Redskins v. Giants – Some General Postgame Talk

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Here’s how Coach Zorn answered a question about if the Redskins have the players to be successful:

    “Yes, and I can prove it just based on the video from the game. But it won’t matter what we call if we don’t execute. I’m not saying that everything we call should be successful. I expect it to be successful, that’s why I call the play.”

I heard him say this and thought, hm. I can’t imagine that the players are going to feel good about that. I mean, from a certain point of view, that sounds like he’s blaming the players and not himself. Which just goes to show you that I don’t fully understand the team’s mentality. For example, here’s Clinton Portis answering a similar question.

    “I think the plays were there and we just didn’t capitalize. I just don’t think we executed the gameplan the way that we should have. If we would’ve executed the things that were called, I think we would’ve been in better position.”

And here’s Fred Smoot, using slightly different words but expressing pretty much the same sentiment:

    “We’re not as good as we thought we were and we’ve got a lot of work to do. But I think we’ve got a great team here and we need to seize the moment, and we didn’t seize the moment today. But can we play with these teams? Yes, we can play with these teams. No one’s going to come in here and blow us out, anyone’s going to get a battle. We’ve just got to put it all together, offense, defense, and special teams and make them stick.”

Jason Campbell?

    “We didn’t do what we had to do by our standards of what we expect of ourselves and what we expect to accomplish. A lot has to do with us not converting and staying on the field, making big plays, putting more points on the board and getting the crowd pumped.”

So, okay, I guess that wasn’t a problem. What else did Zorn have to say? For example, he can sometimes seem a little cerebral. A lot of fans seem to think that he doesn’t react to the game in an emotional enough way, that he doesn’t feel it quite like they do. True?

    “With the first extra point … I was very upset with the first extra point. To have the holder be able to drop the ball, look up, be able to reset the ball and have him kick it through … very upsetting. Shouldn’t’ve happened. Shouldn’t’ve happened. And then that kind of set me off and I just started whining about everything. Believe me. I was on everybody. I was even on myself. We didn’t start out well, and … we finished better, but we didn’t finish like we wanted to.”

That’s certainly a recognizable reaction to a game like this. Zorn was also asked if he’s frustrated with Shaun Suisham.

    “The snap was high, the hold was good, and Shaun was coming through like his normal rhythm. But with the snap high, he got ahead of the game a little bit. I understand that. He got his plant foot forward because the ball wasn’t down, and he kind of held up and then came through. EVEN with all of that, the ball was far enough, he just couldn’t get his hips through because his plant foot was a little too far forward.”

Some people have also been concerned that Jason Campbell doesn’t seem to take things hard enough, that he’s not engrossed enough in the game. Zorn addressed that, also.

    “He gets mad and gets frustrated. He’s hard on himself. Sometimes I try to make it light, but today wasn’t the day to make it light. I wasn’t making it light on anybody today.”

All right, then. The two words I’ve most used to describe Zorn since this season started are “honest” and “optimistic”. We’ve seen the honesty … is there anything optimistic to take from today?

    “As bad as it got out there for me, we’re seven and five. We still have, if we can imagine this — this is not a season-ending game and we all go home and we’ll see you all next year. We are seven and five. And that is bright. We have four very tough games coming up, and we have to be tough as nails and commit to these last four games if we’re going to see some opportunities and earn the right to be in the postseason.”

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  1. Jim Zorn is in over his head as a head coach in the NFL. Among other things, his temper tantrums on the sidelines are completely unprofessional. The only reason the Skins have sven wins is because of the defense. Up until the Rams game the offense caught other teams by suprise. Now everybody has caught on, and they haven’t beaten a good team since then. Zorn will be gone by the end of 2009.

  2. I know this had nothing to do with the outcome but how the heck is putting two hands in the air to signal a fair catch a penalty?? What’s the difference?? thats the most idiotic penalty there is in the NFL.

  3. Chuck, Have you ever seen other coaches on sidelines…Ditka, Cowher, Parcells, and others all get very upset on the sidelines and show their emotions. Its a little different today because with all the cameras around you get to see more of the things that go on during a game that people never saw before. To say he’s over his head, is a mistake. I think Smoot said it best, the “‘Skins aren’t as goodas we thought they were.” You can’t build a winning franchise changing coaches every two years. What do the good teams have in common…consistency. You can’t expect success if you are changing systems every couple of years. This is year one…give Zorn a chance. There’s a difference between getting beat by a better team (i.e Giants) and being over your head (i.e. the Spurrier era).

  4. Chuck, we’re 7-5 and you’re calling it quits on Coach Z?? They won seven games because they played as a team!! They just need to get back to that.

  5. yall have the ravens and the eagles which are going to be 2 tough teams to beat, we have 4 playoff type teams left to play but its put up or shut up time for yall, your not over in the playoff picture but it is a loss yall could have done without, 8-4 sounds better than 7-5 GO COWBOYS!!!

  6. I’ll be surprised if the Skins make the playoffs is they lose another game. I’ll be really shocked if they could make it at 10-6. If Campbell made most of his long passes instead of consistently under throwing the receiver like he did with Randle El today. I’ve seen Campbell under throw the receiver that’s got behind the defense over and over. Moss defends more long passes than he catches. Campbell starts making those passes it will loosen the defense so the running game will work better. Defenses are stacking the line and blitzing most of the time because Campbell most often misses the pass.

    The defense is starting to miss a lot more tackles too. They still do a decent job until late in the games though. But after your offense keeps going three and out, it’s rare a defense will continue to play well.

    Some of you guys blame the offensive line but Portis was leading in rushing without any threat from the deep pass. Some plays they do a terrible job but Campbell’s inaccuracy only makes it worse.

    I’m one that never cared for Campbell though. I live in Alabama and heard Auburn fans deride him for two years and rarely if ever heard anybody praise him even when they were undefeated in his final year. Cadillac Williams carried the ball 30-40 times a game that year and Ronnie Brown was there to take up any slack. Campbell had to do little more than not turn over the ball. I’d have never drafted him. Remember the last time the Redskins took a SEC QB high in the draft? We got Heath Schuler! I’d like Campbell to make me eat my words but it’s seems like as long as he’s been in the NFL he’d be a better player by now.

  7. Anyone think it’s time to bench Campbell?Last year before we benched him we were at 5-7 and didn’t have a chance at the playoffs…Then we bring in Collins and go on a 4 game win streak and make the playoffs…Now Campbells back and we look like that 5-7 team again.

  8. Its not over we can still make the playoffs at 11-5 or 10-6 and based off the remaining schedule its very possible. The real question is what are we going to do to address our offensive situation. Here are a couple of suggestions. 1 bench jansen and start heyer. 2 allow devin thomas to return kickoffs/punt returns. 3. run more 3 wide receiver sets putting randle el in the slot and kelly at the 2 and in doing so have randle really work the underneath routes heavy and this should help with jason’s completion pectentage and put us in 3 and short situations more. Right now as it stands we just arent executing when we need to and for the life of me stop putting james thrash in on critical situations he hasnt come up with a big play in 3 years.

