Coach Zorn on Sean Taylor

zorncropped2Many of the players have been asked for their thoughts on the loss of Sean Taylor — Mike Wise has an excellent interview with Clinton Portis about it — but I hadn’t heard much from Coach Zorn on the subject. Last year, Joe Gibbs and Gregg Williams were so much a part of helping the team through that incredibly difficult time, and it seemed like it might put Zorn in an awkward place.

He was asked about Taylor after practice today, and gave what I thought was a remarkably strong answer to a very difficult question.

    “I have learned more and more about Sean and just the impact he had on the program and this franchise, and even to some of the players individually. He had a tremendous amount of respect. I’ve tried to keep that in the forefront as well, because I think that when a person … a death in the family, that should never go away.

    “In Seattle, Trent Dilfer lost his five year old son to a bacterial infection. Five years old, dead. And to just … I think I learned a lot from that experience to make sure that we just didn’t discount it and say, ‘Hey guys, let’s just move on,’ you know? ‘You gotta deal with it and move on.’

    “That’s not it at all in a death, especially a death of someone as dearly loved as — in this case — Sean Taylor was. We should NOT forget about it. He SHOULD be remembered.

    “We do have to get our work done, but there’s no shame in keeping that light kindled, if you will, the fire kindled, and keep his memory alive.”


5 Responses

  1. It would be a tribute to Sean Taylor if the whole Defense could tackle, hit, and lay out every Giant player on the field. Sack Eli Manning 3 times. Intercept the passes.

    Bottom line – shut the New York Giants down.

  2. Matt, any word on whether Gibbs would be at the game Sunday?

  3. I would like to know that as well…..have you heard anything about Joe Gibbs going to the game on Sunday?

    I remember reading an article awhile back saying that he’s looking forward to attending the skins games once the Nascar season is over~

  4. Coach Zorn is a lovely human being.

    Honor the memory with good deeds.
    A win over the Giants would be good too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Great message from Zorn. In memory of Sean we gotta beat the Giants.

    Check out a Sean Taylor painting I did:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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