On the Field for Practice – 11/27

A loose and lively practice that had a very Friday feel, with players being cut loose to see their families after they finished work. And the weather cooperated, giving us the first relatively comfortable day on what’s been a pretty cold week.


  • A couple of nice battles in one on one drills between Malcolm Kelly and DeAngelo Hall. Hall won the first one, knocking the ball away (although the play ended with the two getting tangled up and hitting the ground), and Kelly used an excellent cut to shake loose and make the catch two plays later.


  • Alfred Fincher got more reps than usual with both London Fletcher and Marcus Washington still out, and he looked good. He seemed to be communicating well with the safeties and generally putting himself in the position he needed to be in when called on. The last time I remember seeing him play was the disastrous Jaguars preseason game, where he was one of the few bright spots; if he has to play this week, hopefully that’s what we’ll see again.
  • Jason Campbell is looking decisive. It’s not a word I would’ve used to describe him coming in to this year, but it kept coming to mind as I watched him today — confident and decisive.
  • The safeties look great. LaRon Landry is all over the place; he tips a pass high in the air, resets, turns, and lays out completely flat to try to make the interception. It’s just out of his reach, but that’s okay — he had already intercepted the previous one. Meanwhile, Chris Horton keeps showing strong awareness and good closing speed, once breaking up a well-thrown pass intended for Fred Davis and also doing a good job reading a screen pass and coming up to make the stop. The more I see of him, the less I understand how he fell as far as he did in the draft.


  • Injury updates: Cornelius Griffin and Kedric Golston were able to do some drills, although not practice. Clinton Portis was on the mental reps again, but is expected to participate Sunday. And, as noted, Fletcher and Washington were out, along with Andre Carter.

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  2. I agree with you on Horton, too much is read into a players 40-yard time/3 cone drill etc.. the guy can PLAY football and that counts more than any 4.40 40 time

  3. I hope Fletcher is OK to play, but I’m interested in seeing Fincher play at OLB.

  4. Even with the injuries, the DL should be ok with Evans, Monty, Griff, and Taylor (at his natural RE position). The risk is at LB if Fletcher does not play with Blades replacing him and Fincher at OLB (although I want to see what he can do at OLB – he may be the best option to replace Washington).


  6. If things work out?????

    Fincher, Blades, and McIntosh can form up to be a nice LB group.

  7. As always thanks for the insightful reporting. My prayers go out to all the injured players.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  8. This game more than others we need everyone healthy. With the cowboys winning today, we fall to third if we lose. Fletcher, golston, carter and griffin NEED to play to stop the run if were gonna have a chance

  9. Come on man we can do this!!! Giants ain’t all that!! Sheesh! Watch the Cleveland tape… Copy cat league, GET UR’ DONE!!! Nuff said! LET”S GO MAN! Stop losing @ home field for Christ’s sake!! Win this one for Sean man, he’s watching!! Don’t get embarrased after that ceremony! You better kick the Giants tale! Tired of they fans mouths, SHUT IT UP FOR US SKINS FANS ACROSS THE GLOBE!! LET”S GO!! Offense Help the defense out in this game man!! It’s on you, block your !@#$* OFF!! Besides we owe them for when they beat us down!! like 36-0 after their owner died remember…? And they had that ceremony. Let’s go skins man yaw can do this!! Thanks!

  10. I agree with Don P. We Can do this, we Will do this, I got a real good feeling about this weekend’s biggest upset. Skins 31 Giants 24!!! HAIL TO THE SKINS!!!!!!!

  11. FIncher will do fine. I’m live in CT and I am a UCONN grad. I have seen him play a lot. He can PLAY!

    That being said, we need the OFFENSE to kick it in to gear. Time consuming drives and scoring 7 once in the red zone will be the keys to winning this game.



  13. Horton isn’t as slow I thought he was. I checked at one time and his 40 was a 4.53 at the combine. Which for a strong safety isn’t all that bad. Were just used to LaRon and Sean’s speed and they are and were freaks of nature.

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