  9. cowboys 4 life = loser 4 life

  10. It’s really disappointing to see some of the fan posts on here (or anywhere really). Yes, we blew it today and have several games. Yes, there are some changes that need to be made especially with the O line that can’t seem to adequately protect the QB.

    Having said that we all have to remember that this is a brand new head coach and a brand new offense. To say that we’re as bad as the Lions or some such other BS when you take all that into account and we’re still 7-5 in a really tough division is ridiculous. I think everyone needs to take a step back and freakin’ relax.

    We do still have a shot at the playoffs and of course we all want to see us go and we’ll all be disappointed if we don’t but it’s not the end of the world and I think Zorn and the rest of the team have done a better than expected job this year. Stop acting like Eagles fans and support your team.

  11. Greg you are wrong about campbell his recievers dropped some balls today you can’t blame that on him, he is the right guy for this team just a little better pass pro

  12. Campbell is our quaterback and today you really have to tip your hats to the giants db’s as there were very few open receivers downfield to throw to and campbell did make some bad throws but I dont really put it on him as much as I do the Coach. Our offense isnt adjusting fast enough to stay ahead of defenses. If our running game isnt working try spreading the field some with mulitple wide recieiver sets instead of trying the same thing over and over.

  13. Julz:

    You make a lot of sense, of course, but you have to admit today was a major let down. We didn’t just lose, we looked BAD doing it. Frustration is an expected response. Can we down a punt inside the 20? Can we stop a 3rd and long? Can Springs let Hall make the interception? Can we stop running Portis for 2 yards to start every drive? Can we realize that the DRAW is no longer fooling anyone? Can we stop making those idiotic passes down the line of scrimmage? Can we make a 3rd and long? etc…… I think you get my point. Today was not a good showing, no matter how you look at it. I expect more in week 13.

  14. “Ray M, on November 30th, 2008 at 6:48 pm Said:

    cowboys 4 life = loser 4 life”


    You gotta wonder why he’d post here. That would be like you or me wasting our time at a plowboy website. If we had a squirrel like romo as our QB we’d probably be undefeated. His M.O. is panic then throw it up for grabs and most of the time we’d get lucky and get a completion instead of an interception. But being a Redskin fan we know the Redskins can never rely on luck or the officials for our success.

  15. Time to play the QB that can win big games! Colt Brennan time!

  16. Jeff, I know they drop some passes but I still think Campbell is the biggest problem. I’d be surprised if Campbell has hit more than 10% of the passes he’s made to receivers that have gotten behind the defense. It happens almost if not every game. I’m very impressed with Joe Flacko and Matt Cassel who have less experience. The Skins are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs if they don’t get their feces together. The last two times we’ve made it. It was with an anemic Brunnel and 10 year bench warmer named Collins.

    Maybe the receivers can’t catch because they are so surprised the ball even got there. lol.

  17. Ray, I agree we look like crap lately. Sometimes I’m surprised we’re at 7-5 at all to be honest and we’re all frustrated but some of the posts I’ve seen are just absurd. Again, I think we all need to just take a step back and realize where we started from this year and that it may take some time to adjust to a new coach and new team.

  18. does ANYONE know where i could get one of the 21 black pins that employees and joe gibbs, joe theisman, etc. were wearing during the game?

  19. I’ve been venting to my friends. I guess I can say what I just said.

    It is all about execution. Make these catches. We really need to take a look at the offense. We are capable of putting up at least 20 points a game, but we’re not doing crap because the O-Line sucks, the WR’s can’t get open, and Campbell mostly is making bad decisions when he gets in trouble.

    We have a RB that’s a warrior but he ain’t no 6’5, 270 pound running back, plus where are our deep threats?

    I haven’t seen the Redskins take shots down the field except when they’re in trouble like they did in the 4th quarter. Plus, for the life of me, I cannot understand why we were moved back after that Sellers run, the one where he hurled a couple of players. What the heck happened there?

    In addition, we really need to look at the defense too. What happened there, as well? We limited Jacobs to under 20 the entire first half, and we did exactly what we wanted to stop the run. But then we got lazy on that the second half and Jacobs/Ward just ran all over us at the end. But the real thing is that Eli had TOOO MUCH time to stand in the pocket to complete passes. On third downs, he just stood there and passed to Hixon like it was nothing. Small potatoes.

    Execution. It’s what counts. Missed opportunities, missed field goals, and drops, the O-Line not protecting Jason, and you can go on and on like a laundry list.

    We’ll be lucky if we can even at least win 3 out of 4 with Bengals, 49ers, and split one between Eagles or Ravens. Then see what Dallas and Giants do at the end.

  20. Let the Colt era begin!

  21. Zorn will prove to be another Norv Turner. He can conceptualize an NFL offense but can’t get his players to execute it on a consistent basis. They won’t beat Baltimore, might beat Cincy, probably won’t beat Philly, might beat San Fran. Will not sniff the playoffs. They would have been better off keeping Zorn as offensive coordinator and had Gregg Williams as head coach to kick the players in the ass when they need it. The offensive line needs a complete overhaul, Rabach, Jansen, and Kendall need to go. They don’t fit the mold of the modern offensive lineman. How long do we need to see them getting outquicked and ran over by d-lineman that are completely overmatching them.

  22. Colt Made June Jone’s! Anyone see what happened to JJ’s system at SMU this year? Colt is the future, but we probably won’t see him until next year. He will deliver when the opportunity comes.

  23. I agree with Ben. What happened with the D stopping Jacobs or Ward late is what always happens to a defense whose linebackers and secondary are the first to make contact on a back constantly. Corners throwing shoulders and LB’s chasing get tired. There is no one on that d-line capable of blowing up or even disrupting either a pass play or a running play. It also impacts our press man coverage when there is zippy pressure. Our db’s are always “right there” but a hand away from making a play.
    Do you blame coaches for the non-execution and ineptness that we continue to display? Even the worst NFL teams (okay not Detroit or Cinncy) get better. After 12 games our PLAYERS are commiting the same mistakes and gaffs (Jansen hitting no one on 4th and 1) that teams regularly only commit in preseason. That, combined with comments after the game that were made and almost made (Cooley) that indicate there is much more amiss than fan over-expectation and a first year coach, is what has me worried. Does the theme song sound the same – average ability older players and younger players that try but can’t quite make the plays combined with a boring “manage-the-game” qb and a Vinny Cerato useless draft = mediocrity every year.

  24. Like the chant constantly being heard at your stadium…….Hey you suck. Your season is over. Greg your in idiot, we all know you would love to have Romo as your QB. He has 21 TD’s while your so called QB has 10. And Romo missed 3 games. This whole blog is dogging Jason which is very accurate. I’d rather play against him than Colt any day. Ya’ll are not in jeopardy of missing the playoffs……you are. Always love it when the Redskins fall apart. It’s a lovely sight. Have fun watching the playoffs while your team is doing the same. Ba ba bam……HEY YOU SUCK!

  25. Unfotunately cowboy 4 life is right. Except I’ll take Colt over Romo anyday.

  26. Jason Campbell has 32 TD’s in 31 games. In 9 of those games he as thrown 0 TD’s. That is more than 25% of the time.

    It’s not that he is inconsistent, it is that his release is very slow and defenders consistently get a jump on our passing plays because of it!!! Have we even run a successful slant this whole season? It seems Eli killed us on it because he get’s the ball to his receiver quicker preventing our defenders from making a play!!!

