Sean Taylor’s Vehicles Up For Memorial Auction


We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of Sean Taylor’s tragic passing. The ESPN stories that were posted on the dot-com last week make up the cover of the print version of The Magazine this week. Many of the media members here at Redskins Park have been building their memorial stories over the last few weeks, presumably to appear on the actual one-year date itself. And, of course, Taylor will be inducted into the Ring of Honor at FedExField in a ceremony before this Sunday’s game against the Giants. (Fans attending are reminded again to be in their seats early.)

Sean Taylor’s official tribute site has launched an auction of some of his vehicles, with all the proceeds going directly to the Sean Taylor Estate Trust for his two-year-old daughter Jackie. A message on the website explains further.

It is impossible for us to keep everything that belonged to Sean, yet painful to think of where some of his belongings may end up. As we approach the one-year anniversary of his death, we thought it would be meaningful if the fans could have a chance to own something of Sean’s. And his vehicles were among his most prized possessions.

This is, obviously, a fairly big-ticket auction, and not the sort of thing that everyone out there would be able to participate in. But the items are worth looking at, at the very least, as each one has a brief story of Taylor’s history with the vehicle in question, each of which offers an insight into someone that most us knew only through television and his play on the field. And, on the other hand, if you’ve just been considering the purchase of a 35-foot boat, this is a way to do that and help out Taylor’s daughter, all at the same time.

Even if you aren’t interested in the auction, there’s a guest book on the site for sending thoughts and prayers to Taylor’s family at what is no doubt a difficult time of year for them, and that doesn’t require you to bid on anything at all.

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  1. Love the tape job on the facemask! I’ve been looking for a nice clean shot of it. Anybody know where to find one?

  2. Everyday of my life, at some point of the day, i stop and miss Sean. Ive never held a conversation with Sean nor was even within 100 feet of the man. Everyday for the last year though i think of Sean the football player, the father, the teammate. Then, i think of myself and regular people like me that used to look up to Sean for him being that GREAT football player, the father, the teammate. All the AWESOME things Sean Taylor was about and did people loved and followed. No matter if your putting on pads in the locker next to sean’s like clinton used too, or your that fan who watched from afar, your heart bleeds and your eyes tear when you think of how it all ended for this young man. Im sure ill never really get over it and maybe over alot of time, the pain will dull. I miss you Sean. We are all we got in this world. Remember that.

  3. Last year the torch for best saftey was about to be passed from ed reed to sean taylor. Not only redskins fans but the football world will miss you sean taylor.

  4. I also never met Sean but felt like I lost a brother when he passed. When my 13 year old son called me in tears because his favorite football player and inspiration was taken away…it made it even harder. My son has become a better football player and student because of how much he looked up to Sean and wanted to be like him. He even strives now to keep his 3.5 gpa to try and earn a scholarship and a chance to go to “THE U”. I have to admit though a bit older than Sean and also a former football player, I too looked up to him. As a man and a great player. I’m sorry we never got to meet you S.T. but you can count me as one more brother who will miss you dearly pahtna.


    R.I.P. #21

  5. Matt,

    Would you know if the tribute on Sunday will be broadcast on any stations (TV/Radio) anywhere, or if there would be a video of it to watch on this site?


  6. They’ll be broadcast live on, I’m hearing. I should have confirmation shortly.

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