Redskins v. Giants – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

  • Well, let’s hope I was wrong about the part where I called the first Redskins possession of the fourth quarter “an absolute must-score,” because that’s not precisely how it played out — instead, three-and-out (plus a penalty) and punt. Decent punt by Ryan Plackemeier, but that’s very little consolation at this point.
  • And then yet another play that’s representative of the way the day’s gone, as Eli Manning escapes a sack and runs nearly for a first down. The Redskins are having trouble closing the deal in just about every phase of the game.
  • The pass protection for Jason Campbell has really come apart again. The first two plays in this Redskins drive aren’t going to show up as sacks for the Giants — scrambles of 1 and 0 yards instead — but they really should. He has been harried for much of the game, and it doesn’t look like they’re finding an adjustment to help.
  • That said, the handoff to Clinton Portis on fourth-and-1 didn’t seem like the right call either, and not only because of the way it turned out. Coach Zorn’s best results on fourth down have come when he’s done the unexpected, and it looked like everyone on the field knew what was coming there. I rarely find myself thinking that a game is over with time left — I’m more the “no, wait, they could score, go for two, recover an onsides kick, score, etc.” type — but I really don’t see any way the team can come back and win this one at all.
  • Apparently, the fans at the stadium didn’t fully agree with that assessment. They stuck around through the short Giants drive, and waited until the 39 yard field goal went through before getting up to leave en masse. I guess a 16 point lead looks substantially more insurmountable than a 13 point lead.
  • Coach Zorn hasn’t given up yet, though, as he’s burning timeouts right down to the wire. It’s an exercise in futility for everything besides making Jason Campbell the leading rusher on the team, five carries for 38 yards. Aside from that, and a Giants fumble recovery on the final play of the game that might affect some fantasy football teams, very little seemed to be accomplished with that last drive. A dreary game to match the dreary day.

39 Responses

  1. “Coach Zorn hasn’t given up yet, though”. Did I just read that? WIth the game plan he put together, he gave up before kick off. WEAK!! Just a horrible game plan. He should give his game check to charity this week!!

  2. We’ll this loss pretty much puts a fork in the Skins playoffs hopes…I really expected more from them in this game.

  3. The team has taken Zorn’s “Keep it medium” to heart. They play with a medium intensity against opponents playing with inspiration. This O-Line needs gutted!

  4. I still say it’s not the game plan. When the quarterback has no time or the running back has no time what do you really expect? Our O-line needs to check itself and see if it still wants to play football.

  5. I’m done venting. Had to do it though….I needed closure on this game and FAST. The idiot that I am…….I will be rooting the Skins on again next week. HAIL to all of you and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

    Peace out

  6. there is absolutely no passion in any of the plays the attempt..i wonder if it stems from having a monotone coach who never shows any emotion?? it’s like being coached by Ben Stein!

  7. Campbell has been a total bust. It looks like he’s back to his usual self – interceptions and fumbles. He’s never been an accurate passer. He constantly under throws and throws behind his receivers. He absolutely no threat to defenses and thus Portis’s job gets even harder. They’d have never made the playoffs last year if Collins didn’t replace Campbell. If the Skins had played Collins like the Titans played their Collins I think they’d have been more successful. Collins may have a weak arm but at least he understands placing the ball on a certain spot at a certain time. That concept seems totally foreign to Campbell.

    It’s not all Campbell’s fault but I think he’s the worst though. Betts’ is fumbling again and Carlos Rogers rarely makes the interceptions that he should. It’s well past time to bring on Colt Brennan or Todd Collins. Portis and a failing offensive line are never going to carry this team. Heck, a few first downs here and there would do a lot to help the defense.

  8. Said it before and will say it again – O. Line is old and slow. Our WR core with exception of Moss does not scare a damn soul. Take Moss out come from all different directions against the O. line and you hold skins to 7 – 10 pts a game. Not rocket science. Give Jason C. an O line and WR who can catch and he would be a top 10 Q.

