Redskins v. Giants – Third Quarter Thoughts

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

  • On second down, on the Giants opening drive, Eli Manning puts a ball literally up for grabs — and Shawn Springs and DeAngelo Hall are both so excited to intercept it that they collide, and the ball hits the ground. It winds up not mattering much, as the pass on the ensuing play bounces off of Derrick Ward’s hands, but it certainly does illustrate exactly the way things are going today.
  • As does the Ryan Plackemeier punt that ends the following Redskins drive: Plackemeier, mired in a difficult day (to say the least), finally gets a decent kick off … and Todd Yoder is called for a facemask penalty, moving the Giants fifteen yards closer than they already would’ve been.
  • It’s interesting looking over the crowd today. Because so many people are wearing ponchos and other raingear, and because not much of that raingear is officially licensed NFL apparel, there’s no overwhelming sense of burgundy and gold — or Giants blue, for that matter — in the stand. It looks like video of a game from the 1970s, when people wore whatever they wanted and the bleachers were just a riot of color. And, despite the frustrating day — Brandon Jacobs just scored another New York touchdown — the fans are sticking around, which is good to see.
  • A long Jason Campbell pass, intended for Antwaan Randle El, is intercepted by the Giants, and it’s beginning to feel like the Redskins just can’t get anything together today.
  • The quarter ends with the Giants being stuffed on third down, and — if the official measurement holds and the team elects to punt — it feels like that opening possession of the fourth quarter is going to be an absolute must-score for the Redskins to even stay in this game at all.

26 Responses

  1. Should of done a QB sneak on 4th down…Letting Portis run on 4th down has worked before,but the Giants defense is good.

  2. The giants defense is probably the best right now, at least their line looks like it.

  3. I agree with you Josh…Run Campbell, at least he might’ve moved the chains that way. Giants D is better than good. I dont see another team that can stop the Giants this year.


  5. Another brilliant call by Zorn is all. Funny how the two mis-direction plays he called today worked. One for a touchdown and one for a 1st down. With results like that – why would we continue to run successful plays?? Nah….just run Portis off gaurd like Joe Gibbs did in his second go ’round….why not?

  6. When the Skins are out of playoff contention, we better get a good look at the younger personell on offense, this year is scrapped.

  7. The Redskins are so pathetic…they have dishonored the memory of the Shaun Taylor by them not showing up to play against the Giants. This is the second year in a row that they have dishonored his memory. This team is a joke, and will never be successful…if Snyder and Cerrato continue their leadership of this team.

  8. When ol’ man Renaldo Wynn OWNS you it’s time to call it a career! So PLEASE John Jansen……let’s call it a wrap! You were a great Redskin….but your day is done…bring on Stephon Heyer ZORN!!!!

  9. Different coach,same ole Redskins…Danny boy need to get Campbell a big receiver like try and go get Anquan Boldin or something,oh wait we wasted our draft picks on garbage like Jason Taylor.

  10. Campbell sux he cant make up his mind Zorn cant call a diffrent play WE SUCK

  11. This team does not belong on the same field as #21 used to play on…They gave up on the game after the first drive !!!!!! when they did not do anything !!!!

    It is ridiculous for Redskins fans to endure and continue to support this particular team, when this team has not done anything to make their fans proud, or give reason to support them.

  12. We are a bad team disguised by a decent teams record

  13. Maybe its time the Campbell project be shelved, and lets see what Colt Brennan can do….after all he raised the level of play on a very mediocre Hawaii team….Lets do something other than paying a hefty salary to somebody who can’t or refuses to raise his level of play

  14. This is UGLY! No more Campbell. He is so undecisive. Throw it or run, or you’ll get sacked cuz our O line sucks!

  15. Well said Micheal – I bleed burgandy and gold and after today’s performance I’m wondering why?? I hate to say it, but I’m the loser for rooting for this group. They were invisible today. They didn’t believe they could win. You could see it in Campbell’s eyes and you could see it in Zorn’s play calling (or lack there of – that was a WEAK game plan and even WEAKER execution)….just a pathetic day all around.

  16. Campbell looks so lethargic in the pocket, he looks
    like a snail when he moves & throws. It appears
    he is diagnosing the route running to long,
    he does not have anticipation for the WR’s to
    make their break, his throws are LATE! He still
    has a ways to learn, but the QB anticipation
    is something that is not learned.


  18. Should have put Collins in 6 weeks ago if they wanted to make the playoffs. Only way the Skins could have a worse QB is if they went back to the likes of Jeff George, Danny Wuerfel, or Heath Schuler.

  19. What kind of BS are we going to hear in the post game?? That RAP is getting OLD……………….blah, blah, blah we LOST AGAIN AT HOME!

  20. time to see the young players. thomas, kelly, heyer, davis, colt, rinehart. just some names i guess.

  21. It seems to me that these players for the past few years are more interested in picking up their paychecks, then actually playing a game and giving everything they have…playing with their hearts…What I see with the final product on the field, are bunch of greedy men looking to make a quick buck at the expense of us fans who support them…please don’t get me wrong, I have been Redskins fan for the past 30+ years…but it is getting harder and harder to root for a team, who really doesn’t care about personal pride in how they play, but what they receive at the end of the day win or lose. – lose mostly….I see this team going the way of the Detriot Lions – a team who losses consistently and doesn’t care !!!!

  22. when this team is out of playoff contention, it is time to see the young guys. PORTIS ran his freakin legs off this year, and no one else on offense stepped up

  23. win the team loses, jason is the WORST quarterback, when the team wins he’s up there with manning, and brady etc…dam ppl make up your mind. I bet if skins go on a 4 game winning streak and make the playoffs nobody will b complainin then, you guys must have forgot this is his first year under jim zorn’s offense..chill out..great way to support your quarterback..try complaining about the recievers not catching..and the o-line not blocking..and shawn springs not knowing who to tackle his own teamate or the opposing.

  24. i love the skins always have, 3o plus years.when i die theyll probably be redskin emblem on my head stone.but right now they are driving me out of my fother mucking mind

  25. but listen, jc has 4 years under his belt. he should have grown naturally to make better decisions reguardless of the offense. thats just making good reads and throwing accurate passes. we matt cassel, the future tom brady. with moss and portis he will be great, plus we need to trade up in the draft and get crabtree from t tech.

  26. YOU GUYS ARE JERKS!!!! Jason Campbell isn’t the problem. Collins nor Brennan is the answer. When we were winning, none of you assholes were saying a thing about benching Campbell. Now that we are losing you blame him. YOU ASSHOLES make me sick. None of you could do any better than what these players have done thus far or you would be the professional football player. There are some players that I question as well but not the QB. How about our lines (offense & defense)? How about our defense? As well as the “D” has played, they still give up too much, don’t get sacks, turnovers or score points. The play calling is questionable. We never attack. We have way to many weapons on this team for us to be a bottom third of the league offense (scoring).

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