On the Field for Practice – 11/19

A bitterly cold, windy day in Ashburn as the guys headed out to the practice field and got back to work.


  • I think the most encouraging thing I saw, in what seemed like an intense, crisp practice, was Jason Campbell‘s performance. I mentioned on Friday that practice seemed ragged and that Campbell had missed a few passes. Today was pretty much the opposite — Campbell was casually chucking the ball all over the field, hitting the long passes that never materialized on Sunday night and checking down to the outlet receivers when that was the correct move. As always, it’s foolish to predict too much from a single practice session, but this looked much more like the Jason Campbell we’d grown accustomed to over the first eight games than the one from the last two. (A very good thing, since he spent much of those two games on his back and the QB isn’t touched during practice.)


  • He also managed to get a few good completions to Malcolm Kelly, and Zorn was full of praise for the tall rookie after practice, raving about his “burst off the line” and how he catches “vicinity passes” and makes “something that would be spectacular for somebody else” into a routine play. Which is great, but will be even better if he could do it in a game situation.
  • It might be a little easier to find a spot for him, as Antwaan Randle El did not practice today with what Coach Zorn called a “low ankle sprain.” Zorn noted that Randle El had earned the day off and “been a real workman this whole year,” but also said that he’s “got to continue to improve” if he wants to play. I didn’t see him much, but he definitely looked a bit stiff at the very least.
  • Also making a nice catch today: Byron Westbrook, lined up on the scout team offense, reaching out to make a one-handed grab over his defender.


  • This picture looks relatively unremarkable. “Hey, it’s Mike Sellers,” you might say, “running at practice.” And, technically, that’s true. But what it actually is is Mike Sellers running a pass route at just about full speed, directly at where I was standing on the sidelines. Which means that what it feels like is a 6-3, 245 pound taxicab thundering straight at me with no chance of turning. Sellers has impressively nimble feet, and can make much sharper cuts than you might imagine, fortunately for me.


  • Colt Brennan and Todd Collins are both enjoying the prep to face Zorn’s former team. “It’s a lot more fun,” says Brennan, “because there are a lot of similar plays, so it feels like you’re actually getting reps in our offense.” Collins agreed: “We stole a few reps there today. It felt good.”
  • Injury update: Chris Samuels, Pete Kendall, and Clinton Portis were all rested today, although all are currently expected to play Sunday. Anthony Montgomery was getting some running in. And Zorn smiled after practice and introduced “a new defensive back out there named Shawn Springs,” who fully practiced for the first time in what seemed like ages.



42 Responses

  1. Time to make that push and get over the hump fellas. LETS GO SKINS

  2. Wow a shawn springs appearence about time wonder what injury he will get this time to keep im out a few more weeks. And malcolm kelly has to play this week if his knee holds up all week in practice after hearing how good he has looked for 2 weeks now

  3. The Coaches and players of the Redskins all need our prayers. They are doing amazing things that are probably stressful.

    There is someone watching up there who is in control of all this

    and its not Sean Taylor

  4. Steve, what the hell is your deal dude??

    that’s pretty creepy … IMO


  5. Who the heck is this Shawn Springs guy that you’re talking about?

  6. Leaving for Seattle tomorrow, hope the Skins deliver the first real butt whooping of the season. Going to be raining and cool, Clinton put on the long spikes and dig in!!!!

  7. Sellers is 284 lbs not 245 (which is not nearly as daunting)

  8. Thanks for the all-around good news- esp. about all the QB’s (grin) !
    Heal well, play well, Redskins.
    It will be great to see a big, decisive W this weekend!

  9. i love that picture of Malcolm.

  10. Time to plan for the future and the playoffs. Use Kelly and Thomas as the #2 and #3 receivers in this game

  11. I hope Malcom Kelly plays Sunday. We need him. What happen to Fred Davis?..IS he still on the team..lol? That’s a joke of course. Why aren’t we using him?

  12. Coach at this time does not have “Trust” in Fred Davis’s mindset for the game. I would include Davis,
    as a short/ medium route reciever to move chains.

  13. Springs..That man is as tough as a piece of Matzoh

    Talk about stealing paychecks!!!!

  14. Can we please activate Kelly this week??? Matt, what is the deal?

  15. Watch Coach Zorn keep Kelly on the bench and play Moss, Thomas and Thrash this week.

    I say let the rookies (Kelly, Thomas AND Davis) run wild. Give them a chance to show what they know so far and give them a chance to build some chemistry with the QB.

