Redskins @ Seahawks – Fourth Quarter Thoughts


  • We’ve been hearing all week about how similar the Seahawks offense is to the one that Jim Zorn currently has the Redskins running, but it’s still interesting to see. The touchdown pass to tie the game from Hasselbeck to John Carlson looked eerily like the something that the Skins have been doing all season. Those Redskins blowout predictions aren’t looking too good right now.
  • Wow. I think this is the first game this season where I’m actively questioning two of Zorn’s playcalls, but I really, really didn’t like the roll-out pass to Mike Sellers on third and one on the Seattle 5. It just seemed a little too clever for cleverness’s sake, but maybe I’m just hindsighting it since it didn’t work.
  • Clinton Portis is a beast. His rushes to get the Redskins out from the shadow of their own goalpost and kill the clock — 48 yards on that drive alone — were enough to make him the third leading rusher in Redskins history, passing Stephen Davis. Which makes it all the stranger that they went with a relatively cold Ladell Betts on that second down. I’m not at all convinced that was a fumble, but they show no signs of reviewing it.
  • That was appropriate. After a week of talk about Zorn/Alexander/Springs/Plackemeier/Green (along with Stump Mitchell and Sherman Smith) all returning to Seattle, a Shawn Springs interception of a Matt Hasselbeck pass is the perfect ending to the game. After that, it’s victory formation for two kneeldowns. Not a particularly pretty game, nor quite what we were hoping to see, but 7-4 is 7-4.
  • The field is emptied out, the stadium staff is cleaning up, and the soundsystem is playing Black Hole Sun by the now-defunct Soundgarden, a band that more or less epitomized the whole grunge sound. Way to live up to the cliches, Seattle.


41 Responses

  1. GUT CHECK time, well see if this team has it or not soon!

  2. Congrats on the Win…However in order to Win next week against The Giants, The Redskins need to score more than 20 Points…And you already know the answer on how to do that…

  3. As I said after the game last week, the offense is sick and needs to get better really soon. This team has been in a funk for way too long now starting with the loss to the Rams, they have struggled with the Browns and Lions, got stomped by the Steelers and were shut out in the second half by Dallas.
    Seattle was 2-8 coming in to this game and this one should not have been this hard.

    My hat is off to Clinton Portis though, the man has enough heart for the whole team.

  4. Can we just stay on the road and off of national tv?


    Coach has got to relax next week – we NEED this next game.

    Big win today, Hail…


  6. Soundgarden may now be defunct, but Chris Cornell certainly isn’t…After Soundgarden, he was the lead singer and songwriter for Audioslave, and his third solo album “Scream” comes out in February 2009…

  7. CP passed AP for the league lead in rushing today too. Way to go CP, get healthy man, next week’s another big one.

  8. Portis needs to finish what he starts and not let Betts try and lose it..If Portis needs a break give it to Sellers not an ice cold Betts…

  9. I hate to say it but next week looks too tough for our boys, better to concentrate on winning the games they are supposed to win: Philly, SF etc. and hope for a miracle next week.

  10. I think the skins will win next sunday, it’s a 1pm game and its at fedex, so that means the crowd will stay all the way to the end and make lots of noise in the fourth, unlike primetime games, there will be less traffic and more skins fans, its gonna be fun, plus the tribute to ST #21
    its gonna be a good one

  11. hahah hey matt i just noticed whats with th smiley at the bottom of your blog???

  12. Key to winning next week, DEFENSIVE LINE. Stop jacobs before he gets steam, put Eli on his back he will make mistakes, blitz the living daylights out of them. And Landry, if you defend a pass against Plax, dont taunt him like you did last year and get a 15er. Play smart and fast. You guys can win but its gotta be smart ball. All buisness.

  13. I’m just glad we won…. I hope the ‘Skins can pull off a big one next Sunday… They can do it IF they ALL play their BEST!

  14. Statistically the game was dominated by Washington. Point-wise, it was another squeaker. A win is a win.

    The Skins can be a great team. They have the top back in the NFL and a solid defense. Jason is getting there. If they can get by the Giants (will need to score 30 points), they have the potential to finish 12-4.

