until they figure him out and then he cant figure the defenses out and theres where the whole team falls apart, u need a new qb,

    your defense is good, but in that dallas game, yall got dominated in the second half, a pick is a good thing to do but to not do anything with it is just stupid and then to turn it over back to us is just giving it away,

    at the end of the day im a fan and im glad i dont have a team like the skins, because id be filled with dissapointment year after year, at least with the cowboys, every week we have hope and beleive we can win and compete with anyone in the nfl PERIOD

    yall have a tough game against the ravens, i dont see yall winning that one, and beleive it or not this is a MUST win for yall, good luck with that one, your on critical life support and the ravens are comming to disconnect that plug keeping your team alive, better say your prayers lol.

    so ill say it again HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!

  57. To Go skins:

    yeah in the beggining of the year, everyone was on dallas band wagon, with all this stupid hard knocks cr@p showing our team and stuff, i think that was the biggest mistake for this team, the thing is with dallas, theyre americas team, now with getting labbled that title, theyre going to have the biggest fan base in the world, but also the most hated orginization as well, no one like the cowboys only cowboys fan but we have them all around the world, so every team in the nfl will have one game circled in thier calander season, the game against THE COWBOYS, every team will give their 200 % to beat the “bad azz” cowboys or “americas team” and have pride in beating them, thats alot of pressure on one team, not even the patrions or shall we call them cheatriots get hated as much as we do, but they say you know youve made it when people hate you,

    this game for us is going to be a big game, the steelers are a good team in the afc, but the fact is the giants beat them and the eagles beat them and both times they got to big ben, our d gets to big ben we are going to keep the game close like we always do, and because we keep them close, we have the factor no other team in the nfl has, we have ROMO and with that kid, you always know you have a chance to win, and thats why ive got confidence in winning this game,

    now again yalls team got a very good ravens team, who destroyed mcnabb and those eagles, if cambell plays like mcnabb did or his back up, yall are in for a long dissapointing game, GO COWBOYS!!!

  58. See the problem is that most fans dont get when a team isnt winning you find the faults and our D is mos def not the fault you can blame our D for being out on the field more than 31-35mins per game its a 60 min game think about it: ok 31-35min-D about an average of 19-24mins on O then that mean that kick-offs and special teams is about 4-6mins long so in terms to be exact is that I DONT EVER BLAME OUR DEFENSE.

    In all our 5 games we lost, our offense was averaging from 19-28mins of ball position with least amount of scoring, we had over 5 turnovers in which 3 were turned into field goals and the rest were punted and given back to the opponent, now if you think about it our D turnover ratio to the O scoring on those turnovers are horrible have been all year. Our average of scoring has been 10pts per game.

    This is what happens when you have a QB who thinks he is D.Williams when clearly he isnt even near Tony Banks skills. In another blog site I saw some editor write its not all Campbells fault and why are fans and media throwing him under the bus? I replyed back saying ok in our first couple of games he was great 6tds 0ints good job but our last 4 games hmmm 4tds and 4ints, so you have ingnorance to ask that ? how stupid of an editor can you be? This organization hasn’t seen one good QB in more than a decade, pitty!

    Now once again if you are A TRUE REDSKINS FAN you will know automatically who is at fault. This team has more money than any team in the league and yes of course more than dallas due to the fact that the commish of the NFL’s favorite team has always been the Redskins but since he is the commish he has to like all teams but his favorite remains the skins the Monday nite game you see Snyder and the Commish talking in the box having fun and talking so the money is there. O and if you think im lying look it up on (cowboys 4 life) every wednesday the commish talks to fans @ 2pm est.

    SO to finish up this reply……..

