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Photo by Brian Murphy

Photo by Brian Murphy

When I listened to the postgame chatter yesterday, I was struck by how much everyone stuck to the “execution” line that Coach Zorn established — and that he restated at the start of today’s press conference (noting, in fact, “I know you all are sick of hearing about that”).

Yesterday and this morning, though, the non-player reaction was so concerned with the schemes and playcalling, it seemed surprising that the players almost entirely elected to blame themselves. It continued today, though: when I saw a couple of the defensive linemen in open locker room today, I asked them about the seeming lack of pressure on Eli Manning, and execution was what they focused on.

Lorenzo Alexander summed it up fairly simply: “When you’re one on one, you’ve gotta win.” He shrugged. “We’re getting pressure on the QB, we’re getting hits, we’ve just got to finish a few more plays. They did a lot of play action to slow us down, a lot of screens to slow us down, so obviously we were getting some pressure on the guy for them to go to those things.”

Anthony Montgomery was, if anything, the most straightforward. “You know what, honestly, I believe each of us has to look ourselves in the mirror and see what’s there,” he told me. “It’s about accountability. We’ve just got to do a better job. Each one of us has to do a better job, plain and simple.”

So would you say, then, that it’s just about executing better?

“That’s what we get paid to do,” he said.

25 Responses

  1. This is what I see when I re-wind over and over again, individuals losing individual matchups. Which brings to question the talent of the team in general.

    The frustrating part is that most of these players are, on their own, good players. So do they simply lack the desire to make plays when they get the chance? It’s “play makers” not making the plays that they should that’s killing this team right now. So Zorn has to ask himself whether or not he is doing enough to bring that out from his players, and then to ask do they have players with the right mentality on this team?

    Hard questions to answer, but Zorn is being sorely tested now.

    Good luck Coach, I’m rooting for ya.

  2. Man I don’t wanna hear no more about no execution…!!! Use your rookies more than you have! Get them more envolved other than a play per game!!! Sheesh!! Determined to run Portis till he’s in the hospital!! Playing to predictable… You hear Pierce screaming out our plays before they even get started!! I ask all of you please..! WHAT ARE WE DOING!!?? Just don’t get it!! Maybe next year… Wouldn’t want to see another heartbreaker in the first round anyway!! Haven’t scored 30 all season, can’t win like that… Nuff said I’m out!

  3. We put the giants in 3rd and long many times in the game and didnt get close to t he qb. Now when we say that we didnt run the ball well well look at portis, so when i say we didnt get close to the qb im looking at jason taylor. He is the most over paid player in the nfl. We just signed a defensive lineman this week and he now has the same amount of sacks as jason taylor. Thats sad. Our new corner has 2 ints should have 3 (thanks springs lol) but has only played in 3 games. Every ball doesnt get thrown at him but jason taylor has a chance to sack the qb on every pass play and only has 1 sack on the year. If the redskins cant find a outside pass rush without bringing everyone then its going to be a long 4 games. The only way we get pressure is by putting 9 in the box and thats asking alot out of our secondary. Remember a 7th round pick saftey who is playing great but still a rookie and a second year saftey in landry, plus rogers is coming off a knee injury and we have to keep putting them on an island by putting 8 and 9 in the box to get presure. Jason taylor should be benched.

  4. I think we have every opportunity to beat the Giants the way that we stopped their running game at the beginning. Im so sick of how they’re playing for the last couple of weeks. Coach Zorn should know he needs to change his plays because every team now can read it like a book. Campbell sucks!!!! I was never a big fan of Jason Campbell. They need to cut some freakin useless players like Shawn Springs (he messed up on a sure interception by DeAngelo Hall.. what an idiot!!), Jason Taylor should go back to Dancing because the game passed him by.
    Clinton Portis, you’re the MAN! Im sorry you’re surrounded by a bad O-Line from the 1950’s

  5. This will all take time, remember Coach Zorn is a rookie head coach. Joe Gibbs with all his experience took some time to learn his players capablities and how to best use them, so let’s give Zorn some time.

  6. Whats up with the 3 second round picks we got. Thomas finally scored but it was on a running play, kelly dropped a pass and is finally getting on the field but the pick i didnt understand fred davis hasnt touched the field. Cooley is a great te so why did we have to draft a te in the second round and since we did why doesnt he play. But still jason taylor has to be the biggest waste this year. All that money plus a second round pick we gave up for him and what 14 solo tackles and 1 sack. Now our rookies wrs and te havent made the impact that we wanted but we have time with them, jason taylor is 34 how much time does he have, maybe he should of retired or is retired but is collecting a nice check.