    I’m sorry, I really liked Jason, but he will never ever ever ever be a ProBowl Qb and any offense with him at the helm will never ever ever ever put up enough points to scare anybody. He is allergic to throwing TD’s and the stats point to it.

    I’m not saying Colt is the answer, but the man throws TD’s. It doesn’t matter how or why, Colt just throws TD’s. Put him in! We are wasting Clinton Portis’ prime years!!!!!

    Lemme blow your mind:

    Jason Campbell in 13 preseason games/2 touchdown passes

    Colt Brennan in 5 preseason games/3 touchdowns passes

  27. “Greg your in idiot, we all know you would love to have Romo as your QB.”


    “Always love it when the Redskins fall apart.”

    Like the cowgirls do at the end of each season?

  28. WELL SAID MARK!!!!!!!!!!

  29. it blows my mind how we need at least 2 touchdowns (including 2 pt conversions) with 2 minutes left and we throw the ball 5 yards!!!??? what is Zorn thinking. Also our pass defense sucks! i know it’s not a pretty thing to say, but the truth hurts

  30. also we are not playing like a team that deserves to be in the playoffs-plain and simple

  31. I also think we need to draft more players in certain positions next year….. let’s see….

    Running back, Defensive and Offensive linemen. And oh, another kicker too, who has a powerful leg and is accurate.

    We need a RB that’s at least 6 feet and is over 235 pounds. We need defensive/offensive lineman who are athletic and can protect a whole lot better.

  32. i agree with Ray..why are we throwing passes to the line of scrimmage?? our receivers are getting killed. i expect one of them to come back to the huddle one day and slap Campell upside the head

  33. also Eli had enough time in the pocket to write a book

  34. Vic,
    Jason Campbell hits receivers when they get open, because of his hard throws you see alot of drops in bad weather games. Let’s face it, Santana Moss and Randel -el are small guys and have small hands. Those guys get stopped by bigger more physical corners. Bigger targets like Cooley almost always catch his passes. That’s why they need Kelly and Thomas to step -up. Those guys are the key to Campbell reaching the next level. By the way, Colt B. will never be a starter in the NFL.

  35. Being a Cowboy and budding journalist, I have to say we don’t have a very good team either. If they would throw me the ball more we would be a potent offense but Tony is so afraid Terrell will tell everyone their secret. This is not fair to me because I am great. We gave up way too much for the overrated Roy Erin Williams and we will pay for that in the future. Jerry Jones shows again he cannot be in control of personnel. I have to personally thank Mr. Bill Parcells for giving us all of this talent, such as myself. It is sad I have to go on a Redskin board to express myself but good to see a fan such as Cowboys 4 Life can join me in having no life and post on another team’s board. We are kindred spirits Little Mr. Cowboys 4 Life. I hate to say it, but we will choke in the playoffs yet again, uh, that is if we make the playoffs. I hope Matt Terl can help me get my own blog as I think I can do a lot of great things for society.

    The Real No. 1 in Dallas aka “84” P-Cray


  36. Thank you guys for such a great interactive forum. I love my Cowboys but you guys have heart.


  37. I will say this , even after 6 and 2 record deep inside
    I know the team was not that good, we still don’t have a good offensive line, you can put MONTANA back there and nothing will change ,the line is too old and can’t hopld on. but thank god for CLINTON, without him this offence will not score a point.JASON I really have my doubts.GOOD LUCK FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON

  38. I blame the play calling for the recent lack of success. Today when you saw that the run game did not do anything in the second and third quarter, and your down by multiple scores, common sense tells you to open up the passing game. I think Zorn is a great play caller, but today he either did a poor job, or he does not completely trust Campbell. I know he believes in the run game, but you gotta open it up sometimes.

  39. While it is true Campbell may still be learning, as is Z-man, I see very little mentioned of the fact that the Giants are a really good team. Remember, they weren’t much last year until the playoffs, and everyone was yelling about benching Eli. PATIENCE!

  40. I agree with mike, the Giants are the defending champs, enough said. Redskins are not a bad team, but we are just not as good as the Giants, at least right now.

  41. Wow, Patrick Crayton! I agree that dood is da truth. I wish we could get a guy like that. Dallas dont know how to use him. He could open things up for us and return punts. I never understood how he did not get more balls. I wish we could get Parcells to scout talent because he always finds guys like this and Dave Maggett and Dan Campbell. Seriously, I did some research and it sucks that Crayton resigned with Dallas oh well. GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I wish we had a Patrick Crayton.

  43. Expecting Jim Zorn to lead the Skins deep into the playoffs with Jason Campbell as his quarterback is like expecting a race car driver to win the Sprint Cup in a Pinto. Campbell is a horrible quarterback and the only reason why more people don’t realize that is he pads his stats by constantly checking the ball down. He did the same thing last year and the Skins would have surely missed the playoffs had he not suffered a knee injury that sidelined him. He is too slow going through his reads, he holds the ball too long, he can’t read defenses, has terrible field vision and is inaccurate. Put Colt Brennan in at quarterback and then judge Zorn’s playcalling.

  44. Come on guys, wake up. We can win this thing. We got the ability and the experience to take it to the house. I am tired of all the negativity and this Patricia Crayon garbage. Lets support this team and move forward and get in the playoffs and whoop some people.

  45. Hey cowboys 4 life when was the last time yall won a playoff game?

  46. I agree we need Thomas and Kelly 2 step up

  47. Patrick Crayton would shine in an offense like ours. I am not against trading for a future star like Patrick.

  48. Two Things: those fans who say relax were 7-5 are CLUELESS! We average 7 to 10 pts a game, have lost FOUR HOME GAMES, give up more 3rd and longs to opposing offenses and are basically 1-4 during the month that separates the pretenders from contenders. Those calling for Jason and Jim Z – The really person you should be calling for is CERRATO. Can’t blame them for not having time to throw, WR that drop balls in their hands and having no WR that scares anyone. How do you expect to have a passing game with an old o line and James Thrash and Randle El running down field? Gee Double Moss and send the house.

  49. Why do you think most of our passes are short passes, swing passes or to Cooley – Not b/c of Jason/Zorn but b/c we have an average. at best WR core. How many DB’s are shaking looking at Randle El, Thrash and two rookies who had wasted years. Stick your best corner on Moss with help and go ahead beat us with your other WR’s is what they say on Sunday. Watch how many balls are dropped that would keep a drive alive… Or Jason/Zorn can’t go long b/c he has no TIME.