    Cowboys 4 Life: you probably right you couldv’e ran up the score but in the 4th quarter because in the 1st half our D was just dominating you receivers yeah your QB had all the time in the world man I think I coulda taken a piss came back and he would still be standing there waiting to throw. Facts is that game was given not because the team didnt want it no no no my dude its due to the fact our offense sux and you guys got that game not because you wanted more but because our sad excuse of an offense gave it to you your one TD that gave you the lead and win came in the 4th quarter our Deffense ran a dominant game in shutting down so much productivity til the 4th quarter where our D is actually tired of being on the fieldyou guys had over 10mins on the field with us about only 4 and some change please dont say that you guys coulda shoulda woulda it dont matter anymore we goin into week 14………O and by the way the Steelers will dominate you guys 1st off there deffense is mos def faster then your offense. You guys are wasting your time by resting your players trust me not a smart move your playing the Steelers not the Seahawks you should have prolly done that then not this week how ignorant neways…….

    This week is a must week and if we go with the mentality of what we have been in the past couple weeks kiss this year good bye every win from here and out is a must.

    LIKE I SAY………………


  59. i agree with you on the time of possesion, theres where dallas is good at playing football, and that will be the key to beating the steelers at their place, is to take the lead like 10-0 or 13-6 and play their style of football, run the ball with barber and choice and controll the clock and finish the long drive with points, preferbally with a td but a field goal in this game will just be as important as a td,

    in the last couple of games, the opponents against dallas has gotten close to scoring but dallas holds them to a fieldgoal, that really helps us alot, and keeps us in the game to take the lead, and we need to controll the ball and time this week again, wear down their defense which i know we can do and the game is ours, its going to be tough but it will show what my team is made of with their backs against the wall.

    as for yalls team, this is do or die for yall as i keep on saying, more pressure on yall, and your qb HAS to help your defense out, if not its game/season over for yall. U know when yall say that hall intercepted romo and took the ball away from t.o. well thats wrong because romo threw that pass behind romo and hall picked it off, but romo was wearing a pinkey splint, and he still won that game and the past 2 as well, the scary thing is hes playing like that with this splint and the pain through his pinkey, so whats he going to be like without it, we will find out this game,

    your right we need to move on to the future, and its this sunday, ill be rooting for the panthers, ravens and our boys as well, we can have a few games go our way at this point of the seaon,


  60. also on wade resting our guys, im not too sure why he did that, but i can understand ware and the barbarian, they are both comming off injuries, but i would have them practice out in the cold weather so that they can get used to the weather in pitts, i hope this doesnt come back to haunt us, but at the moment were playing it one game at a time, not overlooking anyone, and i hope that attitude will carry them deep into the playoffs, even if we dont win the s/b this year i will still be happy with this team as they are getting better and will have all those injured guys comming back next season and the rookies will just keep getting better so it looks like a promising season next year for us as well HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!

  61. I see where your coming from and all but you gotta understand that this Steelers team aint no joke I saw there last game and I can tell you that D is no joke they were playing 2 type D and that is pass rush and run stop D. Now dont give me wrong at 1st I said wow this is a easy game for the Patriots they were tied in the half 10-10. As soon as that 2nd half whistle blew that D was completely different they were hitting everything that walked and just tearing apart the Patriots O and D because Big Ben was makin some crazy plays. 23-0 in the 2nd half ending score 33-10 this team is no joke not SB caliber but ha they are mos def a strong playoff team I see them beating you guys and the Ravens loosing this weekend. No not jus because ima DOWN ASS SKINS FAN but the O is nothing to trip about if you see when that boy (Flacco) plays under pressure horrible passer rating hits a low 45-67% so thats why im not buggin out. As for Big Ben he is strong his O-line is very hard n move players out the ways, and if that 3-4 D gets the best of you guys they will blow you guys out. Its a physical division they in and dont for one secound think my dude that they gonna slow down that pinky better stay covered or you can call it a season because behind johnson you guys are a mess. Tough Tough weekend in the NFC EAST must wins for both cowboys and REDSKINS because if the bears win you guys get butted out strap your helmets this weekend is going to be physical and fun.

  62. o yea i forgot suttin


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