Monday Redskins Links – 12/1

Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

  • Chris Cooley responds in amusing fashion to the criticism that he’s not focused enough on football. Also, for those of you who are genuinely interested in a behind-the-scenes of the Cooleys and their blog, NBC’s Dan Hellie has you covered.
  • Rich Tandler has an interesting, semi-statistical, semi-anecdotal argument against benching Jason Campbell, and it’s one I definitely agree with. Meanwhile, I’m surprised given the Zorn connection that no one has picked up on item 1A of Peter King’s “Things I Think I Think” and run with that as a potential future QB doomsday scenario. (Not that I actually think that it’s going to happen, but I’m surprised no one’s talking about the possibility.)
  • And Chris Chase takes a look at the list of various NFL teams with winning overall records, but losing records at home.

28 Responses

  1. If the Skins were to go out and sign Matt Hasselback… Oh man, I just oh man that would suck. We don’t need another Brunell hold over while we wait for someone to get ready. It’s time now to know whether Campbell is it or not.

  2. Forget Matt…where’s Tim???

  3. Where’s Gregg Williams….Please come back after this season.

  4. Did I hear a call for Timmy Hasselbeck? Hell yeah. That guy was awesome. Not a super strong arm but smart as crap. He would tear up this west coast offense.

  5. We do not need to pick up a qb. If campbell cant get it done then i think colt brennen will do a great job. Hes young and this will be the only system he had to learn. He can make plays with his legs. Campbell better get it together quick or brennen will be the redskins next qb.

  6. I agree that JC needs to look better, but it nothing like this is happening this year. Next year, if Zorn looks back at this season and sees that JC can’t improve enough, then Zorn will start grooming Brennan for sure.

    Brennan is Zorn’s guy, the one he wanted. If JC can’t get it done, the next Qb is already on the roster.

  7. Only as good as the O. Line and WR’s. Can’t throw long if no time and can’t keep drives moving if WR’s drop catchable balls. Funny how all superstar QB’s have WR’s (More than one) and solid pass blocking o. line.

  8. Also….Who’s in charge of the music that plays in Fedex? I heard them playing Earth Wind and Fire. Earth Wind and Fire is nicknames that the Giants use for their players. How can we be so disrespectful in our own house? And once again Giant fans out chanted our own fans.

  9. im not a big fan of Campbell, but I think his crucial time to really be either a draft bust or a franchise QB would be next year. I still think Coach Z is our guy and the right person to groom a potential QB because if Campbell can’t really do it, Colt Brennan would be gunning for his job. what we need is a good D-LINE! We have not put pressure at all on the opposing QB, cut JASON TAYLOR, SPRINGS AND MOST THE O-LINE AS WELL!!! they SUCK!

  10. TRUTH!!!!!

    Jason Campbell has 32 TD’s in 32 games. In 10 of those games he as thrown 0 TD’s. That is more than 25% of the time.

    It’s not that he is inconsistent, it is that his release is very slow and defenders consistently get a jump on our passing plays because of it!!! Have we even run a successful slant this whole season? Would it hurt to pumpfake every once in a while??

    I’m sorry, I really liked Jason, but he will never ever ever ever be a ProBowl Qb and any offense with him at the helm will never ever ever ever put up enough points to scare anybody. He is allergic to throwing TD’s and the stats point to it.

    I’m not saying Colt is the answer, but the man throws TD’s. It doesn’t matter how or why, Colt just throws TD’s. Put him in! We are wasting Clinton Portis’ prime years!!!!!

    Lemme blow your mind:

    Jason Campbell in 13 preseason games/2 touchdown passes

    Colt Brennan in 5 preseason games/3 touchdown passes

  11. Love the Cooley touch! The man and his family care abut the fans and provide comic relief par excellence!

  12. I vote for Colt! Put him in and see what happens against the Ravens. It can’t possibly be any worse than what we’re doing now!!!!