  9. How much longer can coach Zorn continue to watch Jason Cambell on third and whatever throw the ball 5-6 yards short of a first down and punt the ball away. Cambell is a “bust” and how long will it take the Redskins to realize it. Give Colt Brennan a chance to lead this team with his fire and determination. We will continue to be a not contender, just like the Eagle with Mcnabb as long as Jason Cambell is at the helm. Cambell will be a great backup QB somewhere! Lets move forward Redskins and you can start with the removal of Jason Cambell from the line up. Love my “SKINS.”

  10. So is that the best we could do for Sean Taylor? No wonder his dad said he was going to be fishing or on a sail boat since watching that performance today would have been disappointing.

    Let’s face it: The skins aren’t playing good enough in the passing game to win, go to the playoffs, or win a super bowl. I hate all of this continual change but if Zorn’s going to stay, he needs a qb who can win and right now, I’m not sure that’s campbell. He may be ruined like Ramsey was ruined under Spurrier and it may be time to look at a west coast veteran qb. Portis can’t do it alone.

  11. Bottom line to almost every loss this year…No protection and blocking from the O-Line. When we have won, the O-line did a decent job, in our losses, they were almost non-existent. Cambell is a decent quarterback, but needs time to go through the progression, Portis is one hell of a RB, but you can see what happens when he has no blocking. THe pressure that the front 4 of the opposing team can put on Campbell leads to him rushing passes and to missing receivers, sacks, and ints.

    I miss the H.O.G.S. and hope we can revamp out O-line this offseason. I would still love to see us win at least 3 more to have a shot at the playoffs, but at this point, it doesn’t look good.

  12. Wake up people. For a successful team you need a dominant leader, either a coach or a quarterback. The Skins lack both. Jim Zorn was a great player but unfortunately that does not translate into a good coach. The game plan from the start was a disaster and he does not know how to adapt. As I have said before Jason Campbell can not lead, motivate, or inspire a team to victory. He is a L-O-S-E-R. If you think he is such a great athlete play him in another position.

  13. Between Zorn and Campbell we dont have a chance all u hear is zonr say after a loss once we watch video blah blah blah they arent doing anything period campbell cant lead a team and SUX and Zorn doesnt get mad and say anything to fire the team up This team is SCREWED with Campbell in there and always has been please bench his sorry ass

  14. All man where to start. Jason cambell got to go now. This is the NFL. He’s playing like he’s still in college. There’s no way we can win with Jason cambell. Jim zorn have to see that. If he want to save the season he needs to play Todd or Colt. Jason cambell playing like Mark brunell. Its just sad. I love my skins too much and we are to talented. Cambell must go!!!!!!!!!

  15. How many ineffective efforts by Jason Campbell is it going to take before Zorn, Snyder, Redskin fans, etc realize that he is not the answer. Our passing game scares no one. Defenders consistently jump our passing routes due to his slow release. He has thrown 32 tds in 31 games. We are wasting Clinton Portis’ prime years!!! I’m sick and tired of Jason having one good game every 4-5 game average, and that being enough flash of promise for us to continue to start him. No quarterback with a slow release has ever gone far in the playoffs unless their defense is in the top 3 in the league in terms of points allowed. I could seriously go on and on, and I want to, but I won’t!

  16. Everybody is freaking out. Relax. The team is 7-5 and better off than we have been for many years at this point. Stop calling for Campbell’s head. He is still is the future of this team. Zorn is a rookie coach. How many predicted a 7-5 start for him. RELAX

  17. Yes I’m disappointed like many other fans but I do find it so funny how so many “fans” think the Redskins are going to the Superbowl when they win a game and are worse then Detroit when they loose a game. I believe the Redskins are a good team, not great but good, like so many other teams. What will it take to fix this team, they really need some O-line help and also need 11 and/or 12 to step up. I think all this will happen in time, though not this year. It takes time to build a team, remember Zorn is a rookie head coach so he will learn.

