Monday, November 24: Ooops! Vote for Fans As Well


More on the Seattle game later in the day, but let me start the morning by making up for a mistake late last week: I talked a lot on Thursday about voting for Fred Smoot‘s Super Bowl ad. That’s still a good idea, and not the mistake I’m talking about.

The mistake, as pointed out by a number of commenters, is that I failed to also note that the Redskins have five entries in the initial round of voting for the fan commercials as well.

The folks over at Chris Cooley’s blog have endorsed Kevin Bittenbender as their choice, and his story is certainly the most compelling of the available choices. But for now, I say we just try to move as many Redskins fans as possible through to the next round, and worry about the details later.

There are two more Redskins fan videos up that did not get nominated, and seven more Redskins player videos as well, including Colt Brennan.

(And Matt Hasselbeck’s story of beating Shawn Springs to the endzone in a playoff game has some mildly amusing resonance after yesterday’s finish.


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  1. You got to love Randel El’s face before the video starts.

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