  50. Here is the Redskins problems. They have a horrible quaterback, weak recievers, a pampered running back, no pass rush, a terrible head coach, and left overs from the Gibbs regime which is like the taste in your mouth after drinking cheap vodka the night before and throwing up. Everyone makes excuses and it starts at the top. The owner and Vinny need to get involved in something else. Look at the winning teams and then look at the Redskins, night and day. The Redskins caught lightning in a bottle with their 4 game winning streak and now the truth is out, their an average team without a quaterback or a coach. Their defense is good but needs to improve with the pass rush, turnovers, and killer instinct like the steelers or ravens. Cambell has to go first and then Zorn if he doesn’t get his act together. Look at their wins and losses this season. They haven’t been able to crush anyone but yet they have been destroyed 3 times this year, once by the steelers and twice by the giants. They could barely beat the lions, browns, and seahawks. They lost to the rams who are worse just as bed as the lions. When they have played the good teams like the steelers and the giants they have been manhandled like children. How much money do they make? I would rather see sucky players work their butts off and lose then “stars” joke around and lose. Gibbs didn’t care the past 4 years and the current team and coach show that. Gibbs wanted money for Nascar, not to win, look at his record the past 4 years. The players still play as if nothing matters. Zorn was highered b/c the good candidates didn’t want to come to the Redskins. Just look at the giants defensive coordinator and the patriots offensive coordinator. If they smarten up this offseason they will trade the quarterback, fire the coach, and find players that want to be Redskins like the ones from the glory days. These guys on this team like Portis, Cambell, Moss, Springs, Taylor, Washington, etc. all want to get paid, they don’t want to win. If you don’t believe me look at the Redskins past and watch a game. The truth is out for the die hard Redskin fans. I live in New England and I still bleed burgundy and gold.

  51. The Redskins offense looks like it has for the past four years and Cambell throws the ball too short because he is not worthy of starting for us. Collins or Brennan should start over him. Atleast they wouldn’t be scared to throw the ball down the field. Look at Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco, they are rookies and Jason has been in the league for 4 years. No excuses for the new system. I would take felonious Michael Vick over Jason any day of the week.The offense sucks horribly and it starts at the helm.

  52. U have lost your mind

  53. Okay, I’m as ticked off as everyone else is by this loss. We’ve looked worse almost every week since Philly, mostly in the pass offense. We can’t seem to put together consistent drives. However, we also have a first year coach.

    I think if most of us look back at what we would have said was a “successful” season for Coach Zorn, our expectations were pretty low. However, now that we beat some good teams (or teams we thought were good at the time) our expectations were inflated.

    We were 5-7 last year at this point, and that was with Coach Gibbs. So, to say that Zorn is over his head is a little idiotic since he hasn’t had one full season, he’s got a better record than a guy that’s in the HoF, with the same team (a year older), and he’s learning to be a head coach. I don’t like the way things have been going the last few weeks either, but I thought if he won 6-8 games this season I’d be satisfied.

    I think we have to face it, there are problems with our team, they need to be fixed, but Zorn was handed these players and this team, so until he’s had them for one full season, at least lay off the calling for his head. Otherwise, you’re worse than Snyder, he’s not even firing Zorn yet.

  54. I’ve been wanting to see the kd from Hawaii from the start. Colt has it all. We stole this guy in the draft!! When are some of you gonna wake up and see it? Campbell needs to sit or we are done! Iwas lucky enough to see him while I was on vacation against AZ state. 575 yds and 5 TD’s worth. Looked exactly the same in pre season. 3rd highest QB rating also. Way ahead of Flaco and Ryan. We have a future great and he’s on the bench because of JC’s big contract, which is up at the end of the season. Let the Colt Brennan era begin!!! I’m over JC, He’ll never take us anywhere!!

  55. billy,
    If we had Mike Vick, Jason Campbell (who’d be his backup) would be starting anyway, so that’s just dumb. I agree, we need to see what we can do in the offseason for our team….but Mike Vick? Seriously?

  56. You guys crying for Colt Brennan, did you happen to catch the Sugar Bowl last January? He’s not the answer. He played well in preseason occaisionally against third teamers. This team just lacks an O-Line and an intensity that can will it to win.

  57. Sometimes I joke around but it grabs peoples attention. I watch this team and how they act and they don’t approach every game as if they want to win. They are too relaxed and they don’t take their jobs seriously enough. If any of us fail at our jobs, we don’t get paid or we get fired but yet the offense hasn’t performed for a while but yet they get paid.

  58. 43 points in the last 4 games. The bills scored 54 in one game.

  59. I try to not let comments like this bother me because i realize most people are just common football fans and don’t know any better. Kinda like my mom when she watches the game, and at the end when a team is blowing out another. The defense is playing soft as hell and the offense drives right down the field, she says well why didn’t they do this the whole game. That’s this retard billy. yeah we lost to some pretty goddamn good football teams. Just means were not there yet u can’t just scrap it all and start over. That’s why you prob work at evans discount liquors and aren’t a GM for a football team. If you fired the coach after one winning season they’d laugh u right out of town. the leading rusher that plays hurt every week and is always praised for his toughness is pampered? The defense is third ranked in the NFL and I’m not a huge stat guy but it does mean something. There extremely talented despite being poor on offense. Which I’m sure u can’t relate the two but it’s impressive.

  60. when was the last time the redskins won a super bowl? if i remember correctly the cowboys have won three since the loser redskins won one. hail to the deadskins

  61. Hawaii’s o-line was over matched in the sugar bowl. 1 bad game in 38 starts is pretty impressive. Go to you tube and see a few of CB’s 128 TD’s. What is there to lose. Skins will never beat the Giant’s this year. And you all Know what that means.

  62. Flacco is the next Rex grossman. I’ve played football at all levels including collegiate, and he just doesn’t have it. Jasons problem is he’s had no consistency over his career. As soon as the offense is stable he’ll start to develop more and more because his decision making is pretty good. He just doesn’t fully understand the offense and the wr’s aren’t getting open.

  63. Thanks for attempting to insult me. They won’t scrap everything. But there are serious issues at hand. Why have they never been able to get back to being on top. Some people belive the cool-aid that the organization is selling and others don’t. I’m just trying to bring light on a subject that many choose to ignore. I don’t work at the a liquor store so good try. The simple fact is that they went to the playoffs last season on an emotional high after the death of Taylor and the arm of Collins. I am not smart enoguh to be able to be a GM for a football team and neither are you. However, I have watched this team since the day I was born and I know that winning franchises beat the good teams as well as the bad. Listen to John Riggens about Clinton Portis and you will hear the truth about how great of a running back he is. He is good and talented but he isn’t as great as people think. Sorry to hurt some fans feelings who were not ready for the eyes to be opened. We do need a quaterback and the three we have won’t get us there at the rate we are going.

  64. Did u play in the NFL?

  65. As I said before, Colt Brennan will never be a starting QB in the NFL. Remember where you heard it first.

  66. I hope that you guys are right and I am wrong. Ihope that I am a negative and you guys are positive. This would be good for the team that I love but we have to beat two good teams coming up and I don’t think we have the offense to take on Philly or B-more.

  67. Colt will not only start, BUT LIGHT IT UP!! And you heard it here for about the 1000th time!! Give him a shot.

  68. I dont know how you can doninate the running game and forget the passing game……. You need to get to the quarterback to stop that and how many times did they get to manning? OMG he had all day to have a Mt Dew and still look for an open man. We need to stop the passing game and stay the same on the run defense.