    Today Redskins played through pain and with heart, they were just outmatched but a better team, some say the best team.

  18. Campbell is so indecisive and he can’t throw a good deep ball. He’s always looking like he’s about to run, and then he wants to throw, and by then, he is sacked… so frustrating…but i will give him one more year

  19. Yes I’m disappointed like many other fans but I do find it so funny how so many “fans” think the Redskins are going to the Superbowl when they win a game and are worse then Detroit when they loose a game. I believe the Redskins are a good team, not great but good, like so many other teams. What will it take to fix this team, they really need some O-line help and also need 11 and/or 12 to step up. I think all this will happen in time, though not this year. It takes time to build a team, remember Zorn is a rookie head coach so he will learn.

    Today Redskins played through pain and with heart, they were just outmatched but a better team, some say the best team.

  20. Well from what i have seen i have to agree, Campbell is not the QB to lead this or any team, but don’t forget Zorn’s ego ya’ll he has made Campbell his reclimation project, so i don’t see him admitting he is wrong and putting in Collins or Brennan even tho, they would Give us a better chance to win. Very disgusted here with it all.

  21. I can’t shake the feeling that something else is going on with the Skins, something in the background that we aren’t privy to. Then, in the offseason we’re going to hear about how so and so didn’t agree with the offense, or someone was refusing to allow the coaching staff to do this or that.

    I’d have more confidence if our team if our passing offense hadn’t been in a funk for the last 6 games or so. Our record doesn’t inspire despair, it’s our play that does that. Seriously, do you think we’d beat a playoff team with the way our team’s played the last few weeks?

  22. man yall guys stunk it up against new york, but to be honest i wanted yall to lose and i didnt think the giants were going to lose, i just wished your sorry azz team would have put up more of a fight and beat the cr@p outta the gayants, ALL HELL TO THE REDSKINS LOL


  23. Matt,Can you ask Zorn why he stinks at calling a game?

  24. If our offense had as much heart as our D we might beable to do something that plus a QB who could make up his mind

  25. The team lacks overall speed, it is time to “Gut” Gibb’s players & let Zorn put players that would fit better
    in the West Coast offense, Keep in mind, Zorn
    is working with players from Gibb’s regime. Its time
    to get some new parts, These guys know, they’re
    trying to prove last year could be repeated to make
    the playoffs again. If not, there will be new faces
    next year. In the meantime, have faith in this
    years team & ride out the year.

  26. Matt,

    Will you be able to make us all happy and punch Vinny in the nose
    and have a nice day

  27. there is not one fan who is happy or comfortable with Vinny managing this team.

    And if you say you are..Then, you are lying

  28. For most of the season I have tried not to state the obvious…that “JC,” Jason Campbell is too tentative and slow in his reads. I have tried to find the positives because of the rampant Skins fan that say that campbell is a good QB. For all of you that say Campbell is our QB of the future, I say WAKE UP!!! He is the leader of the team and has no emotion. He has no fire and the Offense picks up on that and responds accordingly. If your leader is lackluster than you have no fire to do a good job. Watch Campbells eyes, no wonder the secondary can jump his passes, they can read where he is going and they give him the short pass at the line.
    To those that say that 7-5 season is great. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!! With the weapons we have, and how great our QB is supposed to be, we should be 9-3 at least. Zorn needs to bench Campbells butt, and start Collins or Colt. They can both light up the scoreboard. We need to win out in order to be considered for a wild card spot…how sad is that. We are better than that.

