Thursday, November 20: More Voting For More Smoot Talk!


Yes, yes, yes. I know. You’re voted out. First it was all the FedEx Player of the Week awards. Then it was the President of the United States of America. Then it was the Pro Bowl. Then it was seemingly endless commentary on the process of voting for the Pro Bowl. I have no doubt that voting fatigue has set in, and I understand. I really do.

But this one is important: you’re voting to give Fred Smoot an audience of something like 97 million people. And I think we can all agree that if anyone deserves an audience of 97 million, it’s the team’s Dutch, blurple-Impala-driving, hot-sauce-loving, FedEx-truck-loading cornerback.

More specifically, it’s time to vote on the NFL’s Superad campaign, which has players record stories of their NFL experiences, the best of which will get turned into an artsy black-and-white Super Bowl ad.

When the truck came to Redskins Park to film the guys, I went along with Stephon Heyer as he recorded his. He said at the time that he figured they wouldn’t choose his video, and he was absolutely right — Smoot is the only Redskin to make the cut.

Which just makes it all the more imperative that Redskins fans demonstrate the same voting aptitude that has Redskins players making up some 85% of the current Pro Bowl lineup. Polls are open from today until December 3 at


7 Responses

  1. Matt–

    You are my favorite blogger. Your way better then that Christopher Cooley guy.

  2. I can’t find the link on In your next post for votes can you include the direct link to Smoots feature?

  3. Same here. Can’t find the link

  4. Yeah, it looks like it’s not live yet, which is somewhat my fault.

    I was able to look at the advance not-quite-live site (which is where the screenshot comes from) and I was told that the actual site would be up this morning; I must’ve clicked on the advance site when I was checking on the videos today. I’ll post an update when the full site is live. Sorry about that.

  5. How come Smoot wasn’t on the Pro Bowl ballot? He has played more than Springs this year…. how does that work??

  6. The ballot only has starters…Smoot is the 3rd corner

  7. OK, what’s up with all the kickers videos?

    Anyway, Smoot isn’t the only one you need to vote for. Usama Young (N.O. Saints) talks about working at RFK and playing at FedEx, so give him some love too.

    Also, there’s a bunch of Skins fans on the Fans Videos, so give them your votes as well.

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