Welcome Back Boschetti; Shaun Alexander Finishes Cup of Coffee

Photo by Ned Dishman

Photo by Ned Dishman

Former NFL MVP Shaun Alexander was waived by the Redskins today, and defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti has been signed to fill the roster spot. I knew that learning the correct pronunciation of Boschetti’s name would pay off in the end.

Shaun Alexander leaves town with eleven carries for 24 yards and one reception for 9 yards, more or less what you’d expect from a fourth running back who comes into town when your first- and second-string guys are dinged, although less than Alexander’s gaudy past might’ve implied.

The real potential winner in Alexander’s departure is not Boschetti, but injured safety Reed Doughty. Doughty sold his number 37 to Alexander for some undisclosed amount of money, and — even if the amount is reduced by Alexander’s early departure, as is apparently traditional in such deals — this leaves Doughty with an open shot to re-earn the digits once he’s healed up while still turning a profit. It’s especially nice work when you remember that he was able to sell his interim number to DeAngelo Hall as well.

Congratulations to Boschetti and Doughty, and good luck to Alexander in his next stop, wherever that may be.

19 Responses

  1. Mr. Alexander, we hardly knew ye.

  2. The Eagles should sign him.

  3. I was wondering where he was Sunday. Guess we should have seen the writing on the wall.

  4. Shaun Alexander was a Redskin…? Guess his whooping 24 yards wasn’t enough to keep him around.

  5. I for one am happy to hear of his departure.

    BTW, I am about to buy a premier Taylor jersey. What you guys think, should I go for the Black jersey or the white?

    I am loving the black one, but just wanted some opinions.


  6. “and good luck to Alexander in his next stop, wherever that may be.”

    Retirement Matt, retirement.

  7. re: Go Skins!,

    Get both Sean Taylor jerseys if you can, if not, go black!

  8. blitz blitz blitz show blitz blitz. make eli beat you if he can, over rated qb in my opinion

  9. I thought we were moving in the direction of not needing Alexander when Sellers got so involved Sunday and Alexander never saw the field. Add to that the fact that Zorn said the Rb position would be a “community” position on Monday.

  10. signing alexander was pointless

  11. Question…..Will the Sean Taylor Ring of Honor cermony be brodcasted on comcast? I would love to be at this game to honor 21 but like every excuse i’m going to use the Rescession. Got laid off and had to give up my seats. Rip 21

  12. Shaun Alexander was the NFL MVP in 2005, and went to the Super Bowl (Feb 2006)(not that long ago) The offensive line of The Seahawks subsequently got decimated, leading to his getting injured. With the right Team and situation, he could return to be a Premier Back in the NFL…Want to see You succeed

  13. Shaun Alexander never was a flashy runner. He is more of a Terrel Davis type. That’s why he’ll never “wow” you. His team has to keep plugin away with him.
    I agree with playtowin. He needs the right team. I hope he finds it.

  14. Matt, I live in Ft. Lauderdale so there is no way I can be there to see the Taylor ceremony. Is it gonna be televised on Comcast?

  15. I think it’s going to be viewable live on Redskins.com, but I’m still waiting on confirmation on that. I’ll definitely let everyone know once I’m sure.

  16. Thank you, I appreciate it

  17. on redskins nation they said that the ceremony would be played after the game on redskins.com tv

  18. Tip Toe Burgular has left the building!!

  19. Tip Toe buglar hahahaha lmao

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