  16. Kelly better be active and play allot this week after hearing all the good things from practice and Springs well does it matter if he plays or not the ohter corners play hurt and are still playing very well

  17. I hope Springs plays well. He can still be there best DB.

  18. I hope Springs plays well. He can still be their best DB.

  19. Zorn rest Randle El and play Kelly, he’s what we’ve been missing in the red zone.

  20. I just hope they all remeber what Coach Gibbs used to say: “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” 12-4 lets go!!!!

  21. Here we go again…the weather turns cold and the Redskins are on another mission to make a run to the playoffs. The past 4 years sure have been exciting for Skins fans…espescially those who didn’t give up on them during the Post-Gibbs I era, and the Spurrier era…
    Players are getting healthy, our defense is stout and it looks like we get to use Malcolm Kelly as a deep threat, along with Moss and Thomas.
    4-2 would be great, 5-1 would be awesome, and 6-0 would just be icing on the cake. Let’s go Redskins!

  22. I’m kinda getting tired of reading about all these intense practices where players are flying around, campbell is clicking, d-backs are making geat interceptions and of course the catch all phrase “it was much better than yesterday or last week”. I want to see it on sundays and mondays…how can there practices be soooo good and the offense look like crap. Does the defensive line practice at all?especially blitzing? Yes I’m bitter its because i just dont get it. Is this blog biased or does Zorn run a weak practice and the skins arent game prepared? You tell me.

    All this talk about the probowl? theres only 3/4 redskins who should even be on the ballot. Portis, smoot, rogers and HORTON.

    A true skins fan

  23. True Redskin huh? If you were true you wouldn’t be critizing like you are. I know we are all concerned, but to me you sound like a “fair-weather” fan “JACK.” We have voted in people for the pro-bowl. If you got a problem with that, then you handle it…don’t talk about it, be about it. Tired of seein people say they are fans but have nothing but negativity to add when “the going gets tough” add something positive to the convo.

    A Truer skins fan

  24. jack you are not a true skins fan if you dont think that fletcher should go or sellers what kinda skins fan are you do you watch the games

  25. so let me get this straight because i call it like i see it i’m a fair weather fan..interesting..your right…campbell looks great, he quick with his decisions and goes through all his reads before deciding. the offensive line is playing great campbell has 5 seconds each snap to do the above. oh yeah were in the top 5 in sacks, no ,top 10, no, top 20, the answer is NO. Let me ask you, do you read this blog every monday and get your opinion or do you actually watch the game? cause ANY fan after what 4 or 5 poor showings in a row can be critical. For the record i was at that monday night game in pittsburgh i mean dc. fair weather fans are all those people who sold there tickets to steeler fans. we were out numbered.

    not a tree huggn blind loyalist redskin fan

  26. wow, esm..thanks for sharing..sellers is a good fullback and fletcher is a tackling machine..love them both but i thought we were talkn about being objective. thats what is was doing when i mentioned the players i thought deserved probowl consideration.yeah we could all vote a thousand times but i was trying to be objective but it looks like only blind loyality and sugar coating are excepted here.

  27. I got yo back Jack. Everything you have written is true and you are a real Redskin Fan. I think the management team is more worried about getting players voted into the Pro Bowl instead of fixing the issues on the field. It bugs the hell out of me when the players act like losing to Dallas or losing any game for that matter is no big deal. They have not played a decent game since the win in Philly. You wouldn’t know it if you listened to Cerrato in the morning and read this blog in the afternoon. Is Snyder sitting beside this guy when he does this “blog”

  28. Well let me start by saying jack you are the greatest redskins fan that ever lived bc you seemed to know more about whats going on with the redskins better then they do and so do you matt i mean if you know what the problem is please by all means let them know so they can fix it bc i cant bare another primetime nationally televised lost go ahead ill wait………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..humm well were still 6-4 and we will just have to wait till sunday to see if your genius works have you ever played the game of football have you ever stepped on the field the purpose of the practice is for it to be crisp there gonna look there best in practice obviously they are having break downs in the game but according to you we dont need practice all we need is to perform on sundays without a practice umm wait or maybe you would perfer a bad practice anything to break from the norm right i mean cuz what there doing now isnt working do you think you going to the game makes you a true fan how many of those terrible towels from that game did you snatch from a steelers fan huh? ill wait………….yeah didnt think so