  13. Let Colt blow all your minds. Go to youtubecom and search Colt. ESPN warrior page has game by game stats. Then check out what SMU did this year with June Jones. Those who dis Colt never played or watched him play.
    Colt Brennan: 131 TD’s (1st all time)
    14,193 YD’S (3rd all time) 16,720
    including SBJC
    70.4 comp. pct.
    31 NCAA records
    28-9 as a starter
    Most prolific passer in NCAA history is A Skin!! wake up people!!

  14. Im with colt brennan starting if campbell cant get it done against the ravens. If we fall to 7-6 the playoff picture will be without the redskins. Maybe colt will be a spark on offense but what about the defensive front 4. The only way we get to the qb is by putting 8 and 9 men in the box. Jason taylor is a joke and we need to start looking for a real de. Carter is average, and most of his sacks come at the end of the year against teams that dont care. There were so many de that the redskins could of drafted in the second round but instead we take fred davis who hasnt touch the field yet. I know we needed a wrs or 2 but combine kelly and thomas have no td catches. As a matter of fact they dont have 10 catches combined. That sucks if you ask me. So please sit jason taylor down let him only play on third down and tell a rookie besides horton to step up.

  15. With the ravens secondary all banged up if campbell doesnt put up good numbers it might be time to bench him. Maybe not colt brennan this year but next year start colt and see if campbell can take his job back.

  16. As for the o-line well i dont think they suck but the right side needs some adjustments. jon jasen, randy thomas need to step up. What up this the rookie tackle we drafted, give him a shot.

  17. Well put Richard. If JC can’t do it Sunday, Skins are toast with him as starter. Let the future start NOW!!

    I’m skeptical about Campbell as a franchise QB. He doesn’t have the leadership to rally his team mates. on top of that the O-Line and D-Line are just horrible, an embarrassment to the HOGS legacy. and cmon, I think they should’ve picked up an O-Line, LB or DE that can rush the QB during the draft. Jason Taylor is one of the worst signing so far! You can tell that he just wants the money and then retire or go to hollywood if he can what A JOKE!! Both him and Springs have nothing left they should just retire! Chris Horton is the only steal in the draft he rocks!!

  19. Chris needs to learn how to master the English language before he bashes The Redskins. As i have said it before and ill say it again, COLT BRENNAN IS NOT THE ANSWER. IF he plays itll be a set back and he will more than likely be worse than JC. All you fair weather fans will call for him being benched and where does that leave you? It will leave you as complete morons. Give this team another year to gel together and I guarentee that they will be a force. yeah i said that on 12/2/2008, Hail!

  20. Stephen your comment sucks buddy…! Don’t know if he is the answer or not, but I don’t see Campbell being it… He don’t show enough emotion to me man! He act like he soft or something foreal… Don’t question his arm, but IQ and leadership skills…????? Say what you want about preseason bums, but we ain’t throw enough touchdowns against regular season bums!! ie Rams, ie Lions, ie Browns… I have nothing further!!! ………………………………………..

  21. Its amazing how you people are calling for Campbell’s benching. When they were winning and he had 0 ints none of these posts could be found. But since he’s had a couple subpar games, you people say he’s garbage. The fact is he’s still completing 60 percent of his passes (thats 6 out of ten). Watch his games, if he has time to read the D, he’s deadly. Not even Tom Brady can be effective when defenders are in his face (ie the last Super Bowl). Get JC a decent O line.

