On the Field for Practice – 11/28

Well, it may be the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s still just a Friday here. Any confusion about that was eliminated when I got down to the practice fields to find — you guessed it — Jim Zorn throwing balls to route-running quarterbacks. And it still hasn’t gotten old to me. Colt Brennan‘s father was at practice today, and he seemed to get a kick out of watching his son play receiver for a few minutes.


  • After a couple of days of practices that prompted me to use words like “loose” and “lively,” today just seemed intense. It looked to me like the guys were really trying to get into game mode, especially on goalline defense, and H.B. Blades confirmed my suspicion afterward. “A lot of intensity and a lot of focus from everybody,” he told me. “We know how valuable every game is now, as we try to make a playoff push. It’s like the playoffs start now, and every game is crucial.”
  • People occasionally knock Chris Cooley for his pass blocking and work away from the ball, but I can tell you that I noted today three separate occasions in practice where 47 was on the receiving end of loud compliments from coaches for plays where he did not touch the ball.


  • I’m beginning to suspect that Devin Thomas is really motivated by the return of Malcolm Kelly. Since Kelly got back to the practice field, Thomas seems to have doubled his efforts and his energy in practice, and Coach Zorn seemed to be responding to him well today.
  • Thomas has also doubled his semi-legendary quirkiness. First he was using the “Thundercats — HOOOOOOOO!” battle cry during practice (which prompted Mike Sellers to tell him, “You weren’t even born for that!”). Then, in the locker room, Thomas put on a ski mask and a his shell and used the chained-down tape-cutter to do a brief reenactment of Scorpion’s moves from Mortal Kombat, complete with shouted “GET OVER HERE!” Devin Thomas is an interesting guy.


  • London Fletcher says that he’s “feeling better. Not a hundred percent, but who is?” He’s going to be a gametime decision, but Blades says that he’s prepared to play the middle linebacker position if he has to. “That’s always been a natural position for me, and it’s something I’ve been playing for a while.” He looked good today, coming up with nice interception in goalline.
  • One thing I’ve noticed watching practice is that you can really tell when guys are playing through pain and when they’ve actually started to come back from an injury. Shawn Springs would be an example of the latter, at this point. He looks faster and more aggressive than he has in weeks, and — as has happened to me with every injured guy — I had forgotten just how quick he is when healthy.
  • Injuries: Kedric Golston did not practice, but the news beyond that is fairly good. Chris Samuels and Andre Carter didn’t practice but were able to at least be out there, and Clinton Portis took limited reps; all three are being called gametime decisions. Cornelius Griffin practiced, and is also being called a gametime decision depending on soreness.
  • Coach Zorn had a nice line after Frank Hanrahan asked him a question alluding to his having “gone home” to Seattle. “Now I am home,” Zorn said, pointedly. “And we have a home game.”

23 Responses

  1. Sounds like a decent practice given the state of the team with all the bumps and bruises and what not. Would love to see more particpation on the blog.
    Although they did win last week, and the only time this place gets active is after a loss, how about some ideas before the game on what the team should. Any one can look back and say “oh, they should have done this because of that and did that because of this” Lets hear something before it happens.

  2. OK bigO, how about this – first offensive play fake to Portis, go play action and plan to go for Moss deep if the defense is right. Overall, get Sellers more touches. Also, more 4 (or even 5!) receiver formations with our two rookies getting 6 or 8 throws.

  3. would love to stretch the field on the opening play. Good idea on Sellers, the other plus to sellers getting short yardage carries, keeping C.P. fresher. Sellers loves to bruise it up.

  4. Though we’ve been saying it before every game lately, I think Kelly and Thomas will both be a lot more involved this weekend. I would love to see us throw it more on first down, especially coming off big gains, its frustrating to have a big completion or a run and then take our time getting back to the line and then get a 3 yard run. I love seeing Portis beat the crap out of linebackers but we need to keep him relatively fresh and keep the Vagiants defense on their toes. I also wonder if Horton and/or Landry can play a lot more in the box to pick up the slack at LB, and then have Springs play as a 3rd Safety. We’re so deep in the secondary and I still refuse to say the Eli has turned into a “Championship caliber QB”. Stopping Jacobs is the key.

    Why does it take so long every week for Sunday to come around?


  5. Well if we can get better pass protection helmet on a helmet, we can spread the defense more with these 4 and 5 wide sets, but we can’t keep gettin beat with a 4 man rush. BLOCK LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT O-LINE!!!

  6. score 7 on three first half drives. Let Eli or any other QB play catch up against our secondary. We leave with the W at least 90% of the time.

  7. Hey guys. Here are my two keys to the game:

    1. We have to commit to the run. To keep the Giants vicious pass rush off JC, Portis/Betts need to get rolling. It will take a little pressure off the O-line, open up the pass for JC and keep the D-line honest.

    2. This is the week to run/pass blitz the heck out of the Giants. With four healthy corners who can play man, we can afford the risk. If Eli has time, he’ll pick us apart. If we’re in his face, he’ll make mistakes.

  8. the giants starting corners would fight for the nickel spot on this team. our season is going to come down to if we can complete a fade route to a second or third reciever.Thus opening up the the natural or senior playmakers, Portis,cooley, moss. (preferably in that order). IF we take those growng steps this week.Watchout nfl.