  69. Bring in Collins!!!! At least we still have a shot with him to make the playoffs. The team just needs to start playing like they want to win there’s no ergency with them.They look to laid back as if they don’t care. C.P. is the only one who plays to win. Everyone else is just standing there looking at him carry the team. He can’t do it by his self.

  70. Somethings you guys say are unbelievable

  71. Why are cowboys fans here on the skins page,afraid the skins will take that wild card maybe.need to go back to the cowboys page and read what homo and jessica simpson are doin,and see who pac man has mugged lately.and all you people knocking on portis,hes carrying this team.they need to have a two back game like most teams are going to,and shaun alexander wasnt the one.Jason campbell has some problems but nothing is gonna change until the play calling does.What good does having santana moss and randel el if they never throw the ball more than 6 yards a play.Very doubtful bout the playoffs this year,to beat up,cant scoremore than 7 to 10 points,thats not gonna get it against good playoff teams,especially those with a hella defense,regardless of how far they go this year ALWAYS STAND FAITHFULL……HAIL TO THE REDSKINS

  72. No **** they wont scrap everything, they’ll build on what they have. Look for them to draft a young lineman this year in the first round. The line is starting to show their age.

  73. Ht your not going to see Colt at least until next year, and I don’t think you will next year, so please stop saying it for the 1000’th time.

  74. Coondaddy 2433 is right, and Billy has one thing right. There are some players that play as if nothing matters, like they just want to get their checks. Jon Janson need to be benched. And as for comparing Flacco to Campbell. Campbell does NOT have a defense that FLY around the ball giving Flacco MORE chances to run the offense. The Defense is so tired at the 3rd & 4th quarter is because they, (REDSKINS’ D) allow teams to drive them down the field on EVER series but allow 3 points. But hey they allowed the opposing time to kill all the time on the clock & allowed you’re QB to set on the bench and get COLD. If you have played the game you will know that the offense NEED to get into a rhythm. In order to get into a rhythm the offense will need MORE time on the FOOTBALL Field and NOT on the bench or sideline.
    NEXT SEASON: Fix the D, and you will fix the Redskins. Get rid of the OLD players but keep Fletcher to help teach, and bring in YOUNG guys that are HUNGRY and will play like Sean Taylor did, or Chris Hortan, young, energetic, strong legs, and WILD. Get rid of Cartwright to SLOW to SLOW to SLOW, and bring in a return specialist. Bring in a FAST FAST FAST runningback and move Betts to the third string. REBUILD both offensive, and defensive lines! The game is won or lost in the TRENCHES.

  75. DC Hogs 77 I agree with you too.

  76. If the Skins’ management want a chance at making the playoffs, this season, they must make a change at QB, now, effective Monday morning.

    To continue to play Campbell is nothing more than doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

  77. Flacco looks good cause they keep things simple for him. Steelers did that for Big Ben his rookie season.

    OK Chuck, I’ll remember what you said … “Colt Brennan will never start an NFL game”.

    Everyone must remember Chuck. And his ego…

  78. Actually Chuck, JAWS..Ron Jaworski basically said the same thing you said about Colt. It was during the draft ..and when Colt was selected 6th round JAWS said the exact thing you said that he will never be a starter. His side arm delivery was a big negative.
    No offense, but I hope your both wrong.

  79. Funny how Chuck is parroting Jaworski and his infamous rant on draft day re. Colt Brennan.

    Keep in mind this is the same Jaworski whom not long ago proclaimed Jason Campbell as the LEAGUE MVP.

  80. I am not some kind of football guru, but I do have eyes and saw how this team got energized with Colt under center in the preseason. He’s got that gunslinger mentality that QBs like Farve, and Romo have. Campbell just doesn’t get this game, and you can tell when he is under center, there is no life in this offense. There is no heart being shown. If we lose one more game, we are out of the playoffs. I say keep Campbell in as long as we have a shot at getting there, but if that shot is gone, BRENNAN TIME!!!!

  81. To everybody that thinks Jason Campbell is a sucky QB didnt watch last season’s home game vs Philly. Even though the skins lost, Jasan and Thrash had a field day. Jason is not the problem, and neither the O line because the first five games of the season proved that. The problem is play calling. There are many teams around the league with worse O Line and worse ground game but they still manage to put lots more points and move the chains. I like Jim Zorn as a coach but he should be the QB coach. I would like to see a real play caller with more experience.

    And if Jim Zorn found a problem with a player, he would bench him. He already did it with the team’s oldest player and I’m sure he can do again. I think Zorn is treating Campbell as a kid. He puts more Linemen to protect him than WRs to catch the ball.

    Right now the Redskins need to use the WR rookies all the time (just like Blanch did with Horton) so the older WR fear for their position in the team and start to act like real football players.

  82. Colt may have had 120 touchdowns, but that was against the best of the WAC. These NFL defenses did not come from the WAC

  83. Hey guys I agree it maybe time to shake some things up if we are going to advance to the play-offs this year. That game was hard to watch-even at work but the hing I was seeing with the passing game was that if the Giants are only going to give you 3 seconds to get the pass off, you can’t take 5 or you’re going to be on the ground looking up. If things don’t start going for the best against the Ravens next week, then hey I’m with ya-it’s time to do something (even before halftime) with the QB situation. Have a great week!

  84. It’s the morning after. The sky has not fallen. Dallas 4 life and Resdskinhater are still life partners. Countdown to the Ravens game begins.


  85. Any of you heard the chants at fed ex.? BRENNAN,BRENNAN,BRENNAN…. they will only get louder!!!!

  86. I think our o line is great on the run plays but on pass plays we suck. And is it me or due we take less shots downfield than any team in the league. I understand we’re running the west coast offense but other teams that run it also go downfield. Its gonna be hard to win throwing 3 yd passes all the way down the field. Our only successful pass plays are on playaction passes and screens. To be beat us you need only blitz and stop the run.

  87. Go Skins!!!

    Can we please get Todd Collins in?!!?! Jason is not doing the job.

    Why do we run the same exact play (Portis running right in the middle of the pile for a 2 yard drive) every other play!?!?!?

    Does the O-line plan on blocking any time soon? Yesterday would have been nice.

    Otherwise the Skins are doing a great job of putting up a fight! Sadly, putting up a fight does not necessarily mean winning. LETS GO SKINS!!! You got it Zorn!!! HAIL!!!

  88. blind loyalist beware… Kansas City 216
    Seattle 216
    Cleveland 213
    Washington 208
    Detroit 203
    Oakland 172
    St. Louis 159
    Cincinnati 151

    there it is in a nutshell..for those of you who dont know what that is. its total points scored for the bottom 8 teams. including yesterday…dont care how good your def is nobody wins with this kinda off production..for the blind loyalist who will say this is a work in progress..i disagree i see progress in other teams i see a regression in the skins off. collins in because you cant bench all your wr’s and linemen…

  89. i think tooomer is still running by smoot. you hear that, its the sound of suisham missing another kick. oh yeah i almost forgot i think someone else dropped another pass.

