Monday, December 1: Another Result of Rainy Games

Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time to day to talk about the unpleasant Giants game later — to continue the ongoing blog debate about the feasibility of starting Colt Brennan (I don’t see it happening), or the ESPN980 morning show’s debate about the feasibility of starting Todd Collins (marginally more believable, I guess, but I’m still skeptical), and to hear from Coach Zorn and a few of the guys and all of that.

But it was early when I got here, and still kind of quiet at Redskins Park. The players hadn’t come in for treatment yet, the coaches are sequestered in their bunker-like rooms reviewing game film, and the week hasn’t really started to slide into gear. I was downstairs for something completely unrelated when I noticed that the heat was cranked unusually high, that portable fans were scattered around, and that just about every available surface was draped with damp and drying rain gear.


“It’s one of the effects of rain on the outfitting of a professional football team,” said equipment manager Brad Berlin. “If you put Gore-Tex in the dryers, it’ll never repel water the same again. The drawers of some of the travel chests had to be left open so they could dry out also.”


Just another set of little frustrations from a day of big ones, I suppose.

(And, while I was talking to Brad, I did ask about the “21” pins that people were wearing. Apparently they were from last year and were not available to the general public, so there’s no specific way to find them now. Sorry about that.)

A few more pictures after the jump.






38 Responses

  1. Why would Zorn not put Colt in to see what would happen, it looks like the last 5-6 weeks the QB position has been weak and not very effective. From what I have seen while Colt was in Hawaii and the preseason snaps he took he is in my opinion much stronger and more accurate than Cambell. on another note, why does Betts not get more carries, it seems he is always better than Portis at running, just my 2 cents. Anyway, “Go Skins”…..from a lonely fan in Dallas.

  2. Watch the game. WR’s aren’t getting open and are dropping passes. How’s Colt changing that?

  3. Steve Spurrier was great in preseason too, how did that end for the Redskins?

  4. I sounded the alarm a few weeks ago that this team was in danger of missing the playoffs and many fans said I should stop panicking. Do you think it’s time to panic yet? Next week is a really tough game against a good Baltimore defense and I’m worried about Portis’ overall health, the poor guy has been beaten to a pulp because other teams know he is 80% of the offense right now. Campbell is afraid to throw the ball and I don’t know about the rest of you fans, but I am so sick and tired of seeing our receivers run a 7 yard pattern on 3rd and 8 and then our CB’s give a 12 yard cushion on 3rd and 11- this stuff just tears my guts out.
    I could live with Collins replacing Campbell if he knows the offense as well as he did Saunders’ offense last year.
    I also do not want the team to re-sign Campbell- I’d like to see them move on from him. I don’t know if Brennan is the future either, but ….when is Tom Brady a free agent…hahaha!

  5. Oh, and the O-line has been terrible. I guess I would pinpoint that as the Skins main problem right now, but Campbell has no poise at all. If a dope like Roethlisberger can succeed behind a terrible O-line, the Skins should be capable of it as well.

  6. What does the team do with the equipment at the end of the year? Do they have a team sale like the Caps do? That would be worth looking into

  7. Putting in Colt would be a disaster… When the receivers are dropping passes and the running game can’t go anywhere it isn’t all on the quarterback. Campbell made reads and was hitting open receivers, they just couldn’t hang on… look at Kelly’s drop, Thrash’s Drop and Randle El’s drops. Key moments.

  8. How about we start blaming Zorn instead of Campbell. It seems to me that he doesn’t have the players ready….We show a lack of discipline on the field. Also zorn needs to calm down on the sidelines and keep his composure…..why the hell is he tossing balls to the fans while we’re down 13 at the start of the 4th. Is there no sense of urgency with Zorn? Of course the player’s are not going to play with urgency if Zorn doesn’t display it. Vinny and Mr. Snyder….you shouldn’t have let Gregg Williams go. Also what the helll kind of defensive scheme’s were we throwing at the Giants. I noticed Carlos and another CP playing the LB positions….also Springs at Saftey? That might have cost us a momentum changing pic. We are getting way to fancy with our scheme’s…lets stick to the basics and execute.

  9. It’s nice to see I have the same sophisticated method at my house for drying my Redskins gear as they do at Redskins Park!

    As for the game. I agree with people above who are saying Campbell is lacking. I’m not saying the O line isn’t contributing to this, because he doesn’t have a lot of time to throw, but, when he does it’s just horrible. The receivers can’t catch an uncatchable ball! Although they do manage to once in awhile but drop them just as many times too. We need an accurate QB and JC is just not it in my opinion. Todd Collins took us pretty far last year, I say give him another shot. Or put in Colt and see what happens. Anything is better than what we have now.

