Monday Redskins Links – 11/24

While I was looking at the various links in the Sean Taylor auction post, I came across this story about the NFL trying out a live game broadcast in 3-D this weekend. And, while the concept of 3-D NFL broadcasts sounds pretty terrific to me in general, thinking about it in conjunction with Taylor made me deeply wish that his hit on the punter in the Pro Bowl had been available in 3-D.

Anyhow, a few other links:

  • Brian Murphy has been doing terrific work at Homer McFanboy this season, and I’m looking forward to seeing his expanded Caps coverage. Until then, though, this look back at Zorn’s hiring through the prism of the Seattle game will suffice.
  • Over at All Hail, Washington Redskins, Warren Montgomery looks at what Jason Campbell has learned, and what he still has to learn, based on Matt Hasselbeck’s performance yesterday.
  • Coach Zorn has to love the headline on this Washington Times postgame article on Clinton Portis: “No Practice Makes Perfect”.
  • And the ever-reliable DC Sports Bog aggregates much of the in-Seattle reaction to Jim Zorn’s return. Just about all of it is worth reading, and, hey, another funny picture in short shorts.

11 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen that vid before! That’s sweet!

  2. Maybe this is a dumb question, but is that hit even real? Watch the guy get up – it looks computerized!

    I dunno – it just doesn’t look real to me? Maybe the video is a little weird at that precise moment…no clue.

  3. Eh…never mind. He’s just really good at getting up off of his knees. But it looked pretty fake. Haha.

  4. The punter runs out to congratulate him and ST doesn’t even acknowledge him I love it.

    RIP 21

  5. Posted our analysis going into Giant week.


  7. Everyday of my life, at some point of the day, i stop and miss Sean. Ive never held a conversation with Sean nor was even within 100 feet of the man. Everyday for the last year though i think of Sean the football player, the father, the teammate. Then, i think of myself and regular people like me that used to look up to Sean for him being that GREAT football player, the father, the teammate. All the AWESOME things Sean Taylor was about and did people loved and followed. No matter if your putting on pads in the locker next to sean’s like clinton used too, or your that fan who watched from afar, your heart bleeds and your eyes tear when you think of how it all ended for this young man. Im sure ill never really get over it and maybe over alot of time, the pain will dull. I miss you so badly Sean. Were all we got in this world. Remember that.

  8. Probably the best to ever do it. PERIOD R.I.P. ST

  9. Great post Adam. That clip just shows how much that man loved the game and why he was on the road to being one of the best safeties ever. It didn’t matter whether it was it was a SuperBowl (ok playoff game) or ProBowl, he played his freaking heart out because he loved it. There’s a lot of other players out there who could take a page out of his book. RIP.

  10. if cooley runs like a beer truck with no parking brake, ST hit like an 18-wheeler. the last part of that video is in japanese, and it’s almost funnier that way. Taylor is terribly missed and will forever be in our hearts…RIP 21

  11. I cannot wait to honor him this Sunday at the Giants game! I will bawling like a baby I just know it. I can’t begin to count the number of times he made an awesome play and I said out lout “Thank GOD for Sean Taylor”! He was one of the best ever to play the game. The Skins MUST win Sunday as a tribute to # 21!!!

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