  7. i think suisham just missed another feild goal

  8. I am a life long Redskins fan stuck living in football hell in Miami. I have watched Jason Taylor his whole career. The Taylor that was with the dolphins is not the player we picked up in the off season. I think he has lost the heart to play, and if that’s the case, he needs to stop wasting a roster spot. He’s not even 1 quater of the player he used to be.

  9. I starting to like zorn. Maybe next year campbell will know were to go with the ball before the snap it takes time in the west coast offense. Campbell better start to get it together cause next year colt brennen will be after his job.

  10. Someone please tell jason taylor to retired so it doesnt hurt the redskins cap and we can sign hall to a long term deal. 3 games 2 ints and it should be 3 (thanks to springs) hes a keeper. Smoot should be the number 3 corner.

  11. How about a kicker that can hit one over 40 yards?

  12. Kelly and thomas need to put in overtime and get up to speed. Teams can still double moss and not get hurt by it. Fred davis was supposed to be a a big wr but hasnt touched the field. Now hes not going to take cooleys job, so why draft a te so early. Make him earn his check also. He needs to put in overtime so he can get on the field. Come on rookies this was a playoff team last year with 3 second round picks and none of them has stepped up. Now thomas score was big but it was a running play get open down the field.

  13. espn is killing me with showing all the 3rd and long and someone watch jason taylor on those plays and see how close he comes to the qb. Thats why we picked him up for 3rd and long and not even close its so sad to watch.

  14. Anthony Montgomery is definitely right when he says that it’s all about accountability. You have too many individuals on this team. Football is a team game and if certain individuals aren’t doing their jobs, everyone will suffer. I’d probably give the game ball to Montgomery, he was unblockable in the middle. It seemed as though they weren’t playing with any emotion or that they didn’t want to play at all. Gimme a break with the Sean Taylor stuff. Sometimes they look like a pop warner squad. The playcalling wasn’t any better, still running the same plays… I thought after the bye week he would come up with something else. The old farts on the line are starting to wear down, Suisham can’t kick beyond 40, same thing as the seasons before. Sorry to be so blunt but, I’m sorry that I wasted 250 bucks on DirecTV to watch you guys, I should have known…Build a team through the draft, not everyone’s garbage.

  15. On Jason Taylor:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy but he hasn’t performed. He is there to win a superbowl but he isn’t putting forth much effort. You can tell by the way he acts in the video on Chris Cooley’s blog that he doesn’t really care. Also, in the video, he says as soon as he can get a ring *Waving his hands* “Bye, bye”!

    Who says that?

  16. Coach Zorn, please try another QB and see who has the hot hands. I don’t trust Jason Campbell’s decision-making, and get younger offensive linemen

  17. I think the best explanation for the performance of this team dropping off so precipitously is just as simple as the team being beat up. I know other teams have problems as well; however, we seem to be the 21st century “Over the Hill Gang,” especially on our problem fronts: OL and DL. We need fresh legs in the trenches to give our skill players time to work…not to mention CP has been banged up beyond belief (I can’t believe he still has barely missed any playing time).

    Though it’s easiest to blame on Zorn or Campbell, I think we need to draft better…this team lies in the hands of Cerrato and Snyder. We need young legs on the line…something we knew last year and failed to address!!

    Thoughts, anyone?

  18. even if we stick with JC (which seems more likely) isn’t it up to Coach Z ultimately to create innovative plays within the west/coast system so we don’t become the predictable, pathetic bunch we’re dealing with? You look at the Ravens blowing out Cincy yesterday and they’re running the option (up by 20)?? The Eagles are even able to create a more dynamic showing with the SAME OFFENSE and similiar offensive talent! It starts with the head coach not being scared to put it out there on the line, in game planning and play-calling. If you think about how much impact Zorn could have if we weren’t sooo medium it could make up for what the Skins lack in talent.
    Inserting the hurry-up offense for the best part of the game could press this team to pick up the pace on offense and stop being so dependant on these lame calls coming from the sideline.