  10. my biggest concerns are QB, OL, DL and lack of getting to the QB what is going on where has the team of early games gone
    are they that beat up. do we need to change QB or kick the OL into making blocks especially Jansen in pass protection
    I am frustrated but optimistic that we can turn this around

  11. I think Zorn has to make changes in the O-line, change Jansen for Heyer, and I don’t know who else. But we really need to improve the O-line because they suck, period, at pass protection.

    Then, I don’t know about Campbell. The WR’s were dropping passes. But then again, Campbell is the one throwing the ball, so he needs to make better decisions, throw the ball earlier, and not step up… or drop back like 15 feet.

    I don’t want to hear that we have a week’s worth of terrific practices, where the O-line was all pumped up.. or the secondary were catching balls, Matt!!! I want to see that stuff on Sunday!

  12. You and me both, Ben W.

  13. What does it take to get these guys up for a game? Playing #1 team in NFL, playoffs on the line, gaining respect…..
    The Redskins just are not playing as a team …I still do not think they have enough guys that will “take one for the team”. Someone needs to ask Antonio Pierce the difference between the Giants team and the Redskins.
    We do need help on OL & DL….even Wynn got a sack on us. Also the lack of a rush on the Giant extra point shows how much drive there is in this team to be champions.

  14. Jansen was great, I thank him for all he’s given to the Redskins. His song is over though – he could be a decent fill in when needed, but his time is done. Stephon Heyer should be the starter. If that change isn’t made I will be thoroughly confused.

  15. Boy Zorn you really stink

  16. Will someone please show me a QB that is playing well with no pass protection? There isnt one in the league. There were more drops than bad throws yesterday. And please let betts get more carries not bc hes better as someone said earlier bc he clearly isnt, but because CP is getting beaten every game and its terrible as a fan to watch him take so much punishment every week. Anyone know why Heyer hasnt seen the field? Is it the injury of what I know its not bc Jansen has been playing so well.

  17. I am so sick and tired of fans going back and forth about the opinions on coach Zorn, JC…Janson and so on and the team in a whole.. At the beginning of the year I said if our team will go 8-8 I be happy with a rookie coach and a new offense.. I have to admitt I got excited after we beat the cowboys and philly.. but can someone please tell the fans out their if they really knew what it would take they would be the coaches or analyst themself.. I am a fan… My job is to support my team no matter what, win or lose. Do I get frustrated? Oh yes..but in all honesty I can analize all I want and make statements.. but I would not be cut out to be a player that sacrifies his body day in and day out.. yeah they get paid big money..but still. nor would I be a better coach… So fans.. if you would be a better coach than Zorn, Snyder would have hired you. Rest my case

  18. Come Brian Barber good buddy….??? Betts…?? He can’t even hold on to the football…! I cringe every time he touches it hoping he doesn’t fumble for lack of ball security and almost cost us the game like he did against the Seahawks!! So I can’t agree with you there bud… But I do admit I am curious as to what Colt can do if anything at all at this point. Though it doesn’t mean anything at all, cause he’s behind Todd remember?

  19. colt is good dont me wrong. But remember he played in the WAC in college and we all saw what happaned when hawaii played Georgia. And trust me im not putting colt down. I respect what he did in college. But like i said he wasnt playing in the SEC or anything to that caliber. And if you remember right in the pre season he wasnt playing against the opposing teams starting defenses. Trust me campbell is are best option. He didnt play a horribly bad game.
    And to “Brian Barber” did you really just say that Betts is always better then portis? What games are you watching? Nothing against betts cuz i think he is a great RB but he isnt better then portis. Look at what portis averages per carry.And look at how he has played this season, and being hurt for some of the games. I do think we need to use betts more and stop letting portis get beat up. Look at other teams in the NFL they use split back and it works just fine. (examples, giants, titans) just to name 2.

  20. I am a fan. One that wants to see a Redskin Championship. Obviously this team does not have what it takes to deliver that on the field…..either through lack of talent or lack of heart or both….until the Redskins believe in themselves… like die hard fans believe and hope in them …..I guess everyone will have to be happy with mediocre football in DC. So let the “experts” making the big money figure it out while the ignorant fans continue to get soaked on ticket prices and NFL team gear in support of their favorite team…and not be allowed to have an opinion? I think not! We pay for that right.
    Hail to the Redskins and sometimes give Hell to the Redskins!
    That’s our past time!

  21. Food for thought…you see where we now find ourselves….our expections have been lowered when we think 7-5 is still acceptable while the New England Patriots are having a down year at 7-5……???
    This team did not take care of business after it went on a roll at the beginning of the year by sealing the deal. They should be 9-3…easy. No lose to Rams, win 2nd Cowboys game. Both very doable……now the team will pay for those failures.
    But I will continue to hold out hope that something will happen and our offense will come back from the dead………

  22. I may be the ultimate optimist when it comes to the Redskins. But, I too needed a reminder of my place from Simone. Thank you.

