One More Thing About Portis: Time To Vote Again

Photo by Otto Greule, Jr./Getty Images

Photo by Otto Greule, Jr./Getty Images

There’s one more thing to note about Clinton Portis today, something I failed to mention in my earlier post about his modeling career: he’s been nominated for yet another FedEx Ground Player of the Week award, which means that it’s time to get voting. The competition is stiff (Matt Forte really had an impressive day on Sunday), so every vote is going to count on this one. Portis has already won three of these FedEx awards this season.


6 Responses

  1. Here we go with another ground award

  2. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Remember that Firefox has issues with the voting page so use IE if you intend to do so.

  3. Vote for me

  4. Sorry Matt – voted for CP, a true heart & gut player

  5. did sean alexander really get released today? Who did we sign in his place? How come only ESPN has this?

  6. Yeah they released Alexander. We are bringing back Boschetti or however his name is spelled to shore up the D-Line.

    With Golston not at 100% because of bone spurs, and Andre slowed by his foot thing, they need to reinforcements.

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