  9. Leroy has it right. Get a good lead on the Giants and make them play catchup. That would take away their strength (running game) and play to our strength – pass defense (and with that maybe our pass rush would also get better).

  10. I’m happy to hear that Thomas is looking better in practice, but disappointed that it took Kelly coming back to energize him. Thomas was our top draft pick and considered the best WR in the draft, yet other rookie WR’s on on other teams have played more and well, e.g., D Jackson of the Eagles. I’m hoping this game marks Devin Thomas’ coming out party when he really shows his stuff and becomes productive (remember in camp Zorn said he expected Thomas and Kelly would likely be most valuable later in the season – that’s now!).

  11. It was nice to hear Zorn confirm that Jason was moving through his progressions too quickly. He seems so receptive to Zorn and you can see the improvement every week. I had been wondering why Moss and Cooley werent getting more balls and why Randle El has been so productive at 3. I know teams are gonna focus on Tana and Cooley but I still felt like they should be getting open a whole lot more if they were running their routes right. You watch other teams and they are getting 20+ yard receptions regularly against the same secondaries we play, so you wonder why we only get 1 or 2 a game. Everyone is right about the pass protection, if Jason has the time to throw he’s gonna have a huge day.

  12. Agree with Boo. JC is as accurate as any QB when he has time to throw. To get that time, we will need to establish the run and force the Giants to defend it. We have to keep them off balance. Otherwise, it’s the battle in the trenches that will determine the outcome…and we haven’t fared well there of late. Hopefully, our lines turn that around this week. Maybe on the heels of the Sean Taylor ceremony, they’ll come out fired up and put the beat down on the G-men!

    I’ll be there Sunday. My first game at Fedex since its inaugural season. I’m stoked and really think we match up well against the Giants. We need momentum early, balanced offense and aggressive defense. This one could come down to Suisham.


  13. Aloha Blogmeister;
    Love the info/stories that you’re putting out and we’re lucky to have your insight and assorted tidbits; but I’m going to offer a bit of constructive criticism. You’re blog is simply hard to read at times due to your diction and phrasing. Less is more sometimes, and the wordiness or misplaced phrases force me to have to go back and read through your work 2 to 3 times to grasp what it is you’re trying to convey. Other than that, keep up the good work because it’s all we get out here in Hawaii; and more on Colt is always appreciated.
    Mahalo nui loa e a hui ho..!!!


  15. Key to the wins is….the Shotgun!

  16. TC you must have a 3rd graders reading comprehension because I’ve never thought that and I’m in the 4th grade.

  17. Agree on the shotgun, this would at least let JC make one more read before he has a D-lineman on him like cheap suit. Quick routes, and lets see if JC and the receivers can improvise when a play gets busted.

  18. buress is out….wr’s arent good enough so lets put hall, springs and rogers on them one on one and bring up horton and landry to stuff the run and blitz….

  19. Bring the heat D!

  20. I agree that the defense front 4 is one of the keys for the dubya. We need to get pressure on Eli…Shut down their running game and let Eli try to win by throwing it to Hixon, Toomer, etc. Our front 4 need to get a good rush on Eli and shut down the run.

    Our O-line need to keep the Giants pass rush away from Campbell or its gonna be a long day for us. With an aggressive defense like NY, I think delayed handoffs to Portis, Draws to Portis and Strong side screens will work well. This opens up the Playaction Pass for us.

  21. My man Malcom Kelly Is gonna make a plays tomorrow

  22. Good comments but we have to realize that this will be a nfc east game and perhaps the best game of this here season. If anyone thinks that eli or JC will come out slinging the ball, is sadly mistaken, not saying that they wouldn’t so just that. we have to remember that we are the only team this season the hold the giants to their lowest score, in their own house for that matter. this will be a low scoring nfc east game. i hope the officials will call a good football game because i have the feeling that the skins will bring the pain to eli. remember ‘remember the titans,’ when coach boone told the titans that they will blitz all night and make their opponent remember the night they play the titans. I have a feeling that the skins will and if we stand any chance of making the playoffs, this is about the time we go on our five games winning streaks that get us into the post season. coach zorn isgood for the skins and am happy that we got colt brennan, i always wanted the skins the get him when he was in college, but didn’t think that it was possible since the skins made the playoffs and colt was such a good catch in the draft, but it happened and that’s ‘wasup.’ back to the game, it will and should be a hard hitting game and we just need to hit harder. if anyone watches as much tv asi do, you’ll have realized that one of brandon jacobs most played highlight is of him running over laron landry and that i don’t like and if this gets back to the team locker room before the game, landry gotta get his today. WE NEED TO BLITZ ALL DAY!!! thanksgiving week ain’t over yet. we home, lets play our hearts out. it’s easy for me to sit here and say all this and another thing to actually do it on the field. we should be good though springs had a good feeling type game, taylor did the same, and portis was portis, but the giants are the one team in the league that seem to know how to stop portis. more later

  23. I have a simple question….. wanna know others take on this…….. Why isn’t J.C in the shotgun more often in the “long to go ” situations………???? Seems he is always under center……. seeing how our pass blocking and apparently route running are our biggest weaknesses……. I would like to see him get another second or so by being in the shotgun.. Whats the deal ?????? Thanks…….. Let’s make the playoff push like we have in recent years………. !!!!!

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