  23. I just need a reminder of how it feels to be a fan of a Super Bowl Champion football team.

  24. Words that describe how the skins have been playing lately:

    Not giving a F&%$#
    Degrading, etc

    This team has adapted the Joe Gibbs mentality
    “Play not to loose”

  25. They haven’t even been in the position to “play not to lose” lately. Right now that would be an improvement….

  26. Everyone loves a winner……..if the Redskins were winning all would be right with the world….

  27. You people need to get off Campbell’s back. If I recall this is his first year in this offense, and yet he’s completing better that sixty percent of his passes. He’s a good quarterback he just needs time to totally get this west coast offense down. And to top it all off he doesn’t even have a decent offensive line. Colt Brennan, thats funny. Just remeber that he looked good in one preseason game against 3rd stringers who for the most part are not even in the league right now.

  28. John K., I must agree with you when you say, “If the Redskins were winning all would be right with the world…”

    Exactly right. When the Redskins win, the work week is just so much easier. Not all of us can have a gig like Matt Terl. Most of us have to accept the fact that we can’t have our dream job. But, I digress…

    John K…well put.

    Derrick W., I agree with you. But, how do you answer the critics who respond with the example of Matt Ryan who is playing quite well in his very first year. I ask only ’cause I need new material to fend them off – haha. Did Matt Ryan play in an offense similar to the Falcons offense while at Boston College. I honestly don’t know. But I do recognize that he seems to have adjusted quite nicely!!

  29. Colt did it with third stringers!!! JC will never get it done.

  30. I agree with a few people on this board, just about everyone who said the words Unmotiveted and heartless is right. We have no inspiration on our team, no real vocal leader, and a coach who suck at game planning and time manangement. Simply put the sign of a good coach is that their team gets better throughout the year not get worse. In my opinion we have a good team but we need to get our heads out of our ass and play sum damn football. And with the whole Campbell siuation he just isnt cutting it, he simply isnt getting it done. he shows little to no emotion. Whenever a wideout drops a pass he slaps his hands together and never go over to that player and get in his Sh** . Campbell is scared to get hit his only move is when he moves his shoulders low and steps up into 2 people about to sack him. I have never seen his role out left or roll out right and complete a pass that wasnt designed for him to rollout. Jason Campbell is a dropback quarterback who can succeed with an offensive line that is murderous and that we are not. We need an innovator, sumone who is not scared to get hit or take chances and we have that the answer is Colt. I am a die hard redskins fan and i know i am not the only one who sees this

  31. To respond to Warmontco, with respect to Matt Ryan, I don’t beleive that the Falcons run the West Coast offense. Many NFL offensive coordinators and other experts have always said that it takes any quarterback between 2 to 3 seasons to grasp this offense. Why should JC be any different. If he had say 12 ints, and was completing say 50 percent of his passes, then yes he probably should be replaced. But the reality is that he just 3 ints and is completing better than 60 percent of his passes. And HTSKINS67 He did it with third stringers and more importantly AGAINST THIRD STRINGERS. He’s at best a backup QB in this league

  32. I don’t know what the problem is, maybe some of you don’t understand football. I am a die hard skins fan also. Where are you getting this from. Colt Brennan is the third QB for a reason. Your saying that he should start because he had ONE good game against third stringers. The defenses he played against in college for Hawaii are not the Pittsburgh Steelers. Everytime this team looses a few games you people start calling for the coach and the quarterback’s head. Get a clue.

  33. Go to youtube and search Colt. Watch him throw TD’s to Davone Bess,(6 catches for Miami yesterday). Then check his stats on ESPN, and finally what June’s system did this year at SMU 1-11. Then say all you want. I was a skeptic too. But we need a field General, Jason isn’t one and Colt Brennan is.

  34. Once Colt goes in, he’ll never come out. Colt Brennan is the TRUTH!!!

  35. TRUE THAT!!!!

  36. Colt may not be the answer, but sometimes in sports, you make a change to change things up a little. Colt is a better passer, he will bring passion & energy that JC doesn’t show & he’s a leader. I agree Colt is more daring & will get the ball down the field & not throw 10yds or less, & that’s why JC has a good percentage. At this point, why not, we all know that JC can’t take us far in the playoffs if at all. Skins fans, we need something & JC isn’t it.

  37. Colt is good and I like him… but he is not ready yet… Don’t know why you all think so. At this point why not???You all lost your minds.

  38. Colt Brennan is a god in a redskins body let the man/god throw.

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