    2008 looks to be an improved season over 2007.

    Enjoy Redskin’s Radio. Even when we get the games on tv, I always listen to 980 am on the internet.

  15. The Redskins Should learn how “Not To Play” by Norv Turner, The Head Coach of The Chargers…The Chargers are The Best “Worst Team” In The League…What I mean by that is “No Other Team Loses more games they should Win Than The Chargers, and the reason why is because they play ‘Not To Lose’ instead of ‘Playing To Win’…Norv Turner “Fears” to Lose and that’s why he does…When John Madden asked Norv Turner “What’s your goal in the Red Zone?” He answered “First it’s not to fumble the Football, then it’s to make sure we at least score a field goal, and then get a Touchdown”…Your goal in the Red Zone should always be First To Get A Touchdown, and not just to come away with a Field Goal…You should not even think about fumbling because proper technique should be a part of your muscle memory…not your concious “Fear”…

  16. As you know Quarterback Matt Cassel of The Patriots threw for 400 yards or more in two consecutive games (against The Jets a week ago, and against The Dolphins today). It’s a shame that The Redskins have a Quarterback that would easily do the same sitting on the Bench…Interesting trivia…Matt Cassel’s middle name is BRENNAN…

  17. Colt is 3rd string, so i’m guessing Collins comes in next if JC does bad.
    Alright Shawn Springs!

  18. Big win today we needed this game…We just need to learn to score more points because we dominate teams in every stat…I was also happy to see they were getting Malcolm Kelly more involved today because i think he has potential to be a big target for Campbell one of these days…Now it’s off to the Giants (yikes!)…We just gotta find a way to shut down Jacobs and the rest of that Giants run game we and put pressure on Eli,i know our defense doesn’t blitz much,but their gonna have to do some blitzing against this Giants offense.

  19. Hi if you have a video of this game why dont you post it in allvoices (, it would look great i suppose.

  20. speaking in the Rock sense, Chris Cornell IS actually defunct. if you have heard his offw recordings with Timbaland then you know if you’re a real rock fan of the likes of the late great AudioSlave and Sound Garden… chris is dead to you now. ALSO HAIL SKINS! GET READY FOR NEXT WEEK! BIGGEST UPSET OF THE SEASON!

  21. speaking in the Rock sense, Chris Cornell IS actually defunct. if you have heard his new recordings with Timbaland then you know if you’re a real rock fan of the likes of the late great AudioSlave and Sound Garden… chris is dead to you now. ALSO HAIL SKINS! GET READY FOR NEXT WEEK! BIGGEST UPSET OF THE SEASON!

  22. sorry for the dub post. on my mobile and internet sucks.

  23. Is play to win colt brennan or something? Whenever the skins win or lose its always colt this or colt that with this guy. Colt needs to sit

  24. Can somebody get us some damn touchdowns, PLEASE?! We are gonna get worked by the Giants if we don’t figure out how to fix our offensive problems. You would think with CP runnin over everyone, we could get some shots in downfield…

  25. Good job to all you at home analyzers telling the world what we already know or saying we need to place a rookie out there instead of trained veterans. Obviously the coaches got their jobs either as a door prize or because everyone was too lazy to find a good coach… Funny how they still get to 7-4 with Colt perched like a hood ornament.

    Good game skins!

    In honor of #21 (I just got my burgundy 21 jersey saturday), lets show the league what a shutout D looks like and hold the Giants scoreless when they come to Landover. My prediction, whether you like it or not 21-0 SKINS OVER giants.