  29. u know yall were saying a couple of weeks ago that cambell is a great qb and that he went through a streak of no interceptions but i knew that would soon end for him and he would come back to hurt yalls team in the period when yall need him the most, it always happens, u gotta take the good with the bad, be REAL FANS, stop crying your season isnt over, look at the eagles, theyre in last place of our division, and yall have an easy schedule, have faith in your team, if your having doubts about the last bit of your division, then yall dont deserve to be in the playoffs, the cowboys have the toughest last 4 games to play, all with possibly playoff teams, so its going to be a test for them, but im glad im 8-4 than 7-5 lol GO COWBOYS!!!

  30. There is one thing for certain when you are physically capable to take on a position it doesn’t qualify you to be a leader if that positon is a leadership position.
    I would love to have Jason Campbell to develop the leadership style of Doug Williams or even Vince Young. Sean needs the confidence of Grammatica after missing critical fieldgoals..

    I don’t think finger pointing ever solved anything in a team sport. However putting the right people in the right positions have time and time again. There needs to be a solid and consistent place kicker. At least to score the 3 points that will maintain team morale during the game.

    The decisions come from the top. Each member of a team must have the same goals and ambition toward the same end. There are too many break downs in various plays. The leadership isn’t apparent on or off the field when comes to making effective decisions.

    Great leaders influence others to do what they believe to be the impossible in adverse situations.

  31. I remember those good ol days when the redskins were on a winning streak and the cowboys were losing like hell…..*sighs* now the tables have turned….. GO AMERICAS TEAM
    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

  32. Hey brokeback mountain boys, your team got spanked worse than the skins agaisnt the g-punks, GO BROKEBACKBOYS!

  33. R.I.P Sean Taylor… #21
    But lets go giants 23-7 babbiiii
    lets go da best in da game rite there in new york

  34. it blows my mind how we need at least 2 touchdowns (including 2 pt conversions) with 2 minutes left and we throw the ball 5 yards!!!??? what is Zorn thinking. Also our pass defense sucks! i know it’s not a pretty thing to say, but the truth hurts. we gave Eli enough time in the pocket to write a book and he picked us apart just like other teams have done. And why the heck to we keep passing to the line of scrimmage?? our receivers get killed-one day one of them is going to come back to the huddle and slap campell

  35. Two Things: those fans who say relax were 7-5 are CLUELESS! We average 7 to 10 pts a game, have lost FOUR HOME GAMES, give up more 3rd and longs to opposing offenses and are basically 1-4 during the month that separates the pretenders from contenders. Those calling for Jason and Jim Z – The really person you should be calling for is CERRATO. Can’t blame them for not having time to throw, WR that drop balls in their hands and having no WR that scares anyone. How do you expect to have a passing game with an old o line and James Thrash and Randle El running down field? Gee Double Moss and send the house.

  36. Just a thought….The Eagles benched their starter and looked what happened the next game. Mayby Campbell needs a wake up call. Remind him how it is to be hungry like most players when they come into the league. Play like you need the money. Stay hungry!!!

  37. For all of those people who think JC stinks need to look around the league and tell me which QB that has no time and WRs dropping the ball all the time are in the top 15. The only one is JC. For a QB learning a new system he is performing at a very high level. I look at ELI Manning last year and he was not very good until the end of the year once he figured out the system that was in place. Get off JC and talk about making plays and our playmakers are not getting it done. Whether be dropped passes, fumbles or not catching interceptions. The team needs to make the plays to extend drives and the defense needs to make plays to get them off the field. The defense allowed 23 points and they allowed the Giants to hold onto the ball too long in this game. The team as a whole failed not just JC. Todd Collins was a backup for all of those years for a reason. He is not a long-term solution and Colt isnot ready no matter what you guys think. We will be okay. Superbowl was never in the plans for this year.

  38. we need a spark,put collins or colt in.try something.its obvious the D is wore out from being on the field all year.try them it cant hurt.if it doesnt work it may make jason come out of that shell and play like i think he can

  39. matt cassel will be the quarterback next year, so let’s not worry. plus we still have at least the chance at a playoff spot. and the cowboys will get spanked by the steelers on sunday. broke back mountain boys in the building.

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