Redskins v. Giants – The Sean Taylor Ring of Fame Ceremony

Prior to today’s game, the Redskins inducted Sean Taylor to the team’s Ring of Fame at FedExField.


The ceremony was a moving — if unusual — start to gameday. Taylor’s family, including his father Pete, mother Donna and his daughter Jackie, were brought to midfield and presented with plaques commemorating the occasion.


Pete Taylor addressed the crowd, talking about Sean Taylor’s fondness for the Washington fans and how they used to get the stadium rocking, and how that in turn got him rocking. “Now Sean is rocking in heaven,” he said.


After a video of some of Taylor’s in-game highlights, the entire Redskins team assembled on the field for the unveiling of Taylor’s Ring of Fame sign. Then the public address announcer introduced “the starting free safety for the Redskins, Sean Taylor,” and Clinton Portis ran out carrying a 21 flag before embracing the Taylor family.

The formal ceremony ended and the team moved to the sideline for the national anthem, but even then the tributes continued, as with Santana Moss holding his 21 hand gesture over his heart until the anthem ended.


It was an affecting ceremony, and if that actually contributed to the team’s slow start today, I could certainly understand how.

2 Responses

  1. Ok…I may not know all the technical terms, however what is going on with SKINS? it seems like they are back to their old ways 1) not enough coverage of the quarterback. anytime the opposing team can sack our quarterback with just reaching with one hand…..that says it all 2) receivers dropping balls, what is up with that? I mean this is the NFL not college. There should be a different level of accoutability. 3) I will not even discuss the inability to convert in the RED ZONE 4) The only thing I will applaud is the defense, even though they have areas that they could improve…they continue to make these wonderful plays for the offense and the offense just doesn’t convert! Still a fan, still a Zorn believer, just really disappointed.

  2. i missed the game, but thanks for your coverage of the s.t. ceremony matt…apparently it was the only thing worth seeing yesterday anyway…

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