  29. thats what i thought…..you keeping posting talking about my poor attitiude but NOT ONE PERSON has said i’m wrong..i checked my posts, yeah no mention of not practicing so i dont know what you mean by that…the part you dont seem to get is that its been 5 games not just one…5 weeks of great intense practices with absolute crap on sundays…dont piss on my shoulders and tell me its raining……….and i did take one terrible towel, remember, it was yours……

  30. Jack, you’re not a true fan, you’re not a fan at all.

    In Washington, FANS SUPPORT our team. You think being a fan means being an armchair coach, it doesn’t. I want the players on the field to do well, I’m rooting for every single member of the team, I wish them all the best. I have faith in our coaches, and the amount of time I spend following the team gives me insight into why things may not work out perfectly on the field on Sunday. I’m patient with them because I believe in them and what they’re trying to accomplish.

    You’re a fantasy football playing, ESPN watching, Monday morning quarterback, and the Redskins need far fewer of you and more of the people who cheer and are proud of their team.

    And here it is: you’re wrong. Your whole attitude is wrong. Our players have performed admirably. Not once this season have they given up, or come out flat, or let their egos undermine the gameplan. Sometimes you win and look great, sometimes you lose and look bad. It happens. Our team has won 6 of 10 games with a rookie head coach, a new offense, and all the injuries every team in the NFL can expect. I’d much rather have this humble assembly of hard-working pros than most outfits in the NFL, and I’m proud to root for them.

    You’re supposed to be a fan, not a coach, not a manager, not an analyst. Want to know why FedEx was overrun with Pittsburgh fans a few weeks ago? Because we don’t have enough people who just want to show up and scream their throats dry in support of their team. Instead, we’ve got a bunch of hyper-critical jerks whose limited knowledge of football comes from their salad days playing both ways on the high school football team. Get your attitude right. It’s GOOD that the Redskins practice well, they’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to improve upon. That’s GOOD news.

    Now go away.

  31. And fan-hood is blind loyalty. That’s what the team needs on Sunday, not somebody in the stands nit-picking. They need full-throated support. Your criticisms don’t help the team. The only thing you can do as a fan to help your fan is buy a ticket, boo the bad guys, and cheer the good guys. You’re not a coach, you have no input, nobody cares about your perspective.

    Go Skins!

  32. if the redskins showed as much fight on the field as some of you do in this post we’d be better off….Chris make up your mind you went from-In Washington, FANS SUPPORT our team to Because we don’t have enough people who just want to show up and scream their throats dry in support of their team. holy crap..did you just say buy a ticket and shut up..sorry mr. cerrato i didnt know you were posting today. …nit picking is when the team wins and i complain we havent looked good in months…there are problems that NEED to be addressed plain and simple..where are the blue collar fans at..they know what i’m saying..i’m being attacked by tree hugging, dc transients who want me to take a chill pill and relax.

  33. No you got it all wrong jack we dont want you to take a chill pill we wont you to face reailty and fix the redskins problems your one of those fans that show up to a few games screams yeah go skins touchdown then when its a touchdown by the other team your like you guys suck see the problem is we have fans like you that think since they buy a ticket to the game they are entitled run the franchise get a superbowl ring when we win and kick jump off the bandwagon when they lose i have to go but i will finish this later

  34. you guys are harboring some serious frustrations..see a shrink..face reality..hmmmm..intersting…so the problems i see are not real..their figments of my imagination..run the franchise..hmmm..i say we need to block better and im tagged an armchair coach…………..so esm prove me wrong..take the following three issues and explain to me how theres no problems..1. campbell read and re-act, offensive line and blitzing……..

  35. Jack…you go MAN! You brought up valid points through out. These are issues that need addressing because we got some tuff teams up ahead. Remember when Seahawks stopped our run in the playoffs? Hasselbeck had some rust last week but expect him to play well. Their defense KNOWS our offensive scheme…hell it came from them. I see problems this sunday for us, with our issues against a team that has nothing to lose. Do not think, for a second, that they did not study the steeler and cowgurl game film. Well any way I got off my point and that is I got your back Jack.

