Sean Taylor Memorial Details


Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of Sean Taylor, and, as you’d expect, many people have been asking about ways to properly memorialize him. Personal memorials are already out there — Eric Espada, who photographed Taylor throughout his career, has put together an excellent montage, and Chris Louis wrote (and performed, and produced, and made a video for) his song this week in Taylor’s memory, for example — but a number of people have asked me about public memorials.

Here’s the official word from the team:

On Thursday, Nov. 27, the one-year anniversary of Taylor’s tragic death, Redskins fans are welcome to go to FedExField and pay their respects to Taylor at a special memorial outside the stadium’s Ticket Office.

Fans may drop off flowers and cards at the memorial, located between Gate A and Gate H. Please note: there will be no memorial available to fans at Redskins Park.

Also, as far as the pregame Ring of Fame ceremony on Sunday — which will feature a tribute and messages from former teammates, as well as a presentation of a commemorative plaque to members of Taylor’s family — the team is suggesting that people try to be in their seats by 12:30. People not attending the game will be able to watch live on

There’s also the guestbook on Sean Taylor’s official tribute website, which is another good way to share your thoughts and memories with Taylor’s family.

After the jump is the pregame tribute from the videoscreens at FedExField last December, which remains incredibly sad and moving a year on.


18 Responses

  1. We Love & Miss You Sean.

  2. Totally off-topic…

    Why do they call Springs “Blue”?

  3. Incredible Redskin then, now and always.

  4. Because he is really really dark skinned. So dark that he is damn near blue.

  5. Is my man Malcom Kelly out there looking good today.

  6. The Skins MUST win this game to honor one of the greatest to play the game of football!!!

    We’ll never forget # 21!

  7. practice report Matt bust it out wurs it at

  8. This situation breaks me down like a baby… every time. Very difficult to digest that our brother is gone…

    RIP21 Sean Taylor…we LOVE & MISS YOU VERY MUCH

  9. You mean they didn’t already retire Deion’s 21? He had like eleven punt return yards. Plus the neck scarf. May we never forget the neck scarf.

  10. This tragedy makes me completely pissed off…Completely angry that such a great talent and great person could have his life taken away like this…My God richly reward him…and may “WE” as “Human Beings” respect and uplift each other…

  11. I miss you number 21!

    Laron’s been hittin’ ’em hard for you!

    You’d be so proud….

  12. The common thread here that we keep hearing is that even though most of us never met him, Sean Taylor touched us Redskins fans in a way that is truly remarkable. I wept upon hearing the news he passed a year ago, and still do when watching the tribute videos and thinking about how great of an athlete he was, but more importantly, how he was finding the maturity that had escaped him early on. His play, professionalism, and spirit are sorely missed by anyone who loved to watch him play and revel in his being back there in the secondary… Forever missed you are Sean.

  13. Everyday of my life, at some point of the day, I stop and miss Sean. Ive never held a conversation with Sean nor was even within 100 feet of the man. Everyday for the last year though I think of Sean the football player, the father, the teammate. Then, I think of myself and regular people like me that used to look up to Sean for him being that GREAT football player, the father, the teammate. All the AWESOME things Sean Taylor was about and did people loved and followed. No matter if your putting on pads in the locker next to Sean’s like Clinton used too, or your that fan who watched from afar, your heart bleeds and your eyes tear when you think of how it all ended for this young man. Im sure ill never really get over it and maybe over alot of time, the pain will dull. I miss you so badly Sean. We are all we got in this world. Remember that.

  14. I emailed this to a couple of good friends one year ago today. One of them said I should post it here today in Sean’s honor……….

    Sean’s death really affected me.
    “You seem so upset. He was just a football player, you didn’t even know him”
    Heard that one today yet?
    Not many really understand the pain and shock I feel today. I know my ‘teammates’ do. I’m a Redskin fanatic and proud to be one. My girlfriend worries about me, as I take the games way to seriously. (There have been a few games this year where she was sure I was going to have a stroke). You all know how it is. You want Gibbs to do well; you’ve been through it with him before. You know how important every game is, the playoff drive, the ‘must wins’ against our hated rivals etc etc.(Every Dallas game seems like a playoff game) You wish you were on the field with them, your superstition causes you to sit in the same ‘lucky spot’. I lock my door, while I watch, trying to build the karma. You are part of the team and would do anything to help them win, you wince when they mess up and wonder if some of the players care as much as you do. I’m so ‘down’ after every tough loss.

    I’m just a hardcore crazy Redskin fan.

    I remember when Sean was drafted. The discussions that went on that day, Winslow or Taylor? I was so glad they chose Sean that day. A selfish reason really, as my last name is Taylor, and I wanted a Redskin jersey with my name on the back. My girlfriend was kind enough to order me one for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it every game since. I didn’t know much about Sean, as I don’t follow college ball. It was quickly obvious how talented this young man was. He blossomed into a pro bowl player, a punishing hitter, a team player and I was so proud to wear the jersey. He had some personal problems but seemed to be maturing more and more with every passing year. After all, he is just a boy.

    ‘Sean Taylor was shot this morning’

    Shock! Memories! Pain! Prayers for Sean and his family.

    I lost my youngest brother this past September 14th. A devastating loss, and a first at coping with death, for our family. So many things I wished I would have told him. Opportunities to spend time together wasted. Brotherly love, understood but unspoken. Part of me torn away, never to return.
    It was, and still is, a very difficult time for us all.
    He was loved, and I miss him every day.
    Life changes its perspective. Work isn’t so important. I try to prioritize a little more now. Telling my family how much they are loved, finding the time to spend with family and friends. My love for my daughter and son magnified, mixed with fatherly concern, concerning their future, their happiness and their safety. ( they are still at that age when they feel invincible). I also realize I need to do more in giving back to the community.

    Still, there are my beloved Redskins. It gives me an escape. A few hours a week spent with my ‘team mates’.
    I’ve finally realized the games are just that, a game. A job for some, a life long dream for others, but in reality just a game.
    Tampa bay was a tough loss, Dallas even worse. Still, I knew last Sunday, that we still had a shot at the wild card and Sean will probably be back for the Buffalo game. My teammate, my favorite player, roaming deep and delivering Redskin punishment.

    Sean Taylor passed away this morning. He was 24.

    Shock, and a total devastation.

    Tears of pain…….. For Sean, and my brother.
    My brother, and now my team mate.

    My condolences and prayers to Sean’s family and friends. RIP Sean.
    My prayers go out to my fellow ‘team mates’. Both, those at Extremeskins and those that play the games on Sundays.

    YO SEAN!!!
    The guy wearing the Patriots sweater, with a huge smile on his face, that’s my brother Matthew.
    Hope you guys hit it off. Looking forward to chucking the ball around and sharing a few laughs with you both one day.
    Till then, I’ll miss you both.

  15. Where Can i buy the shirt CP was wearing

  16. Where can I find the shirt clinton portis was wearing of sean taylor

  17. GO SKINS




  18. GO SKINS






    FIGHT FOR OLD DC!!!!!!!!!!

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