  90. Right you are Jack!! But CB over TC. let him do what he did for UH and Us in the pre season. Throw TD”s and win COLT BRENNAN ERA NEED’S TO START NOW11

  91. Can the play calling be anymore predictable? I could have been the defensive coordinator from the opposing team and would have shut the redskins down; I know for a fact either on 1st or 2nd down the balls going to Portis for bout 2 yards, then some sort of screen pass, then on 3rd down just bring the house because Jason Campbell has been finally figured out. I truly believe Jason doesnt have the football IQ to win games anymore. Defenses are starting to know more and more of his tendencies and Jason is not improving enough to keep up with that fact.

    I’ve also watched Jansen carefully every week since he was named starter again and every game I’ve seen him flagged for a penalty at the worst time, also allowing speed rushers to get past him cuz he is a step slower now, and I truly dont see the athleticism anymore. In actuality I had more confidence in Stephon Heyer. Not to name anyone else but everyone except Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas on the O-line has got to go.

    Defense is just one six foot six, 300 pound plus, ugly and greasy DT away from becoming an elite defense. Maybe put Jason Taylor back at Right End and Andre Carter on situational pass rushing downs may be good as well.

    Need more speed at running back position behind CP.

    I believe the rookie wide recievers have been ready but need a Quarterback with football IQ to allow them to flourish. No excuses for Jason Campbell cause if I keep seeing Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan chucking it down the field and actually scoring points I dont see why Jason do the same if better especially with 4 years of experience learning NFL defenses under his belt.

    All in All our Redskins are looking more harder to watch everyweek

  92. on paper we have to be in the top 4 or five in talent. 1st down run, 2nd down run. third down bootleg to cooley, screen or shotgun depenbding on the yds needed. i coach pop warner and i could defend this. stop portis and we dont have a schance. we dont give teams a reason to take 8 out of the box cause even when we do pass its for 3-5 yds. linebackers dont have to leave the box to defend that. And whjats with just about everyteam in the league rushing 4 getting pressure. more aggressive playing calling please. we have a ton of talent at wr and keep throwing 3 yd passes my 10 yr old qb can throw. Where is the aggressivness this franchise was built on..the most aggressive thing about us is aquiring free agents.

  93. Colt Brennan era? Cmon guys, have you been watching the games? I’ll be honest, I have hated Campbell ever since we drafted him, but this year he has finally come into his own. He has been making the passes but our receivers are too short and drop WAY too many balls! We need to get some size in the receiving core and get rid of the OVERPAID Randel El! He’s worthless! Thrash can go too! Moss and Cooley can’t do it all.

    Also, what happened to the speed of the pass rush? We send 8 guys at every quarterback in the league and NEVER get any pressure.

    I’ve kept holding out hope for the playoffs with our easy schedule, but unless we start playing more inspired football, not only do we have no business being there, I don’t even want to see us there!

  94. Savant the defense isn’t tired at the end of the game because of the defense. Its because the offense goes three and out every time they step foot on the field, and the D is playing the whole game. To only allow 23 points is pretty impressive considering the time of possession differential. There is nothing wrong with the D outside of a D lineman. The offense had plenty of opportunities to get into a rhythm and went three and out. If they can sustain drives it keeps the giants off the field.

  95. Forget all the bull crap. Open your eyes. The problem is Vince Cerato from the very beginning. As long as he is around the Redskins will just be a mediocre team that will berely if at all make it to the playoffs.

  96. Its funny how when things go good, the fair weather fan has positive things to say about the QB.
    Last time I checked…Campbell cannot block nor catch his own passes. So before you start hollering Colt or Todd, you better fix those problems first!!!


  97. I agree, when things are good JC is God, but when the TEAM struggles, all the fair weather fans call for his head. Colt Brennan is NOT the answer. Dropped passes, big plays given up by the defense, missed interceptions, but yet its still Campbell. What makes Colt so appealing? The fact he had success in the preseason throwing to players who are not even on the team anymore? Get real fair weather fans and go back to being quiet like you were when the Redskins were winning.

  98. i am so sick of reading about how Campbell needs to be benched. most of you have no idea what we have in a QB. this is a guy that has to learn a new offense every season and yet we still manage to make it to the playoffs. this is a new system from a first year head coach. you have to give the entire team time. let’s all be honest as Redskin Fans, most of us had no expectations from this team this year because of Zorn’s inexperience. yet here we are, sitting at 7-5 and having a chance to make the playoffs. i’ll take that considering the situation. we ALL have to allow this team to develop under the new system. Zorn was handed a team that wasn’t picked by him, staff included. there is going to be some growing from the field to the front office in this case. hopefully we can make the playoffs, but if we don’t we can at least take what we are being given and appreciate the position the Skins are in right now. so no, Campbell doesn’t need to be benched, Zorn doesn’t need to be fired. the defense is playing great, the offense needs to catch up and we do need some upgrades on the O-line. that will happen. just give the team an opportunity to get to where it needs to be before you start calling for everyone to be fired or benched.

  99. Hey!!! wad up my Redskins family its been a while since I been on this blog… This is wat I think about Jason Campbell he is a good qb but he holds the ball to long in the pocket and from watching the game last night against the Giant he can not read the defence and the hot routs. The Redskins have to much weapons in their team but I do not understand why Jason Campbell is locking on Santana Moss but not the other recievers. The difference between Jason Campbell and Colt Brennan is that Jason can throw the ball deep to Moss but when Moss is coverd down field jason is stuck cause Jason can not read his other weapons that he has and for Colt he will read all his recievers plus his Tight-End Cooley and has a quick release… Im not saying to start Colt Brennan over Jason Campbell but the way jason has looked in the past 3 games is not good for the redskins…. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!…. ALOHA….

  100. mike/stephen-i’m not calling for anyones head…but did u see that wr screen that cambell threw into or the triple coverage play that he tried to hit cooley on. his release is to slow(right now) and his decision process is slower…why not get benched..if a player is failing to produce what do you do..YOU BENCH HIM…yes the wr’s are dropping balls but the other half are bad passes and bad throws….

  101. Stop the madness with this Colt crap. Jason had a bad game. But receivers are not getting open and when they do our o-line is not protecting., If out D-line can’t get to the QB then they will throw on us all day like they did yesterday. So the offense needs to correct thsoe problems and score more points and the D-line needs to man up and stop playing like soft suckas with no heart. They get punked every Sunday and for the O-line Jansen needs to retire. I saw a couple of players where he didn’t even touch a D-lineman and got beat badly. Our D sucks lately too. Our corners can’t hold receivers the hold game. We might as well drop out D-lineman into coverage because they can’t even sack groceries.

  102. Let’s not bring the curse to Colt…JC didn’t get much help this game. If Zorn benches JC then Collins is next in line.

    I think Redskins gotta pound the ball with the running game. Need a big bruising Back….bring back the HOGS!