  36. Humm well seeing the fact that i never said i didnt think there were no problems i just told you to solve them since you have all the answers so lets start with your questions so its jason campbells read an reacting thats causing the problems lets go back in time to the detroit no lets go ever further lets go back to the saints game did you see the game was that not enough reading and re-acting there i mean a person dosent just do something every game for the past 6 games and just for get there are factors that go along with it you say he holds the ball to long he is not re-acting to the defense i say you should would youi rather him throw a int every 10th throw you have to know the calls every play is to a certain player you look at your first read once you for sure its not there you check down if you have ever paid any attention to any game and come down of your coaches chair and actually watched jason you see he always has two or three people in his vision this is causing the ball holding you so call say he is doing bc he is dumb right all of a sudden these last few games he cant read and react something he has been doing his whole life IM SORRY MR. CAMPBELL YOUR NOT PLAYING TO JACK’S LIKING BC HE SAYS YOUR TO SLOW OUT THERE YOUR PRACTICES ARE TO CRISP YOU DONT PERFORM TO HIS STANDARDS HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN HE IS SEEING WHAT YOUR SEEING OUT THERE HE KNOWS THE PLAY CALL IF YOUR SUPPOSED TO THROW IT TO MOSS NO DONT LOOK AT HIM CHECK IT TO #2 OR #3 READ understand coach jack there is an cause and a affect for everything its pretty sad when you have to argue your own teams effectivness with a so called fellow redskins fan pathetic and as for the o-line it is what it is there old doesnt mean there complete morons they know they missed a few blocks if you go back and look at the game it was a well placed scheme by dallas in fact they used alot of the same schemes by the steelers you have to take your hat off and know when you have been beaten ive seen them make plays and ive seen them give up plays didnt hear nobody sayin nothing when we had the #2 rushing offense in the league and #1 running back our offense is still top 10 in yards per game so we are moving the ball we need to finish and i wish you would help us do thaty coach jack cuz like i said i cant take another lost and for your probowl picks all i can say is that i will pray for you

  37. ESM. You NEED learn to type and use spell check could you please stop butchering the english language. You spell and write like a Cowboy Fan. Why is it that we struggled to put 17 on the vaunted Rams defense. The Jets put 40 on them by halftime. We struggled to put to put 14 on Cleveland only to watch the high fying Ravens offense score 37. Just because somebody tells the truth about the team DOES NOT mean that they are not a true fan. I don’t know what games you watch but Campbell still locks on to one receiver way too often. I want to see Campbell do well because lord knows we gave up enough picks to get him. Do you and Chris honestly believe that everything is great in Redskin Land. Personally I’m tired of going to Fed Ex and watching terrible offensive football. It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve had an offense that was somewhat dependable. I think Jack can solve the problems because Snyder and Cerrato sure in the hell can’t. Thay have had ample time to fix the problems only to come up with LLoyd,Randle El, Duckett, Gibbs II, Spurrier. I do like the hiring of Zorn but he can only coach with the players that are here. Jansen hasn’t played well in years but they refuse to draft any offensive lineman to take his place. The defensive line has been mediocre for years but they refuse to draft defensive lineman(minus Golston and Mont.) Those guys are solid but not consistent enough. We had 3 second round picks and not one has made an impact. I’ve seen other teams 2nd rounders make plays week after week. We have 3 that whose jerseys are just as clean at the end of the game as they are in the beginning.

  38. Matt your comments mean nothing to me bc your just sayin the same thing he is get your own opinion and then speak on some things also get a good look at how the league works now a days things are done for a reason now as i was sayin jack if you can fix the problems please go ahead i mean give cerrato a call im sure he would love your ideas seeing how your a football guru and all

  39. Things are done for a reason?

  40. esm-your an idiot..i ONLY IDENTIFIED THE PROBLEMS I SEE…never once made comment on what to do…your the one who wrote the novel on how practice works. and like i said before the read and react is a qoute from ZORN….you got a problem with me agreeing take it to him…..

  41. esm-took your advice..just got off the phone with Cerrato, Zorn, Campbell and O line guys..we hashed it out, looked at some video, had a few beers, played alittle made and made a few adjustments. lets see how it goes..hey dont get mad when the skins win and its because of me….got a feeling your going to pull for the hawks..

  42. Get a good look on how the league works now a day? Please. Inform me on how the whole league works now a day because I know how we operate and it’s nothing like the rest of the league. I can’t wait to hear your words of wisdom!

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