  22. My comment sucks? Try retyping yours so that I can understand it. Emotion? Here is some food for thought, Eli Manning doesn’t show emotion. Granted he has won a Super Bowl but come on, but he looks as if he has no clue what is going on around him. JC has shown that he can play this position in this offense. I.E. look at the games earlier this year, Dallas, Philly, and New Orleans. I remember that we scored enough TD’s against those good teams. You want Colt Brennen because Jason Campbell doesn’t show emotion or leadership skills? How can you say he doesn’t show leadership skills? Can you hear him in the huddle on game days? Are you out there watching him and hearing him in practice? How can you possible say he shows no leadership skills? And please explain to me how Colt Brennan is the answer? The last time i checked, Campbell was not the one that was dropping passes on third down to extend drives. He was not the one getting bull rushed by a defensive lineman. Oh and remember on that reverse to Devin Thomas? Who was out there leading the way as a blocker? I think that it was Jason Campbell. It all starts up front, your QB and running back are only as good as your offensive line. Look at E. James out in Arizona. BEAST player in Indy, reason: OL. He signs a new contract has a sub-par offensive line, and what happened to the Edge? HE STARTED TO SUCK! They need to protect better than what they have been and when they do JC will have a field day. When Campbell has a field day you will go back into your hole and not say a word because the team is winning again, and when that happens I feel you should back and work on your writing skills, or well just your overall use of the English language.

  23. I agree with you Stephen. what they really need to emphasize on is a stronger younger group of O-Line. heck, all them are always beaten to a pulp. Pit, NY & the Cowgirls LB’s and DE’s were pushing the redskins O-Line like an empty grocery cart. and don’t get me started on our D-Line, Jason Taylor has no juice left in him. you can tell that he’s not playing to win but rather to fulfill his $$$$ contract. he’s not a true redskin. Shawn Springs, you were great then, but that blunder you did my interfering with DeAngelo Hall with an INT was one of the dumbest thing I’ve seen in football this year besides that Eagle rookie wide receiver from the Cowgirls game. It’s December, I still believe in SKINS Dec magic and the time the CoWGirls will cry “uncle”

    GO SKINS!!! cowgirls sucks!!

  24. I have no Idea what the “Answer” is. It seems the team is clueless. Redskins should be be angry. Where’s the Fire? Who is the leader of this Team anyway? Need a leader.

  25. No fire and no push from the defensive front 4. Well i like the play of the defensive tackles they have been playing hard. Its the defensive ends. Carter has been close to the qb while on the other side jason taylor has been a joke. Thats where the redskins need to start to rebuild if they wanta win.

  26. I agree that Jason Campbell should be given a fair evaluation up to at least next year of whether or not he’s going to be the organizations long term answer at QB. Im pretty sure he knows the pressure on the fact that Colt Brennan would after his job next year. because I think the some of the real problem lies in the fact that our OLine cannot pass protect, they’re always beaten at the line of scrimmage. opposing coordinators don’t need to plan some elaborate schemes defensively, in blitzes and coverages because they know our OLine can be beat 1on1.
    secondly, after all that draft, unleash Kelly, Thomas & Davis that’s the whole reason they were drafted to see if they can be potential weapons, other teams are not afraid ti double and triple team Moss for that fact. Tand lastly, our DLine is just horrible to watch, no pass rush whatsoever, I knew JASON TAYLORwould be a bad decision, he’s not what the same player a few years back. Shawn Springs, you have nothing left to offer, it clearly shows this year with all that injuries and botch plays you did. Hopefully this December will bring out the sense of urgency they need to get to the Playoffs. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

  27. Stephen your pretty right on with your comments. Did everyone forget what kind of season Springs was having at the start of the season up until his calf injury? He was playing at a pro-bowl level, and he messes up one play and all the sudden he’s under the bus. His coverage is better than Halls but just because Hall has two picks he’s automatically better. Same thing with Rogers. He’s top five cover corners in the league, but since he drops picks he sucks. Drives me nuts people say this stuff.

    I just want everyone to stop calling for Colt. I almost want them to throw him in there so he’ll suck and everyone will shut the hell up about it. He’s not even second string, like do u guys think before you say this stuff. He isn’t going to make the wide receivers get open and the line block.

  28. Just to put this in comparison, JC’s QB rating for his second season of starting is higher than Tom Brady’s was over his second season. (There are plenty of other examples that I can use as well…)

    But go ahead and throw him under the bus. The more loudly you criticize him, the better we can hear how trite your points really are.

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