  103. jack, i understand what your point is but at the same time you have to understand that a player has a bad game. just like Deez says. but that shouldn’t mean you bench him. i am pretty sure if you look at all the players at all the games and you will find something they are doing wrong. i personally believe Jansen gets too many penalties EVERY game (and at key times). should he be benched, probably, but that isn’t for me to say. would Heyer be a better fit on the line right now, probably. we’ll have to see how that turns out. but one thing is for sure, when you have a QB throwing the ball, that is only one part of the equation. you have to have a receiver to catch and there have been way too many dropped balls going on. it is easy to blame Campbell. but you don’t see those passes going above their heads or at their feet like McNabb throws. these balls are hitting right in the numbers and they still get dropped. that’s the receivers fault, not Campbell’s. so you have to look at the total picture. if the line played better, and the receivers were catching those dropped balls, we wouldn’t even be talking about this right now. Campbell is fine and shouldn’t be benched. the receivers need to make plays also and they aren’t. when times are bad on football teams the only people that get singled out are the coach and the QB. everyone needs to be evaluated, not just those two.

  104. Come on guys! We need Patrick Crayton. Is that not clear from the earlier post. It would solve all of the problems. He would make the return game better. Gives good interviews. Looks good in a suit. Gets 1.73 yards per punt return. Has confidence in himself. He could help us get to the passer, intercept passes and on offense he would automatically help us score 27 per game. They guy is simply amazing.

  105. were all frustrated and we simply see the problem in different levels of importance..campbell is struggling, line isnt blocking and wr’s are inconsistent..however your wrong when you say one bad game. i see the overall picture and zorn said it today in his conference that it might be time to scale back on whats expected of campbell and the Off. to simplify. campbell continues to throw 1-5yrd passes on 3rd and 5 or more..its too late in the season to overhaul the line and wr’s…but you can put in collins who might,not will, might get the reads out quicker and move this offense more. he definitely has a quicker release….

  106. Campbell having one bad game? He hasn’t looked good in a lot of the games this year even the ones that we won. I dont think he has the mental compacity that the QB position requires to read and attack defenses. I dont even see a swagger from him that would inflict any fight or emotion out of his offense. The defense cant be blamed at all because they are being asked for to do too much. All we do to thank our defense when they get the ball back is go 3 and out. The defense cant win the game being on the field the whole time. Keep it real we actually played the Giants better in NY week1 than we did at home.

  107. jack, this is the west coast offense you are speaking of. that is what it is. short passes with a running game. it isn’t an offense that is built for plays more than 5-6 yards at a time. it isn’t a fun and gun offense that calls for plays down the field all the time. look at any west coast offense and you will see that. i personally think that Campbell is built for a fun and gun offense but unfortunately Zorn doesn’t believe in it. since he is the head coach it stays. i agree, we are all fustrated. after all, this team was 6-2 a month or so ago and won on the road against Philly and Dallas. we are all wondering what is going on. i personally think that there wasn’t any film on Zorn in the beginning of the season. this left the element of surprise out there for the Skins advantage. now that the season is more than half over, the film is there and teams know what to do to combat a Jim Zorn offense. it is up to him to change that and keep the offense fresh. so that is something that has to be done. whether or not that is too late for this year remains to be seen. the upcoming weeks will tell that. we can only sit back and wait to see what happens. Zorn will be a good coach and once he “trusts” the offense with more plays things should begin to open up. Portis has carried this team so far and deserves a lot of the credit in them being 7-5. but he is really getting banged up. i have never seen him come off the field looking like he does. that is a player that consistantly gives his all. but that is because of the offense being able to do other things. hopefully the rookie WR’s will begin to make strides to take the heat off of Portis and Moss. until that happens, it is going to be tough. i am not giving up on the Redskins (i am in the heart of Eagles Country so you can imagine the crap i take on a daily basis, especially since my cube at work is decked out in all Redskins). for the past few years they have been in this position and have overcome it. so the passion is there. after one year in Zorn’s offense, next year should be a lot better.

  108. Time for Zorn to step up and take some blame as well – the slow starts were troubling at first, now it’s almost expected. Our poor defense is all worn out from over compensating for the weak offense. I do agree with Smoot – we over estimate the talent level on the skins. Gibbs isn’t a fool – he knew every game would be close (and said so) cause our talent level dictates so.

  109. Colt Brenner couldn’t do anything against those Bulldogs of Georgia, what make you think he will against the Ravens Dee?

  110. I hear what you all are saying, but think about this, let this year play out ok. if there is no improvement in jc, go after Matt Cassel. He has a great feel for the game. to hell with patrick crayton, they need to go after a big reciever with speed. Maybe crabtree from texas tech.

  111. after that, trade for some good offensive lineman and get rid of jason taylor, his good years are behind him. And who knows what brennan will do, but he still needs to learn from a veteran but solid quarterback.

  112. all in all this year can still be good. REDSKINS FOREVER REPIN IN LAS VEGAS

  113. was i watching a different game?? Eli throws for over 300 yards in the rain??? where is our pass defense? asleep!!! we had enough time before the half to run another play to to get closer and we didn’t. Hey Z-man it wasn’t sudden death, so get a clue. it gets old watching Portis run in the middle every time for 2 yards. last 2 weeks we ran a qb sneak for 13+ yards- did we throw that page away? i love the skins but the truth is we lack the killer instinct and don’t belong in the playoffs. here’s something else for the team—show up for the 4th qtr!!!!

  114. Here is some food for thought, how the hell do we loose on sean taylors ring of fame ceremony. that is by far the most troubleing part of the whole game. forget the talent, what about honoring sean with an inspired performance.

  115. how did we lose?? how could we win!

  116. Nick I guess you never have heard the phrase “Defense win Championships, and Offense sale tickets.” Look at these stats; the Baltimore Ravens D has 26 sacks, 20 ints, and scored 5 tds. Pitts. D has 42 sacks, and 13 ints.The Giants D has 36 sacks, 16 ints, and 2 tds scored. The Redskins De has 19 sacks, 11 ints, and 0 scored tds.
    Pittsburgh 9 – 3 De ranked #1
    Baltimore 8 – 4 with a rookie coach & QB, De ranked #2
    Giants 11 – 1 De ranked #3
    Redskins 7 – 5
    By the way Nick D-coordinater Greg Blache agree with me too. He said the D got to get themselves off the field. How you do that sacks, ints, and fumbles.

  117. How about rotating Heyer and Jansen all game? Don´t care if we tip the pass or run…could mix some plays to confuse defenses, at least we’ll have the best we have at the position, besides they would still be fresh, at the final stages of the game, it’s time to get those WRs involved, specially early in the game and on first downs…i think is time for coach to start using more of his playbook….and maybe put Colt/Collins for a couple plays suited for them…Zorn needs to get somewhat more unpredictable in his play-calling just like in september. Defense is A-OK with me…just let ’em heal some more and that will be allright. specially taylor…is time to let him loose on the QB

  118. let taylor loose?? who’s stopping him?

  119. defense is A-OK????? what game did you watch?? Eli had enough time in the pocket to catch a nap

  120. bob i agree completely, thats why next year should be the focus because i doubt things change this year. every press conference is the same old excuses, get matt cassel.

  121. REdskins had a solid defense always, even though they have not many ints or fumbles. On defense, we need to bring a bit more pressure on the QB. We need to scrap the O-LINE and get some new blood, with the exception of Hayer. In addition, they need to get tall receivers to be more involved(ie-Kelly) and take some load of Portis.
    I still think that Cerato is the cause of the curse for the redskins because he has no idea how to draft players that can help the team. I thought Cerato should have been gone a long time ago and I dont see why he is still here. I believe the only way the redskins will become a super bowl team again is for the fan base to diminish and everyone becomes so upset that know one goes to the games.
    As long as Snyder is making money from the fans and ticket sales, the redskins will never become a super bowl team.

