Redskins @ Seahawks – First Quarter Thoughts


    • All week, everyone’s been telling me how gorgeous Qwest Field is, and it completely lives up to the hype. The problem with stadiums, I’m learning, is that gorgeousness appears to be inversely proportional to capacity — my favorite stadiums to visit have been among the smallest we’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure that’s not coincidence.

    • Everyone’s also been telling me how loud it is — including Coach Zorn, if you extend your definition of “telling me” to include “putting up speakers and playing noise over practice” — and that’s true as well. Being on the field here, the fans sound like a jet engine. The Seattle 12th Man also seems to take pride in their reputation, as they’ve gleefully heckled me every time I’ve walked past, for my Redskins shirt, my unremarkable camera, and — oddly — for having my hands in my pockets. (There’s a fan by the Redskins tunnel who is very emphatic on the subject of people with hands in their pockets for some reason.)
    • Redskins fans are well-represented. It’s not at Detroit levels, but the sideline behind the Redskins bench is much more burgundy than I would’ve expected.
    • Interesting to see Jason Taylor starting at linebacker Shawn Springs at safety, especially after Zorn’s emphatic insistence all week that Taylor wouldn’t be playing much LB at all. Maybe the Z-man is getting a little less candid at this point in the season.
    • I’m surprised by how tentative the Redskins started out today’s game. The sense I’ve gotten from Zorn all week is that, while he’d never come out and say it, he’d very much like to beat his former team today, and I thought the team would come out firing. So far, it’s been a fairly low-key affair. Hopefully that’ll change as the game wears on.


  • 2 Responses

    1. Looks like complacency. Thanks for the season

    2. Is it time for Colt ?

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