Redskins v. Giants – Remembering Sean Taylor

The ceremony inducting Sean Taylor into the Ring of Honor won’t start for a bit yet, but that’s far from the only memorial at today’s game. The midfield logo has been replaced with a 21.


Today’s Gameday program is a “Special Tribute to Sean Taylor” edition, pictured after the jump.


And, of course, his locker here at FedExField remains as it has for the last year, encased in plexiglass as a memorial.




11 Responses

  1. we all still hurt, just as we did one year ago. this one is for you ST. the measure will not be by a win or loss…but how our boys play the game. we miss you…

  2. is the ST tribute going to be televised??

  3. for Sean Taylor, SHould be starting any second now

  4. That’s beautiful, just like Sean Taylor.

  5. Wow! I was fine thru everything, but it sorta hit me when they said “Starting at Free Safety…Sean Taylor!”. Clinton came running out with the 21 flag…i kinda had a tear or 2.

  6. You people are idiots. I can’t believe the redskins honored a punk. Who cares about Sean Taylor. He was a punk who likely got what he deserved and to put him in a place of honor for the sorry redskins says a lot about how sorry the whole organization is.

  7. Wow, your a dumbass Harvey. Sean Taylor turned his life around after his daughter was born. Everyone in the NFL would disagree with you. You have no class at all.

  8. your really classy harvey

    does ANYONE know where i could get one of the 21 black pins that employees and joe gibbs, joe theisman, etc. were wearing during the game?

  9. Harvey you are a worthless piece of crap. You really are. Did you ever watch Sean Taylor play? He was always the best player, and he played with the most passion. How can you say he was a punk? He had his life in the right direction! Nobody deserves to die. NOBODY. How would you like it if you were ruthlessly murdered in your own home in front of your family, and some idiot like you says he was a punk and he deserved to die. Sean Taylor isn’t the punk. He never was. The punk is you, Harvey.

  10. harvey u no nothing bout sean he wouldve demolished ur team

  11. how DARE you post something like that on this have no right coming on here and calling Sean Taylor a’re probably a Dallas Cowgirl fan just trying to piss off some redskin fans because we all know the Cowgirls are just a soap opera team with plenty of “punks”…he didn’t deserve anything to die…he died from idiots trying to steal from his home..get your facts straight Harvey before you post comments that really are disrespectful to a player who played his heart out and unfortunately left his life and family and team..

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