  122. but snyder will never sale the team, so if a new gm comes aboard and make the right moves, it will be 1991 all over again baby. keep ya head up.

  123. mike-i dont know if i can agree with you there. campbell is not fun and gun in my mind..he’s slow and unsure..yes i understand what west coast off is but campbell is not going through his progression. its the wr cutting across or the fb out of the backfield..did you see zorn today at the conference when he made those jokes about his playcalls…heres my interpurtation of the redskin playbook. wr screen or slant, 3 yrd outs and portis up the middle. those are the redskin plays….i agree with you on one thing and thats we’ve run two years offf the back of portis’s career…hes getting killed…also in eagle country.wilm, de

  124. I agree, Portis is getting killed out their. He’s running his heart out.

  125. You all are pathetic. Yeah, references to our last playoff game are becoming rather old. When did the foreskins win their last superbowl? We can go back and forth with stuff like that all day. The time is now, and now isn’t looking real great for you fairweather fans in the nations capital. By the way I’m only on here due to the overwhelming amount of deadskins fans on my site a couple weeks ago. Funny thing is none are on there now. It’s going to be a long year for you all. Your team will miss the playoffs only to repeat the same thing again next year. It really sucks when you have nothing to look forward to. Ahh the life of a redskin fan. Maybe that could be a reality show. Hey Mr. Crayton your comments are rather hyprocritcal when referring to Jerry Jones, cause we all know Danny is a worse version of him. At least jerry goes after players who are actually worth it, and pan out(AKA TO, Tank, Roy) Pacman is yet to be determined, but worth a chance since it didnt really cost anything. So have hope while the year is still progressing, but in a couple of weeks you will realize my prediction is correct.

  126. Its time to unleash Colt Brennan

  127. Dude you are an idiot. Seriously, you come on this board and troll it for days. Why? Because that is what you did to me. Hmm just like a Cowboy, no leadership and follow what the other clowns do, right Wade…..Jerry……Tony……….TBlow. I had to laugh at your comments about Tank being good, seriously what has he made 2 plays in 2 years. Sure he made a play or two vs Seattle. WOW, he is a star. Jay Ratliff is good. No doubt about that. If Tank was good, Chicago would have kept him genius. Jerry loves him some criminals though, I agree with Mr. Crayton, that team will fall all to hell now that Parcells is gone and not picking the players anymore. Oh yeah and Roy Williams, seriously what has he done? Not talking about his time with the Cowboys, in general, what has he done? A few big games every 2 years, tease people and Jerry gives up the farm, oh well at least he is trying to sell tickets for the nice new stadium next year. So I have to say, Mr. Crayton, come back on this board anytime, your astute comments and genuine honesty make you one heckuva contributor.


  129. Ever since the rams game zorn said we need to execute.well has that happened???NO.SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!!!

  130. the only thing that needs to change is the fact that as a whole, the offense needs to step up, give the defense rest. If we don’t beat the ravens, kiss this season goodbye. because that will have proven the skins can’t compete with power teams like the giants,steelers. so we would lose in the first round again if we made the postseason. so this game coming up can make or break our season.

  131. we have the talent to beat anyone in the league. but talent alone does not cut it. there has to be feeling and emotion behind the talent to fuel success. if that happens on sunday, then the skins will be a powerful force to reckon with for any team. that is the single most disappointing thing, lack of urgency and emotion. and it starts with zorn, jc, portis and moss. the offensive leaders need to take control.

  132. Chris needs to learn how to master the English language before he bashes The Redskins. As i have said it before and ill say it again, COLT BRENNAN IS NOT THE ANSWER. IF he plays itll be a set back and he will more than likely be worse than JC. All you fair weather fans will call for him being benched and where does that leave you? It will leave you as complete morons. Give this team another year to gel together and I guarentee that they will be a force. yeah i said that on 12/2/2008, Hail!

  133. i agree, stephen. they can still possibly be a force for the remainder of the season once they play with more urgency.


  135. I’m stunned at the inability of my beloved team to make plays at the right time. Thrash, Kelly, Moss and Randle El dropped passes on 3rd down. Yoder’s bonehead 15 yard penalty on a pun and a dropped INT. Same crap vs dallas, Thomas dropped a 3rd down slant, JC threw at a double covered Moss on 4th down, we gave up a sack when we were in FG range, Moss didn’t catch that bomb vs Dallas. I would love to see Thomas start, put Randel El in the slot. I would also like to see Sellars play TailBack some.

  136. Also, if CP is too hurt to contribute, don’t play him. Let him rest a week. Give Betts and Sellars the start at Tailback. Would love to see Sellars in a single back, double TE set.

  137. I was really disappointed our Skins didn’t give the Giants the fight of their lives… I can handle the Skins losing, but to lost the way they did is troubling. Zorn needs to get Moss the ball, move him around, put him in the slot etc…

  138. Would those things be nice savant yes they would. When the team gets a turnover the offense goes three and out and the d is back on the field. Yes i have heard the expression and if the saints had this defense they’d 12-0. I hate talking to people that don’t know **** about football

  139. you forgot to look what our d was ranked it was #3 last week and #6 this week. That pretty good id say

  140. your right, but a good offense is also a good defense. point blank, WE HAVE TO SCORE!

  141. Wow Patrick Crayton on our blog??? really? that’d be cool. Let’s get him into our offense, I think the Cowgirls can’t see talent even if it bit them in their a$%

    loose some useless players like Springs, especially Jason Taylor (what a waste of moolah), all the O-Line (bunch of old farts), D-Line (Montgomery is ok), Thrash, Randle El. and let’s bring in some youth and some talented young wide receiver corps.

    imagine if we have Santana Moss, Patrick Crayton, Devin Thomas & Malcolm Kelly (hopefully they progress soon) Cooley, Fred Davis, Portis, some big strong young O-Line & D-Line, some legit pass rushers, Landry, Horton DeAngelo Hall, Carlos Rogers & Smoot.. WHAT A SCARY TEAM THE REDSKINS WOULD BE!!!! if Campbell still can’t get it together then by all means, it’s Brennan Time!!!!


  142. When I said pan out it didn’t mean didn’t mean they were all great dumba$$. TO yes we know he’s great, Tank is just a contribitor and relieves Jay when needed. Give Roy time, what do you expect him to come right in and be a star when he isn’t even fully acclamated to our offensive system? Also what player shines in Detroit consistently? Yeah, Calvin is doing pretty good this year, but Roy did make the Pro Bowl while he was there and had some good seasons. Thats how it is in Detroit certain players shine here and there, but never consistently.You’ll see what he’ll become for us. Yes Parcells is an awesome scouter, but our drafts without him have been just as good so really there isn’t a drop off there. Also it may seemed we gave to much for Roy but in reality we ony gave a 1st for him do to all of our extra picks from previous draft day trades.

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