Redskins @ Seahawks – Second Quarter Thoughts


  • Seattle still really loves Jim Zorn. He’s up in their Ring of Honor, he was enshrined in the State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame this weekend (and honored in a pregame ceremony), and he turns up in pictures all over the press box. It’s a little strange to see, actually.




  • This is the second straight game that feels strangely lifeless. The Redskins keep putting together these long drives that just sort of sputter out, they move the ball well between the 30 yard lines, but they can’t seem to finish the deal. It’s frustrating to watch, and I imagine it’s even more frustrating to play in.
  • And, of course, as soon as I write that, they put together a great drive, move down the field, and score a touchdown. The drive featured not only a Malcolm Kelly sighting (on a short catch), but a long pass attempt to him as well — a deep pass to Malcolm Kelly, all on one play. It’s as if Zorn was deliberately answering some of the criticism he’s been receiving.
  • On the flipside, Seattle walks straight downfield and scores like there’s nothing to it. I have no way to get these statistics quickly, but it certainly feels like the defense gives up scores going into the half with alarming frequency. Also significant on this drive: I think Cornelius Griffin and Kedric Golston are seriously underrated defensive tackles — when either one of them goes out of th egame, opposing running backs suddenly start looking much better.
  • A halftime score of 10-7 can’t be leading to a particularly happy Redskins locker room right now.

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