Thursday, November 27: A Memory of Redskins Thanksgiving Past

sepcoverI feel like I’ve mostly covered this year’s Redskins Thanksgiving: we’ve had Redskins giving and Redskins on turkey, which covers just about all aspects of the holiday except for the giant inflatable cartoon characters being dragged down the street. And Chris Cooley has also posted his reactions to the Harvest Feast, which are characteristically honest and uncharacteristically reflective.

The miracle of semi-random googling yields surprisingly few Redskins/Thanksgiving-related results — although there are some terrific-looking recipes for roasted redskin potatoes, and a number of articles about the Redskins fans “stuffing” the Pro Bowl ballot boxes.

And then it turns up this artifact from 2003, a list of things the fans of the 4-7 Redskins had to be thankful for back then. It’s … interesting, shall we say, to look and see how many of them turned out to be particularly accurate.

Some excerpts:

. . . Laveranues Coles‘ presence. And work ethic.

. . . Joe Mendes. Yes, the ex-VP of football operations. Without him, Ramsey would have been elsewhere. He was the one who wanted to draft him and he was the one who prevented his being traded. Don’t ever forget that.

. . . corner Champ Bailey‘s consistency.

. . . linebacker LaVar Arrington‘s emotion. Maybe he gets caught out of position, but winning and losing matters to him. Greatly.

. . . John Hall‘s consistency. He’s not the best in the league, but he’s solidified the kicking position.

There’s a lesson to be learned from the full list, but I’m not quite sure what it is. From a very basic standpoint, it’s that there were a lot of ex-Jets on the Redskins that year. From a sarcastic standpoint, it’s that the fan reaction to Arrington being out of position changed drastically over the next five years.

And from a sentimental standpoint, it’s that even mired in a 4-7 season, with a head coach, quarterback, wide receiver, kicker, linebacker, and cornerback who all would be gone within two years at the most, Redskins fans STILL managed to be thankful. That’s pretty impressive, actually, and since it’s the holidays, I’m going with the sentimental explanation.

Everyone have a safe and healthy holiday out there.


One Response

  1. Matt – thank you for your posts. They have been informative, insightful, reflective and you seem to strive to find the unusual.

    Now, how about taking the rest of the day off with fam & turkey (am not calling your fam turkeys)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours

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