Gameday: Redskins v. Giants – Giants Inactives

A slightly more intriguing list here than Washington’s, at least in terms of star wattage and impact players. Here’s the guys who aren’t going to running around in the rain today for New York.

  • K Lawrence Tynes
  • WR Plaxico Burress
  • CB Sam Madison
  • RB Ahmad Bradshaw
  • LB Jonathan Goff
  • T Adam Koets
  • DE Jerome McDougle
  • DT Fred Robbins

One Response

  1. When will Coach Zorn realize that his formulaeic “cause” & “effect” approach must be reversed? He (and many others) point to CP’s number of carries and yards rushing in games won by the Skins as proof positive that if CP has over 25 carries and 100+ yds rushing that he can carry the team to victory. The problem, however, as evidenced by Sunday’s early “3 & outs” is that such stats are not the “cause” of won games but the “result” of early successes in the passing game which keeps opponents wary and allows Clinton to carry the “ball” and not the “team.”

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