  19. It’s plain and simple if the O-line can’t block then you can’t run and can’t pass protect…solution benched bad knees Samuels and Kendall and slow of foot can’t get out his own way Jansen, install Heyer, Geisenger, Rhinhardt we get younger more athletic and probably better pass protection…we also go from 32.2 years in age to 24, bottom line they may not have the experience but i’ll bet they sure can’t play any worse and at least they would have a legit excuse…lack of playing time…speaking of which if Samuels and Kendall need to rest their knees then the guys getting those practice reps should be the guys playing see the names above…

  20. The Redskins lack of a passing game is killing the team….simply put the receivers, o-line, and JC needs to start making plays…they have the talent and speed to go deep…the short quick passes aren’t fooling anyone anymore…a few long bombs to Moss and Randle El will loosen the defense and open the short stuff to Cooley and company…the defense has been stellar containing opponents on a consistent basis…that will only last so long if the offense continue to sputter…thank god for Clinton Portis, he has been a warrior, heart of a lion!!

  21. to Snyder: don’t freak out and fire Zorn after a dissapointing season. Just stay the course. by the time Brennan is a seasoned QB in a year or two Thomas and Kelly will have had experiance under their belt.

    to the fans: Hey! the fact that Thomas and Kelly are improving is encouraging to me. most rookie WR’s aren’t great in their first year(Ted Ginn, Calvin Johnson)

    to Zorn: I know Portis wants to play and I respect him for it. But Please! give him a week or two of rest. Betts was doing great. And If we do make playoffs we will need a healthy Portis, not a dead one.

  22. One of the main problems is our second receiver, Antwaan Randle El. He is not a second reciever. He is barely a receiver at all. He small, standing at 5’9″, but he doesn’t have exceptional speed like santana moss. His quickness is at best above average. We need a big strong receiver that would prevent a defense from rolling the coverege on santana moss. In this circumstance Santana would kill any DB. The Next problem is JASON CAMBELL. He is an average QB at best. The problem with Jason, is that he can only rocket the ball in. Hooks, slants, and outs are the only passes he can throw. (You can look at all his highlights!) His deep balls are flat and look terrible. HE HAS NO TOUCH PASS, WHATSOEVER. He takes to much time to throw the ball which spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r when you have an average offensive line. He doesn’t even look comfortable out there. I dont mean to stereotype, but he is probaly the ONLY black QB who cant run! I dont want a M. Vick on our team, but can we have someone to buy us some extra time. I say we put Jason on the bench and start Colt Brennan. He’s our future.

  23. How can anyone seriously call for Colt Brennan to be the starter?
    No offense to Colt, but honestly, he’s lucky to be in the league…does anyone know who Timmy Chang is? He would be the predecessor to Brennan who was equally impressive in college and now would be lucky to be a holder in the NFL…it’s a fun thought, but Brennan is, at best, a back-up with good numbers against the guys who didn’t make it through training camp…

  24. Yeah Eric I Know Who TC is, and he is no Colt Brennan! Timmy had 5 years due an Injury asa true freshman. He is the #1 all time yardage leader, Colt is third. Colt played 3 years at UH. I’m a UH alum and lifetime Skins fan And I always thought TC sucked. Always chocked in big games and on national T.V., more like Jason Campbell than Colt Brennan. Colt wins big games and makes big plays. In Colt we always trusted, TC was an over hyped bust. He was always loosing his job. I suggest you watch Colts Highlight on youtube. FYI Colt lovers and haters alike, Colt wore “ST” on his helmet against Washington last year, Colt’s tribute is on youtube as well. Probably Colt’s Greatet game at UH, and there were many great ones! A little Ironic he became a Skin, when he was projected first or second round at that point. Remember Colt did it “with” third stringers in preseason No disrespect to your post, but take a good look at those highlights, I think many of you will have a greater understanding of why this kid is so special.

  25. My look at all this is plain and simple unstrap your helmets and call it a year I really don’t care what any of you say but reality check my fellow Skins Fans is that with JC playing QB its over how the hell do you have more 3 and outs than first downs? Every play was so predictable the Giants, Steelers, and Cowboys defenses were like look at these idiots running the same plays as the week before. To be honest there right, how sad is it that there “execution plans” just keep blowing up in there faces oh thats right because we have a coach with no mentality, a QB whos head is somewhere in the clouds(we would probably be better off with Mike Vick when he gets out), and an o-line who have been playing since the flinstone age there sad running after d-linemen.

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