Redskins v. Giants – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Annnnnnnnd … so much for that. The Redskins promising drive stalls completely, and Ryan Plackemeier‘s punt goes into the end zone for a touchback. Plackemeier is not having a good day, although his coverage guys aren’t helping him out much either. This gives me a bad feeling — it sure seemed like the team needed to do something with that momentum to shake out of that early-game malaise.
  • Again, holding the Giants to a field goal seems like an inordinate success. The score is 13-0, and it feels like it could easily have been 21-0 or even worse. Yet again, the Redskins defense is quietly — without many big plays — doing a terrific job.
  • Well, someone must’ve been even more annoyed by those guys banging onto the press box glass than I was: security just escorted them from their seats. Now all these people in the front row are going to go un-screamed at.
  • I’ve been noticing good things about Devin Thomas all week in practice (even aside from the bizarre Mortal Kombat locker room displays), and that 29 yard end around for the touchdown is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about. He comes off oddly at times, but he really does put forth some effort, and no one has ever disputed that he’s got crazy athletic ability. That was great to see — and now, somehow, it’s a six point game.
  • Did I bemoan the lack of big defensive plays? DeAngelo Hall picks off his second pass as a Redskin, and if they can put a drive together for a touchdown, they can (ridiculously enough) take the lead.
  • Or not. Another stalled drive, another punt for a touchback. It’s frustrating — you can see what Plackemeier’s trying to do, but it’s just not happening. The crowd is getting frustrated with it as well.
  • Another play for the defense that doesn’t look flashy, but could loom large: stuffing Eli Manning on a QB sneak on fourth-and-1 to get the ball back. It all falls apart when Shaun Suisham misses a 42 yard field goal wide right, but for a minute there it looked like the lead at halftime might unbelievably be only three. Special teams are not helping the Redskins out much today at all.


14 Responses

  1. Pains me to say this, but as a realist … This team is just not that good right now. The bend-don’t-break defense gets left on the field too long and routinely gives up a backbreaking play or two each game, and the offense just can’t put it together.

    While they can keep it close against a lot of teams, it’s hard to see the Skins doing anything other than playing a lot of close games down the stretch …

  2. Well said Skins Fan – I spent the 1st half pissed off. Not at the team, but at myself for thinking we (yes, I say “we”) were that good. Bottom line – “we” are not. Side note – Jim Zorn’s play calling is pathetic.

  3. What is going on with Suisham? The past few weeks he’s been terrible. I’m tired of seeing the defense create so many opportunities only to not do anything with them. On anothere note…D’Angelo Hall is earning his salary pretty well I think.

  4. yeah springs needs to stay out of halls way campbell is too indicisive and needs to sit the bench and the team just sux rigth now

  5. How many times are we going to run portis off gaurd for 3 yards and then throw a side line pass on 2nd down only to be dropped for zero yards??? I’ve seen it 8 times already ZORN!!!!! Let’s do it AGAIN!!!!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

  6. How many times are we going to run portis off gaurd for 3 yards and then throw a side line pass on 2nd down only to be dropped for zero yards???

  7. Our offense is a joke,they need to get Campbell some real receiver to throw to and not garbage like Randle El and Thrash…I also think it’s time to find a new kicker.


  9. We needed to run the ball to establish the pass!!!!

    Campbell is going through the progressions to slow and the pocket is collapsing around him and he is panik-ing!

  10. Beyond the terrible play calling, our pass blocking is pathetic, who knows if the plays are good if campbell can only take 3 step drops to avoid being sacked.

  11. Ray M. couldnt agree more on the WR screen if thats what it can be called. How many times was that play called and not effective in the Dallas game. In defense of Campbell, I dont think any QB would be effective with this line against this defense, the only knock I can give him is he does not improvise very well, like a good QB does.

  12. Forget everything else. Bench Campbell, CUT Suisham.

  13. i told you skins your just not as good as you thought

  14. What does the offence think of itself? There’s NO tomorrow because we’ve seen years of this mess already. PROFESSIONAL means being the VERY BEST at what you do! Anything less than that is not acceptable. Ever paid for something that fell apart after you bought into the advertised hype. Now… how do you feel & what do you do. Jason Campbell, your opportunities are just about to run its course. No love lost.

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