Redskins v. Giants – A Few More Sean Taylor Tributes

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

So there was the ceremony. There was the tribute edition of Gameday, the repainted midfield logo, and the locker, of course. And there was one other official tribute — the patches on the players’ jerseys.


Coach Gibbs returned for the ceremony, and also took a few moments to share his thoughts on Taylor.


“I still have Sean on my prayer list,” he said. “I just really…. That is one of the more emotional things that any of us with the Redskins ever lived through. We appreciate him. I told his dad I still think of him all the time. It’s great that we’re going to honor him today. It’s great to be back to here.”

The talented folks at ExtremeSkins put together a tribute booklet and sent over two copies, one for Taylor’s family and one for the team. The cover doesn’t reproduce well in the harsh light of my flash, but it’s a really well-designed, thoughtful remembrance.


And a sample of the interior.


Then there were the fan tributes. Signs, and shirts, and towels and everything like that, yes.


And #21 jerseys everywhere. University of Miami jerseys, regular Redskins jerseys, throwback Redskins jerseys, Pro Bowl jerseys.


After the game, Clinton Portis was asked about all the jerseys.

“I think it was great,” he said. “You always see 21s in this stadium. They didn’t just come out today for the [ceremony] – fans always represent for Sean, and teammates and players, they represent also. The opportunity for me to run out with the flag during the introduction of Sean, it was a great opportunity.”

He also talked about the assortment of tributes, especially the repainted midfield.

“I noticed that during the game. I think this is a classy organization. That’s the way you’re supposed to pay tribute to a fallen soldier. I think Sean brought a lot of attention to this organization, he did a lot for this organization, and I think from the top, Mr. Snyder is doing what he’s supposed to do. I think the organization is great, Coach Gibbs got back for this … it was a big event.”


17 Responses

  1. does ANYONE know where i could get one of the 21 black pins that employees and joe gibbs, joe theisman, etc. were wearing during the game?

  2. “I still have Sean on my prayer list,

    Ummm…why? You’re a little too late, Joe.

  3. Jason Campbell has 32 TD’s in 31 games. In 9 of those games he as thrown 0 TD’s. That is more than 25% of the time.

    Jason Campbell is allergic to throwing TD’s and the stats point to it.

    Lemme blow your mind:

    Jason Campbell in 13 preseason games/2 touchdown passes

    Colt Brennan in 5 preseason games/3 touchdowns passes

  4. Coach Joe is praying for him and his family you jackass

  5. “Jason Campbell in 13 preseason games/2 touchdown passes

    Colt Brennan in 5 preseason games/3 touchdowns passes”

    I seriously hope you’re joking. We all know how preseason games work with regard to playing time given to starters/third stringers.

    And really, this is NOT the thread to be complaining about that.

  6. Colt is the best of the back ups whoopdi doo

  7. lol u guys r retards the o line sux especialy thats why jason campell sux this year he gets sacked so many times and never has time

  8. lol the o line sux thats why jason campell sux this year he gets sacked so many times and never has time

  9. we should have drafted a a couple line men instead of 2 receivers a kicker and a tight end that isnt smart enough to run a button hook.

  10. Look, we needed to get bigger/young, receivers whether you refuse to realize that or not. Maybe we shouldn’t have gotten 2 and a TE, but at least we’ll be set in that position for a while. I see the talent, there rookies slowly gettin more and more PT. At least we’re battling, lets be honest, we’re sittin 7-5 right now, and we’ve played the best team in the NFL twice already. I think we’re sitting in a better spot than we have in the past. Let’s try to step it up these last few games, get to the playoffs, maybe make a run, and get a few O-Lines early in the draft. We’re heading in the right direction.

  11. Thanks Austen, instead of everyone pointing fingers lets stand behind our team and show some support. Campbell and zorn are in there first year together in the toughest division in the NFL, and we are still very in the play-off picture. GO SKINS

  12. I think we have every opportunity to beat the Giants the way that we stopped their running game at the beginning. Im so sick of how they’re playing for the last couple of weeks. Coach Zorn should know he needs to change his plays because every team now can read it like a book. Campbell sucks!!!! I was never a big fan of Jason Campbell. They need to cut some freakin useless players like Shawn Springs (he messed up on a sure interception by DeAngelo Hall.. what an idiot!!), Jason Taylor should go back to Dancing because the game passed him by.
    Clinton Portis, you’re the MAN! Im sorry you’re surrounded by a bad O-Line from the 1950’s

  13. it’s an embarrament to how Sean Taylor played the game. We MISS YOU #21 GOD BLESS!!!

  14. This was the second time we let Sean down. The Buffalo game last year and the joke of a game we played yesterday. I’m seriously very disappointed.

  15. if we lose 1 more we are pretty much out of the playoffs.if it happens why not put colt in and see what he can do

  16. the rain was sean crying.

  17. wasnt it raining last year 2

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