  26. Look guys, i hate to sound negative, but in all honesty, who are we fooling??? This offensive has that potential to be a real great one, but right now we are not where we need to be if we want to make deep into the playoffs. We are too INCONSISTENT! It is so hard to watch them move up and down the field game after game…to dominate the stat sheets Offensively and Defensively, just about every game and only come away with 17-20 points. Where would we be if it wasn’t for our DEFENSE? 4-7 maybe? Remember last year the same thing was happening, the offensive could never get into any rythm, then Jason Campbell goes down and Collins comes in and it seems like we start clicking on all cylinders! We were explosive, instead of FG’s we were putting TD’s and it looked like another team out there on Offensive. I have great hopes for Jason Campbell, I like him, I’m not bashing him… but could a lot of the reasons we don’t make big plays be that he is just scared to gamble everyonce in a while or he doesn’t have the confidence that most great QB’s have. I know it’s a new offense this year and Collins is not as comfortable with Zorns system as he was with Saunders, but man, we have way to much talent too average 18 points a game. It’s not like we’re not moving the ball….We flutter and studder everytime we get close…..Could it be the J.C. lacks the Big Play gift that the great ones have? We have a great group of players, man I hope we can get this offense in gear, if we do, we will be scarry come December! Hail to the Redskins!

  27. Wasn’t a bad play call to Sellers. He just needs to catch it. Poor play calling and poor execution are two different things. Also Betts did fumble. The questions is whether the whistle was blown or not. But either way he needs to hold on to the ball!!

  28. Will… are you calling for Collins? Also it does make a difference when someone has been in a offense (Collins – Saunders) for a LONG time and knows the system and running a totally new system (Zorn)…

    The main problem is pass protection and when we do have pass protection they need to catch the ball..

  29. sheesh im just glad for a win and i want to see more devin and no colt please no colt!!

  30. 20 Points against Seattle = How many points against The Giants ?? The Ravens ?? (All comments made are solely based on the fact that I want The Redskins to Win…In The Playoffs)

  31. We need to start getting to the qb more. The secondary can only cover for so long. We gave up a second round pick for taylor and he has 1 sack. Come on taylor do you really not like it in washington or should you have retired and just want to collect the rest of your contract. I really liked you in miami. Whats really going on.

  32. Portis has won games, the passing game has won games, the secondary won the game againt seattle, can the front four win a game for just

  33. 20 piont would have beat the giants in week one and the ravens dont score that much, the real question is can we get to the qb more often?

  34. Great game overall. Besides everythin we got a W and that’s what really counts, Regardless of the points scored. Yes scoring more TD’s would be great but as long as we gettin them W’s its all good. Next week ehhh tough one . A win would be awesome in honor of Sean T. (RIP) but u never noe!!

  35. Skins got talent at the skill positions. They should be an offensive juggernaut. Skins need a team leader. I haven’t seen any real team leaders yet. Who would y’all consider to be the team leader?

  36. To clarify…If The Redkins can only score 20 Points against Seattle’s Defense, how many points will they be able to score against The Giants Defense ?? or The Ravens Defense ?? Being able to score 20 Points Against Seattle, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to score 20 Points against The Giants, or The Ravens…unless something changes…

  37. If we get to the qb more the 20 points is not that bad. Since hall arrived we got 4 ints. The secondary is great and demetric evans needs to start and play more. He has 4 sacks and gets to the qb was better then jason taylor is doing. Maybe taylor should be just a 3rd down lineman. More sacks is the key, we make it second and third and long we are good. More touches for the offense to get in rythm.

  38. We only have 17 sacks on the season and evans leads the team with 4 and comes of the bench behind taylor who only has 1 with 11 tackles im not giving him the other 4 casue he cost to much and we gave up a second round pick to get him.

  39. Ummm, I’m not convinced that Colt Brennan, having never started an NFL game could put up 400 yards. He put up some good numbers in the preseason, but against third string guys. And even then, he was running for his life. His game winning TD against the Jets was as much Goode’s plucking the ball away as it was a good throw.

    I agree that I’m disapointed in the lack of pass rush from our starting font four. I would’ve though Carter would be blowing people up with Taylor on the other side!

    I am proud of our secondary, they have done a bombing job! I’m so glad now that I got Chris Horton’s autograph during training camp.

  40. agrees with skinnsss playtowin are you sure your not colt brennan bc you seem to always talk about him win or lose

  41. will the real Devin Thomas & Malcolm Kelly please stand up ?

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