Friday, November 21: Sitting in Sonny’s Office


When you walk into Redskins Park, you are (sensibly enough) looking directly at the reception desk. Beyond the reception desk are the Super Bowl trophies, and beyond that are the stairs down to the locker room, practice fields, and so on. The far wall beyond that is a glass window looking in on the TV studio, where Redskins Nation and Redskins Gameday and the eleventy million other shows are filmed and edited.

In front of that window, with a view of the lobby, the trophies, and everyone who walks into the facility, are two black couches. If you come in on a Monday or Friday, the right-hand couch is occupied by Sonny Jurgensen. If you’re in at the right time on any other day, the couches are occupied by Fred Smoot, Carlos Rogers, and a rotating assortment of other guys, studying their playbooks, jawing at each other, occasionally avoiding the media, and just generally hanging out.

Then a plaque went up over the right-hand couch:


So I caught up with Rogers and Smoot to see how they felt about this official demarcation of territory.

Rogers, who favors the left-hand couch, was pleased with the change. “We have an office right beside each other. I’m the next office over from Sonny, you know?”

Which, he figures, is a pretty good office to have. “He’s a good officemate. I sometimes see him sitting there with Mr. Snyder – a lot of guys come through there, actually. Last week he had John Madden in his office. Didn’t stop by my office, though.”carloscouch

Are you going to get a plaque on the left couch, Carlos? “I don’t know! I’ve been trying to figure out who I need to talk to to put a plaque up here. I thought that was Fred’s office, but I guess they fired him.”

Smoot sees it a bit differently. “I’m trying to get the left couch to be my office, since he got the right. I’m hopeful I can get the other office spot.”

He doesn’t begrudge Jurgensen his official office space at all, though, nor does it bother him to keep sitting there. Quite the contrary. “Sonny’s my guy, man, and I just borrow his office from time to time. I tell him I sit in sometimes, keep everything kosher.”

In fact, Smoot finds a lot to look up to in his kinda-sorta officemate. “I’m one of the longest tenured Redskins so I feel like, if I keep going year after year, I should have an office space like that.”

Will you do color commentary on the radio, also? “Yeah, I’m gonna do it all. You know me.”

You think could be the next Sonny Jurgensen? “I need to be, and I hope to be.”

8 Responses

  1. Sorry, I effing love Fred Smoot. Wasn’t sure about the draft pick, warmed up to him during his first tenure, was sorry to see him go to Minny, was disappointed in his play and behavior there, was skeptical about his return, and now have a full-fledged man-crush on him. You can’t have too many “glue” guys, in my opinion, guys with great energy who present an approachable face for the team. Smoot does it for the defense, Randle-El for the offense. Far as I’m concerned, those guys can retire as Redskins.

    Here’s hoping they crush the Seahawks on Sunday and get back in the groove!

  2. haha – Smoot as a color comenator!
    That would be brilliant! I’d listen to that.

  3. Smoooooooooot can do it all! He’s the freaking man! That guy is a riot!

  4. Hail to the Redskins who give so much of themselves on and off the field of play!

  5. Yeah Smoots my kinda guy. The guys got a great personality. I hope he retires with the Redskins.

  6. Yeah Smoots my kinda guy. The guys got a great personality. I hope he retires with the Redskins. Oh yeah by the way, that kick he did after tackling T.O. in the last game was hilarious.

  7. when I was out at the park I’d see Sonny all the time right in that exact spot. That’s funny they gave him a plaque.

  8. We could do without fred smoot. He was toast all night against dallas. He even side stepped a couple of tackles. He’s not a hitter, and a very poor cover/tackler. sorry smoot, you don’t make the grade, and will cost us dearly in the playoff run.

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